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Dec. 26, 2020

Are People Stealing Your Content?

Today Dave and Jim answer your questions and Jim noticed a new "copyright" area of Youtube. BND explains some news ways to get sued, and in the post-show we hear why you shouldn't quit your show for 18 months, and what steps you should take to get...

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Today Dave and Jim answer your questions and Jim noticed a new "copyright" area of Youtube. BND explains some news ways to get sued, and in the post-show we hear why you shouldn't quit your show for 18 months, and what steps you should take to get your podcast going. 


If you are looking for Podcast Artwork, Logos, or a website (or anything that you want to look great) check out and let Mark work with you to create graphics you will love. Mark is working on new artwork for Ask the Podcast Coach. 


00:01:32 Sponsor:

00:03:03 Copyright Notices on YouTube

00:07:06 It is easier to sue people!

00:11:07 More Scary Laws

00:13:28 Jim's Motu M2 arrives

00:15:37 20 Hours of Editing

00:17:59 Should I Charged Someone to Promote My Show?

00:21:21 Twit Downsizing?

00:21:55 Adam Wants to Sponsor 30 Podcasts

00:24:02 Timing Your Show

00:27:14 Our Awesome Supporters

00:31:29 Year In review - Are These Good?

00:38:25 Did Dave Predict The Pandemic

00:39:47 More Repurposing Insights

00:42:14 Organizing Your Podcast

00:46:23 Local Podcasting

00:51:26 Thoughts on 2021

In the post show we had someone join who stopped his podcast for 18 months and wanted advice on getting back on track he has restarted his show. Become an awesome supporter today.


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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



Dave Jackson:[00:00:00] As the podcast coach for December 26, 2020, (let's get ready Podcast)

Dave Jackson:[00:00:08] There. It is for the last time in 2020. It's that music. That means it's time for ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast. Questions answered live. I'm Dave Jackson from the school of and joining me right over there from the average

You knowing me? Love him, Mr. Home gadget geeks, Jim Colson. How's it going, buddy?

Jim Collison:[00:00:31] Greetings. Dave, happy Saturday morning. Happy last Saturday morning, you stunned me when you said that I was like, Wait a minute. Is this really the last Saturday of the year? And it is, we'll be doing this next Saturday on the second.

Right? 2nd of January.

Dave Jackson:[00:00:45] I know we keep hitting the day after holidays. Yes. The second

Jim Collison:[00:00:48] hit the second. And so God, thank God this year. Yeah. Although maybe we'll talk a little bit about today. It's been a, there's been some good things this year that have come out, especially in podcasting. So yeah. Not a total train wreck.

Dave Jackson:[00:01:02] It's one of those things that it was. Yeah. But there were some things that you probably. Didn't normally glide. You spent a whole lot more time with your daughter this year. I did,  Paul McCartney got to go out in public. I heard him talk about that. He said he didn't do it a lot. He goes, but it was interesting because he never goes out in public without him.

And he said, I put a mask on and nobody knew who I was. And I was like, Oh, that's kinda cool. But

Jim Collison:[00:01:28] Jim invented, he invented

Dave Jackson:[00:01:31] the coffee for. Here we go. And of course, that coffee pour is in fact, I had somebody in Facebook today said, Hey, where should I go to get my artwork made? And I said, you know what, podcast, because he was saying, this guy was saying that graphic artists have God complex.

And I was like, then you don't know Mark from podcast, it's here's a guy that will work side-by-side with you. He'll go listen to your podcasts. He really wants to understand kind of the vibe of your show, not just, Oh, Hey, here's a picture of artwork with a microphone and some fancy fonts.

No. He's going to work with something that works for you. In fact, he's working on ask the podcast coaches logo. I should check with him on that. I was like, it's the holiday. So I wasn't really worried about it, but if you need artwork, if you need a logo, if you need a website, if you need a cool PDF, if you want anything to look really professional and something you're going to be proud of, then go over to podcast, because if you want to meet somebody who has.

Whatever the opposite of a God complex is, I don't know, mr. Super nice polite Canadian guy. Then he got to go see Mark over podcast, because as I like to say, it's the place to go podcast,

What's weird. I find myself on Saturdays, like when I'm making my lunch, singing that stupid jingle.

Jim Collison:[00:03:04] It what your copy read has gotten as we've done that, the more times you've done it, like right now, it is, pro-level the way you do that read for the ad read.

Dave Jackson:[00:03:13] The beauty of it is it's. It's not a read. It's just, I know I want it. I just want to mention that it's, here's what you can get and that whole night


Jim Collison:[00:03:21] does for you though, right?

Think about it. We've done this. How long has Mark been a sponsor now? Three months.

Dave Jackson:[00:03:26] Four months. Oh, it's more than that. Probably closer to six. I would think

Jim Collison:[00:03:30] we've been doing it that long. It's been awhile

Dave Jackson:[00:03:32] and he just kept saying, at one point he just said, Hey, let's just go to the end of the year.

I don't know what's going to happen in January. We'll find out I need, that's another thing I need to reach out to him. But I know you had some fun this week. If you're not familiar with Jim's stuff, he does a lot of stuff on YouTube that he then turns into a podcast along with the home gadget, geeks and Gallup and everything else.

And you said you ran into some copyright issues. This is,

Jim Collison:[00:03:53] this was, this has been interesting. Let me find this and share this screen with you guys. Here we go. There it is.  And I haven't seen this before. I'm not so not saying this is new, but it's new to me. And so I got a notification through the, and I don't think I'm showing anything.

I shouldn't show. There we go. Okay.  Got this notification I think the via email that there were some copyright infringement possibilities on my, on our site. And this is a Gallup site. We have to, the way we do it, we have two separate channels. So we have a. We have a live channel. That's this one called Gallup webcast live.

So everything I record the, a stream yard goes to the live channels. We keep them separate live and recorded the edited stuff, even though it's the same, that's the problem by the way. But even though it's the same content, we separate them on channels. So Gallup live webcasts, and then we have Clifton strengths.

