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Dec. 18, 2021

Are Podcasters Setting Themselves Up to Be Sued?

A recent about SiriusXM being sued by  National Association for the Deaf (NAD) and the Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) for failing to provide captioning and transcripts for “the vast majority” of its podcasts.  SPONSOR: Podcast...

A recent article in The Verge about SiriusXM being sued by  National Association for the Deaf (NAD) and the Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) for failing to provide captioning and transcripts for “the vast majority” of its podcasts. 

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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



David Jackson  0:00  
As the podcast coach for December 18 2021, let's get ready to park. There it is. It's that music. That means it's Saturday. It's time for Ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast questions answered. Live. I'm Dave Jackson from the School of And joining me, right there is the one and only Jim Collison from the average Jim, how's it going, buddy?

Jim Collison  0:31  
Greetings, Dave Happy Saturday morning to you. I just realized I blew my opportunity to work Christmas oriented clothing. I thought reds and greens. I count lame got all this Christmas stuff up on the thing. I was like What an idiot cheese so anyways, I apologize. attire, I may have to have to look at my the emergency clothes that sit just off to the side here in case I need a jacket or whatever. And obviously if there's a Christian Yeah,

David Jackson  0:58  
mine is Christmas gray. It's

Jim Collison  1:01  
always safer. Great. I'm blue. Bold.

David Jackson  1:05  
There you go. Before we hop into the show today, we might have a power rant. That's that's been something that's that's slowly coming, and things like that. But we do need to thank some people. And we need to get Jim fueled up. And if you're one

Jim Collison  1:23  
quick that coffee pour came together on the we must be using something.

David Jackson  1:27  
Yes, we're using the road caster today. That's another thing we'll be talking about today. Why is Dave back on the road caster. But before we do that, we do need to thank Mark over at podcast If you need anything to well just look better, you got to go see Mark over podcast Whether that be I don't know a PDF, it could be a logo, it could be your whole show artwork, it could be your whole shows website. Marc is not only an award winning graphic designer, he's also a podcaster. He does the resourceful designer. And I say it all the time every time I have to upload my logo for the School of podcasting or ask the podcast coach, which is just down here in the bottom left hand corner. If you're watching the video of this, I go Yeah, that was money well spent. So if you're looking to never worry about how you look, and go over and see my buddy mark at podcast And last, of course, he is he's Canadian, which means he's going to be polite. So podcast branding co it's the place to go. kaput

Jim Collison  2:35  
Jean no hard to do. It's really hard.

David Jackson  2:46  
And yeah, the last week, I explained how I did I explained last week that I had a call with Tascam. Yes, I did. And I was very happy that they were going to send me a new unit for the mix cast for. And it part of this is my fault, because they never said we're sending it out right away. They just made me feel warm and fuzzy. And they I perceived that this was a high priority. I'll put that on me. I never said so like, when are you guys gonna ship that out? I never asked. I just felt like they they were like, Oh, we're so sorry. And make a long story short. Like, what's today, Saturday, Thursday night sitting or watching bad holiday movies. And the he came back where it locked up. And I was like, you know, I just did a webinar for Lipson. I don't trust this thing anymore. And I haven't heard a peep from the folks that, you know, it's been almost a week. And I was like, huh, and the other thing I thought about I was like, Okay, what if they send me a new one, assuming they are they're not gonna lie. But assuming what and that one's bad. I was like, I spent 600 bucks on that thing. And so I was like, huh, so I reached out to the Sweetwater people and he said, Hey, here's what's going on. I said, I know I bought this on a 90 day same as cash. What's the warranty? How does this work? And he they're sending me a new one. Basically, I'm now working with Sweetwater not that I don't trust task cam. I just wanted to guard the money I put into this and Sweetwater basically said we will ship you one out right today. And so, you know when it comes to I'm trying to tie this into based on a true story podcast when it comes to the truth. Sweetwater not the Tascam was lying Sweetwater not only said, Hey, we understand this as a problem. The one guy he said Oh, I see here you're from the school of podcasting and I go Yeah, and I don't know if that had any weight, but I called them at one o'clock ish. And by five o'clock I got the notification your item has been shipped. And I was like, Well, you know, their their truth is we have great customer service. If I were to base that on a true story, I would say, yes, the true story is they do have great customer service and your business,

Jim Collison  5:07  
right? I mean, from from that standpoint, based on its history, it will get this. Really big thanks to Dan, over based on the true story And if you're interested, if you need a couple hours, to to something, entertain you, Dan goes through the movies, in TV shows that are based on a true story. And they talk about it with experts. Dan, thanks for your sponsorship of a podcast coach, you know, Sweetwaters business is to sell things. And in sometimes, you know, we think what's going on, you reached out to the engineers in the support team at Tascam. I'm not letting off the hook on this. I'm not letting them off the hook. But you know, shipping isn't their primary. They like they don't they don't right, always think that way? Well, right.

David Jackson  5:52  
I thought of a couple of things I said we should before I like, you know, I'm not. I'm not upset with Tascam. I was just getting a little worried. But I thought if I was like number one, I'm dealing with the marketing people. Right. And they don't live in the warehouse. They don't I don't know, what's the you know? Yeah, it's also the holiday season, right? So even if they shipped it, who knows when it's going to get here. And number three, we are at that time of year where like, there's a lot of people that used to be in the office are not in the office anymore. Case in point, if you thought you were going to get a podcast launched in 20, in January, maybe now at the end of January. But apples gone, they've never, I never really got an official Apple email that says, hey, we're out of the office from blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But unless they change something every year, pretty much from this point forward, they're out. So if you submit a new podcast to be added to the podcast directory, we'll have to keep an eye on this. But normally, that wouldn't be added. They don't add, you know, the whole, you know, Apple staff basically leaves for the end of the year,

Jim Collison  6:58  
we have a new one to add. I'm just gonna wait till after the first year to get all that setup. What I what I imagined happening a task cam is someone sent a note over to the shipping department and then they didn't have any available. Like that could be right. I mean, they just they just to try to sell as many of those things as they can. They didn't have one in hand to get one from the warehouse they had to do. Somebody started that process and it just didn't eat either got forgotten or dropped or it just got delayed. So that that's really I mean, in working with the manufacturer, sometimes you would think they just have a bunch of them laying around. They don't know not in the unit not in those places not to ship out to you. Yeah, they they usually got to go through somebody so Sweetwater on the other hand, they have all I mean, that's their business. Yes. Right. And so I'm sure they've got a warehouse full of them. And the guy puts a few things in and all the robots go out and say box and and ship it to you. So Sweetwaters Sweetwater is cool that way. Like I just say they do they really do. They take so much time. Every time I buy something, I get this email from Steve, who's like, Hey, I'm your guy. And if you have any. Yeah, I bought a $99 thing. Steve, you just any margin you have you made on that thing you just blew by contacting me. But like, it's important to them that they get that? You know, they get that personal service.

