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Capsho AI Tool for Podcasters is Here to Make Your Life Easier

Are you a podcaster? Do you want to make your podcast more efficient and effective? Then you need to check out Capsho AI Tool for Podcasters.

This video showcases how the Capsho AI Tool can help you save time while creating higher-quality content for your podcast. You'll learn how the tool can transcription, edit, and generate transcripts of your episodes so that you can focus on other aspects of your show.

If you find writing a chore, and you're not very good at it, this can do a lot of the heavy lifting. It works best when you feed it audio with one subject (but I was impressed when I gave it one subject, what it spits out). The $90 option will write blog posts. The one I received was over 1000 words and it took me 7 minutes to edit it. So if you can write a thousand-word blog post in less than 7 minutes this is not for you. If you hate writing, and hunt and peck on the keyboard, or just wish you had an assistant (cause $90/month is less than you might pay a VA) than you should check this out (there is a free trial).

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00:00 Opening
00:21 What is it
00:42 Is it as good as a human?
01:12 What it produces
01:38 When to NOT use Capsho (IMHO)
02:10 I gave it audio with ONE topic
02:44 Software Demo
09:40 Capsho created a 1000 word blog post
10:30 Pricing comparisons to all the tools that would replace it.
12:04 Worth playing with