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Sept. 21, 2015

How to Get Guests On Your Show: ASK.

How to Get Guests On Your Show: ASK.

How to Get Guests On Your Show: ASK.

Today we keep on blabbing and enjoy answering questions such as

Why do we call podcasts, podcasts?

Blab Discussion

9:00 What do we think the impact blab will have on podcasting?

15:05 Starting A Second Show, What is the Best Media Host?

Libsyn provides one feed per account. You could use PowerPress to generate multiple feeds on one site, but when you use the one libsyn account for multiple shows your stats get "whonky."

18:08 How Important is it to get into New and Noteworthy in iTunes?

26:15 Is Media Fire a Good Option?

It's $50 a year. For most podcast its enough bandwidth. It's slow, and the stats are the most absolute basic you can get. So for the person who wants to take one step above hosting their media on their website, mediafire would be a baby step. A better choice would be Libsyn, Blubrry, Spreaker, (use the coupon code sopfree)

You can create a folder and allow people to upload files.

New Alternative to speakpipe?

30:40 What is the Best You've Seen on Blab?

33:08 Where Do I Get Guests?

Check the new releases at Amazon. Here is a list of resources for guests.

34:25 You Don't Ask then You Don't Get


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