David Jackson  8:24  
Yeah. And then they, once you buy something from them, of course, you can always opt out of this, but they send you an actual physical catalog, which takes me back to the days of like, the Sears or Penney's catalog must

Jim Collison  8:35  
work. It must work. Yeah, they still do it. Well, what it does

David Jackson  8:39  
is it makes me go through the catalog and then I go online and buy it. It's not like I'm ripping out the last page and filling out the order form. I just read stuff and go ooh, look that microphones black. And you know, then you have to go buy it so So

Jim Collison  8:54  
you're back on the road caster today back on the road caster, what does it feel? How does it how do you feel?

David Jackson  8:59  
Here's the thing that i i noticing were when I switched to the Tascam I was like, Oh, I don't have the countdown timer. When I hit music and things like that. i The screen is smaller, I will give them that the Tascam has a bigger screen. But for the most part, I set my levels. And that's it. I don't really, you know, they have a little Marker button there on the screen if I want to. But I don't find myself going. Oh, I missed this from the Tascam where when I was on the Tascam I was going oh, I can't switch banks and play other sounds. I don't have the countdown timer. You know, so again, wasn't a huge deal, but it was when I those are the things that I told them about it when they said hey, you know what, how can we make this better? I said, Well number one can I have an actual VU meter with numbers on it? You know, things like that. So that in just it's that whole I've used this I'm still little rusty because I haven't used it in two weeks. But it was like oh yeah, I remember this is you know, this is the strike button now and this I think is Jim nerds out. And so you just that comfort level ah you know, and I don't gain any space on my desk they're both identical in terms of that so and sound wise it's weird I sound I mean you're still using the SM seven B and I but yet I sound a little more crisper I think on the road guy, but you sound great.

Jim Collison  10:33  
This is a great combo. Yeah, so these two are a great combo.

David Jackson  10:37  
I'm not missing it. I'll put it that way. I don't hate it. But I again it's kind of like saying which one would you want? Demi Lovato or do you want Christina Aguilera? It's like two great singers that are both about five two. So it's like riding a bike Exactly. I think they both are a Christina Aguilera just did a thing where it's funny how headlines. You know what I'm gonna get? I'm just gonna dig myself a hole. Oh, boy. Here we go. No, it was just because Does anybody remember the This is so not podcasting. The Christina Aguilera dirty look, remember when she had that song called Dirty. And she had like these chaps with her her underwear hanging out the back and her hair was a well she redid that because it's like 30 years later. And everybody's like, she rocked the look. And I'm like, Well, no, not not really cuz back back then she had a it was all stomach. It was nothing but stomach and then these chaps and and you know, she's had a kid and she's older. And so her front her stomach was careful. Yeah. You couldn't you couldn't see her abs. I'll just go that route. Oh, you know, but on the other hand, he

Jim Collison  11:46  
might have either. Yeah, yeah, that's true.

David Jackson  11:48  
Yeah, I haven't seen my abs in forever. So yeah, so i i but for the record, I still think she's awesome. Looking. Anyway, Steven says, Hey, what about the road caster? You don't have a fat head. You don't have like a cloud lifter? And I've always said I, I get those. Yes, they boost your volume and they give but I you know, I'm good. I'm, uh, you know, now I did have to turn up my gain a little from the Eevee or 320. But, you know, it's it's, you know,

Jim Collison  12:18  
I don't hear it sounds really good.

David Jackson  12:20  
Yeah, I don't hear it. So I'll go Myra says, What are abs? Yeah, yeah.

Jim Collison  12:27  
I just have one big app. It's more like a barrel. Yeah, that's it. Resembling resembles the barrel that came that my beer that I drank and came out of? So

David Jackson  12:37  
yeah, uh, let's see. Well, some news. I don't know if you read this. Let me throw this in the chat room. Everybody's getting a little nervous about this. And when I looked at the story, I said, Yeah, but they're going after people that have money. And that is he said, hitting the Marker button, Sirius XM. And I forget who else is getting sued by some sort of people by death users is what the title says. And this is they're saying, and this is where it's gonna we're gonna have to figure out is Podcasting A broadcast or not? Because Todd and Rob, were talking about this with Adam curry. Boy, you want to hear a guy that doesn't pull punches. Listen to Adam curry. On the no agenda show. I do miss the bleep button. There we go. I missed the bleep button. Because at one point, Adam called both Robin Todd. He caught Yes. He called them cats. We'll just leave it that. He goes, you guys. You guys know me. You guys don't have any courage. You're just a bunch of cats. And and I was like, Did Adam curry just go on? Like, yeah, he did. Saying how they need to implement the podcasting. 2.0 stuff. But yes. He's got his thing. His thing? Yeah.

Jim Collison  13:52  
Yeah, his thing there that way cuz they didn't implement his thing.

David Jackson  13:55  
rayssac. Yeah. Right. So it's, according to The Verge, Sirius XM is facing a lawsuit from the National Association of the Deaf, and the Disability Rights Advocates because they don't provide transcripts. And I was thinking about this a little bit because I thought, I'm the school of podcasting. I don't supply transcripts, because I write a really long blog post. So technically, they could flag me and say, you don't have a transcript? And I'm like, Yeah, but everything I mentioned is in the show notes. Like I write a really extensive thing on my website. So I thought that was I'll be interested to see how this goes. Because the the different acts that have gone out to make sure that there's, you know, what's the the CC thing the comments that come up close caption, closed captioning, all that was based on broadcast, like your broadcasts have to be closed captioning. And so I'm like, okay, but that's a broadcast that's over in theory, the free airwaves, which are still around but I'm like a podcast is not over the free airwaves. It's over the The internet that you have to pay for. And then you have to, you know, it's not something that that's going to be I think the the sticky part, because that was intended for the free airwaves, which we all kind of chuckle at like, are there people still with rabbit ears? And the answer is yes, they're still my sister is one of them.

