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Sept. 10, 2022

Apps, Resources and Tools You Need?

Today we notice new resources, podcasts, and apps which is great, but some of these we ask, "What problem is this solving?"

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Today we notice new resources, podcasts, and apps which is great, but some of these we ask, "What problem is this solving?"

Today we notice new resources, podcasts, and apps which is great, but some of these we ask, "What problem is this solving?"


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Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



David Jackson  0:00  
Ask the podcast coach for September 10 2022. Let's get ready to podcast. There it is. It's that muses that means it's Saturday morning. It's time for Ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast questions answered. Live. I'm Dave Jackson from the School of And joining me right over there is do you have a Christmas sweater on already looks like it does. Yeah.

Jim Collison  0:29  
A little chilly here. It's from the Red Cross. That's when I give blood you know, they give away T shirts.

David Jackson  0:34  
The that's the one and only Jim Collison from the average But before we get to questions, since it is chilly there, we need to warm up, Jim. So we're gonna get him some coffee there. And that fun filled coffee I actually brought something today to to share. We're gonna look at bad artwork today. Because our sponsors mark over podcast And I love this one, there's a picture of just a pair of sneakers. That's it. That's your album artwork, not a good first impression. Somebody took a picture of what looks to be a paint by number of number 52 on the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis. So there's just this is not how you want to make your first impression, you want to go to Mark, and he is going to sit down with you. And really find out what your show is about what your vibe is, and make sure that your artwork matches the whole brand of your show. And so you don't want to look like these guys, you want to go over again to podcast And this could be your artwork, it could be your website, it could be a lead magnet, anything that you want to look good. We'll just go over the podcast. Bonus marks Canadian and he's polite and he's going to take care of you. He's an award winning graphic artist check him out podcast

Jim Collison  2:06  
Always so good on a chilly morning. All is on its way although I think it'll be warm. By the by the end of the week. Big thanks to our friend Daniel Feb over there based on a true story. He has a couple new episodes out. A domain is My name is available out there if you are looking for something new to listen to and something interesting. Head out to based on a true story. Dan, thanks for supporting the show.

David Jackson  2:32  
Yeah, the watch the Elvis movie on HBO. And that was that was well done. And I'll be interested to see how much of that again was was, you know, true or whatever. And this is interesting. Daniel J. Lewis from the audacity the podcast coming back in September. Dave and Jim are stereo offset to do Dave is slightly right. And Jim is slightly left.

Jim Collison  2:56  
That's probably our political leads to

David Jackson  3:01  
well, what's interesting is that would be as far as I know, I have not touched the pan. And in the road caster. Kim is waiting in the wings, though. Cam, what's your question? Welcome aboard. Good morning,

Kim Krajci  3:16  
gentleman. I came to you a couple of weeks ago and said, so I've got to do this redirect thing and you scared the crap out of me, gentlemen. Okay. It was so simple that I couldn't believe it. I spent more time chatting with Mike Dell, about changing my email address at blueberry that I spent doing this process, which was a great investment of time as far as I was concerned. So don't scare us so much. And there's this plugin called redirection. That makes it really,

David Jackson  3:52  
really easy. Yes. That is the key. And the the the reason we scare people, though, is if you if you had a typo, you lose your audience. So it's, it's not that it's not hard. It's just that you now totally get why say whatever you do. Don't multitask while you do that.

Kim Krajci  4:12  
Yeah, but the whole process took me less than 15 minutes. Yeah, it's it's cut and paste. That way. You can avoid the typos.

David Jackson  4:21  
Bingo. Right? Yeah. Well, good. I'm glad to hear. So rats

Jim Collison  4:25  
like getting it done. We'd rather scare you and have you do it right. Then say, Ah, yeah, piece of cake. And then you call us back and they're like, Hey, that was way harder than you told us.

Kim Krajci  4:35  
So it's a self protective mechanism to keep me from coming in. punching you in the face. Right. Okay. I got it now.

Jim Collison  4:44  
Awesome. All right. Anything else, Kim? Nope. All right. Thanks for your time. Have a great Saturday.

David Jackson  4:50  
Dr. Has won something called the pod lottery. I believe the new name for that is Spotify. they give out hundreds of million dollars, about every six weeks to somebody I have never heard of that. I did find, which leads me to, I have notes over here. I keep finding new things that I'm like, Wait, what is that, and this is one that I kind of go. Let me share my screen here, the website, if you're listening to this in the car, it'll be in the show notes is called pod follow. And there are this is one of those kind of like Link tree looking things. But it's kind of cool. So if I go here, and I'll type in, ask the podcast. Come on, there we go. So if I click on this, it's going to ask me, so I now get a link. But here's kind of what it does. Which is I think this is I know, this is shocking, Jim, the the answer to a podcast question almost always is, it depends. It depends, right? So here, the good news is I can give them this link. Now I would not give out pod 767655864 I would say ask the podcast So that I'm still have my own brand in there. But what it's going to do is it's going to send people on an iOS device to Apple podcasts on an Android device to Google podcasts. And on a desktop, they're going to send them to your website, which sounds all cool. And you can do things like I can share episodes, because it looks at your feed in theory. So the whole thing is, and if you share it on social, it will make a pretty picture for it and things like that. So it sounds kind of cool. And I'm not sure what stats they get, unless it's how many times people clicked on this. But I just to me when I see, hey, I can send people to Apple podcasts. And they'll automatically go on an iPhone to you know, if I give them this one link, and if they're on an iPhone, they go to Apple podcasts, and I like, okay, I get that if your audience is really new to podcasting, but, you know, if you send that to me, I'm gonna be like, Oh, holy cow, hold on, what's your feed, I need to put this into overcast. Because that's what I use. If you do that to Elsie Escobar, she's gonna be like, hold on a second, what's your feed, I need to put this into Castro. So I get that Apple podcast is the top dog in the, in the whole apple listening world, and that whole nine yards. But there's just a part of me that like, why don't you just do this on your website, you know, and if you use my podcast reviews, which is what you'll see on the school of podcasting, I've actually got a link there at the top that will do this exact same thing. So again, it reinforces my brand. If people link to it on my site, it boosts my SEO, that type of thing. So I just thought I don't hate this idea. I'm just like, I would just do it on my own website, and then have a link there to Google Apple, Spotify and Amazon, which again, still doesn't address the whole overcast thing, which is in the top 10. But if you put all top 10 in the top 10, then your your follow up page becomes a giant mess. Even with the Daniels cool plug in, I wouldn't put that many options on my my thing. Do you

Jim Collison  8:13  
get the feeling sometimes we're I think we said this before, we're solving problems that don't like it, not everything that can be done, always should be done. And listen, I don't want to I don't want to poopoo the idea if it's a good one. On this, I don't particularly understand what they're trying to do here. But it does feel like I mean, but getting back to this pod lottery site, I just went out and checked it out. Really, it's it's just an app, it's iPhone only that allows you to go out you set up an account you listen to for shows you listen to you get picks. And then when you submit these, these these picks every day, and if your pick is a winner, then your podcast will they'll they'll get a review for your podcast, right. And it just it sounds like a way of just getting people in an ecosystem where podcasts are getting listened to and you get rewards for that. And then you get this lottery opportunity to get a review the whole payoff on this thing is you get this review. And they say we we look at all the reviews that go in through the API to make sure they're actual real reviews. Sure. Some of those kinds of things. But it's all purpose is just to get reviews, right. And let's get nothing wrong with getting an asking for reviews, right social proof, some of those kinds of things. Well, that's

David Jackson  9:33  
my question. Are the reviews in the pod lottery app? Or

Jim Collison  9:37  
they they go to I think eventually they make their way through the API and on to Apple? Yeah. So you're

David Jackson  9:43  
gonna get a lot of great show. Love the host will be the review.

Jim Collison  9:47  
Yeah, I would. I would. Well, okay, not to be cynical, but I will for just a second. It's a great play for an advertising for on the app. So I create this app, or I create a new Eat for people to be on it all the time. So, yeah, Dave, I, you and I use overcast or you might use Pocket Casts, I forget what you use,

David Jackson  10:07  
I use overcast. And then I've been playing with POD hive with your pod pod verse.

