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Nov. 20, 2022

How Much Information is Too Much Information For Your Podcast?

In our social media-obsessed world, it's hard to decide when sharing personal information is too much information. We think about…

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Nov. 13, 2022

Is It Possible to Get Your Podcast Groove Back?

Is doing your podcast sucking the life out of you? Is something missing in your chemistry? That is the theme of the podcast (amon…

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Nov. 5, 2022

Changing Your Podcast

This week we talk about how YOU are in control, and if you want to try something new with your show, you can do that.  JOIN THE S…

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Oct. 29, 2022

A Clear Path Would Have Saved Me 12 Hours

Today shares a story of how skipping one small step lead to him having to fix a mistake that took 12 hours. We also get into a ti…

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Oct. 20, 2022


Just a reminder I will be speaking at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop in Dayton Ohio this weekend, so there will be no live sho…

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Oct. 15, 2022

What do We Put in Show Notes?

Your show's description (often called "Show notes") seems to take on many shapes and sizes. What constitutes good show notes? Wha…

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Oct. 8, 2022

Starting a Podcast With $500 What Would You Buy?

If someone handed you $500 and wanted to start a podcast, what would you tell them to buy. We talked about many topics, but we ta…

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Oct. 1, 2022

Podcast Shenangians

Some large companies have been paying for their podcast episodes to be featured in video games. Marketing? OK, but do your advert…

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Sept. 25, 2022

Words Matter - Donations vs Give Back

Do you know what website your media host is pointing to? Do you have links to your show in directories on that site? We also hear…

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Sept. 17, 2022

Finding Good Podcast Guests

Today we talk about some low hanging fruit with a new podcaster and we get into finding guests for your podcast, and if newslette…

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Sept. 10, 2022

Apps, Resources and Tools You Need?

Today we notice new resources, podcasts, and apps which is great, but some of these we ask, "What problem is this solving?"

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Sept. 4, 2022

How Stressful is Podcasting To You?

Dave is back from Podcast Movement, shares how the attendees have changed, and asks the question, "How stressful is podcasting fo…

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Aug. 20, 2022

Playing with the Wisdom App and Talking 301 Redirects

Today Dave and Jim are playing (we do that a lot on this show) with new technology. We ended up with quite the audience using the…

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Aug. 13, 2022

How to Clean a Sticky Zoom H6

A few weeks ago someone asked, "How do you clean a Zoom H6? " Today a listener who had the same issue got an answer from Zoom.  S…

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Aug. 6, 2022

Receiving Promotional Consideration From Our Guest

Special Co-host David Hooper David Hooper of and author of the book Sponsors: SPONSOR: If you need podcast a…

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July 31, 2022

Asynchronous Interviews

Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from Home Gadget Geeks answer your questions about the followin…

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July 23, 2022

What Makes You Try a New Podcast?

Jim is back and Dave got some feedback from the show? We've heard the "Signal to Noise Ratio" has become a bit more noise. So tod…

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July 16, 2022

You Did How Many Interviews?

Dave is joined by David Hooper Host of the and author of the book and . Check out Dave's Jim is out for work this week so the …

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July 9, 2022

The Class Reunion Podcast

Free Podcast Consulting from the School of Podcasting

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July 3, 2022

Mid Year Podcast Goal Checkup

Holy Cow it's July! It just seemed like yesterday it was January and we were looking at the new year with new hope and determinat…

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June 25, 2022

Am I Destined to Be a Poor Podcaster?

Our lead question today is, "I do an entertainment show. I don't teach how to make money, etc. I talk 70's and 90's movies. Am I …

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June 18, 2022

We Want to Connect with People

Today I am joined by one of my favorite people in the "podcast guru" space Matthew Passy from where he offers many different ser…

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June 12, 2022

Examining Listener Feedback

Jim and Dave and back, but at a special time (1:30 PM ET) as Dave has a special event he had to attend. Two hours before we start…

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June 4, 2022

What is the Best First Question?

Today Jim is out and we are joined by Neil Hedley of Knopp Studios ()who has a wide range of experience in copywriting, radio, co…

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