That's the channel that has all the recorded, edited content on it. And as you go through here, you start seeing this is in. So if you go on YouTube, go to YouTube studio and then go to the copyright. Then down here in this is down here, go to the copyright section and it'll show you any of your material that has shown up on somebody else's site.

Okay. In our case, we record the video. Drop it down, pull it down. We edit it. And about 90% of that content makes it back. It makes its way back to the edited channel. So to speak the Clifton strengths channel they're separate channels. And so YouTube. Oh, man, I can't Dave. I can't imagine the amount of processing power it takes to do this, but it's telling me here, Oh, Hey, you got this, you've got this video of about 8,000 views that you made back in 2016, about 90% of your content, right?

There is by 90% of your content is in that video. Here's another one, about 7390%, right? Shows me some things that I can do with it now for us. This is okay. Like we were okay with this. I didn't realize they were doing this. I don't know how long they've been doing it for, but it gives you. So medication, if you have a YouTube channel, it gives you some indication like, Hey, cause this is what people have been doing, but what have they been doing?

They've been ripping off other people's stuff, downloading it, making it their own and publishing it. So this is, I got, I believe a response to that. So could move it around and request it, be taken down. And I can't, it's too far away to read that other option for me to save. I need to get some new glasses.

So make the screen bigger here. Hold on. Let's just do that really quick.

Dave Jackson:[00:06:20] Even if I take us out of it, it doesn't really.

Jim Collison:[00:06:25] That a little bit easier to see a little bit easier. So yeah, a little bit bigger.  And maybe even I can read it to yeah. Unable or

Dave Jackson:[00:06:31] channel,

Jim Collison:[00:06:31] because your video is private.

A lot of these videos we made private back in the day, I say all that to say if we're creating YouTube content and this was again, there was this new to me. So it might be new to you, maybe good opportunity to head out, take a peek, go into the copyright section on YouTube studio and just maybe make sure you're not getting right.

Dave Jackson:[00:06:51] I was going to say that's interesting that so that 90% means.

Jim Collison:[00:06:56] The 90% of the viewable, my original video is being

Dave Jackson:[00:07:00] used. Got it

Jim Collison:[00:07:01] over in. Yeah. And I have a lot, I can display 50 at a time. And then if I scroll down here, we have pages and pages of these, but we've made thousands of them.

There's a lot. And I'm not going to go through and do anything with them, cause I don't need to, but it was a good I did. So I went through, I was going to have this ready and I didn't, but I did go through the lists to see if there was someone besides me doing this, in other words and sure enough, there were some folks who had downloaded.

They had been interviewed by me. They had downloaded their own video and uploaded it, even though we ask them not to, I tell them, Hey, don't do that in bed. The video we currently have. And and they didn't follow my instructions

Dave Jackson:[00:07:45] and.

Jim Collison:[00:07:46] But most of the videos had, five or 10 views, just to be honest.

And I'm like, it's not worth the bad. The bad customer service stuff to say, Hey, you got to pull that video down. It's not and we want them to be honest, I just want to track the numbers.

Dave Jackson:[00:07:59] That's really, the downside is you're losing those numbers. But somebody who knows something about YouTube from time to time is the one and only Mr.

Bangs, naughty bids who

Jim Collison:[00:08:07] Wow. That's fast.

BNB:[00:08:09] Hello everybody.

Dave Jackson:[00:08:10] Are you

BNB:[00:08:11] doing pretty? Darn good. Do you know what you can do, Jim, if you are so inclined regarding those five or 10 views that you are seeing other people take away from you.

Jim Collison:[00:08:22] I could request that they take it down. You

BNB:[00:08:24] could do that, but in a very short period of time, you can file a complaint with the equivalent of small claims copyright court at the library of Congress and face them with $30,000 in fines per infraction this past last week in the omnibus budget bill B case act, I believe I've mentioned it to you guys a few months ago.

The case act sets up a new court under the library of Congress, the equivalent of a small claims court, where you don't have to file with the actual attorney. It's just a small filing fee and the way you go and bring legal action against people who infringe your copyright, or you can have such a case brought against you.

If you infringe in theory, you get someone else.

Jim Collison:[00:09:16] There is a button in there that says request from within it. You can request video removal so you can submit it, I believe, as to YouTube. So I'd submit that to YouTube. And then

BNB:[00:09:26] that's outside of the DMC, that's a YouTube process. It doesn't hit legal until.

Yeah. 30 days out.

Jim Collison:[00:09:33] Yeah. So I have that option. I could do that. I guess I could do that option first. If I wanted to the other options, a little more complicated, your options, a little more complicated. I mentioned

Dave Jackson:[00:09:41] insurance,

BNB:[00:09:42] and this is going to make it very inexpensive for people to file. Legal proceedings against smaller people, infringing smaller copyrights.

So that can be good or that can be bad.

Dave Jackson:[00:09:56] I'm going to say interesting.

Jim Collison:[00:09:59] A whole massive unintended consequences too. But in there,

BNB:[00:10:04] it depends on how this court under the library of Congress, which is a legislature under the legislature and not in the court system proper. They do, they have some other.

Similar courts, quote unquote, under the library of Congress. There's one that meets every two years and decides what can be hacked as far as encryption and what can't be. That's why you're allowed to rip our jailbreak your phone. But you're not allowed to rip DVDs.  Because you're violating in theory, a law, but the library of Congress says you're allowed to jailbreak your phone.

You bought that. Are you allowed to jailbreak your John Deere tractor that you spent a hundred thousand dollars?

Jim Collison:[00:10:46] Maybe not. They're still working through that. They're

BNB:[00:10:49] still working on that one thing,

Jim Collison:[00:10:51] but it's a kind of a new, it's a new area though, right? Where in agriculture.

BNB:[00:10:55] That's a separate issue.

That's encryption, there's a specific court. It's not a court, but there's a board through the library of Congress. This is more of a court, which is interesting. It's not under the judicial branch of the government, so you don't get the same protections necessarily.

Jim Collison:[00:11:12] Yeah.

BNB:[00:11:13] It's also quick and easy.

Jim Collison:[00:11:15] Banks were, if someone wanted to follow that process.

So this is so new. If they wanted to go out beyond

BNB:[00:11:23] to you guys, several members lines

Jim Collison:[00:11:25] or remind us.