Jim Collison  10:12  
So Marco does a great job of attracting people. Is that his name right to to overcast? And there's advertisements on there. And that kind of that kind of works, right? Well, pod lottery, I mean, yeah. Once you figured out the API bit of it of getting reviews in there, then their job is just to get as many people on the app as possible. And just saying, come into my app, because it's great now doesn't work because there's a ton of great apps. So you got to create this draw of the potential. Those are in air quotes. If you're listening to the the audio, the potential to get to win the lottery and get these. They may be good, you never know. But these reviews. So I bet this is more of an advertising play for the app than it is a review play for podcasters. So there you go. Yeah, that would be my that would be my overview of pod lottery.

David Jackson  11:08  
And in Daniel says there is no such API to push reviews.

Jim Collison  11:13  
That's what they say in their, in their, in their FAQ.

David Jackson  11:17  
I forget the there's another one that I was kind of bummed about because it was like, here's, you know, your show is listed in our directory, click here to claim your show. And then I was like, All right, let's see what this is. And you log in, and it's a media host. And it's like, click here to, you know, there was really like, it was like one step above a cast, because a cast doesn't pretend they're trying to get you as a media host. They're very blatant about it, leave your media host and join us. And this was like, Oh, it sounds like another directory, you click on it. And it was like here, click here. And we will transfer your show. Like, here's your RSS feed, we already know it because that's how we got your email address. And we'll transfer it into whatever it was. And I was just like, wow, that was it's just aggressive and slightly, if you want to get on my dark side, just lie to me just just lie. Because you don't have to, you really don't have to, you can say anything negative about me, I would rather have negative feedback than honest, or something that sounds positive, but it's a lie. I'm like, Just Just tell me the truth. So

Jim Collison  12:23  
Daniel in chat says, and this is this is a good, this is a little probably a little dirtier than it needs to be. Yeah. They they say through access to Apple's API, the pod lottery system automatically conducts regular audits of each review. So they're, they're, they're auditing the, so it sounds like you leave the reviews through Apple. And then they're they're scraping the reviews to make sure they're getting the however they're doing that guy. So it's neither here nor there, you're leaving a review. They say they're checking it. And again, it sounds like a little bit of a

David Jackson  12:56  
nobody reminds me of this is we're gonna dust off a lot of cobwebs on this on a lot of people go. But Jim, you're admitted. Do you remember web rings? Oh, yeah, what brings you put some code on your website, and you have this thing at the bottom to be like, this show is part of we should bring those is pod ring available. Some, like, you know, where it would be like this is part of the session such I think what mine was for musicians, and it would have a link. And you could just say next and would take it on the next website. And then next thing, you could just go through this little everybody had the code at the bottom of their page, and you could just go to a next. It was like a little network kind of thing. Yeah. So

Jim Collison  13:38  
forth the ring, right? Yeah. Listen, this may be a great idea. I'm just saying the pod lottery concept is really designed to get people to stay on the app. Yeah, in the reviews are the benefit or benefit side benefit of it. As opposed to it really isn't a great idea to get people in get to engage in your app, you have to go through the app to get these, these pics, and that keeps you in the app. And then if you can start serving advertising through the app, you're in pretty good shape. It's a nice, no cost option to get people to come over to your app.

David Jackson  14:15  
And it's available only on the iPhone. I see. Well, that makes sense because they're doing the whole what you call a review. Thanks for

Jim Collison  14:24  
your work on Android. It's probably coming to the AI coming soon. I've own one is you know I've seen a lot of developers do this they'll start on on on the iOS platform to start with and and then move over to Android from there.

David Jackson  14:39  
Steven asked, Does pod page support working as a URL shortener It sure does. Hence, ask the podcast Ask the podcast And if you'd like to learn pod page, go over to learn pod That's my affiliate link and you can see how that is it's under webs. sites, they call them pretty redirects. So they're not calling them pretty links. It's pretty redirects. But I use them every Saturday. That's one of

Jim Collison  15:08  
the stats for you to do they keep the keep stats on page for those ones

David Jackson  15:11  
what they do. No, they don't I wish they did. That would be cool, because that's why I use rebrand Lee because it does things rebrand. Lee is a cool, it's kind of like Bitly. But I use rebrand Lee. And that's another one, if I wanted to, I could make my own link and say if somebody's on an iPhone, send them to this link, if they're on an Android send them to that link. So it's a pretty cool service that I use. And I the only reason I used it was at the time if you made a bitly link, and then later, like, let's say it's an affiliate link, and all of a sudden, the company that you are referring people to goes out of business, or they don't carry the product anymore, there was no way to go in and change the source link that you were sending people to so you couldn't update your affiliate link. And so then I found rebrand Lee, who's basically at a page and said, Hey, tired of not being able to change links and Bitly, we let you do that. And so I signed up for them. And then literally like two months later, Bitly changed their, their policy, and you can now change that. But I've been with them for a while. So that's a though the way it works. Ken is saying my app was a bust my ego fulfillment than effective use of my Oh, well, I should have read this before I put this on the screen. What is he saying? What is he saying? When you say your app, my ego fulfillment. So he the cool news is is what he's saying is look, I got an app, but it didn't work. I think that depends on who your audience is. Right? I mean, I know Glenn, had great success with the horse Radio Network, awesome supporter, Glen Hiebert, and said, he said, Because horse people didn't understand, you know, they had to download Apple podcasts or whatever he goes, but they understood how to download an app. And so I still, I will probably say, I get for if than a month, I have an app for the School of podcasting through Libsyn. And I do not promote it at all. It's just called podcasting tips. And when you download it, you get the school of podcasting. And you know, so I don't promote instill for people are downloading it because they found it in the app store. It was like, Oh, what, what is this? And so they downloaded it. And

Jim Collison  17:20  
I did the app through Spreaker. For a while the iPhone $99 I think it was, I think it was 100 bucks a year for for each app, iPhone and Android. And I got some usage out of it. Eventually it kind of it, it, the numbers just kind of faded off as more people moved, least my listeners moved to other, you know, other apps, whatever. And when I killed them, I got no feedback. Nobody's like, Hey, where's the app? So I was like, okay, good call, I was ready to bring it back. Dave, if it's something, you know, turn it back on. And a bunch of people were like, hey, way, you know, but killed it. I got no feedback saved me $200 a year, and it was a good, you know, it's a good good option. You know, depending upon what you're doing an app might be very applicable. down why it might be, it might be a good choice.

David Jackson  18:08  
And in the process of it's interesting, because I'll be in a Facebook group, or Reddit or something leads to that, which leads to this, which leads to that I found the guy from pot in box. And it's killing me because I can't remember what his pot is something like the podcast growth show or grow your podcast show or grow show or something. Anyway, he was interviewing a person I know whose name is escaping sunny Gault. And Sunny, he said is the founder of the podcast network Alliance. And I was like Podcast Network Alliance, because that sounds a little bit like the kind of podcast Academy kind of thing. You're not pod. Yeah. Is that the name of the Yeah. And so I looked it up. And I thought, because I know there are some people that have, we have our awesome supporter. He has the the whole history of sports network, Arne, who the football dude has a network. And so it turns out there's the podcast network Alliance. And it's a whole thing where it sounds like a bunch of network Pete people with networks get together. So I looked at it and of course, the first person well, that's there. Wait a minute, somewhere down here we go. There members and of course, there's Glenn right there in the upper right hand corner. I have not heard of many of these sound The bar Podcast Network, Podcast Network Asia, kind of cool. But I know there's like an Asian kind of network. There's the, like people of color network. I've seen that. And I was like, Oh, I bet people don't know this exists. And so if you're running a network, it doesn't look like they're in there. Sonny. She's the person I know. She also works for Zen caster. And so these are the people behind it. And I was like, I did not know but when I click on Join, I don't think that it at least from what I saw. I don't See where it costs anything? You know? So at the bottom where it says, How did you hear about us? Put Dave Jackson, you know, put ask the podcast coach Jim Collison. But I was just like, huh, I didn't know this. So that's, there's a lot of that I think that goes on where I'm constantly running into stuff. Like, I'm always hearing about podcast events that I would have gladly promoted. Except, like, I'm not, like, we talked about Felix in the Latin Podcast Awards, because I know about them. But I don't know if they just think well, he's not a person of color, or he's not a female, or he's not whatever. And I was like, okay, but I, I would gladly because there are people of all shapes and sizes that listen to all my shows, I'm like, I'd be happy to promote them. So if you have something going on, you know, let me know. So if you run any, anything that you kind of go, but I didn't know that exist? Or?

