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July 17, 2015

Do I Need a Website to Podcast - Frugal Podcasting

Do I Need a Website to Podcast - Frugal Podcasting

Do I Need a Website to Podcast - Frugal Podcasting

Jim has been listening to Spreaker Live hosted by our friend Rob Greenlee. Dave was on an episode talking about the latest podcast news and podcasting in cars. 

4:30 Getting the Right Guest For Your Audience

it's not about getting big guests for your show, its about getting the best guest for YOUR audience. Jessica Rhodes on Podcast Junkies also stated this. 

6:00 Signed Up Under the Wrong Domain

When people go to my site they are redirected to the original wrong domain. How do I change this?

Its a bit of a mess. You can see if you can add on a domain to your website, import your "wrong" website into the new website. Then redirect your DNS to your new add on domain. You will still use the login to your cpanel, but the audience won't see it.

11:25 Frugle Podcasters: Do I Really NEED a Website

The key point is NEED. Can you create a podcast without a website. You CAN, BUT Should You?

No website, no Google Juice. No audience?

Creating your own RSS feed is a pain in the butt. 

There are a lot of people who play podcasts on your website.

If I was going to use a free service, I would use for my free website, (you will need something like - gulp - feedburner to make it iTunes compliant). You might be able to use a media host such as (they have a free version, but it has a bandwidth limit).  Dave was recommending in his Podcasting For Free Course. They currently are not accepting any new podcasters. allows you to create an iTunes compliant feed, and they have a redirect for your RSS feed so you can leave later. Things have gone very quiet over there, and Dave is waiting to hear why they are not allowing new sign ups. 

Libsyn and Blubrry offer very basic (ugly) websites that have iTunes compliant feeds. (get a free month at either service using the coupon sopfree. 

Hostgator allows you to purchase month to month instead of having to buy a year at a time. (use the coupon code podcastcoach to get a discount on your order). 

Dave did an episode on how to podcast for Free on the School of Podcasting

If you had a feed, and a website, you could use Media Fire as a media host if you don't mind very basic stats, and somewhat slow uploads. Daniel J Lewis from the Audacity to podcast has had horrible luck using them as storage. 

Check out Dave's podcast on Podcasting For Free

33:36 WP Engine Surprise

I started using WP Engine for the School of Podcasting. They are a dedicated Wordpress Hosting. The bad news is there is no email address included, and they charge you $1 for every 1000 visitors, and they define visitors different than I do. They are saying I'm over 25,000 and Google Analytics says I have 9000.

36:26 Clammrcast Suggestion

Jim suggest that Dave adds the date to the Clammrcast This is a great suggestion

40:18 Web Hosting and Wordpress Hosting? 

There are different levels that include Shared hosting, VPS (Virtutal Private Server) and then Wordpress Hosting. You don't need it. You can start off with Shared hosting.  Please note Bluehost and HostGator are owned by the same company. Bluehost's chat states that you are not the only person the technicaian is chatting with. Its just seems odd. Dreamhost has a great package on Wordpress Hosting. Use the coupon code podcastcoach to dave 25% at Dreamhost.

45:48 Podcast Websites

Podcast Websites is a service coming from John Lee Dumas who is a true Entrepreneur as he is looking and creating products that podcasters will use. It appears that John is getting into the Website Hosting Business. This will be similar to Appendipity.  When you use Cookie Cutter templates you will probably end up wanting it to do something "outside the box." 

There are two ways to pay, either in money or time. Same for technology, you can have inexpensive and complicated, or expensive and easy. 

51:41 Ben Kruger?

Ben is a super nice guy. He is the man behind Authority Engine and now CashFlow Podcasting. 

53:05 Facebook Tool to Get the Right Image

Check out you can use this to have Facebook recache and have it pull the right image.

55:17 Validate My Feed

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