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March 5, 2023

Is YouTube a Podcast? Do We Care?

Dave starts us off with a Power Rant on how YouTube is NOT a podcast, and Jim wants to know why this even matters. This is based on Dave's YouTube video.  JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free using the coupon...

Dave starts us off with a Power Rant on how YouTube is NOT a podcast, and Jim wants to know why this even matters. This is based on Dave's YouTube video. 

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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



David Jackson  0:00  
Paige asked the podcast coach for March 4 2023. Let's get ready to the podcast. There is excess music. That means it's Saturday morning. It's time. It is time. Yes, it's time for Ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast questions answered. Live. I'm Dave Jackson from the School of And joining me right over there is the one and only Jim Collison from the average Jim, how's it going, buddy?

Jim Collison  0:33  
Greetings, Dave, happy Saturday morning to you. We're sitting there chatting with each other just having a good time. You're like, Hey, we should probably start.

David Jackson  0:42  
Okay. It's 1032 there are people out there waiting.

Jim Collison  0:47  
Just having a good time together. That's that's the relationship Dave and I have is we're just chatting. Just having a good time. Ask him talking about podcasting.

David Jackson  0:54  
We're, we're all you know, jacked up and ready to go. It's the week before Podcast Movement. We should say that, that there is no show next week because I'll be flying back from Vegas. So that'll be Oh, it's in Vegas this year. It's in Vegas. Yeah, this is Podcast Movement. evolutions.

Jim Collison  1:11  
I thought that was LA but then they did they move it. While I'm

David Jackson  1:14  
flying into Vegas. That could be a problem.

Jim Collison  1:17  
No, I thought it was always in LA. But but they move it around like yeah,

David Jackson  1:22  
it's west coast. Maybe I'm gonna Okay, but I know this one's in Vegas. What's weird, is it's being sponsored partly by Spotify. Who is having an event in Los Angeles? Oh, all right. During Podcast Movement, I'm like, big company.

Jim Collison  1:38  
big company. They can

David Jackson  1:39  
company with big pockets, apparently, apparently. But it is about that time. Are you? Are you ready for the there it is. Everyone together? Right? That awesome coffee pour is brought to you by our good friend, Mark and Mark who will that is Mark to coat over at podcast If you're watching the video, you can see all of his awesome artwork. There goes podcast radio show, I know that show. Scrolling on by Marc is a an award winning graphic artist. And he's also a podcaster. And I cannot stress enough how important that is. If you've never worked with somebody who doesn't have a clue what a podcast is. And here's something you're not going to get from Fiverr Mark is going to sit down with you and kind of listen to your show and figure out what is the vibe of your show because you want your brand to reflect reflect you and kind of what you're going for it was I was listening to a member of the School of podcasting yesterday and and she does a show for nutrition and primarily menopause. And, boy just once you got our music together, it's like Oh, I see the vibe you're going for. And you want your artwork to reflect the vibe of your show. You don't want to be loud, obnoxious if you're all tame and stuff so check out mark over at podcast

Jim Collison  3:05  
So Delicious, big thanks to our friend Daniel fed based on a true story podcast based on true story. is that on its site, check it out. And he his his slogan, the podcast that compares Hollywood to history. So if you're looking for a bug, yeah, pretty cool this week. This week they're covering you know, he's doing these short little mini series things where he's covering three movies that happened this week in history, Waco, the crucible and Seabiscuit. So if you want to check that out, those are available episode three. I'm sorry, 232. Dan, thanks for your sponsorship. Appreciate it. We'll be drinking the mug

David Jackson  3:40  
all day. And meanwhile, behind the scenes, I'm trying to figure out how to start my own Twitter space, which is weird. I'm in Twitter spaces I'm searching for you think it would be under like my, you know, like my name or my title? And it's very weird. I should you know, this is a thing she should

Jim Collison  4:00  
maybe practice maybe before maybe before this.

David Jackson  4:02  
But I thought you know, hey, it's been maybe if I click on my name,

Jim Collison  4:07  
while you're setting that up, Patrick Keller said, Chad, that'd be great episode Dave shows up in the wrong city.

David Jackson  4:13  
That would be fun.

Jim Collison  4:14  
You know, I went to Vegas, and it was actually la The good news is that would be recoverable. You could I mean, it's the the flight from LA. Yeah,

David Jackson  4:25  
just put my thumb out. And yeah.

Jim Collison  4:28  
David Chai said Could you Could someone please confirm for me? I think I've sent Dave into a tailspin. So he says evolutions is in Vegas and movement is in Denver.

David Jackson  4:37  
Yeah, yeah, that's gonna be fun. I Denver because the whole thing about when you go to Denver, is you just have to start worrying about breathing because of the elevation. That's me. I was like that. I remember when I got there. There was I went to do training there. And they're like, well be sure that you drink lots of water and blow it out. It really made me feel like I was just going to drop any time now. And it was like, No, it wasn't that big a deal. So,

Jim Collison  5:06  
I mean, look into August. That's a drive for me. So you know, it's an easy drive. That's a, we do Denver all the time. And I mean, it'd be kind of fun to do some go in and do some other things while I'm there. August. I'd rather be like February so we could go ski, but ooh, apparently that's not the case. I don't know if I'm ever gonna ski again. Well, you

David Jackson  5:25  
know what, you know what? I

Jim Collison  5:26  
want to hurt myself now. It's forever.

David Jackson  5:28  
Yeah, it hurts. I don't know what I'm going on my twitter space. It's honestly not in here. I've loved that's okay. For we don't need it. Awesome chat room. And, you know, we haven't done one of these in a while. So now, it's time for power. I did this on YouTube this week. Please quit calling your YouTube channel a podcast. I know. I know that. You know, YouTube. Could be

Jim Collison  5:54  
though. I mean, like if you heard me, but

David Jackson  5:57  
here's here's the solution. Because it's one thing to be a curmudgeon and go even again, we'd be apple. Right? Okay, got it. Just call it a show. It's a show. You call it a show. Welcome to the show. You can say that on YouTube. You can say it in a podcast. You can say it in smoke signals, whatever. You're doing a ham radio, whatever, you know. But I just saw a guy that said I started a I'm doing a YouTube podcast. And I was like, it's not a YouTube pod is it's a YouTube channel. Nothing wrong with that. Enjoy your content just quit confusing the audience. And

Jim Collison  6:35  
so what's what's gonna happen when YouTube enables podcasting on their platform? Well, that is true.