Jim Collison  20:55  
Well, there's always a challenge in, like, in knowing everything, you know, that is there's so many things going on, in the challenges. And, you know, we even when we create networking apps or ways to stay networked, or whatever, then we get a whole bunch of those. And then it's like, Okay, which one of those do I you know, I'm in discord for a bunch of crypto stuff. And I follow a whole bunch of different crypto groups. And I've seen so many I can't keep up. So you start then eliminating the ones you're not you're not a part of because you like, and then things go on. And those and you don't know. So it's it's certainly a challenge. I think we're in that, you know, we're in that phase in podcasting, right now, where it's popular enough, there's probably more services, more offerings, just like this pod lottery we're talking about, that are popping up that we can then we can keep track of that the goal they're trying to solve is trying to bring podcasters together and get them reviews, and then create a community around it. So but there's a couple apps like that, that are out there. Which ones do I do? You know?

David Jackson  22:06  
Yeah, as well as you. You said, Oh, they are. You know, pod lottery is brought to you by pod match. And podcast SOP. So when I saw that one, I was like, wait a minute podcast, SOP? That that might be a little stepping on my toes here.

Jim Collison  22:22  
Oh, there you go. You've never heard of them before.

David Jackson  22:23  
I actually have because I know the guy who runs it, which is this guy's really nice. He runs pod match. And I forget his name. I should know it. But as soon as I saw him it go. It's the pipe match guy. Yeah. And SOP a standard operating procedure not. But this looks like keep track of upcoming episodes. This is like the podcast, the thing I'm using over here, podcast studio pro, where I can put in my ideas and drag them into episodes sounds like it at least. So But speaking of that, you can see the next thing I was like, Oh, we could talk about this. Jennifer, in a Facebook group somewhere said a word of caution as you were to spend your advertising dollars. That's actually my question of the month kind of is I'm asking. A lot of people are promoting their shows on other shows. And my question is, have you ever actually gone to listen to his show after hearing their promo on another show? Because we're all spending money? My question is okay, yeah, but is it working. And in the case of Jennifer, she says, I'm new to pod bean and I just launched a new podcast using their hosting services, paranormal podcast, and a pay $200 To place a trailer for it in front of targeted categories that would fit my audience. Well, by being placed my trailer in front of a sex podcast, which is a whole new kind of paranormal in that way. Maybe you're, you're having sex with ghosts or something? I don't know. That's a weird one. Okay, I'm flexible enough that if it was a sex advice, podcast, or something, whatever, but this was an ASMR, which I only know every time I see that I don't know exactly what it stands for. But I just know it's something like mouth noises. Like that kind of thing. Basically, audio porn, nothing against sex. But this is not my target audience, would you pay $200 for this, and they're telling me they can't give me a refund. Where it is placed is out of their control. That's not a good thing you want to hear when you're talking about ad placement. You don't want to hear oh, round and round and round goes that would be bad. So. So that's I know Buzzsprout just I've been listening to the buzzes cast. And they now because when I tried my audio advertisement with the buzz cast thing, it used whatever categories were in your feed. So like you're going in my case, it was technology and I think business and now they have in the same way that the podcaster can say yes or no to having your spot on their show. You get to say yes or no. If they can run you're spot on there. Air Show cuz I don't want my podcasting show run on a sports podcast, that doesn't make any sense. So it's going to be tricky to see how this all, you know, lines up and things like that. So

Jim Collison  25:12  
it was in getting that categorization of it right is I think it's a harder problem than we think. And it just takes a little bit of work. I understand the no refund policy, because those ads have been served and have been heard by people, the MIS categorization of it, I guess, I'd want to know, you know, in a lot of these advertising, you can check off what or turn on whatever, whatever you want or don't want, right. And I'm kind of wondering, I've never been through pod, pod beans advertising thing. If it was checked that I didn't want it, and it was served, I should probably get my money back. Right. I mean, that's, that's the service, if it's, if the option isn't there, and I guess this is a warning to podcasters. If you're buying advertising on a site that doesn't give you some granularity of where they're being delivered, then it's the lottery, you're, then it's, you know, and you may not want to advertise there, if you don't have some some kind of control. I know Spreaker has got a whole list of categories that say, Hey, this and that, and that, you know, I can't have my business podcast, I could never have a business podcast show up on one of those. You know, in one of those, yeah, I'd be fired. Right. So. So Caveat emptor. Right. I think if you're buying advertising, making sure make sure you get the granularity to select where it goes, then make sure there's some kind of resolution like, hey, if it's Miss served, you know, what are you going to do about that? So I think sometimes we go into these advertising relationships, you know, just Yeah, yeah. Okay, go check, check, check. We're off. In they probably do, you probably do need to check the terms of service just to make sure.

David Jackson  26:56  
Yeah, that's, there was a whole thing where Spotify had a problem with that. And they had alcohol ads on shows about sobriety in there, like, yeah, that's, that's not good. So you have to be careful with that.

Jim Collison  27:12  
Well, I mean, imagine in the political climate we're in today. And how that could go wrong. Yeah, how ads for certain sides of things could go wrong on certain podcasts. Yeah, just be just be, I guess the word of the wise is just be really, really careful. And make sure you know, this may be an area where you actually want to read the Terms of Service. Yeah, oh, nobody does that. But that may be something you want to you want to understand before you, you go off and do that.

David Jackson  27:41  
And remember, too, that if you are doing ads, I'm experimenting now with advertising and pod news. And realize that there is the advertisement that makes people click. So that's, that's part one. And then the other thing is where you're sending them to, like, if you go well, you know, 10 people clicked on it, but nobody ordered anything. Well, okay, so you got people to click. So maybe that ad is okay, that's in appearing in the newsletter, maybe need to work on your landing page. And then there are other times if you go, nobody even clicked on. All right, well, what were the words that you put into the newsletter? That's a whole, that's a whole ball of wax. So you have to really kind of think through and and think about it, but Gary says in terms of I was asking, you know, we're all running ads, is anybody actually finding new shows through this? And Gary says, yeah, he says, I've gone to podcast after hearing ads, for shows on other shows. Well, that's, that's an example of why people are doing this. If you get your promo in front of the right audience, and you've written a good, you know, some sort of ad to get people to click well, people like Gary will click so Gary, you need to go do ask them or not ask but the school of and upload that answer. And of course, be sure to mention your show in your website. I didn't learn a lesson. This week's episode on the school of podcasting is going to be here are like probably five or six things I have done recently. That didn't work. And one was I started having I asked my audience, like, what is your question? What would you ask for the question of the month? If, if this was your show, and somebody sent in a question that looking back at it, I really appreciate that they send in the question, but I should have reworded it. But I wanted to use their voice and they just didn't voiced the question very well to where people. It was the first one I had one reply. And as I do that kind of tanked, and I had somebody give me feedback that said, wasn't really the most clearly worded question. I think people were confused. And the other thing I did is, I changed my page to go right to man rumble studio, so people could just click and read chord with my audience filled with podcasters often use the button that said Click Here to Upload and it would upload it to a Dropbox or media file folder. So it's just one of those like, yeah, anytime you play with something, it could go better or it could go worse. So, you know, you never know. But you try stuff and it works. And sometimes it doesn't. And I still don't know what ASMR stands for. But Dr. Said, a guest on my Boomer side hustle lounge was a the ASMR Grandpa 40,000 followers on YouTube, it felt like the longest interview of my life. He talked very slow. So yeah, if you are looking for the whole podcast movement, Ben Shapiro talk, I'm not going to do that live. And the reason for that is it's a lightning rod, it makes it people are very, very passionate about it. If you want to hear me talk about it, go to the end of the school of podcasting, there will be a knot this week, which is one of the things that I've learned is sometimes you need to do a little more research than you thought you did. And but I won't be redoing that. But I did that people said they really appreciated the fact that a guy admitted this is not about podcasting. It's not about growing your audience, and I put it at the very end. And then I put a disclaimer, I'm like, Look, if talking about see in the past old Dave would say gender new Dave says identities. So these are the things I'm I'm learning, but we this this is just not the place for it. So I appreciate that. And that's we had the same stance last week as well, just not something that it just rouse people for whatever.

Jim Collison  31:38  
Didn't let's be clear, I asked not to like I was just like, let's not do that. So that's a little bit of it was just me asking not to do it as well.