Jim Collison  15:18  
I'm one of them.

David Jackson  15:19  
I still I get over the air HD. Yeah. So okay, well, so that I could see needing to be closed caption for lack of a better phrase. And closed captioning for a podcast is a transcript. But we're not over the air. So that ability though,

Jim Collison  15:35  
its accessibility, right, don't think about it in terms of medium think about in terms of accessibility. So you're creating a an audio podcast, and the only way to listen to it, is to listen to it. You now the deaf community can't doesn't have any access to that information, which you made. Now, Dave, I like your, like your blog post, a complete blog post that kind of fills you in on that may actually may be easier to read and better than the transcript. But it does deny accessibility. And I think we're gonna get to a point, you know, today you've got accessibility on YouTube, when we post this to YouTube, they're going to do automatic transcripts. And those continue to get better and better and better as we go. We at Gallup, we now we do transcripts for everything. And so I have editors that go through every podcast that we do and do transcripts. And then we fix YouTube's transcripts. Because why not? Why wouldn't you? It takes 30 seconds to drop that out of Otter, what do we use our own tool? And, and drop that into YouTube? Why wouldn't you? I think I changed. I used to provide transcripts, nobody looked at it. I I took them down and then said transcripts available upon request. Yeah, I may have to go back. I mean, yeah, it's just one of those kinds of things. It is an accessibility issue.

David Jackson  16:54  
Yeah, I know I did for a while I did a test on Libsyn, where I uploaded my transcript as a PDF as a file for download only. That just means it's not in the feed, it doesn't automatically go to all the different apps, but I put a link to it in the show notes like, hey, if you'd like a transcript of that, click here and download the PDF. Because that way I could track how many people were actually using it. And the answer was, nobody was using the transcript. So it's one of those things that I get it. But I'll chicken

Jim Collison  17:25  
or the egg? Yeah. Like it because you don't provide them does that. I mean, you just not gonna have anybody ever listen?

David Jackson  17:32  
Yeah, Craig says I charge for transcripts. So what does that make me? Right? And then he also says, Does this mean the sight impaired are going to sue bloggers for not providing audio? That's the

Jim Collison  17:44  
screen readers. Oh, for them? So. So no, that's a different. That's different.

David Jackson  17:50  
Yeah, it's gonna be gonna be interesting to to see,

Jim Collison  17:56  
you could probably in that same vein, if you had if your player had an automatic transcription engine built into it, in other words, when you're, if you went to your site, and there was an audio player and was playing audio only when you clicked play, if it showed a transcript, that would for the for the hearing impaired, that may be something that would would would work there. I think we got to get we have to treat this very seriously and say, What are we doing and kind of think not the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law? Like what are we? What are we doing to help those who are hearing impaired or deaf be able to hear or be able to hear or read what we're saying, and and mystic Mack said, I'm hearing impaired person and I'm sorry. And, and I have to use a headphone amp to hear you. You know, gotta gotta crank it up. Right to get it done. So meeting I just, yeah, yeah, it's true. We use it as well. I think we're gonna have to get to a spot where we're, I think we moved away from it. And we we all did it for a while, and then we found out okay, putting the transcripts in your blog posts aren't necessarily best for the search algorithm. So then we all started taking them out quietly. Everybody just started kind of dropping them. Well, there's enough. There's enough individuals who are hearing impaired or deaf able to that are now moving into the space. We probably have to reconsider those. Those thoughts. Yeah,

David Jackson  19:25  
it's gonna be interesting to to see. Daniel says the challenging things that screen reading takes almost no processing power, and returns no errors. But automated transcripts are resource intensive and subjected to many errors. That is true.

Jim Collison  19:40  
Yeah, it's getting better. But it's That's right. I mean, it's it's it's easier to do one than the other, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be doing it. Maybe a good that may be a good survey question for your audience is you're thinking about a survey is talking about accessibility? Yes, you may have more you may have Have more exceptions than you think.

David Jackson  20:02  
Yeah. Stephen says didn't Amazon start some sort of site? Yes for and what's so dumb about that, and this is one of the things that Adam was talking about. In the new podcasting 2.0 spec, there's a tag for transcripts. So if you had one, let's say you had a PDF, you could put a link to it. And if apps would adopt, this would be a button to send transcript. And the thing that's stupid that Spotify and Amazon are both doing, they keep creating things that Adam has already done in podcasting, like, hey, you need a transcript option. It's, it's right here, just use this thing we just built for you. And instead, again, Amazon, and especially Spotify, is there. They're making their own wall. So what happens then is the question that nobody's asking is oh, so Amazon's gonna start providing transcripts, question mark, for everyone, or just their shows, because they own wondery and a couple other things like that. So it'd be interesting to see. Mark says the sad truth is becoming a prominent thing. Because of ambulance chasing lawyers. Yeah. Not because people want to do the right thing is no different than patent troll lawyers. I do remember that that finally eventually went away where they were, the one guy was trying to claim he had a patent on podcasting for beers.