David Jackson  6:41  
Here's the thing that's fun. That is going to make things fun. Here's what I don't get. Number one, I found out this week, I've had access to YouTube music, because I'm a YouTube premium person. And I've never used YouTube music. And I guess one of the cool things about being a YouTube premium subscriber and having YouTube music is it's ad free. But when they add podcasts to it, they're going to put ads in it. From what I heard James Cridland say

Jim Collison  7:11  
they're going to add ads to the feed themselves,

David Jackson  7:16  
somewhere over there while you listen. And this is the part that's all blurry, there are going to be ads over there somewhere. So my guess is they're going to pull a Stitcher play, and play ads in between episodes, maybe that's how I would do it if I was going to put ads on a platform. But just realize that I'm paying money for YouTube to get away from ads. And you're gonna put them over here. And you're telling me to come over here and listen to podcast. Am I. The other thing was, Jas pointed out that it's only released in the US. And then I did some digging and found out that back in 2016, they did the exact same thing with Google Play Music. Everybody was like, Ooh, podcasts are coming to Google Play Music, yay. And then there was only in the US. And I'm like, that's I don't understand. I get it as a person that works in technology that you don't want to have an avalanche of people come in on a new product. But I'm like, You are kind of Google. Right? You could probably beta test that somewhere. But to me, when you only do it in a certain area. I mean, the one thing that was kind of, here's a weird phrase, you don't say a lot. The one thing that was cool about the pandemic, is everybody was talking about it, because everybody was going through it. Like people in Switzerland people I'm we're all going through the same thing. And I'm like, why not let it go everywhere. So everybody can be talking about how cool podcasting and YouTube music is. I'm like, that's, that's the part I get that. And I did hear where, oops, wrong one, we'll come back to that. They're going to start implementing RSS. And that's the one that I when they're going to somehow tie RSS into YouTube music, then that's the part where everything gets blurry. And we're like, so does that mean they're going to start hosting files on YouTube music?

Jim Collison  9:09  
You would think so? You would think so.

David Jackson  9:11  
So because I know there's a thing about advertising. I was reading through the terms of service, I went over to stitches portal and stitches portal is now simple cast. And what's really weird about it is that it almost looks like you're signing up for simple cast. And I actually stopped because I went over and I was like, hey, none of my shows are here. And I emailed them. And I'm like, do I do I need to add my shows back and they're kind of like, yeah, even though they're already here. But by you signing up in the simple cast portal. You'll now be able to see your stats that or here. Very, the whole thing was very weird. But Dan has a point here. Doesn't everyone call Joe Rogan a podcast still, even though he's not? Yeah, that's true. He's technically not a podcast. Well, no, I guess not. If we go by, he was, yeah. And that's the part I don't want to die on that hill. But I just I've had, I mean, there's a guy in my Northeast Ohio, podcasters meetup, and he goes live to twitch on his phone. And I don't have the heart to go. You're, you're not a podcast, your your Twitter or whatever, you know, it's like you're a content creator. So that's cool. But, you know,

Jim Collison  10:32  
why does it matter? Like, this is this is the question now is that what? Why does that actually matter that we, we get so crazy about this definition?

David Jackson  10:43  
It drives me nuts when somebody says, I have a podcast. It's called such and such. And I go to my favorite podcast app, and it's not there. And I go, Dude, I can't find your podcast. And they're like, what's on YouTube? And I go, Oh, okay. Well, you're not a podcast. You're so I keep running into that. Because people think, well, I don't understand why people aren't going. I'm a YouTuber. My show was called blank.

Jim Collison  11:06  
Yeah, no, that makes sense. There's

David Jackson  11:09  
the difference between and again, this doesn't who the listener doesn't care about this, the podcaster should, if I'm a podcaster. And Spotify goes, Hey, Dave said something. Dave said the phrase COVID-19, which I've now said, I think three times. No, I said COVID. Three times. Now I've said it for I will stop me before I say it again. But let's say Spotify puts a little blue stripe on me and eventually kicks me off Spotify. If I'm a podcaster. I'm still in business. Right? You can listen to me on Apple, and overcast and cat, you know, I'm not done. It's not because it's decentralized. If YouTube doesn't like me, and they kick me off, I'm out of business. I gotta go to rumble or get my own Vimeo channel or something like that. Now, does the listener care about that stuff? No. But I'm just telling people like that is something you might want to think about, as you know, people like I forget the one name of the company that is going through barometer is scanning and doing transcripts of your content. So they can give you a label, like you are brand safe. And I'm like, I really don't like the sound of that at all. So but that, you know, then now we go into to, you know, we'll turn into the new media show really quick, and stuff. So thank you. Speaking of the new media show, I mean, let me bring up this tip. Do we did I miss anything fun? In the course. always fine. We're good. Yeah. They

Jim Collison  12:35  
called you Dr. just called you a podcast fundamentalist? Yeah,

David Jackson  12:39  
I know. And again, I didn't want to die on that hill. I really, like if somebody goes up to be, and they go, oh, you know, I have a podcast on YouTube. Oh, God, I'm sorry. I mean, it's just a chit. No, I'm not like offended. I'm just saying we're making the waters muddy and like, Call yourself a YouTuber if you're a YouTuber. And that always

Jim Collison  12:58  
happens in these kinds of technologies, right? When we get you know, we, we they start to mature and then they start to expand, and then other people come in, and you know, you can't, you can't always control the meaning of the word in that sense. And you have to ask yourself the question, in some cases, why does it even matter? Like, who cares? Like, let them call it what they want to call it? If they're being successful? Awesome. If they're not, it doesn't matter. We don't have to be the the podcast name police. You know, you're not a pod. Exactly. Give me your lead over buddy. Pull it over.

David Jackson  13:35  
Yeah, I mean, if you think about it, a radio show, and a television show are both a broadcast. So you know, the radio guy could run in and go, you're not really a broadcast, you know, or a TV guy, you know, that whole nine yards. So yeah. Craig says, you know, this is just as fun as Leo Laporte trying to change the word the net cast.

Jim Collison  13:56  
Yeah, he gave up on that, by the way, in a very in a very public way. I mean, this is one of those things he could have just quietly, you know, yeah. In the beginning of the twit shows, it says, you know, it used to say net nets, net, net casts you love from people you trust, right? And then one day just change to podcast to love. He talked about that openly on his podcast and said, Yeah, I've given up I thought, you know, 10 years ago, and we started doing this. I thought net casts would be would be, you know, we at Gallup comm webcasts, and I haven't changed that name to podcast yet. But actually, no one's ever said it's not a webcast to me, you know, they just, they just, it just doesn't matter that much.

David Jackson  14:37  
Stephen says Audio first equals podcast or video first equals YouTuber. Dan says, Hey, hold on, and this is what I say on my YouTube channel. There have been video podcasts since 2005. And if you don't believe me go to ask a That guy was so popular. That show ended up on Netflix. And then this thing came along called YouTube and stole a lot of pot. Casting growth and thunder back in the day.

Jim Collison  15:03  
Wait a minute, if your podcast is on Netflix, is it a podcast?

