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Feb. 5, 2015

Do You Visit Podcaster's Websites?

Do You Visit Podcaster's Websites?

Do You Visit Podcaster's Websites?

Bryan from comes on board and brings his infectious energy. Dave and Bryan talk about how some catch phrases start by accident.

Do You Visit Podcaster's Websites?[6:00-ish ]

Many podcasts I listen to I find in iTunes, and I never visit their website. Do you visit podcasters websites on a regular basis. In some cases if they give you a reason and have good show notes and there is content that needs notes. Pat Flynn of writes notes that you could use to pass a test.

Is there such a thing as too detailed a show notes? Is it just a matter of giving value no matter what form.

Bryan Talks About a Show He Podfaded[12:00]

He did a show that was tough to schedule and find content.

Winner of the Year Subscription to the SOP [14:23]

Henry won the contest and sent in a thank you.

Meetup Reflections [16:21]

A listener made his first skype call and was amazed.

You can start a podcast with the sole purpose of just wanting to have fun.

Dave considers Brian's podcast a "journey" podcast.

Brian got lots of feedback on an episode where he really shared some behind the scenes thoughts.

Brian is using AKG 240 Headphones

Podcasting News: Artie Lange starts a Podcast [26:11]

Howard Stern side-kick has his own podcast. The interesting thing is he was offered a show on Sirius XM and turned it down to start a podcast that is available for $7 a month at

Last 2 in 2 [30:41]

Central City Underground

Eventual Millionaire

The Starbucks podcast was one of the worst.

Jingle Pallet [33:46]

A free tool to play sounds

TV Shows That Aren't Just a Recap 35:18

Brian loves getting crazy show, and he's not a fan of the "recap" show. He does the Arrow Squad Podcast.

The importance of stories. Check out intro machine.

How To Take Live Callers [48:26]

If it's just you, you can use something like or and use a mixlr and plug your cell phone into the mixer.

When you add an additional person on Skype you might be able to use a Skype in number. Then send the sound out of your computer into or 

The more people you add, the complex it gets.

It is tricky, an if you are new to podcasting I don't recommend going live at first. Get the equipment down and then mix in live later.




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