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March 12, 2015

Fixing Bad Audio - Stereo and Mono Files

Fixing Bad Audio - Stereo and Mono Files

Fixing Bad Audio - Stereo and Mono Files

Reaching Your Audience

You need to go to where they are, make friends with them, and THEN tell them about your podcast (not go there, tell them about your podcast, and then make friends). Dave has business cards to promote the show (not him) and he hands them out and occasionally leaves them in places where his target audience is. Make sure your family and friends have them as well. They cost like .05 a piece. You need to hustle. It may be a better strategy to really focus on the audience and get them excited about your show and let them tell people about your show.

My Audio Needs Help [13:00]

My sound is not good, what can I do? The hiss is gone where we talk. Any ideas?

The caller is using condensor microphones (which pick up background noise more than dynamic microphones). Dave recommend the Audio Technica 2100 microphone (aff link).

You want your sound to be close to going over "0" without going over. Turn off the automatic settings in Skype. You can use the Echo user on Skype (its an automated robot person that is good to use as a test). Always make sure the person is wearing headphones.

Use to clean out bad recordings (bad recordings can be improved, but don't expect miracles).

Practice, Practice, Practice.

You can check out Dave's podcast equipment store. (affiliate link)

Facebook Business Pages 35:33

How do you setup a business page on Facebook? Dave is not a facebook guru (I use it to keep up with family). 

Can I mix mono and stero in the same episode?[40:12]

Quick answer: no. 

Trucking Podcasters UNITE! 52:49


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