David Jackson  31:47  
The other thing I realized last week when I was listening to the the episode is I asked this question. And then in true Dave Jackson fashion, took a tangent. What are the three biggest things that will make you choose not to listen to a podcast? Somebody in a Facebook group said they were researching this for a client and I asked this, and then started talking and we never actually answered the questions. So Jim, what are the things that make you tune out?

Jim Collison  32:17  
Things that make me tune out of a podcast when I'm listening? Is that the Yeah, that's

David Jackson  32:21  
it's kind of a speaking of where, you know, maybe not the best worded question. What are the three biggest things that will make you choose not to listen to a podcast?

Jim Collison  32:31  
Oh, really bad audio? Yeah. I mean, that's, that's easy. Number one, if I feel embarrassed, look for those in the first 30 seconds. You know, now I haven't heard one of those in a long time. So I think we've gotten better overall, but you know, somebody who comes on and it's they're uncomfortable. You know, I don't, that makes me uncomfortable. When those kinds of things happen. So those are those are two big ones for me, or if you know, somebody just start screaming into the microphone from the very beginning. Now i i do like when you start this show, when you say the word live, you put a whole bunch of emphasis. I can't do it. You get that rock and roll. David Lee Roth thing going on when you do that? Not every week, but you do I like that. But someone screaming into the mic. Yeah, that's that's not a for me,

David Jackson  33:25  
sports guys. What is it with sports? That we have to say taking the guy on this week, the Browns will be trying to you know, like, Okay, I know, we got a guy on our local news, the sports guy would just, you know, we're gonna send it over to so and so. All right, well, this week at the diamond, like, Okay, I you know, you have a microphone in front of you. You don't need to scream.

Jim Collison  33:47  
Sometimes they wonder, you know, we do this with headphones on if we're not getting enough audio back into our headphones, and we're talking that we our volume goes up, or also our tone goes up a little bit too, because you're pushing. Yeah, you don't know what you sound like. So you're pushing your audio heart. I wonder not in all cases, but wonder how many podcasters are recording and not truly hearing their full fidelity back into their ears so they understand what they're going out what their audio is like going out, then it's even more scary when you think how many don't know they're actually doing that? Like yeah, when you don't know. Like, let me give you an example. So if you have this mic, then it's plugged in via USB. and you're listening on the output of it through the microphone jack on the back. You're not getting full fidelity. It's kind of this muffled you can kind of hear yourself but you can't. I mean, it's not very good. I see a lot of people do that. Do they know they're not getting do they think that's great sound and you're like No, that's not the full that's not really what you sound like going out to the internet. So I wonder sometimes if people just don't quite get all the way there with the equipment and they they don't know they're, they're shouting into their micro Listen, I don't hear a lot of those anymore. Right? So it's just you just we asked the question, what would make me not if I hit play and they were like, you know, crazy on the mic. Maybe like, Okay, what's the next one?

David Jackson  35:13  
Yeah, well, that and now, you know, the whole 30 seconds at Apple, you know, it's like they have that big listen button. And if the first thing is a really long ad, unless your name's Joe Rogan, I'm not going to sit through that. That's one of things I love about overcast, I've overcast our Conan O'Brien needs a friend at the seven minute mark, because I don't want to hear him do his chit chat with his, hey, I'm gonna make fun of all my staff and make them feel like crap. You know, which sometimes I get it, but I don't get it. But I like Conan O'Brien. But his beginning is just, I never go man, that was a great seven minutes of audio. I'm just like, I really just tuned in to hear him talk to, you know, whatever, James Taylor or Billy Eilish or whoever? Kyle says, up, down, down, up down a vault. Yeah, that is, that is a podcast death sentence. If you have to, if you make me adjust the volume, especially with an interview, where you're, you're really quiet, and then the guest comes on, you're like, yeah, that's not going to work. And then Dan asked Is the question to stop listening to an episode or stop listening to his show? I'm subscribed for a long time. Yeah, that's, that's true. What's gonna make you unsubscribe? I think we've talked about this people tune in and out of your show. You know, on a, in some cases, regular basis, they get tired of, you know, when you've listened to three AC DC albums in a row, you're kind of like, Yeah, I'm ready for something different. You know, and then you come over and you listen to whatever. And then you're like, you know, I could use a little AC DC right now, because you know what you're gonna get. And I think it's the same way with with PA. I haven't listened to radio lab and a long time because they used to do it was it's kind of weird, but they got into really kind of weird sciency stuff. Like I remember once they did one on football, it was really around the Super Bowl. And it was really cool. And, like things that I could, but then they got into like the mating habits of some blue starfish. thing that I was like,

Jim Collison  37:09  
Okay, it's an episode I liked.

David Jackson  37:11  
It was interesting, but it wasn't blue

Jim Collison  37:14  
blooded. That helps with the with with vaccines and stuff that was that was that that's that was that one. But Dave, I listen, I, I have I'm also a big Radiolab fan. But they have been doing a lot of repeats. So they come in and I'm like, Hey, we thought this episode that we did four years ago would be good today. And that's okay. But they don't they're doing it a lot. And I'm like, where's the new content in this? Well, I just don't feel like I think there's been a change. You know, Chad and and Robert Krulwich are now gone. And Robert retire and Chad's moved on to something else. And they those were the creators of the show. And this may be you know, we think about podcasting, or selling your podcast or have somebody else taking over your podcast. They have two new hosts, and they're great. Lulu is great. I mean, they do a great job. But it's different. Yeah. Different.

David Jackson  38:06  
Well, that that brings up Heather from I want to see Osgood but that doesn't say yeah, it is Heather Osgood has. And I'm not sure what the website is. I know it's it's pod broker. And it's where I've done a show for, I don't know, 405 episodes, and you're ready to move on, instead of just letting the show die. You basically go over there fill out a form, and they kind of try to assess what it's worth. And then you sell it, but that's the question is,

Unknown Speaker  38:41  
you know, like,

David Jackson  38:43  
Okay, Jim, and I decide we're done. We're going to tap out, you know, and we go over to ask the podcast coach and we go to sell it to somebody else is somebody it's weird. It's like when you're saying with radio lab, they're fine host but that relationship you had with the other people it kind of has to transfer and to transfer they have to do something to earn your trust I guess in a way and that that might be a you know of a bigger jump than you think it is. It hasn't worked very well in music. You know the Motley Crue thing the although there is the Van Halen. Yeah, Van Halen, the exception.

Jim Collison  39:24  
journey has did it for a while.

David Jackson  39:28  
Yeah. And actually that, well, here's the thing. That guy has been in the band longer than Steve Perry has now. But in terms of radio success, for sure. No, but

Jim Collison  39:37  
they're playing. Listen, they go to concert. There's no new stuff that people are going to new journey. They're going play the old stuff, right. That's, that's there. So it's probably a bad example. But yeah, I mean, changing hosts is hard and sometimes it's successful and sometimes it's not. I don't I don't think there's a recipe for it either. I don't like what let's just go back to the music for a second. Why did Van Halen work we don't know for them. was part I mean, it, Sammy Hagar could have come in and those could have not been accepted for what they were. I mean, the the audience, the previous Van Halen audience had to be okay with not having David Lee Roth at that point. There's a lot of podcasts. And so if we use radio lab now as an example, where, you know, Robert and Chad had done it for such a long time together, and had such a chemistry together. And then Robert retired, and Chad went somewhere else, and Lulu and life have come in and and filled that void. I think it may be it's gonna take some time, right? Yeah. And are they willing to, and this may be why we're hearing back episodes is to give them some time to produce some more content with them together. So it's, it's you got to work hard at it. And I it would be interesting to look at their numbers of Radiolab and say, how have you guys done during the transition? And what's been the struggle? And are you seeing a drop off on listeners? You know, that'd be it'd be I don't think they say they tell us. Yeah. It was interesting to know,

David Jackson  41:06  
where we're losing people and, you know, pallets of listeners every week.

Jim Collison  41:12  
Maybe they're not, maybe they're not? Yeah, well,

David Jackson  41:15  
probably what's gonna happen is they'll lose some listeners, because they're like, oh, I want Chad back. And then new people will find it and they'll tell their friends and you know, it'll end up going up just as high if not higher. Dan says about Heather, she's from true native media. Thank you, which is his ad agency. The podcast broker, she teamed up with some cool people Gordon fire mark. So I think he's now trademarked the podcast lawyer. I think he's now officially that's his

Jim Collison  41:42  
name is Caitlin everywhere, like he is it's the most recognizable name in podcasting, James Credly.

