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March 15, 2015

Battling Hiss - Spreaker Insights

Battling Hiss - Spreaker Insights

Battling Hiss - Spreaker Insights

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Happy PIE DAY. Today Dave and Jim answer your podcasting questions on the following topics today:

4:20 Dual XLR into 1/8" Cable Review

John Morgan from Lets Talk Metal Detecting and Treasure huntingdual_cable

John has a cable that allows you to put two Microphones into the portable recorder.

When you record your voice you want to get as close to zero without going over. If you leave a lot of room between the recording level and zero it will be filled in with hiss. 

So you want to set your recording level to almost go to zero and back it off to (around) -6 to -12. 

Different microphones pick up the background noise more than dynamic microphones. 

25:11 Thoughts on Spreaker

spreaker-logo-272x125Spreaker is a great platform as they do not mess with your file. 

They do create an itunes compliant feed

They have decent stats

They have a redirect in place (so if you want to leave and go some place else you can)

You can also get on iHeartRadio through Spreaker. 

If I had any kind of gripe, there is a limit to the amount of space you can upload (granted it allows you to have around five years of space, and many people don't stay with a podcast five years). 

Their business model is different than someone like Libsyn and Blubrry (as you can broadcast live at Spreaker and you can't from and Blubrry). 

There is a free program if you want to check it out at

53:00 Quit Apologizing 

Quit talking about how busy you are, and quit apologizing for missing a show.

Dave has been using for School of Podcasting "Office Hours"

56:00 What is Compression

It makes the loud stuff softer, and the soft stuff louder. 

Check out for a free online compressor and audio cleanup tool


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