David Jackson  15:07  
That's why that's how I ended my YouTube channel or video. I said in the end, we're all co creators. Again, going back to let's just call it a show. It's good call. Yeah. But speaking of Todd and Rob over at the new media show, I've been having a lot of conversations with Alex from pod match. And he was on, I guess, last week, and he had this because he and I were talking about the churn of podcasting. And what I mean by that is, somebody shows, you know, we always talk about, some people don't make it past episode seven. And we're like, why is that? You know, and I'm I said things like, Well, I think a lot of it is, is really out of align expectations. You know, I'm gonna start this, I'm gonna be famous and want to be rich. So anyway, Alex said this on the new media show. And I was like, well, we should probably bring that up here.

Unknown Speaker  16:00  
I had a comment there. I, I talked to Jordan Harbinger recently, and just asked him, it was like a live thing. And I was just like, hey, man, like, if you were to start a podcast today, and you don't have any reputation name, what would you do? And his number one piece of advice I thought was gold. And he said, keep it a hobby, as long as you possibly can, there you go. And he said, if you start off saying, this is a business, you're gonna get burnout faster than if you just enjoy the craft that you're doing. And I think that that's gold advice. And people quit so fast, because they're like, I'm supposed to make money with this. It's not making money, I'm out of here. Or I'm supposed to get famous. I'm not famous yet. So I'm out of here. And I found that time and time again.

David Jackson  16:35  
So, again, I just agree with that. I, to me, I actually almost did a video last week until you know, somebody poke the bear with YouTube. And I was like, that's, I gotta, you know, my inner curmudgeon came out, but I was gonna do a video on on pod fading. But I love that advice. Like, you know, I do see, well, I see this a lot. Again, on YouTuber, on YouTuber, okay, on YouTube, on the YouTubes. I see where, especially if you're getting popular, and people that are like, wow, you know, lots and lots and lots of downloads, that eventually I will see the video, there was one from a guy that I really liked any any, it's one of those where he's walking in the park. It's not the high, you know, Polish thing. Like I just we need to sit down and talk and it was basically, he was getting crispy, he was really getting crispy. And he's like, I'm gonna back off for a little bit. I'm okay, but I need to take a break. And I remember there was that one was a girl who like from the age of six wanted to be a YouTuber. And by like, 13, she was like millions of downloads. And by 16, she was starting to lose her mind. Because all she thought about was watch time and algorithm, and blah, blah, blah. And I was like this. So I love the advice of just, you know, if you don't have a, you don't have to make money with your podcast. And be just, if you want to treat it like a hobby. Again, the podcast, please are not going to come up and woowoo Hey, where's your license? I see where you've missed an episode last week. I'm sorry. That's according to bylaw 6.5, paragraph C, you're not allowed to skip weeks because the world will stop listening to to you immediately. And so I mean, Jim, you kind of treat your show, like as a hobby at this point. For sure.

Jim Collison  18:33  
Yeah, home gadget geeks is a is a giant hobby. And I've gone you know, back and forth about whether I want to keep it were 564 episodes this week. And, you know, you kind of go do I want to keep doing it. And I finally just kind of decided, you know, it's just a ton of fun, and it gives me an opportunity to hang out with my friends. And so, you know, in my age, I need all the friends I can get at this point. So we're just kind of, you know, enjoy doing it. It's just, if we take a week off, you take a week off I think Clay had said you know it took him five years here we'll bring that up on screen. So he says it took me five years of hobby podcasting to make it a business. Just because it's a hobby doesn't mean it can't sound it looks professional. Well. Yeah, and that's true, but it doesn't have to like you can do whatever you want if you want to goof around if you want you know we make fun of what's two guys in a brain you know some of those you know if you want to make fart jokes and or if you want to, you know if you want to get a little Neve reIated and podcast podcast, you could still do all that right? You can do your listeners you may or may not be popular. He may be wildly popular, you know, you never know.

David Jackson  19:39  
Yeah, and Patrick has a point here he says we need a new name for hobby podcast. I know some people get offended when you say hobby podcast because they go too far left they think Wayne's World you know three guys one brain and and there are people I mean, I know guys that play the guitar that have no no No plans of ever doing anything public. They just like playing the guitar. And then there are people like me that for years played in bars every weekend. But that wasn't my profession. It was a hobby, something I love to do. And so that's when I say hobby. That's what I say. I'm like, Look, you're, if you want to make money with it fine. You're you're trying to create great content, you know, but like, to me, the ultimate hobby podcast is building a better Dave. I could care less if anybody listens to that show. It's me spewing nonsense into the ether. If you listen, great. If you don't, you don't. And so

Jim Collison  20:37  
do we have to even have to say that? Do we have to call it a hobby or professional? Can we just say it's a podcast? Yeah. Like, what? Why does it why do we even need to break that? Why? Why do we need because you know what it sounds like? It sounds like we're making excuses. That's what it sounds like, oh, no, no, that's just my hobby podcast. Right. And I think that's what people some people take offense to. That's a good point. Right. You know, and so, you know, it's just your podcast, just called podcast.

David Jackson  21:05  
Patrick has a great point. Some hobby podcasts. I'm better than professional. No, everyone. I understand now, why. But when Amy Schumer's podcast came on, it was like her and a friend and a dude. And it sounded like it was recorded in a giant glass box. It turns out, it was recorded in a giant glass box. And she was like, seven months pregnant. So I'm like, Okay, you get a pass, you know, but it was I just remember what I heard. I was like, this is horrible. And it didn't sound like you did any planning. And again, seven months pregnant. You know,

Jim Collison  21:37  
we just don't have to listen to when Spreaker came out when Rob Greenlee was over to Spreaker. And they started a Spreaker podcast that I would kind of say was a pro podcast, right? They're all professionals. We're talking about the platform stuff. First couple episodes. They were awful. Like Rob was trying to find his way and it wasn't even rob. He had I think he had gotten somebody on the team to get it started and then the first couple episodes were really weird. They it then if you can kind of hear it more. The guy who starts to kind of disappears and then rob comes in got one guy that was like

David Jackson  22:11  
a kind of a conspiracy theorist guy for Alex.

