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July 2, 2015

Have Your Been Mentioned On a Podcast or Radio?

Have Your Been Mentioned On a Podcast or Radio?

Have Your Been Mentioned On a Podcast or Radio?

Today Dave celebrates his 6th year wedding anniversary by answering your question.

3:15 Please Get a Pop Filter

I was listening to the Audio book on Audible call Six Figures in 6 Months, and the beginning off the recording was awful. You can spend hundreds of dollars on microphones, but without a pop filter you will sound horrible. You can get the old foam cover for $3.00

5:45 Have You Ever Been Mentioned on a Podcast?

Dave got all giddy when he heard his name on another show? This is the question for the audience this week.

11:35 Daniel J Lewis Get Mentioned. Daniel does the Audacity to Podcast.

15:05 Jim was on the Home Server Show

17:05 Neewer Pop Filer

18:55 Nick Seuberling from SPNT.TV

22:55 Jim Might Experiment with Patreon/JoyRide

34:40 IFTTT For Podcast Promotion

40:13 Appendipity Podcast Pro Theme - Yes I still Love it. 

52:47 Podcast Help Desk got mentioned on the Daily Source Code, and is now working with a Radio Station.

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Steve Stewart Audacity Course

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