David Jackson  41:49  
He is is what and I just if you listen to see I listen to his newsletter, The which I should read it more in a lot of that all he's really doing is give me a little bit of the story. And hoping I will go subscribe to the newsletter, which I did, and then read the full story there. But this week, he was in Malaysia, and I forget where he was on Friday, but it was someplace that wasn't Australia, which is where he's from. And it was like, holy, so Yeah, that guy. I remember somebody saying, I forget what I was talking to you. And they said, Well, you know, you could replace pod news. And I was like, I don't think so. You know, I mean, granted, you know, we existed before James Cridland we could exist after but I'm like, That guy is everywhere and brings a total global thing. There's a podcast, I just found and it's kind of interesting. When we talk about, Hey, should I start a podcast? You know, some people think it's oversaturated and this and that, or somebody else is doing it. So you have James who brings his his his cred Linus to to the microphone. And he's, you know, he's got his ever so slight. Every now and then he'll just have a hint of snark, I love that. There's a new one called podcasting by the numbers. And it's interesting, because this guy, so obviously comes from a radio background. I mean, the only thing that's missing is like typewriters in the background. I mean, it is old school, radio, like I expect it to be like by by by by the ad and has the answer on the podcast even say it just like holy cow. And but I've also learned that numbers, because it's all about numbers, 58% of podcasters like sugar on their Wheaties or whatever. It's kind of interesting. And then see now Dr. Said, I love the number show. It's very short stats. I just love it. Because and I don't mean this in a negative way, right? We all come from this guy, so comes from radio, because it just sounds like, you know, it just sounds like old radio. Like not so much like 1940s Like, oh, I'm doing over time that not that kind of thing. But just very, you know,

Jim Collison  44:01  
I wish we did more of that style is gonna yelling into the end. I don't know how long I could take a 40s 40s radio broadcast.

David Jackson  44:10  
Welcome to Ask the podcast coach today. Yeah. We'd have to come up with all those. We're gonna try one more time here. Yeah, we'll see if his bandwidth is improved. John, is that his name is John. Yeah, John. Yeah. And it looks like he's connected. There is. Oh, now you can hear me. There we go. And what's your question? How can we help? This

Unknown Speaker  44:32  
app gets janky from time? It does. I talked to you, Dave, I talked to a couple weeks ago. Do you remember?

David Jackson  44:38  
I do. What's your question? Oh,

Unknown Speaker  44:41  
oh, my first I wanted to I don't have a question. I have a couple of questions. Actually. I've just too, but I wanted to say thanks for the advice. Because you gave me You told me to get the Zoom podcast before I got that. Nice. It's very good. I've been using it as I'm driving right now. I'm obviously not on that right now. Or They have a big diaphragm microphone. That was sound a lot better. That's all right. But I'm just I'm driving I'm on my I'm on my Bluetooth headset. That's our probably sound, you know, city. Thanks for the advice. That was great. That's a really good piece of equipment. It's very portable. And I've been able to carry it around with me nice. And I use the Bluetooth, the Bluetooth feature, you know, so I can have people on my phone and I can stream live and all that. So very, so very good. Thank you for that. Oh, you're welcome. Yes. Appreciate that. The question I had is the euro cents on the Euro thing and the podcast Hall of Fame.

David Jackson  45:33  
I'm in the podcast Hall of Fame. Yes, that is true. Yeah. How

Unknown Speaker  45:36  
can you speak on that a little bit? Ah, you got there.

David Jackson  45:41  
I started in 2005. I am dedicated to helping people plan, launch, grow and monetize their podcast. I did it long enough to apparently people listened to me. And a group of my peers. When asked who should we inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, said oh, we got to get Dave Jackson in. And I mean, that's that's how it happened. I didn't have to apply. I didn't ask it was just one day, Gary Leland called me up and said, We're inducting you into the podcasters Hall of Fame. And I was like, it's one of the few times I've been speechless. I was like, Are you sure you

Unknown Speaker  46:15  
got the right guy?

Jim Collison  46:16  
It's not even working. Is that process still in place?

David Jackson  46:20  
It's still in place. We inducted Evo and Emily Morse and a bunch of other people last year. It's for whatever reasons. It's it. The ceremony is at Podcast Movement evolutions, I wish they would bring the Podcast Movement instead. But yeah, it's still around and still happening. But that's that's what it is. I think if you go to podcasters, I think it was an S Hall of Fame. That'll take you to a page that explains more about it. And it also explains the criteria, I think you have to be podcasting longer than 10 years. And I forget what the criteria is. But there's there's some sort of criteria.

Unknown Speaker  47:02  
Just two more questions. You're okay, so you're like a podcast expert, you obviously helped me as soon as I saw as I talk to you. Do you have like a course? Or do you? Or do you just like if I wanted to learn more about how to improve mine or spread the word or whatever? Do you have a course? Or do or do you just would you just suggest listening to your episodes?

David Jackson  47:23  
It's funny, you should ask. Yeah, I run a website called School of I've been doing that since 2005. If you want consulting, I can do that as well. I have resources, like the podcast review show that I do with a guy from radio where we actually review your show and your website, because some people just like, hey, I need some feedback. I've got that. I've got the podcast radio show, which is just me basically doing that same thing. So but for me the best money, if you use the coupon code, ask, go to school of Sign up with the coupon code ask. And that comes with basically unlimited timeshifted consulting. So you and I use an app and you ask me a question, and I give you an answer. And it's basically asked the podcast coach 24/7 Plus, there's group coaching plus there's step by step tutorials. It's all there at school of So,

Unknown Speaker  48:21  
gotcha. I'm writing it down at the School of

Jim Collison  48:27  
Yeah, please don't write me.

Unknown Speaker  48:31  
No, I won't. But I can't I can't exactly voice voice text while I'm talking. I had to do that. Okay, my last question. And your opinion, because you're like, you know, podcasting guru. What do you think makes Joe Rogan, such a popular person? I thought he was already famous. That's the one thing Sure, but anybody, you know, famous can do something and then they'll get a big audience. But if they if they're not worth listening to then you know that it's it's pretty much known relatively quickly that they're not it that the platform isn't for them. ie the Obamas had a had a podcast that I think it tanked so right. So you know, what do you think makes him so popular?

David Jackson  49:13  
Well, number one, and you kind of glossed over Joe Rogan was popular? Yes, he was Joe Rogan started his career in 1989 1989. So he it took him like nine years before he had his first album, he was on to, you know, network shows there was fear factor and other things like that. So let's not gloss over the fact that he had millions of people who knew who he was. And at the time doing a really long interview show was people were doing interview shows, nobody was doing three hour interview shows and for the record, I think Joe should edit. My favorite Joe Rogan is when Joe has his assistant pull up YouTube, and you watch it while you listen to Joe go. Oh, look at that. All you Oh, did you Oh, did you see that? Ah, Mike, that's great audio Joe. And he's not afraid to be Joe Rogan. I mean, he's, you know, even had people with pitchforks and, and torches, you know, demanding that he gets fired because he said something and he just says it. And if you like him, you like him? If you don't you don't. And I don't know, Jim, why do you think Joe Rogan is popular?

Jim Collison  50:22  
Well, like you mentioned, he was popular before. So he carried that in. I mean, you know, he carried that audience in and then for whatever reason, like it's, I think the kids like it, like all my kids like it, because it's just raw radio. Like, it's just, he doesn't, he doesn't pull punches, he doesn't hold back. You know, in they, they kind of like the truth in that they like the long form, even though we say it should be shorter. It's they like the long form of it. And he's just striking a chord with people. Listen, you could have 10 or 100 other people try to start a podcast and do exactly what he's doing and not be successful. Because they're not him. Like he's being him, which I think is what's important. He's being authentic.

