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Nov. 12, 2015

How Long Should Your Podcast Introduction Be?

How Long Should Your Podcast Introduction Be?

How Long Should Your Podcast Introduction Be?

Today Jim is in another fun location and back form Microsft's channel 9 studio.

Libsyn Launches a Plugin to Publish directly from Wordpress

2:10 Do NOT us the Libsyn plugin if you've been publishing with Powerpress. It's more for new websites. Here is the demo video. Keep in mind this is a beta release.

People using Podcasts to Grow their List by Creating a Special Download for Every Episode

5:30 This is a strategy people are trying to create a "lead magnet" for each episode that people can get for signing up to your email list. You can see an example of this by going to thanks to

If you have the budget and the resources, then why not use a transcript. Dave like 

Make Sure You Check the Emails from

11:45 Another Amazon Story. Dave needs you to purchase his book (.99) to test to see if it's working

Be part of this yea'rs book by going to

Jim Got Some Honest Feedback from His Audience

14:45 If you say you're going to put something in the show note, be sure to deliver it. It's always good to get feedback from your actual audience. Dave explains how he is not going to do news at the beginning of the show anymore (after reviewing his own show) as it can make your show sound dated. Instead news will be at the end of the show.

Joe Pardo From Disney - Wants to make his intro a blip. It's a balance to give people an idea of what they are getting into. It can be quick, long, it's your show.  Some people love to hear the intro over and over while others will hit the fast forward button.

having a Backup Recording

25:40 Having Multiple Recording Going from Jason from

Camera kit to plug Atr2100 into your iPad or iPhone. Jason uses both the Zoom H5, and the Roland R-05 recorders. He also use Giant Squid Audio, and this M325shock mount

Intros and Advertisers

35:25 Advertisers and Intros. Does it look good to potential advertisers? I think so. I love Music Radio Creative. The average attention span is around 8 seconds now. 

38:30 in a pinch would you use the Blue Mickey?

In a pinch I would use anything including just using the mic on the phone. Using your phone in a pinch is not a bad choice at all (better than nothing).

SoundCloud Bans a "Poor Podcaster"

39:25 Don't use Major Label music in your podcast. Some idiots did (repeatedly) and got banned on SoundCloud. Just cause someone has you have rights to play doesn't mean it's true if they are not the authors of the music. Soundcloud is a mess. Clammr is a great tool for making your podcast interactive

What Do You Think of Blog Talk Radio?

43:55 If you HAVE to do a podcast where people call in, then it's the best tool for the job. There are other tools, but BTR is easy, and they have great sound. They are expensive, but it's east and if you use the direct connect you will have great audio.

44:55 Jingle bought on Audiojungle can you use them?

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