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Profit From Your Podcast Book

Methods and Advice for Making the Most of Your Podcast—Pricing, Sponsors, Crowdfunding, and More

Pick up any book on podcast monetization, and you will find 90 percent of it only covers how to launch a podcast. If you already have a podcast, you have that information; you’re ready for the next step. Profit from Your Podcast provides top strategies and real-life examples of podcast monetization. This book is more than what to do. It also tells you how to do it. Chapters cover such topics as:
How to Grow Your Audience
How to Set Your Pricing
Understanding Advertising Jargon
How to Find Sponsors
Best Strategies for Making Money as an Affiliate
Master Strategies for Crowdfunding
The Top Tools to Make Your Job Easy
Built on the author’s fifteen years of experience in podcasting, this action-packed guide will benefit new and veteran podcasters. Get clear on who your audience is and what they want, deliver value, and build an engaged audience that


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