David Jackson  51:04  
And you made a good point. I think some of it is, like if Jim and I just talked here and just was like, Hey, what's up in your family? And what do you do? Oh, I remember this time in high school. That would be kind of boring, because well, we're not celebrity. And we don't care. Nobody cares what I did in high school. Nobody cares about my backstory, because I'm not super famous. He's talking to super famous people. And the other thing, and I don't know, this is just a thought. I think Joe picks his own guess. Because he has people that I've never heard of, come on the show. He has the old MMA thing too. That's a whole other thing. But like when he talks to it's either comedians, or big celebrities, or people that are like he had Ted Nugent on. And Ted Nugent's another lightning rod either love that guy, you hate him. But it was interesting, because you found out that Ted Nugent's son is a vegan. And I was like, that's gonna be fun at Thanksgiving. So but I hate when I hear people go, why want to be just like wrote Joe Rogan. I'm like, here's the thing, that's not gonna work. Because being Joe Rogan comes very natural to Joe Rogan, because well, he's Joe Rogan, you know, be you find out who your audience is, what do they want, give it to them, do it on a regular basis, and always bring value, and then promote, promote, promote, promote, promote?

Unknown Speaker  52:26  
That's my next question.

Unknown Speaker  52:28  
All right. Best methods of promotion you recommend? And I'm trying to add, it was a double question, what are the best methods of promotion? And what do you find to be the best like formats for? I mean, I know that's a difficult one, probably, but the best formats for you know, I guess gaining bigger followings and so on. Okay.

David Jackson  52:51  
So in terms of format, well, first, how do I, how do I grow my show? Number one, who is your audience? What do they want and give it to them, there's no sense promoting a show that doesn't connect with your audience. So go get somebody to listen to your show, and fix the things that need fixed and do more to the things that are working. Then, since you know who your audience is, go to where they are, and make friends with them. Do not skip step three, make friends with them. And then tell them about your show. Because if you skip step three, you figure out who your audience is, you go to where they are, and they tell them about your show. That's called spam. So you have to make friends with people and do that. And in terms of format, when you can see the eye color of your audience, that's the best hands down, meeting people in person. So in last month, I spent a couple of weekends going to downtown Akron because I do a show about downtown Akron, and just handing out business cards and just talk to people in that really, really, really took me way out of my comfort zone. That was not something I enjoyed doing. Once I started doing it, it was okay. But in terms of format, I guess, you know, appear on other shows don't look at being a guest on other shows, as I'm just going to go talk to people, it's a matter of who do I want to partner with in some cases, because that's really one of the benefits. Jim, what are you when it comes to, you know, growing? You know, the, your business shows, what are you guys doing? I mean, obviously, there's social and

Jim Collison  54:23  
yeah, we we we do a lot through our own marketing, right. I think the key on this is, you know, through some things in chat to talk about this, what we we come at this always from a tool perspective first, instead of doing the market research to say, Where is and you mentioned the state, where's my audience, and what's the most effective way to reach my audience? Then you plug in the tools for the advertising. So you know, we get pitched Hey, come and do ad insertion into your podcast and you do you do that? This goes call back to the very first discussion we had. Then so you do that. But was that ad insertion the right way to reach your audience, right? Well, maybe maybe you need to build a newsletter in and work it that way. Or maybe you need to do all those things. But do the market like you would for any small business? Or any business? Do the market research? Yeah. Figure out Okay, where is my audience? Where are they? What are they doing? What's the most effective way to reach them? And then, and then do those things that reach them most effectively, we find that we have about five channels that we work all the time. And sometimes, you know, they don't, they don't all work. You have to stay. Kyle says in chat, you have to stay consistent with these with advertising. Advertising is never one and done. It's never, you never just do it one time, and then you're done. You have to repeat it over and over and over and over again. And it's why call to actions inside your podcast. You need to have similar same ones all the time. It takes a long time for people to act on those. They need to hear them over and over and over. You're sick of them. They're not. So you know, just just remember consistency is important.

David Jackson  56:03  
Yeah. And then Dan brought up a point about Joe Rogan. He says, I think a big part of that is starting in the 1980s. Through comedy, he learned how to entertain. And I think that cannot be He's entertaining. Right? Yeah. And he says, so they knew who, who he was. And he knew how to entertain an audience. And again, if we go back to the laugh, cry, think grown educator, entertain. He is making us laugh. In some cases. He definitely brings up stories that you go, wait, what he's like, Oh, don't you remember back in, like 1948. And the government was sticking mules with the thing and like the what the who, what? And then they bring up the source and you're like, holy cow. That's true. So there is I don't listen, I I've only listened about probably four episodes of Joe Rogan. One was Ted Nugent. One was Bernie Sanders. The Bernie Sanders interview was amazing. Because here again, was a politician. And he said that Bernie Sanders goes, Look, the presidential debates are worthless. So that's amazing to hear from a guy that's running for president. And he's like, because all you're trying to do is who's going to have the best soundbite. Who's because he goes there aren't gonna play the whole thing. They're just gonna play sound bites, they go, so you got to come up with your best sound bite and it was just amazing. And I actually was like, how do you not dropped out? I finally voted for Bernie Sanders, because there was some stuff he was saying that it was like, that's like, okay, you know, he he definitely thought outside the box. And there are some things as I don't know if I'm down with that, Bernie. But I was like that conversation. Let me get to know Him. And maybe that's another thing about you know, Joe, you know, I I listen to podcast junkies, because Harry Duran is interviewing people that I often know, because they're in the podcast based but I carry Duran is where I learned that Ray Ortega used to be a cop. And I was like, what? They're like, yeah, Ray Ortega used to be a cop. And so I knew he was a produce guy, but I did not know he had law enforcement in his background. So that's those things. And it's the other thing I guess I would add is, it takes years, unless you got a big budget to grow an audience. You know, if you're trying to do this organically, and nobody wants to hear that. And it just it seems that way that, you know, I give you an example of a friend of mine. And we were talking about church. And we're talking about how we're trying to grow ours and this and that. And I go, Well, I go me ask you an honest question. You know, I'm a podcaster. But I'm not recording this. I go, would you tell a friend to come to your church? And he's like, Oh, no, it's awful. And I go, there's, there's part of the problem right there. And so one of the questions, I have a member of the School of podcasting right now, and I'm gonna go back and listen to a few episodes, but he said, I really want to focus on growing this when I get back and one of my questions is, we should pull your audience and one of those questions should be on a scale from one to 10. How likely are you to share this with a friend because that's where 70% of podcast growth comes from? Is from and that's from Jacobs media, by the way, is is people telling other people about your show. And that question came from Jack over at the Darknet diaries. And that was a guy that spent a long time before he launched his show, making sure that his show is right before he delivered it to the public. And when he was on my show, and he's getting 300,000 downloads in episode, I was like, how are you doing that? And he was like, I just asked my audience to share but he he knows that works because he did the work to make sure the show was good. And you know, his show stands out. It's it's NPR style storytelling, about hackers. Gabrielle asks, Can you what type of mic holders are you using? I am writing Now using an OSI white called HUD cast Pro. I want to say it's 99 bucks. I've used the ones from road those are fine and dandy. I've used ones that are a little less expensive from Samsung. I got one sitting over here. That's working good. So the only ones I typically I don't know Jim, what are you using?

Jim Collison  1:00:25  
To onstage? I was just looking at see what the what the I've had it for so long. Oh, you

David Jackson  1:00:29  
mean the the you're talking about the clip? I guess that's the question. Gabrielle you talking about the clip or the boom arm?

Jim Collison  1:00:36  
Yeah, I just used that rode one that real common. 99 bucks. Yeah, for the arm. This is an onstage. The holder is an onstage studio holder.

David Jackson  1:00:47  
Because what Jim has I can recognize it by the little grooves in it is the actual clip is a shock mount. It's rubber. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So that's a shock mount. which means In theory, if if Jim were to knock on his desk, that should ice Yeah, he's actually tapping on the arm and I don't hear it. So that's that. So yeah, the boom arm, the road, PS two is a really popular one. Blue has one. That's pretty cool. That's again, most of them are on 99 bucks. The Samsung has a few that are maybe not as long. And so they're a little cheaper. And those are fine. The this one from OC YT has a built in cable, which I kind of like until it was about I don't know, a foot too short. So I had to rearrange my desk. So I kind of that's kind of cool that they have a built in cable. But I kind of wouldn't mind it. I know, the the road and the Samsung have, I believe just the ability to kind of hide the cable and things like that. So yeah, so that's what we're using. I'll have links later in the show description for that. And only on this show. Do you have people talking about James Cridland? Who's everywhere? Nobody beats Jason Bryan, greetings from Serbia.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:10  
So you need to show,

David Jackson  1:02:13  
Jason because in your free time, of course, to explain he should do a travel show. Because you've been you know, usually where he that he's at ends in like expand of some sort. But that's interesting. So yeah. Kyle, bonuses, Ohio, shock mount is good, too. There are all sorts of different things.

