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How Do We Take Phone Calls On a Podcast

While they are not actual phone calls (even though I could), I use Streamyard to go live to many different platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and more) and I plug my microphone into my Rodecaster Pro II. I am on challenge one. My co-host is on channel two. We are both connected to Streamyard so we can hear each other. 

My phone is connected to the Rodecaster via bluetooth. The Rodecaster is around $799. You can also do this via the Zoom Podtrak P4 (around $200) and you can connect your phone to the Podtrak P4 via a TRRS cable

I am recording on the Rodecaster (or Podtrak) and then I upload it to my media host. To get insights into media hosts check out my free class on understanding and choosing media hosts.

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