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Ask the Podcast Coach

Ask the Podcast Coach

Dave Jackson has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005 and every Saturday he is joined by Jim Collison to is runs the Average Guy Network. Together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching.

Recent Episodes

Podcast Launch Discussion

May 15, 2022

James Rose and Kim Krajci are both launching new shows and want Dave and Jim's opinions. We also talk with Ross from about having multiple shows in one feed. SPONSOR: If you need podcast artwork, logos, o…

Does Listening at 2X Indicate That Show is Bad?

May 8, 2022

Today we have many interesting discussions ranging from Spotify's video offering, does listening to a podcast at a faster signal the podcast is boring? We see a new software meant for TV writers but could easily be used for …

Trashing Podcast Trailers

April 30, 2022

Dave is starting a new podcast called The Podcast Trailer show which spurred a discussion on: Do we need a trailer? What makes a good trailer? What do you use it for? Along with how to make a decision, and if you're going to…

Dirty Little Podfader?

April 24, 2022

I've heard some people refer to labeling someone as a Podfader carries with it major amounts of shame. To this, I say HUH? Jim and I discuss other topics listed below. SPONSOR: If you need podcast artwork,…

Words Have Power

April 16, 2022

Today Dave shares how he presented words heard many times before that had an impact on his audience. Jim has finished his taxes ahead of schedule.  This show is best consumed on a new podcast app such as or SPONSOR: Podcas…

Payments Around Interviews

April 10, 2022

Would you pay someone to be a guest on your show? Would you charge a guest to be on your show? As always Dave and Jim go where the chat room leads up. We also ask, "What did you learn from a podcast this week." SPONSOR: Podc…

About the Hosts

Dave Jackson Profile Photo

Dave Jackson


Dave Jackson is an award-winning podcaster who has been podcasting since April 2005. He's been helping people understand technology for over 20 years. He launched the School of Podcasting in 2005, and has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts, and recorded hundreds of episodes (thousands?) of his own. He has been a speaker for many years at the New Media Expo, Podcast Movement, Podfest, DC Podfest, MapCon, and other conventions.

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From Dave:
“In 2005 I said podcasting was going to change the world, and it is – and continues to on a daily basis. For me, podcasting is a mixture of everything I love. It's creative, it's technical, and its a way that I can help people. While I love playing the guitar, podcasting is my ultimate passion.”

Jim Collison Profile Photo

Jim Collison

Jim Collison is a Director, Talent Sourcing at Gallup’s Omaha, Nebraska office. Jim recruits and retains world-class system and database administrators and software developers who support Gallup’s clients and the company’s internal systems. He is also the producer for Gallup's Called to Coach found at

Jim is also voice behind The Average Guy Blog and Podcast Network. He hosts the weekly Home Gadget Geek Podcast found at which focuses on helping people with consumer technology. Jim was named a Microsoft MVP in April 2011 and is a regular co-host of the Ask the Podcast Coach show