Jim Collison  1:02:33  
I don't like the big. You know, I don't like the big shock mounts. I've seen the big round ones that have all the cables, push this thing into the middle of and that's not my favorite. Like I don't I don't want a big I like this one. And I threw the link to it to Amazon in the chat room if you want to if you want to grab it. But yeah, yeah, that's not my favorite look. No, I don't like that when I saw these. And they're like $13. And they do exactly what I needed to do. I was like, yeah, if I can get that look without having it. I bought them twice. I bought one for here and one for work. And it 13 bucks. And they they don't those elastic rubber bands were out. They do. Yeah. Eventually they stretch out and then they stop and you gotta buy new ones. I had a big the for the microphone, that shell might not be named the Blue Yeti. I had, I had a shock mount for that. And they've got elastic bands in it. And and eventually, after a couple years, one of them broke. I had to replace them.

David Jackson  1:03:29  
Yeah, it's one of the fun part of the Blue Yeti is. Depending on how you have it, you probably had to buy a shock mount designed for the Blue Yeti. Yes, yeah. Which means it's more expensive. Yeah. And it was

Jim Collison  1:03:43  
almost as much as the microphone. Yeah, you're like, Wait, why? So that's it. It was heavy. Like that thing. If someone broke into your house, you could definitely use that thing as a weapon. So it was big. I mean, it was Ben, he can't see it, because this is a video but it was it had to be 12 inches. I don't know what that is in centimeters, sorry, friends in Europe and the rest of the world. But 12 inches, and maybe a meter. And it was gigantically round to support that mic in just a big bulky. I ended up selling the whole thing to a gamer. They're going they liked it. They weren't you know, they were they're just looking for the sound.

David Jackson  1:04:22  
Yeah, that's it. That's what brought me back, man. I remember when the US was gonna switch to the metrics. And we were like, No, we just changed her mind. Well, I grew

Jim Collison  1:04:31  
up in California in those days. This was the 70s Right? And we were going to make this change and all the distances were in kilometers, miles and kilometers. Thank you, Daniel for saying it was 30 centimeters. All the distances were in kilometers and miles. And I remember thinking I'll never understand that it wasn't till I started running a 10k 6.25k 3.2 months. Like you start putting the math together and you're like, oh, this conversion will then I live in Europe for two and a half years, and you drove there and they don't, they are not kind to do the Imperial measuring system. It's only a kilometer. After maybe about six months, I figured it out. So I'm saying, hey, Americans, US based Americans, you could we could make this change. It's not our we could do it. There you go. Well,

David Jackson  1:05:23  
somebody who works both in centimeters and whatever the heck are what is ours called the decimal system? It's

Jim Collison  1:05:31  
no, it No, I think isn't that isn't an imperial I thought Imperial is that it Okay, from from Britain or whatever.

David Jackson  1:05:37  
It's our awesome supporters. And you can be an awesome supporter over and ask the podcast. So we're talking, oh, we're gonna we're gonna Should we do that? We're going to do the train wreck again. When we turn this off. And we're just going to do the old school. I want to put my microphone in front of the woman in the tube, open, awesome supporters,

Alexa  1:05:59  
and ask the podcast. looks like it's Joshua at podcasting.

David Jackson  1:06:08  
There you go. Josh, at podcasting. Thank you for being an awesome supporter. Why that works on the device and not on my phone. I don't know. Somebody asked about pod page earlier asked the podcast coach runs on pod page. If you're at our website right now, you're soaking in it. I will say, if you need more Jim Collison and who doesn't. Go check him out over at, go check out home gadget geeks at the average If you're thinking of starting a podcast, thanks to John, the checks in the mail for allowing me to do my commercial today. I didn't add up. Well, later we'll I'm going to ask you a question about Clifton Strengths, just oh yeah, there we go. Bounce things out. But if you're thinking of starting a podcast, you heard me talk about it earlier, check me out at school of use the coupon code ask. And if you'd like to be an awesome supporter, again, go over to ask the podcast, which brings up something that I'm now doing. If you're alive, you don't hear this. But if you're listening later, because I'm using Libsyn Pro, I am now going to put in little itty bitty, like 15 Second nudges, like you can save 20% using the coupon code and ask the podcast And what's cool about this, because remember, in the past, it was kind of a hassle to remove certain parts of the show, because I'd have to export it twice. And I have to export it ad free. And I have to export it again and give this to the patrons. Now the patrons get the ad free one, I upload the ad free one and then insert the ads in post and Libsyn. So I was like, oh, that's less where it's yeah, it's more work. But it takes like four seconds to go here, here and here. And I can mark it in my thing. And so so that's a now another but we're back to having a bonus of being an awesome supporter. You not get the show with less with less in commercial interruptions.

Jim Collison  1:08:00  
So that's going to be a new unless they're planted in there.

David Jackson  1:08:03  
Yeah, unless they're baked in because John asked one Yeah. Well, I got this question. It's interesting, because some of these I got it before I went to Podcast Movement. So I'm like, I hope this is a good question. I copied and pasted it. And Jim is giving me that that look again that like hey, I'm really really thirsty, doggone ICU holding up your cup. So there we go. Can't can't have a co host in need of You know, someone was

Jim Collison  1:08:34  
completely out. I was like chewing on the grind.

David Jackson  1:08:39  
So this says this is from Meghan. She says hello, everyone to slightly related questions. I bought and And the dotnet domains from my podcast website. So far. Are there any others I should purchase? And my answer to that my knee jerk reaction was like, I don't know that I yeah, I don't know if I would even buy the dotnet these days, I usually get I go for And I'm trying to think the last couple I don't think I bought the excellent ones little

Jim Collison  1:09:09  
caveat on that, I think unless if you have a website that's difficult to spell, and people are misspelling it all the time, you might want to by the misspellings of it. So it just one of those, you know, if they want to add an S or if it's I before E except after C or if it's whatever, if it's unusual, and you know, the misspellings are gonna get used. That could be that could be something you want to look at to, to to, you know, see what the other thing Dave, I would think about is if you're into Google Analytics, and you your domain contains a key word of some kind, and that is that's a hot word on Google. You might want to purchase some things that may happen. I can't give you any advice on that because I don't know what it is. But you might want to look into that of owning some of those domains that may show up. You got to do a lot. This is an area where you got Do a lot of work and a lot of research. So that's, that's an area you might want to dig into or hire an SEO specialists to say what I should, what should I do? But generally, the domain extensions, and we just had a guy on Oh, I on home gadget geeks couple months ago, talking about the kind of the extra ones dot info, you know, dot podcast. I don't think that's one of those areas where people naturally go, oh, yeah, I'm gonna try dot podcast. It is an area where you might if you say it in your podcast a lot. You know, I'm an I'm an ask the podcast No dot podcast, you say that consistently, then it sticks? I don't think it on its own gives you any advantage like having a dotnet or having Or having That one small exception may Because we've said it so often.

David Jackson  1:10:53  
Yeah. Well that in in in your browser, if you just type ask the podcast coach and hit Ctrl, enter. It will go It's a keyboard shortcut. So yeah,

Jim Collison  1:11:06  
yeah. So that's, there's a good Daniel also says numerical and spelled versions, right? You know, think about my friends over at two guys. And they, they they say the number two they own the domain to guys. But you might want to also own TW O and T O guys. You know, you might want to own all three versions of those on It really kind of comes down to a budget like how how much do you want to spend every year to renew these domains?

David Jackson  1:11:35  
Yeah, I'm Kim new love over the pharmacist voice. I think she has pharmacist and pharmacists. I know Ray owns podcaster studio, as well as podcasters studio because you don't know where that S starts when you say podcaster studio that podcasters or podcast it's so he bought both. And then you can point those domains at you know, the other dope the other right domain. Gary Leland, when he had podcast pickle, he had P IC K L E and E L and pi k like there's like 8 million different ways to misspell the word pickle. And he owned the model apparently. So yeah, the you also have to keep in mind people can't type. So that was the first one. What's your strategy for welding social media as a publicity marketing tool? Where what and how often do you post? That's a great question. I am I'm awful at social media, I am finding out when I do start to follow people, they post a heck of a lot more than I do. Which kind of makes sense. Because when you think about it, if you put out a tweet, or whatever, it does not live long on somebody's timeline. Like when I go to two, I've been playing more on Twitter, probably in the past month. And you can see something and then go to a website and come back and your whole Twitter stream is completely refreshed because it's been, you know, two minutes and everything that was right there. You know, it's scroll down because somebody is, you know, tweet, tweet tweet with depending on how many people you follow and things of that nature.