Jim Collison  22:14  
Alex exmon. Alex Aksum? Yes. exome and, and

David Jackson  22:18  
it was great, because Rob's a great straight man. Right? That's that's what he is. Put you put Rob next to Todd because Todd will say anything. And then you put Rob next to Alex because Alex was like, That's why aliens are gonna take over, you know, blah, blah, like, okay, so

Jim Collison  22:37  
rich rich says it's professional. If you get paid, I get paid to do home gadget geeks? I don't consider it professional. Yeah,

David Jackson  22:43  
that's I got paid to you know, play the guitar. I just, I think the see that's the question, I guess what are you a professional when it when it's your sole thing of income? And again, we kind of go back to that matter. Like,

Jim Collison  22:56  
if I'm if I get Sam, a racecar driver, and I I'm driving for Uber. When they get in? When somebody gets into I say don't worry, I'm a professional driver, because I get paid for it. Right? Well, who cares? Like you drive? You're the driver. You're the owner. I just again, I think we don't need to get stuck on these these titles. I wouldn't use Pro or hobby to be honest. I mean, I do it at work. So technically, I get paid for it that way, too. So am I a professional? podcaster I never say that to people. They're like, what do you do? Yeah, I make media. Because I do more than that. To your point, right? I do. Creators a podcast. Yeah, I make YouTube videos I do. I write I write for them. Not very well, but I write for them. And so does that make me? So I'm a writer, right. I do things I write. Does that make me a professional writer? Well, I mean, I could say that if I wanted to, but I don't. So I guess there's the point you can do whatever you want to be yes. If you want to call yourself a hobby podcaster you can if you want to be a pro podcaster you don't want to use it. You can. So if anybody tells you otherwise, just say okay, yeah. Okay, whatever. Yeah. So

David Jackson  24:09  
I don't think I'm gonna go off as much as like, I don't think it's gonna be another button push. It's just one of the things I'm like, hey, just just for the record. That's not really a podcast.

Jim Collison  24:18  
Don't do it. Dave. Just let them be. Let them be. It's okay. Then it's not hurting anybody.

David Jackson  24:26  
Yeah. Coach Dave says I recently took over hosting a show for a company with committees. Just the word committee makes my sphincter just tighten. I had to advocate for independence to keep it fun and innovating. Podcasting by committee with non podcasters is not so I can't imagine. That sounds. Yeah, I added in. I added a podcast for brain surgeons, and I will give them credit. They keep raising the bar on horrible audio. And it was As I, the last one, I said, here's, here's the first answer from your guest. And here it is, after I got done with it, I said, you can almost understand what he's saying. The first one, it just sounded like he felt like he was talking like with his hands up in front of his mouth, and then running turned away. It was just horrible. I was like, Dude, I can't, you cannot polish a turd. And he's like, Hey, I appreciate the effort. Ken Blanchard has an interesting question. Does building a better Dave help you? Absolutely. Yeah, that would that is it's really I joke about that. I'm like, it's the cheapest therapy on the planet. And I just I learned don't talk about your family in a podcast. But there are times if there are people I have, I did a rant once about my church that I was Go, man, if they ever heard that they'd be probably hurt, in a way, but I'd also say everything I said, and that was true. At least from my, my standpoint, but yeah, there are times you know, I did a thing and it's just me being goofy half the time. Like around Christmas. I did one on Frosty the Snowman. You know, was he really just depressed? You know, snowman was that like, was was that frosty? You know, What's he trying to do? Was he trying to by cop? You know what I mean? Because he only paused a moment when he heard the, you know, and then was he suicidal? Because he knew the sun was hot that day. You know, so just really weird, strange thoughts. And I go, Yeah, that's a building a better day. When I was married, I'd go off on a weird rant or tangent. And my ex wife would go, Oh, my god, is this the next episode? Like a better day? So, but I had, I think I had to start one here. We did that. 100 Wait, before we do that. What was it? It will come back to me. Okay, we'll go on to something else. But there's something that we oh, what do you what speed Do you listen to your podcasts on?

Jim Collison  27:02  
I usually like, one, three 1.3 1.4. Sometimes they can't take the host at those speeds, just to be honest. Like they already talked fast. All right. So I got to dial it down. But generally, like 1.3 1.4 is kind of where I go,

David Jackson  27:18  
because I have the same thing. I love Colin and the other guy from pod craft. And the second guy, I want to say, Michael, but that doesn't sound right. Super. The second guy special has super and it's awesome, by the way, a super Scottish accent. And I have to I have to slow down to catch him. It's so cool. The ice everybody in the chat 1.2 1.25 Because Adam curry is making a point he's he's on a he's he's doing my YouTube is Adam Curry's fast casting. I think he's what he's calling him. And he's like, why don't we all listening at 1.5 1.7. And he said, people are saying Dave's like 1.8 Tim says 1.5 of them editing normally 1.0. And he said he and this would be me. I'm like, Hey, I'm trying to listen to as many podcasts as I can. And sometimes I have to listen. I'm trying to get through, you know, all the the cat talk and French toast recipes. As somebody gets to I reviewed a show on the podcast radio show. And they say in their description. The interview starts at six minutes. And I was like, that's interesting. I wonder what they talk about for six minutes. And I don't know why co hosts figure out like, like, when Jim comes on, he's like, Hey, Jim, glad to have you blah, blah, blah, yadda yadda yadda. And he, like Jim doesn't go on for four minutes trying to be funny, you know, and then we just find a, like, we stumble our way into a coffee pour. And we're off to the races. And these guys were just going off about first of all, it's a show about professional wrestling. And the first co host decided to talk about hockey. And I'm like, is this a hockey podcast? And then the second guy started talking about baseball. And finally the actual host was like, Well, meanwhile back and pro wrestling, you know. And so my question is, are we listening at faster speeds? Because well, we have to get through all the crap.

Jim Collison  29:17  
I don't think so. I mean, I think sometimes maybe but I think we because it's not like you listen faster speeds and then slow it down for the good stuff, right? I still listen to I think it's we can hear and understand faster. Like we're just able to do that so I could get you know, during COVID I just I wasn't in the car as much so of course I wanted to get through as many podcasts as I could that I was falling behind on right now that didn't change the way I listened to it but I try I listened to faster more. I listened to him faster because I want to get more content in is why I want to do it. So it's it is it is there's a couple of hosts that I listen to and they step all over each other all the time and they're talking over each other and then they're goofy and they Get in even fast I get frustrated. You know, I'm like, okay. 3030 3030 Let's get past that point. Or sometimes this week, I just shut one off. I'm like, Alright, I need a break. My brain needs a break. Yeah. Listen,

David Jackson  30:13  
that's what Adam is saying is, his thing is people are finding that they are now more patient with their children. Because you know, a kid, do you ever hear a kid tell a story, this one time, and then the thing happened? And then And then so and so. And then suddenly, you're like, Okay, what's the point of this story? And he's like, so when your kid can't get to the point, and they're talking slow, and they're all over the place, we want our people in life to be like a podcast. And so we may be less patient. If we're used to listening at 1.5. And I was like, I'm not sure I buy that. I get the point. But it was just an interesting, just an interesting thing. And Patrick says, interviews don't have to be the main course. No, I It's weird. I still listen to I have the direct opposite. I listen to the intro of Marc Maron show. And many times, I don't want to hear from his guest. I skip all and it's like 10 minutes of just inside jokes on Conan O'Brien needs a friend. Because I'm, he's he's kind of taking a page out of Howard Stern's book and makes fun of his, his team. And I'm like, I don't care about your team. And I don't get the joke. Craig says it's an information podcast, if it's an information podcast, with a slow speaker. Yeah, he will speed it up. If it's a drama based podcast, I never would Yeah, drama base, although I want to because I have found many drama base podcasts get lost in the sound effects. They really and to their credit, they make some really cool soundscapes with their times, what am I yeah, I get it. The person is walking up the stairs, but like this, the Stairway to Heaven, there's like 47,000 steps here that we've heard. And I get it that it's raining outside. But what's like, what's the next thing? So would you

Jim Collison  32:05  
if you are editing a slow, let's say you were you were doing your own podcasts and you'd interviewed somebody and they were they were generally slower to get to the point. Yeah, you edit them for content, you might take some things out of there that don't matter to the but would you speed them up on the on the recording?