Jim Collison  21:26  
Can I can I share a story now I forgot now that I am you That's right. That's all rights I it does it feel the power? I didn't mean to just jump in there was good. The these are the transcripts are we provide a Gallup free to the podcasts that we do and do a little bit differently. So you know, we do a title. And I've got three bullet points of kind of what people would expect to find in there. My editor writes a paragraph that's kind of a promotional paragraph, hey, here's, here's again, here's what you can expect all up front, so that they can get a quick synopsis of what they're getting into. We present then provide the link or in this case, the actual YouTube video that has fixed English transcripts in it, an audio player through Spreaker. That's who we use as our provider, then this is one of the the you know, I have my editor go through and pull out three pull quotes that we can quickly. Again, I'm trying to get all of this stuff up front, not bury him in the transcripts, but get them all up front. So folks know if they want to pull quotes from this, they can. And then instead of doing like, instead of doing a table of contents, we just take some I think this is h3 text, and we just start putting some break, you know, some breaks in the transcripts. So it's not just one long stream, giant wall of text. Yeah. And so you kind of go through, it's got the names and the timestamp. And then you can kind of see it breaks it up, you do a little bit this to Dave, it breaks it up into sections then. So how did vibrant do an investing in this and you can scroll through chat, check out the value investing in your leaders, and actually have my editor stack those, those titles more up front than in the back, because you know, an hour of conversation. Somebody getting all the way to the end are pretty slim. So we kind of book those in there. But it kind of helps break up the you know, kind of kind of helps break that the wall of text up so that it's just not such a long, you know, big thing. But I'm always surprised we get I get folks from time to time we thank me for having the transcripts, there are education teams expected to be there. That's their, their you know, they are they would be shocked if we didn't have transcripts. So it's been important, it does take it's very, very resource intensive, very resource intensive. So you know, I have an editor and it takes a couple hours for them to plow through these even even for Mater

David Jackson  23:57  
right in the fun part is where do you put them? Because if you've already got kind of a blog post for your episode, right, you know, this is so right now I'm sharing my screen I'm showing ask the podcast coach and there you'll see what the show notes. And then why jump to the end there. But also there's a button for transcripts, which they put the transcript luckily at the very end, so that way, anything I want people to see, which is still pretty long. They have the transcript at the bottom and it used to be these were unlike NS unzips. They would show the whole transcript and this is not a great transcript. By the way. This is just something I popped in from otter. And you can see it's one giant wall of text I yeah, I kind of break it up a little but not really. And broken up by speaker. Yeah. Right. And so because if this was in this kind of format words unzip then this page becomes you can see a mile and a half long so I like the fact that I know originally. I think it was just unzipped. I think it was further up the page to where you had to scroll. passed the transcript. Now the transcript is at the bottom for those that need it. And I'm like, okay, I can that That, to me seems like a better solution. But it is going to be one of those things where, you know, we'll have to watch and see. And, you know, and the other thing you'll notice is the people that are suing are people with money. Oh, yeah, it's Spotify. It's this. It's the New York Times, you know, everybody, so users aren't

Jim Collison  25:25  
lawyers aren't dumb. Yeah. So they know, they know how to go after the money. Stephen says easy and cheap. The way to get one upload the audio is an unlisted video on YouTube, wait a day, it's gonna transcribe it, then you can go in and download the SRT? Yes, you can. But YouTube's transcriptions are terrible. Like, I think they're the worst of all, you know, you're better off using an Amazon service or, or otter or something like that. YouTube, the corrections we have to make on YouTube. Now. In some cases, YouTube gets it better than honored us. Listen, this is what my editor tells me all the time. He goes, there are times when otter gets it wrong. And I have to go to YouTube to to get it right. So yeah, if you don't want to pay for one of the services, or whatever that is it that is a way to do it on YouTube for free.

David Jackson  26:15  
Yeah, the they're asking about podcasting. 2.0 if you here's the thing that kind of is weird. Podcasting. 2.0 the actual podcast does not have a website, they have podcasts index, I'm trying to find it here behind the which is where that's where the the new index, that they kind of created to be a backup and a replacement for Apple, but if you go here, there's nothing about their podcast, which I guess cuz podcasting. 2.0 is three things. It's it's podcast So it's the the backup slash replacement for for Apple. So if you get d platformed. Or if you're worried about that, they're they're much about not D platforming anyone, then you have the new specs for the RSS feed. And that's what they talk about a lot on podcasting 2.0 of the podcast. And then you have this whole other part of it that is streaming Satoshis to your podcast. So there's actually one people say, podcasting 2.0 They have a little bit of a branding issue. And it's kind of weird, because if I wanted to send you, I'm probably going to go to listen notes and find the show there and send you a link because there's no like, hey, go listen to the Adam, Dave show at podcasting, 2.0 or whatever, or something like that. You think there'd be a link up here at the top for listen to the podcast. But in a way, that podcast only partially talks about podcasts So I understand why it's not, but have fun trying to find a link to that show. So when they talk about there's all sorts of like, I know, if I wanted to get into the docs, I mean, if we want to really get our Geek on, this is all the you know, the different fields and things are adding and stuff like that. But it's hyper, hyper geeky and way over my head. So yeah, and the pod thing. Yeah, they have pod ping, which is another thing that it's what it does pod ping. If we go, oh, anybody I know it's pod ping. It's a system that they've set up to where now when you release a new episode, you have to wait for Apple to come around and kind of scrape everybody and update and things like that. This somehow and I don't fully understand. I just know it's much quicker, basically, when you release a new episode, instead of waiting for these apps to come around and scrape and see Has anything changed. Pod paying just goes to those apps and say, Hey, we have a change for you. Here's a new episode. And somehow it speeds everything up. And I'm not quite sure. Besides the fact that it's built on I think the last time I I'm way behind on that podcast, and we're getting super geeky. But it's built on hive. Last I heard which is some sort of blockchain thing and maybe companies are a little nervous about that. I don't know. But pod ping Dot Watch. There we go. And

Jim Collison  29:28  
I knew it was something like solving problems that don't exist. That's

David Jackson  29:32  
yeah, so if I share my screen here, I will explain what we're looking at.

Jim Collison  29:37  
Every day. I shake my fist at YouTube because I know there's videos out there they're holding back from me that I can't see just the I, I get it. I get it that we want we as podcasters we want to release our podcasts and have them available instantly. Yeah, but seriously, like, kit. Can you just wait an hour I mean, in most cases, it's there and available. It's going to be fight again. It's just kind of like yeah, you know?

David Jackson  30:08  
Yeah. So you were watching it switch here. It's it's almost as fun as you know watching. I don't know golf. It's it's Yeah, but yes, so

Jim Collison  30:20  
bowling. Yeah, ball.

David Jackson  30:22  
Oh man remember Bowling for dollars. That was an actual thing on the local bowl

Jim Collison  30:28  
that afternoon I'd roll the sports or something and you'd be like, really? I don't know.