Jim Collison  1:13:13  
I might have consistency in those in those spaces. And each platform defines consistency a little bit different as far as what that means. And I don't think, listen, shouting into the into the internet is is you may gain a few people that way. You actually have to engage with people out there. Like they leave messages, you should respond back. They say things you should reply. Be nice on there. Like don't you know, don't start arguments. Don't pick fights. Don't don't do those things, right. Get out there be a nice person respond to people. That's the best way. You know, I still, we still use Twitter quite a bit. And if you ask today, if you ask a guru, there'll be like Twitter's dead. Well, yeah, it is in in big form. I don't think I don't think I'd go to it create an audience there. Now, I have a whole bunch of followers over there. They talked to all the time on Twitter. And it because we use it as a platform to chat and engage. So just make sure you're engaging on

David Jackson  1:14:12  
my favorite line about Twitter. And I wish I could remember who said it because I thought it was hilarious. They're like Twitter, where fun goes to die.

Jim Collison  1:14:21  
It's not listen, if you're not curating, and you're not being careful, and you're not those things Twitter is it's like, it's like YouTube. Just it is yeah. Yeah, you have to moderate you have to use some common sense. You have to you know, I had somebody asked me the other day, should I have been trying to build my presence on Twitter? And I was like, why? Like, if you're not already there, man, it's an uphill battle. Now, if you go out there and you start attracting some people and you start having some conversation, why would you walk away? Yeah, you know, keep doing it. But you gotta you gotta measure your engagement.

David Jackson  1:14:54  
Yeah, Coach Dave says about the domain. I think if you're at a stage where you're just now buying your First website, it doesn't matter which domain right now. Invest in. Invest in show reps and build. Yeah. So yeah, I don't think we're in the past If you didn't have, like people would kind of give you the head tilt, kind of like, oh, dotnet I'm sorry to hear that, you know, it's like, it's not quite that bad anymore. I think we've all realized that there's so many websites. He says, I own 40 Plus domains. He is an amateur. You're not You're not going deaf. It's over 100 It's crazy. I, yeah, I do thin the herd. On occasion, I'll go into like, because usually it's an idea I had, I'm like, Oh, that would be cool. And then you go back. And, you know, I still I think I still own Castor mind. That was one.

Jim Collison  1:15:45  
Every time you By the way, I think

David Jackson  1:15:50  
The Yahoo? Yeah. Yeah.

Jim Collison  1:15:53  
Hold on, think about branding on that for a second who's thought about you? Yahoo. Right? Like, so many of you are like, what's Yahoo, right? Who's thought about that? But in my brain when you I think You know, little little banjo playing in the background. That's the power of branding, my friends.

David Jackson  1:16:12  
You want to hear something funny? I still use Yahoo as a landing page. But almost because it's so bad. Yeah, my favorite is there'll be like, Man narrowly escapes being eaten by shark. See video, and you'll go to it. And of course, there's 8 million ads all over the page. Oh, yeah. And it's horrible. And they'll be like, you know, this person was in insert ocean here, blah, blah, blah. And then there's no video. And the headline was like, it's all click Beatty. And then you'll see people that actually have a Yahoo account to be like, yep, leave it to Yahoo to say, watch the video and then not provide the video. It's just horrible. It really is. And I'm like, I know, they kept trying. I know for a while they hired Katie Couric to do some sort of original thing. And I was like, Huh. So here's a fun strategy. Coach Dave says, I bought a misspelling of a competitor's domain once and redirected to my site. And it actually generated traffic. Yeah,

Jim Collison  1:17:18  
yeah. Yeah, yeah, that'll work. If it's if it's popular, right, you just can't, like he can't if that's not getting search for that won't work,

David Jackson  1:17:26  
the thing I've yet to be able to do is sell a domain. Like, you know, you can give GoDaddy like $20 a year to be part of this auction. And they'll be like, your, you know, battling is worth you know, $150 on my great. Let's list it for 50. Nothing, just nothing. Am I? Okay, and I it's

Jim Collison  1:17:49  
Yeah, so do you own battling I

David Jackson  1:17:52  
do own battling bands. That was a podcast at one point. And this is, here's the funny story of that, then this is why I tip my hat to anybody who does any kind of competition. But it was if I remember, right, it was either two or $5 to enter, CD Baby had this is back when people were buying CDs and stuff. And they had an affiliate program. So I would have people say, Hey, here's, here's my song in the metal. And here's another band that has a metal song, I'd put the two metal bands up against each other. So I've made a whopping four bucks. And then if somebody bought the what would happen is the band like the people that came to vote for band day, probably liked band B, because it's the same genre. So they would then buy band B, they'd vote for band a, but they would buy b&b. And I would earn commission off that. And the big giant prize was if you win, you get to battle again for free. So you know, you don't have to pay your whatever $4 entry fee, you just get the battle again. And I went through every voting script that blocked IPs and blah, blah, I'm here to tell you everyone got hacked. Everybody was there are people that were clearing their cache. And also just like for $2 Like, you're really, this is a step you're gonna do to avoid paying $2 It was so dumb, but yeah, it was. And then it was it was fun. I mean, it was interesting, but and I got to meet. Because what I did then, of course, was I get to start these relationships with musicians, who I then pointed at the marketing musician, podcast in my book. So it was a way to kind of like create a podcast, where my audience was, and then make friends with them. And then tell them oh, by the way, for marketing, you know, stuff for music, check out the marketing, musician, podcast. So it was fun, but it was a lot of work. And I just remember, I could download the, like voting, whatever data, they just see where like this one person had voted like 38 times from the same IP address. So it became a big headache. And I just was like, yeah, that's enough of that. And then I really wish there was a thing it was called the music or the podsafe Music Network. And it was later changed music alley. And I really wish we could bring that back. It was really cool where podcasters could upload music or I'm sorry, musicians could upload music and basically say, Hey, you're free to play this on your podcast. And then all you had to do was mentioned something on your podcast to point back to the music alley website or whatever, was really cool. And then, you know, that company was run by what eventually turned into MVNO. And they burned through $36 million and went out of business because free podcasting host doesn't work. Yeah, shocking that way. But it's anyway, Jim, what is what's coming up on? Home gadget geeks?

Jim Collison  1:20:43  
Yeah, so we, we had agent crew from wind, you get the agent, wind spies, right kind of kind of motif going on there. Talk a little bit about what's going on at wind spies and some technology, some gadgets around wine. So if you're kind of a wine connoisseur, you like wine, I don't know anything about drinking wine, check it out. I'll be posting it a little bit later today. Home gadget geek stuff.

David Jackson  1:21:05  
Nice. Is there like gadgets to like, get the cork out of the bottle kind of stuff?

Jim Collison  1:21:08  
Or yeah, you'd be surprised at the different styles of things there are just to get the cork out. And then, of course, there's aerators and all kinds of things. And we talked about different services they have. So that's pretty cool, isn't it? It was a fun conversation. I really enjoyed it. I'm not I'm more bourbon than I am wine. But I enjoyed the

David Jackson  1:21:26  
nice on the school of podcasting. I've been taking notes recently. And this is not again about the PM 22 thing just for the record. But I'm going to be sharing about some mistakes that I've made. And looking back, how I made them where I made them, whatever. I'll give you a preview one is I have an episode right now, as I speak that says, because of my podcast, I went to Brazil. And we were like, wow, that's really cool. There's only one problem. My guest didn't go to Brazil. I thought she said Brazil. But she did. Ben So that's yeah, it was like, Really, I could have sworn like, Nope, I went to this. I'm like, okay, she's like, and I've been to these other countries. And I was like, You didn't go to Brazil? No, never been to Brazil. And it's like, okay, well, I have to have to fix that. So there are a few things that I've done. But one thing I do want to test you before we get out the door, Jim, I'm gonna hit my mute button. I need to know if I'm muted. Went Yes. Okay. Because I was in something else and and they said, No, I can still hear you. And I was like, that's interesting. But so that'll be out on Monday on the school of podcasting. And thanks to everyone in the chat room and on the Y on the wisdom app. We will be back next week with another episode of Ask the podcast coach

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