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Aug. 28, 2015

Is Podcasting Pointless?

Is Podcasting Pointless?

Is Podcasting Pointless?

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Love For Podcaster's Group Therapy.

Dave and Jim talk about good chemestry on the Podcaster's Group Therapy podcast. They do something cool where they have it so if a co-host can't make it they allow other people to step in and keep the show going.

5:20 Podcasting is Pointless?

Dave talks about his post on his website titled, "Maybe your podcast just sucks."

The podcaster had witches on his show and didn't put that at the beginning of the show. He also typed 32 words for his post .

It's always interesting when a podcast that is getting no audience saying "Podcasting is Dead."

Its so easy to copy the code for a player on to ANY website.

14:20 Using Google Ad Sense

Jim explains his experience using Google Ads on his video.

You might think about cutting longer shows into smaller bites.

This would add more time to editing (obviously).

22:50 Donovan Adkisson Quits Podcasting

Dave checks out the post of a frustrated podcaster  (this later lead to Dave Interviewing him for the School of Podcasting)

Dave talks about killing and tweaking multiple podcasts.

If you mail in your podcast, you will probably get "Mailed in" results.

29:30 Daniel J Lewis Launches Podcasters Society

My buddy Danel J Lewis from the Audacity to Podcast comes on to talk about his new Podcaster's Society for those who already have a podcast and want to expand their reach. It osunds really interesting

Are podcaster's willing to take advice? Are the open to constructive criticism.

43:45 Podcasting For Free - I'm Done Trying To Do This?

Dave had created a course for podcasting for free. In a nutshell the media host that he based this on was purchased and they are no long available. In a nutshell, the steps you would have to take to podcast for free, I couldn't recommend that process and sleep at night. It's lots of extra steps, it makes it complicated, and when you get spend less than $1 a day to get going, I'm just no longer interested.

50:35 Android Listens are Improving -

There are rumors that Google is finally working on a native podcast manager.

51:40 Jim is Going with Spreaker for their App

Jim is going to play with apps and is going to use Spreaker to create the app for his podcast. He got a sponsor after to listening to the Glen the Geek interview on the School of Podcasting show. Jim had a sponsor come on board to pay for the $200.

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