David Jackson  30:34  
Earl Anthony. I if I remember right was a famous bowler I remember that name. For some reason. When somebody asked about I'm trying to find a buy in the scenes here about teleprompter software. I know I have it a podcasting Daniel says

Jim Collison  30:49  
he likes the prompt smart Pro. There you go. It uses the microphone to automatically advance the script as I read it. But it's been a few years since I use it. So other apps might do similar things now.

David Jackson  31:00  
Yeah, cuz I can't find it. It's I know, I talked about one somewhere. But if Daniel says it's good, you know, it's good. And so the only thing with a teleprompter a wanting to keep you focused, I think if I used one because I have I bought a kit that you basically put your camera kind of behind and it has this you end up looking through a mirror at your camera, and then the words you know, it's a teleprompter, and they they make kits for this that you can buy on Amazon. Some of them are really expensive, and some of them are not. Mine was not and I just never use it because I I don't know I just like looking into a camera. And I guess I can quit sharing my screen Dave years later. Out there. Thank you. Um, I just like looking into a camera and talking like you're sitting across the table as opposed to I would be worried that if I was reading a teleprompter, it would sound like I was reading a teleprompter he said kind of thing. You'd have to really work on your if you I watched a yet a really bad Christmas movie last night. And it was about two anchors. Here's the thing. This is going to be this week on the school of podcasting. Within three minutes. I knew exactly how the show was going to end because it was Alison moody, who used to be on The Biggest Loser and she's a soap opera actress, and some big honkin guy that was just or you know, what if I just he was a good looking man is what I'm saying. And they hated each other. They were two anchors, and you could just what? You don't like Christmas? You How do you not? How dare you not like and I was like, Well, we know how this this movie's gonna end. And I say that because there was a lot of teleprompter during where the producer would make them say things that they weren't normally gonna say, Oh, yeah. And high jinks ensued. And but the point of that to say their teleprompter was very, they wrote the teleprompter the way you would talk. So if you take your, your blog post and put it into a teleprompter, that may not work great because we don't write like we talk. We don't talk like we write so.

Jim Collison  33:01  
Yeah. I like I just like a page of notes. i The people, you know that. This is this is a very passionate topic. Because some people think no, you got to look right at the camera. I'm not going to be engaged with you. Some people are like, I don't really care what you're looking at, you know, it doesn't you can't you know what, listen, when I'm talking to people, they're not just staring into my eyes all the time. They're looking all over the place or checking their phone or whatever. So it kind of it but it's a debate some there are those who are just like, No, no, you gotta stare right. This camera. Yeah, yeah. And otherwise, you're not engaging people. And, and so it's just like, I didn't for the longest time on the golf podcast. I didn't do that. I didn't do it very well. And that didn't necessarily change. There. were some folks who were like, could you just look at the camera? And I'm like, No, actually, I can't have any good that. Well,

David Jackson  33:55  
if you look at 95% of the time on Ask the podcast coach, I'm looking over here. Why? Because that's where you are gym, right? And I'm talking and I should be talking to you, the audience. So

Jim Collison  34:05  
I move you right underneath my camera. So it's when I'm looking at you. I'm looking at least close, right? Yeah.

David Jackson  34:12  
Well, we're gonna answer Randy's question in just a second. But before we do that, I wanted to say

Jim Collison  34:18  
yes, can you do that before we can

David Jackson  34:20  
do that we

Jim Collison  34:23  
run out i Oh, that's that's that you know, it never runs out though. The support from our office is true.

David Jackson  34:29  
And so first of all, see I didn't load it back up. I don't think I have it. Now. It's on the Tascam I had the dog podcast. Bum Bum Bum bum. Ruff, ruff. There we go. So I'll recreate it live. But yeah, James over at the dog Podcast Network. If you have a pooch if you have a hound if you need to take that little person or or I almost said the B word just to be funny and I'm not even going to go there. The Checkout dog podcast network they in fact right now, I think it's still going on. If not, it's going to be closing soon. They're giving away a ton of stuff like the top gifts for your dog. They they're doing a giveaway and there's some really cool stuff that they're giving away. So if you have a dog and you like podcasts and obviously you're listening to this one, so you do go over to dog podcast Then we always think our $20 supporters, people like Glenn Dickey keyword over at Horse radio Glenn got smart he, I think he has some sort of concert going on this year and he always does that big superduper blowout thing, and he gives away a gazillion he's still kind of giving away gazillions of stuff but he you find an easier way to do it. Shane over toward printer if you operate a tour business or plan on starting one, well check out Tor Felix over at the Latin Podcast Awards, which is dedicated to enhancing the visibility of Latinx podcasts around the world since 2017. Felix speaking of bad Hallmark movies, you need to go to the Hallmark channel and watch the Sugar Plum twist it is a really bad Hallmark movie with kind of a salsa. So it's they take things like the any kind of you know, bad Christmas music and they add in that what's you know, and people salsa to it, it was it was really really awful. You should watch it. Find Felix over Latin Podcast Awards calm. Max Trescott up in the air at Aviation news. So if you're a pilot, you want to keep up with what's going on in aviation. Check him out aviation news Go over and check out my buddy Kayden at KJ st media. That's an LGBTQ plus founded company focused on helping all levels of podcasters to grow their podcast regardless of what you're looking for. Kaden is there to help you at KJ St. Michael Delaney over baby mountain radio productions where podcasting and hard work are made fun. Check him out at baby mt Greg over debt Shepherd where he is teaching financial wellness and debt For remember, I always want to say Gregor Craig, but anyway, whoever it is over there, indie dropping calm is a place if you've got a true crime or a comedy or scary story, you can go over and actually give them a couple episodes because they've got an audience that likes that kind of stuff. So it's a way to grow your audience at Indie drop And of course, if you're looking to start a podcast, when you think podcasting, think school of podcasting, and use the coupon code listener when you sign up, and you can see all of our awesome supporters, not just our $20 ones or $10 and everybody else over to ask the podcast coach comm slash awesome. So if you're looking for something to listen to check that out. And for more fun ways to support myself in gym, go to ask the podcast coach comm slash store, you can donate, you can buy my book, all sorts of fun stuff, ask the podcast coach comm slash store. And Randy had asked a question that I was like I can actually chime in on that is, do you guys have any insights on how 60 Plus folks consume podcasts. And until about two months ago, I'd be confused on this. But

