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Feb. 20, 2021

I Don' Know What I Want to Podcast About

When you're starting a podcast and you can't figure out what to podcast about, then maybe now is not the time to start a podcast. Typically you are so passionate about your subject that you want to podcast NOW.

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If you're can't come up with a subject you want to podcast about, then maybe this is not the best time to start a podcast.


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Today Dave and Jim help answer questions on the following Subjects:

00:03:35 I Don't Know What To Podcast About?
00:06:14 Legalities of Recording Clubhouse
00:09:29 Mark Cuban is Creating a Clubhouse Competitor
00:10:10 Zoom Alternatives
00:16:53 A Curling Podcast?
00:19:35 Ecamm Call Recorder
00:22:26 $200 on a Mixer? (Get a P4 Instead)
00:23:42 How to Get ideas for Episodes
00:25:34 Our Awesome Supporters
00:28:57 Dog Cancer Answers
00:30:38 Season Numbering
00:33:31 Podcast Planner?
00:34:26 Shotgun Mic? movo vxrt10
00:37:29 Should I Move Off Soundcloud?
00:40:10 New and Noteworthy Bad Information
00:42:41 Podcast Rodeo Show 1 Star Review
00:44:51 Turn Your Review Into a T-Shirt
00:45:31 Krip for Noise Reduction
00:48:32 Podfest Global Next Week

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