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April 10, 2014

Duplicate Content - New Stitcher app

Duplicate Content - New Stitcher app

Buying Gear  [3:00]
Dave talks about his ebay gear, and Jim talks about Guitar center.
Duplicate Content Question [4:43]
Steve Stewart of  asks about Duplicate content. 
In some cases its having duplicate content on...

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Buying Gear  [3:00]

Dave talks about his ebay gear, and Jim talks about Guitar center.

Duplicate Content Question [4:43]

Steve Stewart of asks about Duplicate content. Dave had put together some resources for this.

In some cases its having duplicate content on your own site that is the biggest crime. It's hard to find a super clear answer on this, and we all continue to search. If you know of a clear cut answer to this question please chime on in. For now most people think if you change up the wording a bit, it should be OK. 

Sound Cloud as a Podcast Host?

Will his cause me any issues? 

It won't cause you any issues. I don't see lots of people consuming podcasts over there (I typically get single digit downloads over a week's time). Like any other platform, if you spend time and build and audience over there it may help (like any platform). Its not a bad thing, but I wouldn't sue it for my MAIN hosting. I would use or (use the coupon sopfree on either site for a free month). 

Make Sure Listeners Have a Take Away [20:38]

Jim mentions that you forget about new listeners, and you need to make sure that the audience has an actionable steps to take away from the episode. 

The Secret Sauce of Podcast Content [25:30]

If you can combine a podcast that helps the listeners and does it with an entertaining delivery, you have a powerful episode.

New Stitcher Update [27:25]

Dave talks about how the new stitcher app doesn't consider a show that is partially cone as "new" and he's been missing episodes. 

Jim went over to talk about Stitcher, and found the audio horrible. 

They make it harder to tweet out the show you are listening. 

Audio Boo [36:45]

They are OK. We might investigate more. It seems easy to use. 

Podcast Launch Issues  [39:45]

Keep in mind that when doing a podcast, you do not have any control it takes to get listed in iTunes (often its around three days). So when you want to launch on THIS DAY, you don't have any control on that? Be careful scheduling email blasts, and having people lined up to tell their people. You may not be approved yet. 

iTunes Releases have all sorts of strategies, but in the end nobody really knows what effect new and noteworthy. 

How to I Keep a Podcast Live if I Quit?[49:40]

Len Castler from You can downgrade your hosting plan at or to the lowest plan to keep your files active and still get stats. 

I'm up to 150 downloads per episode, and I'm wanting to move up. 160 is about the average.

I could spend more time promoting it, but I'm being pulled to start another podcast. 


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