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Oct. 22, 2015

Simple Live Press Plugin

Simple Live Press Plugin

Simple Live Press Plugin

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, StargatePioneer, Jerry Jay Hunter, Ileane Smith, Jason Bryant, Hani Mourra, Jim Collison, Bang's Naughty Bits, Daniel J. Lewis, Bill Conrad (Wizard), and The Dr. Vibe Show™

 Podcasting Myth on Podcast Launch Busted

1:36 When you launch with more than one episode you do no automatically get 8 downloads if you launch with 8 episodes. The Audience has to manually go and download the other episodes. 

iTunes Ranking Discussion - How Do You Know How Many Subscribers You Have

5:30 We talk about the recent podcaster's roundtable that discussed iTunes Stats.

8:20 Overcast is a great app for managing podcasts. Dave made a free tutorial. The app syncs all your devices with their website. The website does not allow you to create or manage your playlists. 

10:50 New Podcasts launched including Alanis Morrisette.

Feedburner Should Be Dead and How Do I leave Feedburner

11:40 Feedburner had it purpose, but there are better tools .Think of it like an 8-track tape. It was fine until something better came along. See a post Dave has on his blog.

Does My Podcast Need an Editor?

17:50 Should I match room tone?

Crowd Funding Podcasts

 20:15 This seems to be a new strategy for launching podcasts.

Simple Live Press Discussion

23:35 Hani from Simple Live Press joins us to discuss his new plugin that helps put your Blabs on your Wordpress site. Use the coupon code sop20 to save on Simple Live Press.

29:40 Can you filter out the comments when the blab is posted on your site?

Podcast Proposals

42:50 Dr Vibe wants to know what to include. I recommend outlining what the project is, what the expectations are in terms of payment, delivery, etc.

What Is the Next Step with Blab?

46:25 have something to say, and jump in. Don't be afraid to look silly.

PowerPress or Libsyn Feed?

48:50 Both can be broken. Right now, I'm running into more people having problems with Wordpress (it's not a PowerPress issue). The plugins can conflict. You can break a Libsyn feed as well (but I've seen that much, much less). Check out to make sure your feed is OK 

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