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Oct. 8, 2015

Dealing With SO-SO Reviews

Dealing With SO-SO Reviews

Dealing With SO-SO Reviews

What's New?

Jim made a page for his new app, and you get notified when it goes live.

Dave didn't get interviewed on the local new 

Podcast Listening Tips

Troy from the Blacklist exposed shares a tip on using Overcast (this also works with the Podcasts app from Apple)

 Audacity Does not Work with Windows 10

9:08 - Update: Kim rebooted her machine and it seemed to fix the issue

Don't update to Windows 10 on a production box.

Where is Your Podcast?

15:00 Dave can't find Jim's new podcast (no official website for it yet).

Auphonic Audio on Mp3?

18:00 Auphonic uses the lame encoder on MP3's, this I don't use it for mp3's. I use it to make great sounding WAV files and then I use iTunes or Audition to create your mp3's.

"Meh" Reviews

20:13 What do you when you get a review from someone who isn't your target audience and they leave a review that is not so great ?

Make it Easy To Contact You

28:19 Jim and Dave talk about making it easy to contact you.

Buffer / Twitter Tips and Automation

33:56 Dave talks about a way you can find the best time to tweet using a tool at Check out the post with screenshots.

You can pull RSS feeds into to bring them into channels. So you can use slack as an RSS reader. 

Dave is Having Issues With Patreon

39:22 Dave can't see his own posts. (Update, I finally am getting some help on this). You can become an awesome supporter at

How is the Front Page of Blab Sorted?

42:47 : we speculate on how the front page is lined up.

Patreon Support Has Helped Corey

44:30 Corey explains how he has had great support from Patreon.

Handling Blab crashes...


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