David Jackson  32:23  
Right? Yeah, the only person I've ever sped up is, again, the brain surgeon people that I edit for because and this is to their credit, they mute when they're not talking. So number one, I never have to worry about people talking over each other. But what will happen is the person will end the end of their question. And so there's this weird pause, where they're hitting mute. And then there's a pause where the doctor has figured out Oh, he's done talking. And he will unmute. So you have these ginormous pauses in between the end of answering that. So I will go in and like okay, let's make this look like it was a conversation. But now the only time I speed people up is if they repeat themselves. I'll see people do that. They'll say something, then they'll kind of say it again. I'm like it. We are here that I just heard. I was reviewing a member of the School of podcasting. And he said something about whatever it was blah, blah, blah tagline for the episode. And then he said at the beginning, he did this little intro introduce himself, blah, blah, blah tagline for the episode. I'm okay, cool. And then he took a little tangent. And then he said the tagline again, I'm like, we got it. We understand what the episode is about quit telling me what it's about. And just do the episodes. So that was one where I'd be like, Okay, I'd kind of kind of speed things up so Oh, he's fun, but I was just curious when he was talking about that and we're gonna hope that stream yard doesn't take a crap today

Jim Collison  33:48  
forget to hit hit record,

David Jackson  33:50  
I hit record, but for some reason. I went to make a marker in on the road caster and apparently I hit pause. I didn't know you could do that on if I hit this. I don't know. I guess I hit the wrong button. Interesting.

Jim Collison  34:06  
I think you I think we'll be okay. Yeah, it won't

David Jackson  34:09  
be Well, that's the thing. It's you know, Jinx did. But I said this beforehand. I go. I don't think we've ever lost a recording and

Jim Collison  34:16  
streaming I never have I never have done 1000s.

David Jackson  34:20  
Ken brings up a good point. He's going back to building a better table. We can treat this like a new question. If you are super transparent in your show, could that hurt your brand? Yeah. Or do you not promote it? Well, number one, I don't promote building a better Dave. It's not, not that there's anything that risky or weird over there. I've told the story before I'll make it quick. My when I first started that show is going to work blue. And I did an episode that if Amish people don't have electricity, does that mean there's no Amish porn? And then I had all sorts of double entendre. You know, Zebedee, Jaya. plow my bean field kind of stuff. And I had three people come out of the that, like one guy was a Cleveland Brown who was the weirdest call ever. And he's like, Hey, I listened to your show. And he's like, I also listen to the school of podcasting. Like, this isn't you? Like, why are you doing this? He goes, it's it's weird. And I was like, oh, okay, because number one is weird to have a Cleveland Brown call you. And I'm like, I can put like a football player, actual professional football. I should know his name. But this was, you know,

Jim Collison  35:32  
nice, well, years ago, but he got that on your resume when you're saying, you know, Hall of Famer and NFL.

David Jackson  35:38  
Yeah, yeah, NFL players listen to my show. And so I quit doing it. And that was also the one in the to finish the story is, when I was dating my ex wife, we got to the point where it was time to meet the kids. And so I get there, and I meet her kids. And the 16 year old goes upstairs and Google's Dave Jackson, and of course, what does she find but the episode about Amish porn, which is still online, by the way, you know, but it's always a thing if I ever do anything risky. I was like, because like, for me, it's always like, well, what if my church hears this, you know, but like, there's one called the bondage barn, where me and David Hooper and a bunch of guys at pod fest, went to an actual dungeon. And I said, I will go in the name of science, which I did. And this reported on and I'm like, Look, I'm not participating. But it was a very weird experience. And my favorite was Mark Johansson refer to it as Satan's CrossFit. Very, but it was an interesting story. And that's kind of my thing. It's either, you know, I was like, well, if nothing else, this will be a good story for the podcast.

Jim Collison  36:47  
Well, in both those examples, you know, you're out of character, right? If to use that term, where your brand is x, and then you now then your brand became Triple X. Right? And that was out of character, right? That was like, Oh, yeah. And, and listen, we do, especially the longer we podcast, we gather a group around us who are very used to the consistent content that we create, whether it's goofy or serious, or whatever, right? I mean, if you're, if you're consistent in your podcast methodology, and the way you do it, you'll gather a group of people who want and listen to it because they like it. Right? So when you when you go off, color, whatever, when you when you get off brand. It shocks it's shocking to them. And listen, when you did when you did episode 400 on school of podcasting, and that was so different. That's a risk. Right? And I'm, I'm sure you could have gotten some feedback that said, yeah, don't go that that was fun once, like don't go that don't do that all the time. We actually want some serious Cons.

David Jackson  37:56  
I did one where master cauldron who's an awesome supporter, who does a show about BDSM. And I forget how how it came up or whatever, but there was something and I made a joke about his show. And I made like, a jingle to, you know, the nun and and, and, and, and whatever. These are a few of my favorite things. Yeah. And I remember it was something like, I think I said the word nipple clamp or something. And I had somebody say, I didn't tune in to the school of podcasting to hear this filth. Yeah. And I was like, Well, I'm nipple clamp is filthy. I'm like, well,

Jim Collison  38:36  
for some of this performance a little shocking. Yeah. It

David Jackson  38:40  
was just it was a joke. It was an obvious joke, and I played it for, for him. I'm like, Hey, can I you know, I don't want to offend the BDSM K, why whatever. You know, he's like, Dude, this is hilarious. Can I play it on my show? And I was like, Well, if he's fine with it, you know, so

Jim Collison  38:56  
yeah, but that's probably a smaller I mean, school. Podcasting is this is a it's a clean, it's clean podcast, like you come at that pretty professionally. Pretty, right? And then that's, then you show up in an alternative way. Not that that's wrong like that. You can do anything. But your audience, right? You shock your audience. They're, they're used to one thing, you provided another,

David Jackson  39:18  
it's the Howard Stern in me, I want to go right to that line. And but the problem is, you know, sometimes I think I'm right at the line. And so my audience is gonna go,

Jim Collison  39:26  
wow, it kind of crossed if you regularly went to the line. Yeah, like every show, like, because every show, he goes to the line, if you regularly did that, then those listeners who who don't like that would leave and you would get that name

David Jackson  39:41  
I love. I remember how I forget her name, but she used to listen when she was doing the dishes. She was awesome. And she just said I used to recommend the show. I'm not anymore. I don't want to write well, it is and that's where somebody might have been clay. Somebody said I think we We underestimate losing members that we work so hard to get them. But on the other hand, it's you know, Patrick says that's probably why I never enjoyed listening to the podcast radio show. I liked the nice Dave. Yeah, my the one that just never

Jim Collison  40:15  
listened. Listen, I've never listened to the podcast radio show. I can't. That That doesn't work for me. i That makes me very uncomfortable. So yet I can't show up with you every Saturday. Because the podcast rodeo brand. Dave is different than ask the podcast.