BNB:[00:11:26] There is nothing that can be said about it right now, because it is in fact, so new, the only chance of it not going through, because it's already passed the Senate, it's already passed the house.

The only question is will or will not Donald Trump veto the whole bill because he's Donald Trump. And I've got a dye sitting here

Dave Jackson:[00:11:46] that I can rule for you. Exactly.

Jim Collison:[00:11:50] God bless America and everything else.

BNB:[00:11:52] Yes. Last week. I mentioned that there was a bill from Senator Thom Tillis at North Carolina, going through that has field time for copyright infringement.

Dave Jackson:[00:12:02] If he

BNB:[00:12:03] guess what else was in this massive Omni? Now there is a ten-year penalty for copyright infringement that has passed the house and Senate. It's aimed at. Websites that stream illegally, but it is not necessarily only limited to the websites that stream illegally. The protecting lawful streaming act has passed Congress.

And there is now a 10 year penalty for people who knowingly Stream, copyright copyrighted content. Now this probably applies more so to be hosts out there. So not necessarily right at this time, likely, maybe it's more likely that hosts like Lipson and pod bean and Newberry will be. We're more worried about it, but I don't see why a company such as you were flying company, Jim might not have to worry about streaming out content since you're in larger platform.

That's streaming this sort of thing, especially if you stream from your own website. By those embed codes that you were just referring to,

Jim Collison:[00:13:16] let me be really clear. Or on this example I gave, this is our own content getting caught.

BNB:[00:13:21] That's an entirely separate, massive issue that lots of people in the podcast D related fields have been suffering from for a long time.

Just having your entire content pulled in twice on someone else's stream because they're making money that you're not making.

Jim Collison:[00:13:36] I do, we create our videos in such a way. That they're full of ads. It doesn't look that way, but the whole idea is content ads. You're promoting yourself as well.

So really the underlying shut off and made it popular. We win. Yeah. I made it to be rip off proof in a lot of ways so that it wouldn't, if it did get ripped off now, so it would be in our best interest for someone to actually do that. We don't mind. Dave, you were going to say something.

Dave Jackson:[00:14:03] No, actually, whatever it was went right out the other side of my head.

Jim Collison:[00:14:06] Yeah. Yeah. I that's the way I figured out Hey, the way, if you can't beat them, join them. And if they're going to steal it, have them steal it in a way that it promotes you. If they do, I guess they could slice it up in some other

BNB:[00:14:18] effort,

Jim Collison:[00:14:19] they're going to go with it.

There's a lot of effort to do that. All right. Thanks man.

Dave Jackson:[00:14:23] Thanks.

Jim Collison:[00:14:24] Oh, Hey he left here.

Dave Jackson:[00:14:27] Hey banks,

No Cupcake Zone:[00:14:29] here.

Jim Collison:[00:14:30] There, it is just this. We'll talk about it a little bit later in

BNB:[00:14:33] the show, but the question is, did Dave get a cut of that?

Jim Collison:[00:14:36] He did. Yeah.

BNB:[00:14:38] How

Jim Collison:[00:14:38] did he do that? I'm glad you ask. If you just head over to school of

Not sweat water by the way, which I put the first one I put in. So

Dave Jackson:[00:14:48] I've done that. I'm like, wait, that's not music stuff.

Jim Collison:[00:14:52] Thanks banks.

Definitely. Yeah. Got bullied into buying this by banks, by the way. Really clear. Actually he wanted me to buy them for, and I just. They haven't been available. So when he talked last week about it, I thought I'm just going to pull the trigger. One of the things I did do wrong is not wrong. I had a sense of work cause like I always use Sweetwater for my work account.

And it was so I was like, if they said it was delivered, this is the second time I've had something delivered to work and they say it's delivered and I don't check the address. And I'm like,

Dave Jackson:[00:15:31] it was at work. Yeah. Yeah. Speaking of great Christmas gifts, John says, did anyone else get Dave's book profit from your podcast for Christmas? He ended up getting two.

Jim Collison:[00:15:42] Wow. Wow. It must have been on his list. I guess he'd been on his family list. We have a spreadsheet, we have a Google doc, a shared Google spreadsheet that has tabs for every, and then for everybody in the family, and then you can put your Christmas list or stocking cause we do stockings and gifts.

And so you can list the, those kinds of things as well. It's been really helpful as the families dispersed. They keep track all that stuff. Yeah,

Dave Jackson:[00:16:06] there you go. Yeah, it was my brother and I just did the exchanging of gift cards. It was like, he's here's your home Depot.

Great. Here's your Amazon gift card.

Jim Collison:[00:16:15] Yeah. Just sending them out and then spend it on yourself. Like why go through the, why go through the process of exchanging gifts? Cause they're going to be the same. Are they similar amounts?

Dave Jackson:[00:16:25] Yeah, that's that's that's the awkward part. Cause you're like going, what if he gave me more?

I'm like,

Jim Collison:[00:16:31] it's going to be

Dave Jackson:[00:16:33] had a question here that just made me scratch my head. This is from probably podcast movement is where I've been hanging out in their Facebook group. This was from Kimberly. She says, hello, everyone. I'm in hell with this Udacity is taking me far too long to edit each podcast.

I think I sh I think I have a solution for the future, but right now I've been working on my latest podcast. Jimmy, you want to guess for how long she's been working on her podcast?

Jim Collison:[00:16:58] Six months?

Dave Jackson:[00:16:59] This is just one episode. Oh, how long do you think she's been editing it? Like how many hours?

Jim Collison:[00:17:04] 20, 20 hours

Dave Jackson:[00:17:06] we'll get you.

Oh, that's the wrong button. It's okay.

Jim Collison:[00:17:11] It's like I read the post. No, I did. I did read the quotes. That was a total.

Dave Jackson:[00:17:15] I can't get the audio. The person I interviewed is too low and I'm too loud. I'm trying to equalize, but have to do it off on a kid. And it was it is there no way to equalize the entire track?

