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Jan. 2, 2015

iTunes Subscription Button Controversy & iTunes Compatible RSS

iTunes Subscription Button Controversy & iTunes Compatible RSS

iTunes Subscription Button Controversy & iTunes Compatible RSS

Dave and Jim talk about how nice it is when technology works. Last week we had some issues and this week went smooth.

What is Normalizing and Compression[2:36]

Here are some video that help explain Normalizing and Compression

In a nutshell, you tell the software what you want to be the loudest level, and it looks at the current loudest level and boosts it the difference - across the whole file. Compression is a little more specific.

Stick to Your Subject [7:45]

Dave had someone complain as he made a quick mention about gun safety on his show about podcasting and got a complaint. Dave kept the wav file which made it easy to go back and edit out the part that Dave shouldn't have left in, and then republish.

itpc links [2:00]

It has been said that using itpc:// instead of http:// links bypassed a person being counted as an official subscriber by Apple (which may help in rankings). Angelo from Blubrry came out with a new version of the PowerPress plugin and its using the itpc:// link. When I mentioned this to Angelo he stated that Apple told him to use this type of link. We will all be happy when Apple comes back from the holidays so we can get some clarification.

What Headphones Are you Using [20:14]

I use Audio Technica M30 headphones.

When these wear out (they are getting a little rough around the edges) I would go with the Sony Headphones found in many radio stations


How Far Do You Plan Your Podcast[24:00]

I try to plan ahead as I can. There are some Fridays that I have no idea what I'm talking about on Monday's show. If you're doing interview than you can schedule those ahead of time. Jim doesn't plan ahead longer than 90 days. 

For Dave it is whatever is happening helps shape what comes across the wire, and the questions that come into his inbox.

Do I Need Libsyn if I have an iTunes Compatible Feed? 31:59]

Libsyn and Blubrry are media hosts (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at either service).

The confusing thing is Blubrry is the company that creates the PowerPress plugin. That plugin can be used with or without their media hosting service (so yes you can use PowerPress with 

The two way I recommend creating an RSS feed is using the RSS from PowerPress (and keeping all plugins ot a minimum) or's feed. 

I don't recommend Feedburner unless there is some very strange circumstances. I don't recommend soundcloud's RSS. If I was using Soundcloud as my media host, I would use PowerPress for my RSS feed (and build my own website).

Soundcloud use the cool because of their player, but now their player is not that unique. 

When submitting your RSs to directories have that information in a text expander or in a document and then copy and paste. Be sure to list your podcast in iTunes first. 

What Do You Plan on Doing Differently Next year [41:46]

Jim is looking at his systems to make sure he has backups, and he is currently playing with

They have some pretty interesting tagging. He put out a video and got about 40 or 50 plays

Dave is finishing moving the School of podcasting. He is also looking into writing some more books, and he might make the School of Podcasting ala car (so you can purchase different parts).

Security Questions [46:45]

Anything we should do to stay safe?

Always backup you stuff. I use backup creator to backup my site. 

Do use "admin" as your login name. 

You should change your password on a fairly regular basis. 

Do what you can. In the end, if someone really wants to hack your site there isn't much you can do (which is why you need a backup). 





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