David Jackson  40:33  
Brand. I tried to be nicer Dave. The last one he just did because it was pretty bad. I was I kind of went, huh, should I've taken a second? But yeah, that's that's just that whole show is just weird. Anyway. Ken Blanchard said out of character is excellent. Yeah. Clay says when I've released some content outside of my niche, I do it as a bonus episode. There you go. That way you're not you should

Jim Collison  40:59  
also warn, you know, if you're going to go if you're going to add some color to it that way, you should probably say, hey, this, this episode contains some content that may not be appropriate for everyone. I just want to warn you up front. And I think sometimes in again, you can do anything you want. In this space. What we're talking about is the consequences of the things that you do. That's so don't don't be surprised if you do something and you're like, Oh, I'm just doing my art man. You say that a lot better than I do.

David Jackson  41:29  
It's my man. Come on. Is this my art? Yeah, you can

Jim Collison  41:34  
do your art. Just don't don't be surprised when it you know, when it does something. And I think Dr. made a comment a second ago, like, you know, you got to take some chances you've got you're gonna offend someone that I think there's a difference between offending someone in offending most of your audience. Yeah. Right. And you can you can do that. You know, you can do you can I think I've told the story, but I was in I was in Bible college, I went to a Christian liberal arts school, and I got up on the platform, I said, you know, so this is a whole bunch of like missionaries, and like, you know, it's a pretty conservative audience. And I get up there, this is the 90s. And I said, you know, sometimes this, this world really sucks. Boy, right? Not. Could. I was from California. We said that all the time. I didn't think that was, you know, so the Dean came to me and said, You shouldn't have said that. And I said, say, No, I believe I thought he was talking about the the message and he needs like, no, the S word. And I was like, oh, did I say, from the platform, right? I'm racking my brain. And finally he mouthed. He couldn't even say the word he mouths it to me.

David Jackson  42:42  
Well, in in our buddy, Daniel J. Lewis, in his last episode, will not say the name of Marc Maron show, even though it's just three letters, right? So I'll say it. It's WTF. And in Daniels world, excuse me. It's still, you know, because it's an abbreviation of a swear word. He's like, nope, not even gonna go there. And that's perfectly fine. You're allowed, you know, again, it's your show to do and talk however you want. You know, so?

Jim Collison  43:14  
Well, in some cases, when I said that word, right, yeah, in some audiences that would have no effect, most of the students would be fine. But most of the audience there was not most of the students. It was a whole bunch of others. And his wise words to me were Jim, you really need to make sure when you're talking you understand your audience use the word exegesis, which is a word we use to really pull apart and understand and get the context of. And so I think sometimes that can be you know, we feel like well, I'm just gonna say this and it's like, well, then you're just going to face the consequences. That's it. Good luck.

David Jackson  43:50  
Yeah. I once from the pulpit was talking about there's a story of a dude in the Bible that was going around beating people with the jaw bone. And I will say donkey, Samsung, yeah, Samsung was doing this right. And in the Bible, it says Ask, and I was like, I'm like, so I can't believe this guy. And I said the phrase piece of ass and church because I could have and people were like, God Yeah, did like come on. It's true. So that's the kind of stuff that I'm like ah, get it see how often and

Jim Collison  44:25  
then you could have said Well now you're more worried that I say that then that people are in anyway so

David Jackson  44:31  
yeah, always fun. Oh, well, we have four questions on on deck here but before we do those I am going to he said maybe he can

Jim Collison  44:42  
kind of get a coffee while you're setting

David Jackson  44:45  
as soon as I find the right there we go.

Jim Collison  44:48  
And that was awesome while you're

David Jackson  44:52  
I think this is it. Yeah, there we go. I of course are fun, awesome supporter music. The awesome stuff Porter, according to the woman in the tube this morning is the one and only Glenn Hiebert from the horse radio network. If you'd like horses, go check out Glenn at Horse Radio So Glenn, thanks for being an awesome supporter. If you'd like to be an awesome supporter, go over to ask the podcast And if you ask the podcast coach runs on pod page, as does the podcast, radio show, podcast consultant, and many others. If you want to tripod page, use my affiliate link tripod And check it out. And if you just need more Jim Collison in your life, go over to the average And check out home gadget geeks. And if you're looking to start a podcast, I am in the middle right now moving the school of podcasting I am so excited. And yet so talk here. Man, it takes a lot of time, because I'm redoing the course area and I'm redoing the the community is going to be tied together, it's going to be great fun. If you're ready to start school of use the coupon code coach after one o'clock today. And you will receive 20% off because my new system doesn't allow me to have three letter coupons anymore. So when I put in ask is the coupon it's like, no, you can't do that. So if you'd like to be an awesome supporter, go over to ask the podcast We did have we lost an awesome supporter, which I understand it's interesting, because in Patreon, they let you go through and see like, why did you leave? And everybody has the same answer. And that is my financial situation has changed.

Jim Collison  46:38  
Which means you have room for another one now, right? If somebody else wanted to jump in, somebody wants to jump in.

David Jackson  46:43  
They go. Here's a fun one. I would like to hear what her answer is to this. Dr. is asking any ideas on promo ideas for a new podcast. If you go over to school of and search for 33, I think I have an episode on 33 ways. I mean, some of them are like easy. And you don't realize how many people like one is make sure you have in your signature of your email, a link to your website. And I remember once I put a trackable link in that. And I was amazed at how many people like either they're emailing me or I'm emailing them or whatever they like, Who is this guy? Click? You know, so I mean, that's one. There's, I mean, we could go through the laundry list, right? Social media, even though that's not really, you know, that's a trickle when it's working. Be on other shows, go to where your audience is, make friends with them. Tell them about your show business cards. I don't know Jim, what am I missing gas. But, you know,

Jim Collison  47:50  
to two really effective that I think are explosive growth. One is just get lucky. Like, right? I mean, most right place at the right time do that. I don't think any of these most of these are like slow growth, right? They just they create slow growth. To get lucky you get mentioned somewhere, whatever that can cause because everybody's nobody wants to do slow growth. They're just I don't have time for growth, I want to fast. The other one is paid advertising. Like if you want to, if if you want to get lucky, you got to pay for it. So find some places where that will advertise for you and a place where it'd be effective on the podcast. No guarantees on that, by the way. I mean, you have to have a compelling offer. Yeah, you have great ads, you know? Yeah.