And I was like, wow, Auphonic AUPH O N I And especially, I don't know how long our episode was, but I saw that yeah. 20 hours. Holy Mo, because to me, I was like, that's when that's almost

Jim Collison:[00:17:47] that's NPR level. If you're at 20 hours on a single episode at NPR level, right?

Dave Jackson:[00:17:52] Yeah. The only thing she didn't say.

Is what if that's her first episode? I don't think 20 hours is going to be that, but yeah, bank says two hours a month for free at all phonics.  That was one that I was just like, yeah don't do that. And also again, if this is our first episode, I still 20 hours, but. More planning equals less editing.

So I don't know what's going on there or if it just heard her sounds like her guests was horrible and that's where

Jim Collison:[00:18:19] you started is really bad audio. And then you're behind the eight ball to begin with. That sound that's it sounds like to me, if she's having a leveling problems, she's probably got really bad audio to start with, then you're trying to fix that.

And then, so you've done this before, Dave, where you've tried to fix somebody's audio and you put in one filter and then you're like, Oh, then you put it in a second filter. And you're like, ah, Third filter. And pretty soon you have your in filter. Hell yeah. And it doesn't sound anything, pretty much then it, distance down, anything like it did to begin with and trying to back that stuff out and you don't want to start over.

It's a mess. It is a mess.

Dave Jackson:[00:18:53] The here's one, I this is from Ronnie again, out of the podcast movement, Facebook group, my guests did four years in a state pen. And was innocent all along. Oh yeah, that's awesome. He didn't say what his podcast was. We did a great episode and his attorney wants to use my episode as a testimony for his law firm on his website.

All right. So far so good. Is it tacky to ask him to sponsor the podcast or become a patron? And so I was like, good question. Yeah. Cause to me, I was like, One one, you're going to get exposure from being on that guy's website. So you're already got a win, win Milo thing though. Especially when he said sponsor a Mike, it's a lawyer are you doing a show about how to be a better criminal?

Or who, who is your target audience in? Is that guy a fit? Because for me sponsorship, I want something that's going to be. That's my audience is going to go, Oh, I need to go buy that. Or that's really cool or something like that. And I just, I was like, unless you're doing a show about. I don't know, surviving divorce and that guy's a divorce lawyer or I don't know.

That was my whole thing is a sponsorship. And I go, if you want to ask him to be a patron, I, you can, I don't know.

Jim Collison:[00:20:15] And what's the risk. Let's not like this as your in-laws. So if they, if you're like, Hey, I do have, I do this with all these crazy people that send me, Hey, I want to get, do you accept guests posts?

And I've just got to, I have a guest post thing and. In what's the

Dave Jackson:[00:20:31] text expander. Oh, I love it.

Jim Collison:[00:20:33] Just guest post boom. And it says, Hey, I've a patriarchal for this. Is that tacky? Maybe. But it's an option for them. If they want to do that, they can spend 25 bucks to replace a link or they can spend 50 bucks for a guest post and they can get that done.

I've only had one actually do it. But it gets to get some off my back. If you don't respond to those guys, they just keep hammering and hammering you. So is it tacky? I don't think so. I'd ask. I just want what they can just say. No.

Dave Jackson:[00:20:59] Yeah, that drives me nuts the whole, Hey, I don't know if you saw my email yesterday.

My guests and I didn't reply. So some people can take a hint. Yeah.

Jim Collison:[00:21:06] I was, I had last pass as a sponsor for a lot of years, I think three or four years. And and I knew then they were a small company when they first started out of Virginia. And I went and saw their, went out to their facility and met a bunch of their developers.

It was super cool.  Don't know, two years ago, maybe. I reached out to them and they had been acquired by lock me in. And I reached out to my contact there. Who's now I think now gone and said, Hey, are you interested in another year? And she said, let me check. So she came back. She was like, no, they're not interested.

And that a month later they signed with Leo LaPorte and listen. I'm not legal. I don't have, I'm not the twit network, but it was, I was like, Oh, they're going, they definitely, they doubled down. They spent big money to sponsor a Leo, which was probably maybe a mistake on my end. Maybe I didn't promote them enough, but it was it.

You have to ask, you just have to ask. And they said no. And I was like, Oh it's been great working with you. Appreciate that. It was a little less than to me. I think with my sponsors, I need to ask for a little more. Sometimes, like we, we could do this sponsorship bigger or better, or they are, they sponsored my app, so they spent a couple hundred bucks with me, but yeah, I think there's some opportunity. I don't think it's tacky.

Dave Jackson:[00:22:17] You mentioned Leo. I don't know how is that when you listen to every week or, but I heard where he announced he's laying off some people.

Jim Collison:[00:22:25] Did you hear that?

Yeah, that's what I heard. I didn't I haven't seen it or can confirm it, but surprise me with revenues being down and ads being done. I'm sure he had folks locked in. I'm sure they do an annual kind of contract as we get close to the end of the year. Maybe many of those are not renewing.

I don't know how they're not he's in the tech space. I think most of this tech space is going like gangbusters. So I don't know. Yeah.

Dave Jackson:[00:22:51] Another thing I saw in the Facebook groups raising money, I didn't write down the guy's name. I want to say it's Andy something, Matt Adam was in Facebook and he said, look, I want to sponsor 30 different podcasts this year.

And he said, DM him. So I was like I would assuming if you are somehow money related or business related. Raising money, And I think we're going to see a lot of that. Now. I think you're going to start seeing podcasters want to advertise on other podcasts, which isn't a bad strategy, it's just, and especially if you can find someone it's, the weird part is going to be, you want to find a good fit.

So you like, Oh great. Here's another podcast about podcasting. Would you, can I sponsor your show? They reserve the right, they are not going to, and. Is somebody then going to take money to promote a show that in theory might be their competition and that's where it's going to be, cause you want it to be a good fit.

So that's going to be interesting to, to see Craig says, talking about sponsorships here, we lost our sponsor this year too. It's been a bad year for many, but as true. Yeah, I, Jason said, did that guy have 300 replies? I should have copied the link because I know a lot of people are in the podcast movement Facebook group, but I'd be interested to see I, there, there were a couple that I saw that I was like, one was, I'm trying to.

