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Jan. 31, 2015

Crowd Funding & Stats

Crowd Funding & Stats

Crowd Funding & Stats

Today Dave and Jim talk about:

Getting into iHeart Radio (2:00)

From Justin Harvey: Is there a way to speed up the iHeart radio submission process? (not really)

Stitcher Update 8:30

Jim submitted his shows one at a time to get the updates to the name changes.

Jim found them supportive when he used their email, and their support portal. Tweeting them didn't seem to help

Spreaker Stats 12:00-ish

Spreaker stats have updated to combine all downloads (so you can't see iheart radio stats) 16:46 says sponsors are starting soon and right now they have an ad in rotation (we play it).

You don't get to pick the advertiser. Their service is free, and their stats are so-so. They whack your file name. It's free.

Reverand Kenn Blanchard is using crowd funding to kick off his new Blanchard Outdoors show 21:09

Kenn is using indigogo to crowd fund his new show

You need an engaged crowd to succeed at a crowd funding plan.

School of Podcasting Give Away 31:00

Henry Jasper wins a free year at the School of Podcasting. CONGRATS and thanks to everyone who filled in the School of podcasting listener survey. 

Casturbation 38:17

Dave published an article on Casturbation

Are you talking with a purpose? Are your actions going to add value to your audience?

Twitter Bombing 43:45

Bryan Orr has an article where he talks about a twitter bombing experiment. Dave interviews Bryan on the School of Podcasting.


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