David Jackson  48:35  
I just listened to the buzz cast. And they had they interviewed a guy. And he said he was getting 5000 downloads. Now he I don't know how much this would cost. But he bought 50,000 impressions. So my guess is that was a lot. And he went from 5000 downloads a month to seven. So you know, it's a growth, but I don't know how much that was. And he's not even monetizing. He's just trying. He's trying to do step one grow an audience. And so for him, he's like, Well, you know, go back to the old movie example, right? That's what the movies do. They try to make the best content they can. They spent a bunch of money on promotion, and hope that the people that find the movie, go tell their friends. So. Yeah. And then she had another question. A friend is running from our for our local council. She talked to me about doing a podcast, is there an equal time in podcasting? I have no idea as there isn't broadcast or TV radio? I don't believe so. Because it's not over the public airwaves. You have to pay to get a podcast and you're like, really? I thought they're all free. You paid for the internet. You don't pay like there's, there's, you know, the airwaves, I could put up an antenna right now and pick up the TV. So

Jim Collison  49:53  
it's a really good question, though. I wondering. In some advertising space, of course, advertising on Intellivision is controlled by the FTC here the United States FTC and they have certain regulations from for that radio is under the same. I don't think podcast advertising is yet governed by that same system? I don't know. It's a good question. I think

David Jackson  50:16  
because it is, it is that you have to disclose. If you're getting like if a guest is paying you to be on your show. That has to be disclosed.

Jim Collison  50:26  
But yeah, sec. Sorry. That was my mistake. FCC. Oh, yeah. That's correct. David corrected me on that was good. Yeah, I don't know. You'd have to look into that. I would think, you know, man, local, local politics on a podcast that is talking about niching. down and trying to like, trying to find out where those ads would go to make that kind of work. I mean, that's don't Yeah, that'd be tough. It'd be a tough, it'd be tricky. It may be more work than it's worth. Just to be honest.

David Jackson  50:58  
I would definitely do and look into if I was good. It shouldn't. I would have definitely my own podcast, I would be, you know, explaining what's going on. And

Jim Collison  51:09  
just think about city cat. Oh, yeah. Have your own podcast for sure. Yeah. Yeah. Just have your own local podcast in. You expect the numbers to be super small. Yeah. But super engaged. Yeah. Right. I mean, that's the perfect example of a way to talk to everybody all at the same time, especially during a busy campaign season.

David Jackson  51:27  
Well, the the beauty of a podcast is it's not live. So you can like right now we're kind of cherry picking the questions here. And for the record, if I missed one, feel free to send it back through and because sometimes the chat gets going and I miss them. But on a political show, you can have you know, you can have your cousin call in a question. And then you can answer that question. You know, but by doing that, the vibe you're sending is the Europe. You're a warm, caring person and you want to do the best for your community. I would definitely have a political podcast and I would definitely, that is a form of propaganda, by the way, it's cold, like one of us, you know, that's where you see, you know, the President Elect coming, he's got his flannel on in his coffee cup, and he's gonna get a hot dog down at Joe's diner and shake some hands and get out there with his, you know, it's got a straw on his teeth, you know, like, okay, great. You know, I see what you're doing there, buddy. You know, but

Jim Collison  52:26  
why did that instantly go to a Midwest job?

David Jackson  52:29  
I've seen that. I mean, I remember Obama eating the ice cream. I'm like, Ah, he's doing the ice cream thing. I know that move. You know, Bill Clinton, like, you know, I'll take a hot dog. That'd be great. Yeah,

Jim Collison  52:41  
my favorite Obama mean is when he's sitting down and he's got a cookie. And he puts two tries to dip the cookie in the milk, but the milk the cookies too big. And it's it just gets stuck on the top of the glass. And he goes, he goes, bang, and he goes, Thanks, Obama.

David Jackson  52:57  
Nice. And New Age human says any advice on creating a show series under one podcast? With their own subject matter? I'm not quite sure I understand the question, creating a different show. Under one podcast, okay. There was one that I listened to. Number one, I would put them in series, that would actually be a decent example of when do I use series. I just know I was upset because the second season was about a Cleveland radio station in the history of it. And they hadn't changed their artwork to reflect the new season. And so I listened to it. I hit play, and I'm ready. I'm, I'm stoked to hear this because I love this. If you ever hear me talk about home of the buzzer. Yeah, it was a history of the buzzard. And I hit play and it's the history of amusement park. And I was like, what? You? I'm like you, you know, no, good. Darn. tooten You tricked me. Right? And because I didn't understand that every series was different. So I would definitely say, let your audience know that hey, you know, this, this series is on thing. I talked earlier about pod craft. They do that. This series, we're going to talk about microphones. Next series, we're going to talk about blah, blah, blah. So Colin and his co host who's I still cannot remember Jim any other ideas on on, I would make sure that the different series all like him with POD craft. They're all about podcasting. But I wouldn't like hey, you know, series one is about you know, I'll give you an example. The first you know, everybody talks about cereal. That was a true crime show. And the second one was about some soldier dude that went AWOL. And while it was an interesting story, it wasn't true crime. kind of write it out. You just know that everybody was like, this isn't not as good. So you have to be careful. But if you're

Jim Collison  55:04  
gonna keep it all in the same feed, you know, yeah, there's a lot of problems with that, and it can work. But you said, you know, like titling or seasoning, you got to get for the, for the titles, you got to get a really short identifier upfront. So they know which is which, if they're going to, if they're going to have all these, all this different content in the feed, you want to give them a visual clue to be like, like, hey, oh, yeah, that's this podcast, or yeah, this is, this is the other podcast. So it but once you start doing it, your audience will figure it out. Right? It may stop people from listening to it, it may not. But once your audience gets used to it, then in your there, you start getting subscribers, just make sure you keep it consistent. So they know it's all about predictability, right? It's all about me. Yeah, I get super mad when I can't find things that have changed based on the way I consume them before doesn't mean I unsubscribe, I just get a little frustrated. And sometimes they don't. I mean, there's some podcasts that have changed the way they've done things. And then I've just stopped listening to him and I forget about him, right? The whole concept of brand is to keep you in front of your customer, top of mind at all times, right? That's the whole idea of brand. If they think about something they think about you in that if you make things hard for them, you're going to make it harder for them to have you top of mind. And they're going to stop thinking that we have enough things to think about. Right? So just make sure you're making it easy for him.