To decide between pod bean and Buzzsprout. So of course that had 8 million replies of Libsyn Casto captivate, blabla. And I was like, ah, and then the other one was I'm thinking of having someone edit my audio. Do you know of anyone? Everybody in that group. We'll edit your audio if you pay them.

And it was just like, there's just some things you're like they should set up a filter that like, if somebody puts sitting in this

Jim Collison:[00:24:42] phrase, Chris Curran, that's just Chris Kern with an all Tybee trying to promote himself. That's all that is. Let's just be reading he's act somebody else's account.

Dave Jackson:[00:24:53] That's it

Jim Collison:[00:24:55] not cause I'm just kidding.

Dave Jackson:[00:24:56] Yeah. You never know. This one, remember I say sometimes people overthink things a bit. This was a guy named grant. Do you know of an app that can be a real time timer for how long you and your guests are talking? I'm trying to have a mindful indicator so I can stop myself during a show other than fix it in post.

And one is to use stream timer or stream timer. Yeah. Stream yard. Cause I can see where we've been going 27 minutes and 26 seconds. So that's why to me, when I hear stuff like this and people are looking for a specific app, I'm like, there's a stopwatch on your phone. That's. Yeah,

Jim Collison:[00:25:37] you can do it on your PC.

Dave Jackson:[00:25:39] Yeah. And for me, the only thing that's weird about your phone is that whole I dunno what you call it, where all of a sudden your screen goes off. So unless that app is set to keep the screen up, all of a sudden you're like, Oh cool. I'm in. Because I've tried that before at a.


Jim Collison:[00:25:54] are you talking about individual Dave?

Hold on, before you go any further, are they talking about individual? Like how long am I in this sentence?

Dave Jackson:[00:26:02] And then I think they're talking like, Hey, I'm going to do an interview. It's normally 20 minutes. And the only thing I can see pros and cons of that because I can see the pro, if you're shooting for 30 minutes and you look up and you're at 20, you have to go, Ooh, the next two questions have to be good because I'm almost done.

So I liked that idea because anytime you do something shorter, you end up typically with better content. But I also am worried that it might. Negatively affect the casual conversation kind of flow of it. I don't know what can you see any

Jim Collison:[00:26:41] anytime time you've done this, the more you do it, the better you get at it and running too, you start sensing time.

 Get a feel like, Oh, we're about a half an hour or half, about half an hour in, at this point. You and I, and you know with With the gala podcasts that I do there's so I can feel that time and I break it down into three 20 minute segments and you just feel okay, we've been doing this long enough, let's switch to the next topic.

And that switched to the next. So having, I think having a big running clock, when I was out for the cigar authority in doing that. Ed keeps a kind of a clock down in the corner of the screen of the big monitor for everybody. And it's just a great way of looking okay, where should we be at this time as a host, you get better at that.

The more you do it. And you just sense you feel like, okay, this is long enough. I probably need to move on to the next segment. We do that here. You we try to keep things moving along. Don't stay in any one topic for too long and keep them rolling.

So I, I would just run a, I just run a clock, a countdown timer count uptime or whatever, to, to monitor what I'm doing.

Dave Jackson:[00:27:46] Yeah. And I guess the other one would be, if you know what time. The interview started. Just look at the, every computer has a clock on it somewhere, right? The cycle look down right now and see it's 11 o'clock.

And that means we've been doing this for about a half hour, which means it's about time that we say thank you to look at that transition

Jim Collison:[00:28:05] before you do that. It's always time to refill.

Dave Jackson:[00:28:08] So let's get, that

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Jim Collison:[00:29:58] You're listening to it right now.

Dave Jackson:[00:30:00] Nice. Yeah, that's really cool. So thank you for that. Shane, you can find Glenn, the geek who was on last week.

We're glad to have him back. Find him If you have horses. I seriously, that's where you gotta go. Every podcast, every kind of shape and size a horse, they talk about over there. The indie drop-in network actually last week Greg came in to the Northeast, Ohio Podcaster's meetup, and I got a better idea of what he's doing over there.

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They've probably never heard. What I need to find from Greg is. Cause I know on the, on his website, he has true crime and comedy and things like that. But what if you do a, I dunno, a tech show or I don't know, things like that. So I think I could

Jim Collison:[00:30:56] submit my tech show to him and he said, we're not ready for tech yet.

So yes. Okay. Let me know when you're ready.

Dave Jackson:[00:31:02] Yeah. So that should be fun. Max Trescott up in the and if you've seen. Wonder woman, 84 max, be careful because apparently wonder woman can fly now. So that was kinda different. Ed Sullivan, if Mark is gonna make you look good Ed's gonna make you sound good.

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Jim Collison:[00:31:54] she flying or just jumping far.

Dave Jackson:[00:31:57] What? Like at one point she lassoed some lightning and just pulled her up into the heavens. And then at one point she, she lassoed. Yeah.

Jim Collison:[00:32:07] Totally spoiler alert.

Dave Jackson:[00:32:08] Maybe we should stop. Yeah. I think I knew she could, she's wonder woman. She does everything.

Jim Collison:[00:32:13] I think the last sewing of the lightening was in a trailer too.


Dave Jackson:[00:32:17] Okay. So it's I was talking with Jim before the show, if you've ever seen, have you ever seen that one superhero movie where there's a superhero, he has these powers and then there's like a bad person, or I forget the name of it. And then the bad person starts to really do bad things and you're not sure if the superhero, Oh, I forget the name of the movie.

Can he met he or she? Yeah. Yeah. It's basically everything.

Jim Collison:[00:32:40] Every superhero,

Dave Jackson:[00:32:41] every Subaru. Yeah. Except for the one Avengers where see, I could spoil it, but if you like superhero movies, which I do, but there, there comes a part where you have to really suspend reality because I dunno people are like flying in the clouds.

You have to go, okay, it's a superhero movie. That's a, we don't do that. Jim. Have you ever thought of doing a year in review guest?

Jim Collison:[00:33:07] Yeah. This comes up every year. Doesn't it? When or I think the variation of this is the top 10 of the year things right. To do that. I, yes, I haven't. I have done it over the, the decade I've been doing this.

I didn't, no, I didn't this year.

