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June 19, 2015

Haters and Snake Oil

Haters and Snake Oil

Haters and Snake Oil

 Dealing with Haters

6:55 Jessica and Elsie send in the question about dealing wit Haters. Some times you have to fire your listeners. In the immortal words of T. Swift, shake it off.

How Do You Find a Good Podcast Consultant?

18:27 There are so many podcast training courses now, how do you spot a fake? See if they have a podcast, and do some research. The real snake oil, looks really slick. When you don't listen to the right consultant, you find yourself having to dig yourself out of holes, and issues.

Dealing with Insecurities

28:48 We start focusing on what others are doing and we get worried that others are better. None of those thoughts, or actions, helps you create great content. Michael Hyatt and Pat Flynn don't talk about their competition. They both mentioned Strengths Finder. when it comes to haters, you need to consider the source. I had a situation where I just had to let it go.

Become a School of Podcasting Affiliate

34:20 You can earn commission from the School of Podcasting by referring people to us check out Last week you got a glimpse into my world with last week's caller.

Windows 10 Discussion

36:10 DO NOT install the new Windows 10 until it gets all the bugs worked out. Give it a try if you have a separate computer that you can just "play" on.

What Should We Ask People to Subscribe?

40:45 Should I have people subscribe to iTunes, Stitcher, etc? Kenn Blanchard asks from  Dave suggests that you create a page that has buttons and instructions on HOW to subscribe, then you can use the Pretty Link plugin to make an easy to use link. 43:10 Windows 10 Revisited.

Share Audio Snippets at Certain Time

46;37 Overcast iPhone app allows you to send a link that opens the audio at a certain time. Send e-mail with Twitter & Skype Buttons 50:14 Twitter is a bit like a Press Release service. It's not like email. People may not see your tweet. You can check out Mail Chimp and Aweber for Email services. If you are looking for people to have a button to click and leave a message, check out Speakpipe. There is also services like if you are looking for a way to receive voicemails, or you can use Google Voice.

What Should I Name My Podcast?

55:22 There are two school of thought: 1. Have a name that is completely obvious 2. Have a name that is intriguing. Ask people in your target audience, and tell them the name of the podcast you are thinking about. Then ask them (based on the name) what they think the podcast is about. If they tell you what your show is about, then its a good name. If it's intriguing, they will want to click on it to see what the show is about.

Periscope Fun

59:11 Monkeys with Microphones!  


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