David Jackson  38:16  
I am part of now the which is a premium service, kind of like Patreon only easier for Lipson and one of our clients is Michael Savage. Now Michael Savage is in the Radio Hall of Fame. He is a like super right wing kind of guy. His last episode was about how transgendered people shouldn't be in sports. So he's a guy that you're either going to love or hate. And his audience because they came from radio is not on the younger side of life. And those people want to listen to it on a website. They do not want an app. In Michaels case, they are somewhat leery of the government, because he's kind of an he's, it's Michael Savage. And so when I say oh, here, just click here and, you know, listen to it an apple, they're like, I'm not giving Apple my information. I'm like, Oh, you can click it like Google podcast is a really easy way to listen to a podcast because you can actually go there, search for the show. Click on Subscribe when you go to podcasts. I think that's what that asked Anything you subscribe to is right there. So if you're looking for kind of a cool web based solution, for podcast listening, I always send people to Google podcasts. But from what I've seen, they want it on a website. They're not because in some cases, and I'm not like you, you do you and I get it. They got a flip phone. You know, it's like depending on how old they are. They're there. I forget there's a fun name for one that's got giant buttons. I've seen the commercial

Jim Collison  39:51  
or an emergency phone. It's just in case they get in trouble. They're not really calling anybody or they're not the touch targets are too small. They're not using them as smartphones. I was looking through the infinite dial for 2019 to see if there was if there was anything and maybe I needed to I found the 2019 report maybe I need to find a 2020 or 2021 report. This I think we're Tom can help. Oh, is we think about that. We think about that category, I think the numbers are showing, I noticed is going to be sent kind of weird, but for that age group, Facebook and LinkedIn are still might, they're where they're living. So I know my mom. I mean, she that's the only social platform she's on is Facebook. So that that may be one of those those areas to to be like, if you can, if you can get it to Facebook, and they can, because they're out there. You know, my mom goes on Facebook, one time a day, nine o'clock every night. She goes nine to 945 does what she can and then she goes to bed. So you know if she was gonna listen to something she probably catch it. She probably catch it then or it on TV. As she's listening to Sean Hannity. Yeah, something like that.

David Jackson  40:58  
There we go. A brandy is saying my podcast question is on all the platforms and my website. But feedback is many listen on Spotify. Yep. Yeah. And via their Smart TV. Yeah. So if you can get to, you know, I watch a lot of YouTube now on my TV. But I'm glad you said Edison Research because I almost forgot. I'm giving away a book today. Oh, nice. Find your thread by Tamsin Webster. And so first things first. How cool is the name? Tamsin? You know how many people I know named Tamsin one. Tamsin Webster, that's so cool. And I've read the first two chapters of this. It's all about how to take your ideas, and explain them to people. Because if you think about it, there have been really great ideas, but without the right marketing, and explain to people how like, you know, when I see a description, and it's like, oh, in this podcast, we talk to interesting people about interesting stories, where the interesting podcast and I'm like, Yeah, but what's in it for me? Like, that might be a great podcast, but you're not explaining who it's for, what they're gonna benefit from, and things like that. So we're going to try that giveaway thing. Again, if you put in hashtag book, we will give away that I will ship this to you in chat. In the chat in the Google Chat, if I remember right, let me see if I do this. We'll let this percolate a little bit. And we'll do it in hashtag

Jim Collison  42:25  
book just like that. Yeah.

David Jackson  42:28  
Yeah, if I remember right, stream yard comm slash giveaway? Yes, it's in my history. I just want to make sure choose a broadcast as the podcast match the tech Yes. Hashtag be less only. Ah, how much Craig, how much does it cost to ship the book to you? In the event un? I'll do it, you know, worldwide, I will. I will ship that it's Christmas dog on it. And so I guess I have it on Kindle. I actually bought two books, one to two read one to give away. And part of it was just like, well, first of all, I went to let's let's talk about how this happened. First of all, it's Tom Webster. He always delivers great content. And so I like Tom, I know like and trust him. His wife writes a book. So already, without even saying a word. I kind of trust her because she's got that Webster name. And so then they said, Hey, we're having a webinar to talk about, you know, find your red thread. And I go to the webinar, and I listened to Tamsin Mike. Oh, wow, that's really cool. This really apply. I don't know if this was written for podcasters. But it's definitely got a podcast, like podcasters could benefit from this. And so I then got to know like and trust Tamsin, and he said, Hey, if you buy two books, you get some sort of PDF thing, whatever. And I was like, Well, who doesn't want a free PDF thing? And so I bought two books want to give away one read on my Kindle? And I said, Well, we'll do that. So we'll, we'll give that away at the end of the we'll give that away in 14 minutes. At the at the end of the show, we'll give it away. We're gonna do it live. Um, we're gonna do it live. We'll do it live in the immortal words of oh my god, what was that guy's name Bill O'Reilly So

Jim Collison  44:18  
Yikes. Yeah. So here's here's the try found that 2021 Infinite dial social media brand usage age 55 or older. In your it's Facebook, right? Facebook's one Instagram. No, probably Pinterest. A really okay. Yeah, Pinterest is a is a close second. Not even close. Is a distant second Instagram third, followed by LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, and whatever the other one is. So by the way, Tom, thanks for this work. That's really important stuff. I wish Gallup did this to be honest where we don't we don't do surveys in the in the podcasting But I appreciate this, this the work that you do. So I would say, you know, kind of based on this slide, this is again, this is the infinite dial 2021 survey, Edison Research. I would say, get it on Facebook. Like I think that would be a priority if you're for that age 55 or older.