Dave Jackson:[00:33:22] I think about this every year. I'm like, Oh, it'd be cool to do a recap. And so I'm making a note to myself that, and I'll have to see if I can remember to do it. Cause that's the thing you forget about it. Would be like at the end of January, or even if it's in your own let's say you want to do a year in review of your podcast, which to me is yeah, but your regular listeners like heard that in theory, but I thought if you could make like a minute clip of each episode or a 32nd clip, or I dunno somehow, but if you're going to do that next year, You have to plan it this year and do those clips or say, Hey, in January, Spotify brought, they bought so-and-so and blah, blah, blah, and yada, and then at the end of February, and then you could put those all together.

Cause the problem is right now, if you want to do some sort of year new review for your show or about your industry, it's off to uncle Google. And that's going to be a, especially if you wanted to pull clips of your own show, let's say you do a weekly show. And it's a half hour that's 26 hours of listening.

You're going to have to do so you can edit out the greatest clips. And it's that's a cool idea, but man, is it labor intensive? So

Jim Collison:[00:34:33] the chat room really quick. How many of you, like you're in shows now? Not making them actually listening to them. So as we're waiting for that I'm a big windows weekly fan, and you mentioned earlier and They, they do every year that he has a paid editor that just puts that stuff together.

They do. And that they're awful. I don't like them. Like I was there. They don't want to listen to the best segments of it. And so I'm not to me, those, I just deleted right away, not interested in the year in review. But chatroom W do you listen, if you're the podcast you've listened to do a year-end review or do you do that?

Throw that in the chat or listening on you? Can they listen on YouTube?

Dave Jackson:[00:35:13] They can watch on

Jim Collison:[00:35:15] YouTube later

Dave Jackson:[00:35:16] once this is off it's awesome supporters only. Yeah. But it does remind me, I remember growing up watching different TV shows. Be it. I'll date myself happy days, or a family ties was another one.

But you'd be sitting there and they're like, they'd all be in the living room or they'd be sitting around a table and they'd be like somebody walk in. And they would be like, Hey, remember the time when did such and such. And it, and you're like, Oh, it's a clip show. And instantly you'd be like I've seen every episode.

I don't th I don't know if the writers went on vacation that week or what, but you're like, What's going on and it was like, yeah, I've seen all those. Thanks. But no, thanks. And then yeah, Craig is saying, it depends on the podcast topic on whether or not a year in review. I'm not sure I get prediction shows.

It's interesting. Cause somebody's like here you guys ready for a big prediction. Android is going to grow great next year and that's not based on any inside information. At all. Stuff like that and I'm like, and then the next year they go now, see I'm sitting here poo-pooing the idea, but I also love when Ross does that.

What does a great job

Jim Collison:[00:36:28] to Craig's point? It depends on maybe who does it. Yeah. Yeah. And there may be some topics that,  wouldn't be, and maybe I'm just not a fan of like long play in that category, like long play where it's an hour of going back and review. I can't, I rather maybe have shorter clips or I don't know.

I don't know. I just that's and this year has been such a disaster that I just don't. I don't know if, I don't know if I want to be reminded that Oh,

Dave Jackson:[00:36:54] that's it. And that's the whole thing where they go. Hey 2020 was the year of the pandemic and lots of people lost their, and you're yeah, I was there.

I was, yes, I get that. And I didn't do this to lead into this topic. You said you were going to repurpose some of your old stuff and that's different. That's not a review show.

Jim Collison:[00:37:11] No. In 2021. We've we created during 2019 and 2020, we created so much content. We just know a lot of it couldn't have been listened to.

So we've been going back in and actually our listeners have been giving us feedback that says, shorter, more concise content is better. And so we're going to break down some of our work that had been, even just even 20 minutes, we're going to break it down into shorter bits, and then we're also going to share it differently.

So it's, we're going to go the whole route of. Of audio grams. So audio grams on Instagram, audiograms on or else are they posting those there's one other place spending theirs? I have we have another, I have another person on social media. That's handling that bit. And then we're going to just read, I know this sounds bad, but we're replay a lot of those resources that we made in 20, 20, 21.

I had during. 20, 20 and 2019, I had my writer who my editor pull out the, what we call, pull quotes the gallops. So they're just those little, those, and he did three for each show, so we can go in easily. And man, I'm so glad I did this. I actually had them include the timestamp in the pull quote.

So we know exactly where it's at so that my social media person can go in. We now have

Dave Jackson:[00:38:26] quotes,

Jim Collison:[00:38:27] right? She can go in. Find the quote go right to that spot, pull it out, make an audio gram out of it. And so we're going to spend some time by the way, that doesn't mean we're stopping our long play content that still continues in 2021, but we are going to provide some shorter, more concise, more pinpoint targeted, but it's recycled content.

And I just re I just, w we have these theme definitions, right? Clifton strengths has these 34 themes. And I sat down two years ago with one of with one of my co-hosts and we recorded one minute definitions, short definitions. We posted those to YouTube. That's the only place they were. So I pulled them down, stripped out the audio, posted them in during the holiday season, I've been giving them one a day in the podcast channel like, Hey, here's these resources for you.

They're always going to be here. You can always fallen down and use them if you want to do it that way. You might want to think about through doesn't mean, for 2021, maybe there's an opportunity to do less live or less interviews, but pull more on existing content that didn't get.

It's full value. When it was really steep, we did 80, just in one, one channel. I did 80 podcasts this year for call to coach. They start small it's over one a week, right? That's plus the 45 we released for theme Thursday and a bunch of others that we did. So there's no way everybody could have listened to that.

There's content buried in there that can be pulled out. 

Dave Jackson:[00:39:57] Do want to speaking of predictions on page O X I, it's not even it's right before here on right here. The very last line of this says one last thing. This is from a profit from your podcast, proven strategies to turn listeners into livelihood.

One last thing as I write this it's February, 2020, things might change by the time you read this, please keep that in mind.

Jim Collison:[00:40:24] Wow.

Dave Jackson:[00:40:25] It's yeah. I think I hit that one on the nail

Jim Collison:[00:40:29] written that the previous July is that right?

