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Boosted to 5 stars!

My prior 2 star review: Awesome content ruined by constant 5 minute long interruptions of “let’s thank our awesome supporters” Please shorten or remove those interruptions. My new 5 star review: Awesome content. Helpful info for all levels of podcasters. Reason for star boost: After a few months Dave initially reduced the interruptions, and after about a year has mostly removed the constant interruptions. Thank you!

Two great hosts who are knowledgeable about podcasting share their knowledge of the subject and take questions from the audience. If you have a question about podcasting, this is a good place to get it answered.

Awesome gift!

Thank you so much for all this content to help our development as podcasters. Over #300 episodes? - y’all are killin’ it!!! all for our industry! 😘Respect! TYSM! Laurie Watson

The go-to podcast for honest, direct and knowledgeable info on starting a podcast and making your podcast better.

A Go-To Podcast!!

I just launched my first podcast (Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad) and Dave at Ask the Podcast Coach has become a go-to podcast for me as I learn how this whole thing works! Everything from equipment to marketing, this is a great resource and entertaining to listen to as well! Dave is also one of the reasons I decided to use Libsyn!

Must listen for any podcast producer

Best way to learn about the ins and outs of podcasting, recent and relevant information and what’s new on the podcasting front. Dave covers software, audio equipment and applications podcasters are using to create their work.

How have I not written a review for this show yet?

Dave and Jim are wonderful to listen to every week. I try not to miss a live show on Saturday mornings, but I’m so happy to be able to catch up when I do miss them. Plus, the Patreon post-shows are very funny. I love when sometimes Dave and Jim don’t agree because they both bring well-thoughtout arguments to support their views. It’s like Saturday morning cartoons for us podcasters. Thanks guys! (Also, Writing this review to “spite” who put a call to action for people to review the show. 😉) — Emily

Great info!

It doesn't get any better than Dave Jackson's tips and tricks. Don't bother with the out dated youtube videos.

Good Stuff

Really enjoying going back and listening to all of the great content presented in an easy to understand format. Causal and conversational, there is a lot of good info each week. Keep up the great work!

Jim & Dave are the Perfect Combo

Like a poo-poo platter at your favorite Asian buffet, Jim and Dave come at it from opposite ends which makes for some great entertainment. Also - they are just as obsessed about podcasting as I am. For example - when Loopback came out, exactly 10 people knew about it. Jim and Dave were two of them and already dedicated a show to it. The others included Ray, Elsie, and Daniel... I'm sure Rob W., Todd, and Rob G. knew about it at some point in the day, but unfortunately, were too busy arguing about the correct measurement metric to assign to a download if you only listen to a podcast for 9.82 minutes - either that or they were sharing the evidence they collected proving once and for all that NPR was the devil reincarnate. If you don't know the people I'm talking about, well, this podcast might not be for you. Keep up the great work guys! Chip

Coaches Dave and Jim are on point

Great chemistry and different perspectives from the hosts.

King of podcasting

Dave is a mind reader every time I am thinking of calling in about something he is on it ,whatever I was thinking. He has lead me too other podcasters that help me.Even if you’re not a podcaster he can show you how to listen to content.Thanks dave for all the help I have received this past year.

I'd love to see that Jim guy talk a little more!

:) I only talk cuz Dave lets me!

Must Listen

All of Dave's podcasts are a must listen for any podcaster. Dave is a great teacher and his podcasts were instrumental in enabling me to start a podcast- with absolutely no prior experience or knowledge of the skills required to do podcasting.

Great content

I appreciate the content and discussion that Dave and Jim provide. I’m not able to listen live but I catch up on the podcast during my runs.

Coach Dave makes the learning curve easy

Coach Dave can get you set up with a website, how to tutorial and all the equipment that you needed to start your podcast, the total for all this would be less than you would pay just for Podcast Answermans Podcasting A to Z course. I come to your show every week to listen to all your awesomesauce and it always uplifts and inspires me. Coach Dave has a sense of humor, this makes listing to the show and learning about podcasting much more fun.

Very Helpful!!!

My wife and I are about to launch a podcast in a couple of days called Life Lessons and Dave Jackson helped me answer a problem I was having with my audio. So glad I can call in every saturday if i need help with anything for my podcast. Thanks Dave!