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March 18, 2023

No Show This Week Enjoy Dan and Visit Mark

The Good news: I'm back from Las Vegas The bad news: I'm still on the road in Nashville. So be sure to visit Mark at (and tell a friend) and enjoy Dan's show Got a question? Go to Become a …

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March 5, 2023

Is YouTube a Podcast? Do We Care?

Dave starts us off with a Power Rant on how YouTube is NOT a podcast, and Jim wants to know why this even matters. This is based on Dave's YouTube video. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of …

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Feb. 25, 2023

Podcasts Coming to Google's Music Platform... Again

Google announced, according to , "We will soon start to bring both audio and video-first podcasts to YouTube Music for users in the US.." Today we acknowledge that this could be huge if Google sticks with it (after all didn't …

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Feb. 18, 2023

Walking Brad Through a Podcast Launch Using David Hooper's S.C.R.A.P.…

Today as have David Hooper from and Brad Miller joins us to help him "start strong" with a new cancer related podcast he is hoping to launch in April. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free …

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Feb. 11, 2023

Is Google Done With Podcasting (and do we care)?

You create a QR code. Maybe you use a service like ; where do you send your potential audience? Google is backing away from podcasting, but how far? Dave and Jim tackle your questions and more. Got a question? Leave …

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Feb. 5, 2023

Back From Podfest 2023

Dave is back and physically still recouping from Podfest 2023. He shares some of the insights about the event, and what he saw. There were LOTS of new people. Sponsor: If you need podcast artwork, lead agents or a …

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Jan. 28, 2023

Start Strong! Crafting the Perfect Podcast Introduction

In Ask the Podcast Coach, Dave Jackson and Jim Cullison answer podcast-related questions live. They discuss good intros, podcast descriptions, and other media hosts. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free using the...

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Jan. 14, 2023

The Fragile Balance of Host and Co-Host in Podcasting

Today we start with a question about a podcast that went from two people to three people and didn't really set up expectations and how this awkward situation often comes up when the different players of a podcast don't discuss …

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Jan. 7, 2023

What is In and What is Out in 2023?

Today's episode riffs on the article by and . We also touch on music, chat gpt, creativity on NYE, and potentially sharpening your pitch. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free using the coupon code " …

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Dec. 31, 2022

Can a Brand New Podcaster Make $500 In Their First Month?

The chat room is on fire today with come great topics such as swapping hosts, bitcoin taxes, podcast events, and can a brand new podcaster make $500 in their first month. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of …

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Dec. 24, 2022

Does Podcasting Help You Handle Stress

It's Christmas Eve and Dave and Jim have their Santa hats on and are ready to follow up with with Dave's new . We also look at the question, "Does being a podcaster help you handle stress? JOIN THE SCHOOL …

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Dec. 19, 2022

Dave bought a mac mini: moving your podcast to a new machine

Today's is a little more hardware-related (and Jim get's his nerd on BIG TIME) as Dave has bought a Mac Mini, and Jim has some great advice about moving to a new machine. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the …

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Dec. 10, 2022

What Does Next Level Podcasting Mean?

When I browse different groups, websites, etc I see new podcasters who have been producing content for a while, and now they want to take things "to the next level." So we start the show today asking, "What does taking …

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Dec. 3, 2022

The New Crop of Podcasters

Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment and media. In the past decade, the podcast industry has experienced tremendous growth. Consequently, those questions we answered over and over are back (what's the best microphone, can I play music,...

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Nov. 27, 2022

Black Friday Toys, Santa is Huge on TikTok

Whether you love it or hate it, Black Friday is a shopping holiday that has taken over America. For many people, it's a time to score great deals on presents for the people in their lives. But for others, it's …

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Nov. 20, 2022

How Much Information is Too Much Information For Your Podcast?

In our social media-obsessed world, it's hard to decide when sharing personal information is too much information. We think about if there are some guidelines to help you make that decision. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of...

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Nov. 13, 2022

Is It Possible to Get Your Podcast Groove Back?

Is doing your podcast sucking the life out of you? Is something missing in your chemistry? That is the theme of the podcast (amongst other things) on this veterans day. Dave kicks of the day with a PowerRant! JOIN THE …

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Nov. 5, 2022

Changing Your Podcast

This week we talk about how YOU are in control, and if you want to try something new with your show, you can do that. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free using the coupon code …

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Oct. 29, 2022

A Clear Path Would Have Saved Me 12 Hours

Today shares a story of how skipping one small step lead to him having to fix a mistake that took 12 hours. We also get into a tiktok discussion and repurposing. NEW AWESOME SUPPORTERS Thanks, to Jennifer Longworth from for …

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Oct. 20, 2022


Just a reminder I will be speaking at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop in Dayton Ohio this weekend, so there will be no live show. Jim and I will see you the following Saturday to answer your questions. If you …

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Oct. 15, 2022

What do We Put in Show Notes?

Your show's description (often called "Show notes") seems to take on many shapes and sizes. What constitutes good show notes? What do I Need? What about images? Websites? SEO? JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free...

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Oct. 8, 2022

Starting a Podcast With $500 What Would You Buy?

If someone handed you $500 and wanted to start a podcast, what would you tell them to buy. We talked about many topics, but we talk about this question at 35:36 I'll save you the Google search. Jerry Lee Lewis …

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Oct. 1, 2022

Podcast Shenangians

Some large companies have been paying for their podcast episodes to be featured in video games. Marketing? OK, but do your advertisers know you are jacking up your download numbers? Full notes at JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the …

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Sept. 25, 2022

Words Matter - Donations vs Give Back

Do you know what website your media host is pointing to? Do you have links to your show in directories on that site? We also hear how Mark changed a few words that made a HUGE difference in his crowdfunding. …

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