Dave Jackson:[00:40:33] Yeah, I had in

Jim Collison:[00:40:35] February still

Dave Jackson:[00:40:36] what it was, that was my last time to put in anything and I had, which was good because there was one tool.

For having a paid RSS feed that had completely changed their business model. And I was like, okay, that's not my target audience. That's not going to bring value. That's got to go. And super cast had just come on the the scene. And they looked really pretty cool. And so I asked my editor, I'm like, Hey, can I put this out?

And then they're like, yeah, but Let's keep that to a minimum. And I think that's when I added that. I think I changed that because it said originally as I write this in, whenever I originally wrote it September, I think of a 29 team. Yeah, and it took forever for that thing to come up. But

Jim Collison:[00:41:21] before we move on, let me give you one more example of where this reuse content idea.

So for two years, we did at the end of a program that we did theme Thursday, we did this thing called talent mindfulness. It was. Just a segment that was perfect. It was perfectly done as its own container every single time, which was pretty great. We didn't intend to do it this way, but that's just the way it worked out.

So this week I was able to go back and grab a whole season of it. So 34 episodes a week, we separate them by 34. Cause that's the number of themes are and I pulled them down, stripped out that audio part took me about Dave. I think it probably took me. 25 minutes maybe per program to get a seven minute show out of it.

Basically I had a pre formatted template. I would download the full show imported in, cut out just the section I need and then export that out. And yeah, and then, I would have to drop it into audacity to strip the audio out of it. I would move that segment to YouTube. I would move that segment up to speaker.

I'd drop it into Otter so that we'd get the trans transcription of it. So that's twenty-five minutes. You think that's not all editing. A lot of that is moving the file around and getting that stuff done. But over the course of a week, I was able to in between things, cause this is some. Something you could do in between processes, get this started, upload it to YouTube, move it over to Otter.

That's something you can do in the cracks, of the, of your work process. And I did 34 of those this weekend. And I probably spent, if it's a half an hour each, probably if I'd spent 17 hours on it. So it's I spent some time on it, but it's holidays, things are slow, right.

So I. I have a whole season of talent, mindfulness already done like that. They'll launch January 7th and they'll go through August something. Dave, the work is all done. I've never been this far ahead in my life on anything like it, it feels really good to have this whole season. I have a full nother year of it that I can work on through the course of 2021 to get ready for 20, 22.

 It, God, man, it feels good to have. I literally have this stuff planned and set and there's seven minute podcasts. It has its own channel. So I'm pretty pumped that I was able to get ahead of that little planning, able to get ahead of that. And I'm done for 20 not totally, but I've done in that in that area for 2021.

Dave Jackson:[00:43:48] That leads me to Alison's question. She says I'm overwhelmed with the thought of organizing my research in the early stages of prepping for a local history podcast. And I'm collecting historic newspaper articles, postcard images, et cetera. I currently have them saved on my phone laptop and Google drive.

Any advice for those of us that are a bit scattered and not good with organization, I need to be able to easily. Pull this back and can do that. So I would, I don't know. I guess I would come up with maybe the I guess topics, maybe local businesses people that you're going to do, maybe, I don't know, historic events I'd have something, but you have to know what your audience wants and then because when you do research, you can't, If you don't know where you're going, there's going to be a ton of time spent on researching things that you go, Oh yeah, we didn't need to know that.

So that would be my advice on what do you think Jim,

Jim Collison:[00:44:47] real quick bangs makes a comment before I comment on that comment on something I said, he said about feedback. And so I, I took these shows from the lab from 2019 and 2020. How do I apply feedback to them? Which I think is a super valid question.

If you're pulling content from previous years, if you're publishing these things live you can get feedback from your audience and then make changes as you go. We've already, these have already been have already passed the scrutiny of the public. Like we've published them. We've gotten feedback on them.

Then in edit, I can go in as I'm, if there were things that needed to be changed, I can go in and change those. Now I can update, I can't make updates. I'm not going to voiceover. Those kinds of things, it's just going to go forward with it. But it did allow us to make those feedback.

And if in, the feedback we got was we want them on their own channel and we want them shorter. So I was able to go in and do some simple edits to apply that feedback to those and make them pretty great math to shoot. So we were able to get that done as well.

Dave Jackson:[00:45:49] It's funny you say that and I'm going to come back to that question is okay.

As I, one of the things, of course, this is a shower moment. You're thinking and I'm like, as much as I can say that the school of podcasting is much, it's more than launching your podcast. It's growing, it's communicating, it's making great content. It's monetization. It's one of those things where, you know what people watching YouTube think that's a podcast.

Okay. It's not a podcast. There's more to the school of podcasting than launching your podcast. But guess what? Everybody thinks the school of podcasting. Is where you go to launch your show. So I was thinking in the shower, I might start not another website, but another podcast, again, very short. If you've noticed all these times when I'm adding new podcasts, they're short because I don't have time to do this stuff, but it would all be just strategies on how to grow your pie.

Like the super low hanging fruit stuff. And most of it's been on the school of podcasting already, but it would be like, you know what, how to do an intro. How to the importance of titles and blah, blah, blah. And I started thinking about this and as I'm brainstorming going there's 20 episodes and I'm like, I could do these and record them in probably two days and be done for the year and how I would organize that.

My thing for organization, I love Evernote because it's everywhere. It's on my phone, it's on my computer, it's on my iPad, it's in the cloud, but I think it comes back to knowing a. Who your audience is, what do they want? Because history can be like really interesting. And then really not depending on, what you're listening for and things like that.

I know I am half doing a podcast about Akron, Ohio that might come back in 2021, but I started doing research on that. And it's one of those it depends on what your audience wants, if it's for entertaining and education. Yeah, but on the other hand, it's did you know that and that main street used to go there, but they build a bridge and now you have literally two blocks of main street that are just broken off from everything.

And it's hard to get there and Mike kept, but what does that do for your audience? Who cares kind of thing. So

Jim Collison:[00:47:57] we have a Facebook group called forgotten Omaha here in town. And, you think, okay, Omaha, how big, we're under a million in the Metro just under maybe if you count the dogs and cats, it's about a million and you would think, man, if I created an Omaha specific, how big is Akron?