David Jackson  45:20  
Yeah, they're they're big into social media and and Stevan saying, Yeah, but that's social media, not podcasting. No, no,

Jim Collison  45:26  
but there's a lot of things that like, if you want to reach them, you got to be on Facebook. And you can put audio on Facebook really, really easily. So if to your point, if they're just clicking and they want to listen online? And they're mostly using Facebook? That's probably the place to be

David Jackson  45:44  
Yeah. Can you link to that gym? Yeah. And I know I went to do it. If you have a Facebook page, I know Facebook, email me about this about probably three months ago, like, Hey, you can put your podcast on Facebook now just put your RSS feed. Well, two and a half months later, I was like, oh, I should probably do that. Because I keep hearing people like Tom Webster. And I hear Robert Lipson and Todd saying, Wow, this Facebook thing could be top five easy by the end of the year. And I was like, huh, and they're like, if you have an older audience, you should probably do this. And so I went into Facebook, and I know it's a Facebook page. And I have this weird thing. Because I have two versions of me on Facebook, I have one for my nieces and nephews that has my podcast page on it. Because it's the first one I had then I created a second Facebook account for all the school podcasting stuff that does not have a podcast page on it. So I have to figure out how to do it. And I can't even at this point, I logged into my family account, and tried to figure out how to access my podcast page and failed miserably because I don't use my podcast page I, I went to groups after realizing that pages are kind of weird, and you basically have to pay people to see it. And that's the other way to go. Yeah, and Felix makes a great point. Keep in mind that number one, which may not work again, for older people, is when you add your podcast to Facebook, it only shows up on the app. So if they don't have a smartphone, but if they do, because there are people I mean, my my average age at my church is 70. There are a few people that have smartphones, they're not all flipping the using the flip phone and things like that. So but yeah, it's it's something here's again, it's, whenever I forgot how to do it, I just need to go through my Gmail because they said oh, take this RSS feed and click here and do that I need to find the step by step. But it's free, you do it once. And if somebody finds it there, it was worth the four minutes it took to you know, put your Show on Facebook. So keep that in mind.

Jim Collison  48:00  
But one more, let's bring this in really quick. One more online audio brands used most often based us ages 12 Plus and currently ever used online audio brands? In so this isn't Randy exactly to your question, because this is 12 plus, so this is everybody. But you know, a good look at Spotify is number one, you know, when we think about the online audio brands use most often so I wonder, I wonder a Spotify use by

David Jackson  48:33  
that age group. I'll continue to peruse through this. But you know, to kind of think through like, Spotify has got a really good chance at this. Like they really do have a good they've got a good opportunity to unseat everybody. Oh, and they and you know, and they're trying. And they just bought Bushka Oh, which I thought was interesting because they had anchor, which was the free thing. Then they bought megaphone, which has decent dynamic ad insertion and all the other things. And then they bought wiska, which from what Brian at the podcast about monetization, whose name I can't remember, who's all about podcast monetization. He's always talking about just the insane flexibility of booshka. And they're like, Oh, we're going to add wiska to our other plant like they're going to add the technology to megaphone and I was like that that was the part that scratched my head. I was like, why would you buy booshka If you owned megaphone you it's like, okay, I own Ford, I'm going to buy Chevy, might you already have an American car that you know, it's kind of the same thing. So I'll be interested to see unless they're just going to buy everyone to where you won't have a choice but to use a Spotify option. They're just we're just going to buy the entire space and we'll see i I'll be interested to see in 2022 How many people that signed an exclusive deal. Let's say a year or two ago at Spotify, stay exclusive, I'm going to be not, we're going to have to wait probably another two years to see what happens with Joe Rogan. But I'll be interested to see, because I know a lot of those exclusive shows didn't stay exclusive. Hence the Obamas and the Bruce Springsteen and Obama, and that whole nine yards, so it'd be interesting to

Jim Collison  50:25  
they're not meant to go forever, though. Like, that's the thing, right? You know, these things go in cycles, and people get popular, and then they get unpopular, and, you know, so yeah, exclusivity doesn't I don't think that the system is set up to last forever.

David Jackson  50:39  
Well, and Felix makes a great point. He says about 76% of my of downloads of my multiple podcasts are on Spotify says they are big, and you know, Latin America, and different. I know, different countries have a huge Spotify. You know, that's where people like, Oh, they're, they're bigger than Apple. And people get upset, and I still kind of, I am definitely of the like, I get it that if they topple Apple, it's kind of a big deal, because Apple at one point was like, 90% of the market. But on the other hand, I still don't care. I'm like, just listen, wherever you want to listen, but I get it. But there are kind of

Jim Collison  51:14  
we got to pay attention. I think we got to pay attention to Spotify, for sure. Well, um,

David Jackson  51:18  
I think it was James Quinlan was talking about how, and it was Adam curry on the new media show saying we think about it, you have to jump through some hoops to get into Apple, first, you have to make an Apple ID, then you have to go in, you have to submit it for approval. And then, you know, you have to have all this specs and blah, blah, blah, and the right stuff. Nobody else is really doing that. Now in their kind of defense. People don't have to do that, because they've added all the Apple stuff. And the other apps are just using the Apple stuff, like Spotify is using the app artwork and things like that. So it'll be interesting to see. A master cauldron says about 40% of my downloads are from Spotify. I'd prefer a podcasting 2.0 app at new podcast. Yeah, the I know the school of podcasting does squat. Ask the podcast coach does squat on Spotify, for whatever reason, the podcast radio show may because it's shorter. And it's a little more fun and snarky. does pretty well on Spotify, or not Spotify, but no, Spotify? Yeah. So I

Jim Collison  52:26  
think it's our I think it's our audience. Like, I think on this these, like, I don't think podcasters themselves are using Spotify, because we've all been doing this a while. And Spotify is kind of a new thing. And we've all figured out our own geeky ways to listen to these things. You know, or we're doing it really old school because we've been in this space for a long time. So our audiences, I don't if you if we pulled our audience, I bet to Spotify usage just for music is pretty low. You know, it's just a it's just a I mean, it's such a niche. He knew podcasting, nurturers. nerdery kind of group, right, only think about that. So I bet our numbers are artificially low for spotcap or for Spotify. I said spod cast maybe that's a new thing, this podcast. So anyway, that no spod cast calm. spod cast calm.