How many what's the population?

Dave Jackson:[00:48:15] I should know that. 10. He has to go here. I will look that up.

Jim Collison:[00:48:21] You think a small Omaha is a small town, right? And you think a

Dave Jackson:[00:48:26] hundred, three 99,000.

Jim Collison:[00:48:28] Okay, so 200 just short quarter of a million. So you can, wow. Okay. A limited audience when limited history, this forgotten Omaha group has I don't know.

I think 80 or 90,000 now, I couldn't imagine trying to moderate a Facebook group that big, but you'd think if you're making a podcast that had a niche. That tight, but could pitch it to the same group that's in this. This is one of those things, you always say, go on Facebook, go find your audience.

This would be a perfect place to go find your audience, if you're going to do Omaha history. And I can get all of them, but they're that,  there's that capability of going out and finding them and doing those. I think there's some people that who would kill to have, a 10th of that number on their podcasts to be able to do it.

Dave, I don't know if there's a Facebook group around Akron

Dave Jackson:[00:49:21] or is it a ton and actually what I thought of doing. Because in reality, you have to know your why is Dave doing a show about Akron? It's because in the middle it says, Hey, if you want to start your own podcast, did you know you have a podcast consultant right here in Akron?

So it's me trying to get the word out that, Hey, I'm right here, Akron people, if you want to start a podcast. So that's part of it, but I've actually looked at, there are a lot of Facebook groups and local, like hyper, like local what would it cost? I was going to call it an easy, like a newsletters, things like that.

And I'm actually tempted to go to those people and go, Hey, why don't we partner? You guys have content, but you're doing it in written format. Why don't I. Take like you guys pick a story a month. I will spotlight on my podcast and promote your thing. You promote my podcast. And my podcast promotes me because half the thing I hate about it is gathering.

I don't really care about it. I love my hometown, but there's parts of it that,  and when I look for news, it's like, Oh, like some guy got shot. Not too far from my house. And I was like, Hey, stop that, kind of thing. And it's a lot of bad news and it's all guess who died today?

And Hey we're back to purple. And I'm like, Oh, this is, that's why I quit. It was just all really depressing news

Jim Collison:[00:50:35] covered that news you could cover the better. Yes. Need the better stuff. This we're partnering with the better business Bureau, is that right? PBB or the chamber of commerce?

Dave Jackson:[00:50:46] I thought about that to spotlight.

Cause I wanted to spotlight new companies and people that, the hyper-local companies. So that's probably what I will end up doing. It's one of those things. It's been an idea of mine for a long time that I want to play in the local space. It's just one of those things that, again, just because you know how to start a podcast, it doesn't make it any quick.

It's still, that takes a lot of time. It's the promotion. That's the part that takes up a lot of time to to get it going.

Jim Collison:[00:51:12] Yeah. Little local can be harder, but I think it also can be more engaging.

Dave Jackson:[00:51:17] Yeah, it could be. Yeah. And that's it really? Andrew Andrea. Yeah. We have a guy here in Puerto Rico, not a podcast, but he comes to TV and radio shows and talks about Puerto Rico, historic events and people and his F yep.

I just listened to Kevin cause he sent in a thing for my favorite podcast. Is it shows grow your show or grow podcast grow the show. And probably another reason why I was thinking of starting a show about podcast growth. And he was saying that he did a show about Philly, Philadelphia called Philly who, and he started he goes, he was flat, but he got on local TV and find out how do I get on local TV?

And just then looked at who are the leaders in Philadelphia and got on their email list. And, it's just a matter of okay, who are the people that have people like who already has my target audience and how can I go make friends with them?  That was another strategy of growing your audience.

And then speaking of that, I should, I haven't read all of the, and I'm about quarter of the way through Colin gray, Dr. Collin, and three of the people. Who's Matthew, is it not on the front of the book? It's not, but they're like four people that wrote this book. But Dr. Colin gray over the podcast, host podcast growth.

Some of this is low-hanging fruit. And again, I think a lot of times that's what people are missing, where they put the name of that. This is not, you will see today that when this is done while this podcast is not going to be asked the podcast, coach episode number 325, because that does not make anybody want to click on that.

That's some interesting, some good advice in there, but some of it's low hanging fruit, but some good insights. So

Jim Collison:[00:52:54] Dave, we think about wrapping for the live show post show. So if you want to join us for post show, asked the podcast, If you want to jump in here what do you get a quick summary for you?

Or did you think about let's be positive 20, 21 positive for podcasting. Looking ahead.  What kind of positives are you seeing out

Dave Jackson:[00:53:14] there? I think the positives I'm seeing that the people, because they were bored, started a podcast and were convinced that nobody would listen to them. And they're finding that while, of course, we always want a bigger audience that wow.

People are actually listening to this and it is growing. I think that and the numbers are going up. If you watch Edison research. Every time they come out, it's like more people are listening. I don't know. What do you think?

Jim Collison:[00:53:39] Yeah, I think there's going to be a bounce back as people go back to work, I think we're eventually 20, 21 is the year we go back to the office.

Not everybody will. I think while people were home they figured out how to listen to podcasts a little bit more something playing in the background, so to speak. And I think there could be a heat. There could be huge growth for listener numbers. I would definitely lean into advertising. My own podcast for the, as we think about 2021 now is the time to start advertising for it, if you're going to pay for it or you're going to do it.

Dave Jackson:[00:54:09] Yeah. I I think it's going to be an interesting year. I really do, because. I just see everybody getting into it, more companies and more,  the, if you think, Oh, I'll make a lot of money as a podcast consultant, I'm here to tell you that space is getting crowded a lot. And it's not as easy as you think it is.

Trust me on that. So I think that's going to be interesting to see. I heard I heard a show today that kept saying, please rate and review us because it helps us get found. And I was screaming as I was in the shower.

Jim Collison:[00:54:37] No, it creates engagement a little bit.

Dave Jackson:[00:54:38] Yeah. It's

Jim Collison:[00:54:40] the ego anyways.

Dave Jackson:[00:54:41] That's it. So awesome, but thank you to the chat room.