David Jackson  53:19  
Yeah. Well, that'd be it. It's not podcasting. More. It's podcasting. Because of that Spotify. Daniel says, Don't forget that Apple also has that annoying step of confirming your account through their store. Yeah, the hurdles. You know, we're Spotify. I'm doing a video on Captivate. And Captivate took all the all the different places that are like, just click OK, and you're done. And you can go into Captivate. Now, there are other places like Stitcher, and Apple and Google, and forget a couple other ones that you have to go to their website. But all the ones that you don't, you can just go into Captivate and go yes, submit to all. And I was like, oh, that's, that's, that's something I need to let my friends at Lipson knows, like, that's kind of cool. So they make it easy. Apple, you've got to go to their website, you've got to do this and that. And maybe that's why Spotify is winning. Spotify definitely makes it easier. Because you can just go into any media host, submit to Spotify, and then go to Spotify. If you want those extra bonus stats, you can go in and easily claim your show, and then you own it. And if you don't, it was two seconds to submit it for. So that's pretty cool. Thank you, Felix. With the I'm working with Jim and I, I'm new to the whole super chat thing and the whole and I'm trying to figure out how to get money out of YouTube. Like if somebody gives you money. I went in I was reading all sorts of stuff. And then I also was was somewhat surprised on the giant chunk of percentage of money that YouTube takes I was like because last week Coldren was super generous and I went in I was like, Wait a min, he gave me this and like I get like what was so that was a rude awakening. So. But if you want to get in on the book giveaway if you happen to just join us, we're giving away the book, finder read through. And by the way, I'm not getting paid for this. This is just something I wanted to do. I was like, Hey, I like this book by by two, I get this bonus. Hey, I'll give it away on the show. And I like the whole stream yard giveaway thing. I want to play with this again, by Tamsin Webster, have links in the show notes out at Ask the podcast coach comm slash 372. It's called Find your red thread, make your big ideas irresistible. And so and it's got a blurb from DOORS clerk. Yay. Because you're like who? Yeah, exactly reinventing author or reinventing you. From Page to books. Hashtag book. Oh, chat. Yeah, hashtag book in the same way you need

Jim Collison  55:56  
to come out and join us live. Like if you're listening to this recorded, I thought

David Jackson  55:59  
about this. I'm like I should give when we did the one giveaway thing. I was like, that was fun. You know? And, yeah,

Jim Collison  56:06  
we just want to come out live though. Like I mean, it's great that you're listening to this as a recorded version at Sullivan. I mean, it's great. He's busy. So he can't, he can't show up. But we'd love to have you come out and join us live. So carve out some time not next week, because we're not around next week. That's a good point. Miss day, we're not going to be here. But but but in the future, maybe 2022 resolution. Join Dave and Jim, out here at Ask the podcast. Coach comm

David Jackson  56:35  
Yeah. We had a quick question from Ken. What is super chat? It's a band from the 80s. I think they had that song about pancakes in Memphis. No. Oh,

Jim Collison  56:45  
hey, take on me. No, I'm

David Jackson  56:47  
just making it up. A Super Chat is because they're thinking of Supertramp. A Super Chat is if you monetize your YouTube channel, which you have to have so many views and talk about hurdles. And then here we go, the master is going to tell us, Eileen Smith, of course, the Super Chat Money takes around two months to hit your bank account. If you reach the $100 threshold, which you did for sure already. So yeah. So it's a way if you monetize your YouTube channel, when you go live, I don't even know what it looks like. Apparently, there's a button somewhere that says, super chat.

Jim Collison  57:22  
Okay. So Dave, this makes sense to me now that now that Miss Eileen has jumped in. So you in YouTube, you set up a funding account, and every time for advertising or whatever, Super Chat must be tied to that. So whenever your account reaches $100, they disperse. And so your so that the answer is you just make sure your account your funding account or your that where they can send money to make sure that part set up. That's what I was looking for. Yeah. So you'll need to go in and make sure that you go into that maybe it's even an AdSense or one of those areas to go and make sure you're you have a checking account tied to that to your Google account. And then every, every month, I think they cycle through at some point in time and pay those out. So I'll I won't, you know, I won't bet the farm on or bet crypto on the money that you're gonna send me in an Amazon gift card. But But I think that's how it works. So just jump in there. And I think it's maybe in your AdSense Yeah, area? Yes. Go set that up.

David Jackson  58:25  
Yeah. And the criteria is 1000 subscribers and 4000. Watch hours. So when what for to be able to monetize your YouTube channel? Monetization is yes. And we're going to give away a book in two seconds here. Gary said I record a podcast episode was one of the School of podcasting members yesterday. It was a really wonderful discussion. And apparently I'm a good teacher. So yay, me. Yeah. Yeah. I'd love to know which one because they're all awesome. And speaking of that, Mr. Collison what is coming up on the average guide on TV.

Jim Collison  58:59  
Yeah, over there on home gadget geeks, Uncle Mark, who's in our chat room today. Join me we spent a lot of time talking about gifts for the techie. And we get some really, we get some nerdery going around some different gifts if you have a tech friend or for yourself that you might want to purchase. That'll be posted here at noon, noon central. I've been doing that premiere on YouTube. So if you follow me on YouTube, noon central that will premiere and we'll get a whole group together. And pretty cool. And then one more thing I was on pintastic audio this last week. They interviewed me I think he'd been up there as well Dave. And so that episode, if you follow me on Twitter, you can see that

David Jackson  59:36  
there we go on the school of podcasting, I've been consuming massive amounts of bad holiday movies. And even though I just did one like what can you learn from The Beatles, I was worried about doing this. There's actually some really cool things that podcasters can learn from holiday movies, especially when it comes to your format. And then I'm going to look at here are some things that I feel if you did want Tweet your podcast, things that actually might make a difference and get your show to grow. So that's coming up on the school of podcasting. And I've been working on that one for about three weeks in my head. So I'm kind of excited and somewhat nervous because I really think this could be a cool episode. And I'm looking forward to finally getting that out of my head. And here's the fun thing. I had my Christmas last weekend with my family because my brother leaves early for for Florida. And so now why everybody hunkers down to take care of Christmas. I can do whatever I want, because my Christmas is over, I get a ton done, so I'm really looking forward to it. But thanks to the chat room, thanks to Felix and Latin Podcast Awards for the Super Chat and stick around. We're gonna give away a free book in about 15 seconds. In the meantime, Just Dance

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