David Jackson  56:30  
Yeah. Which kind of ties into JDS question, is there a good tool for making a master feed for a network of shows? I looked into this a while ago, there are tools out there, I can't think of them. Because I think in the end, I went because I was going to make one for all my podcasting shows. And so you could just hear, you know, all things Dave kind of thing. And, and they were the free ones especially weren't that great. And about that time I dropped the idea. So I don't know anyone. Many moons ago, Yahoo had a great one. But much like many things at Yahoo, they don't exist anymore. So I'm not sure. I know. If you're using Libsyn Pro, they give you an all in one feed. I believe Captivate gives you an all in one feed, because you can have a network on Captivate without having like a pro level thing. So depending on who you're you are,

Jim Collison  57:28  
WordPress would do this for you. Like, you can have a master WordPress feed. And then you can still have individual feeds that you submit different RSS feeds. So you'd have an RSS feed of them all. Some of the host providers do this as well, I think, who do I use that? I guess Spreaker does this as well. Spreaker has a master feed. That's everything based on the shows. And then, but WordPress is would be a great way to do it. Then you can also use either categories or channels with the what's the what's the name of the plugin, power press power Press Thank you. And you could create sub feeds for those. So you could still have individuals and one master feed, and you could create a pretty cool website around it as well. So that may be the best JD that may be was those JDS question, right? Yeah, I think WordPress may be the best way to get it done. And it's kind of designed for it. And I don't know about The plugins for that. But I know if you definitely have your own WordPress instance,

David Jackson  58:33  
the only thing I hate about that is I don't trust WordPress enough to really put no I don't, I mean, about every year and a half. You know, I end up with the WordPress and I just know, if I didn't have wordfence protecting the school of podcasting, I'd be in a world of hurt because I get reports on a regular basis that you know, people in, but gaki Stan are trying to hack the school of podcasting. And I'm like, and they blocked like 300 attempts and blah, blah, blah. So yeah, it's I know, I'm in a minority, but I'm not. I've just had well, even right now, if you go to the school of podcasting, it's one of the things it's on my list of like, as soon as I get done with all this stuff, I'm going to attack that. If you go to school of, I'm using Elementor. I think I might have actually dumped it for this page. But you will see a list of my episodes and I think there's like nine on there. And then it's the same list again, it's it's duplicating my episodes, and I was like and I go in and I'm like, That's so weird. And I've looked at the code and I'm like, I don't know why it's doing it. It doesn't make any sense. And it's just like, whatever the amount. I mean, who's gonna scroll to the bottom of the page anyway. I'll leave it there. So that is just one word on my WordPress.

Jim Collison  59:53  
So you do this on pod chaser. Like they they are the Swiss Army knife of of You know podcast tools with POD chaser be able I that may be something to look into JD look at pod chaser and see if they have a way of because I mean, the easiest way to do this, so just be create another feed and then and then you just upload, right? That's more hosting, right that is granted, right? It's double work. But but maybe you can create a list on pod chaser that can also be turned into an RSS feed.

David Jackson  1:00:25  
I think I want to still around in I mean, literally, this is how I made my fur. It's still around. Oh, wow. Everybody, if you want to see what websites looked like in 2005, go to feed for Holy cow. That's that's, that's special right there. What it does is it's you literally you're not hand coding your feed, but you're pretty doggone close to it. It's, but you could you basically have to upload that to something like you could use, which is a CDN. But yeah, this is this is what podcasts. This is what websites look like in 2005. But it's a tool and you basically put in, here's the title, here's the description, and it gives you that text file. That is your feed that gobbledygook and so you could throw that on a CDN or whatever. And so if you had the direct link to all the mp3 files, in theory, you could fill that in and make your own, because that's how we did it in 2005. We made our own RSS feeds, and we liked it. Yeah.

Jim Collison  1:01:33  
So the most recent latest news on that site you just showed was from March 25. Of 2013. Nine years. Yeah. Is anybody posted that?

David Jackson  1:01:46  
Going back to the whole political thing? It is I met Jody at pod fest. So hey, Jody, said good morning, folks. Hi, Chris. I heard and so easy for me to say, asked See, I should have Jody reading this because she does this for like a living at x SXM. Yes, Dave. Yeah, sorry, Jim. Do a ton of podcast advertising cuz she voices some of it. So I imagine it's part of the advertising budget that you'd be obligated to divulge. But it may be that I heard and I heard by the way number one in podcasting. And SSM report, that sort of thing. I suppose it depends on who's hosting the podcast and what their policies are. But there are plenty of political podcasts. Yeah, I void. There sure are. I just heard a report on one. And I actually, you know, we say most promos stink. They don't make me want to listen, I listened to podcast bestie, which is a new podcast from somebody who's running a substack. And they had a promo for bad dog, bad watchdog. And it's a six part series. And that was I think that was the key. That wasn't an ongoing podcast, but it was basically. And that part of me in the car. I'm like, do I really need to see more government corruption? I do. I need more government corruption in my life. But that's basically what it was called Bad watchdog. And I was like, Yeah, I might actually go listen to that. So yes, God is like I remember those days when we would pan roll the RSS feed and you'd have one comma wrong and the whole thing would, you know, or if we go back to Jim's nerd days. Jim, do you remember the phrase?

Jim Collison  1:03:28  
Wait a minute, hold on back to them? Yeah. Would I ever leave them?

David Jackson  1:03:31  
But do you remember the phrase bad syntax error? Oh, yeah. Oh, for sure. That was one of those like, hey, guess what? You typed something wrong? Yes. What is it? We're not going to tell you? You have

Jim Collison  1:03:41  
now no error codes or the days of Microsoft giving you error codes. That meant nothing. You couldn't find out what they were SLM for. 479 bad error. And you're like, Okay, what is that? And then you have no idea.

David Jackson  1:03:55  
Oh, JD says my client is on Spreaker. And they just killed that feature. Now, the interesting thing is, and I'm gonna email James Cridland, because he actually announced in pod news I woke up to this phrase, and I was like, wait a minute, Did I did I hear that right? Because I have here Spreaker is now free claiming it's the first ever professional level podcast platform to be available at no cost. What does that mean to you Jim?

Jim Collison  1:04:27  
It means it's free no cost. The first ever

David Jackson  1:04:30  
features like the unlimited storage and programmatic monetization previously only available in a $250 a month at the enterprise package from I heart owned platform meaning Spreaker and are free for all podcast creators. The read the release describes existing free alternatives as mediocre so they're they're poking anchor here, and very basic, willing, willing to a deep dive Uh oh, we will link to a deep dive today in their platforms from sounds profitable. I had otter transcribe that, because I'm like, Did I miss something? Because if you go

Jim Collison  1:05:10  
into effect, like it's not showing on there. I mean, I still see their $250 plan.

David Jackson  1:05:15  
Bingo. That's what I said, I'm like, Did I miss something like? Because it sure sounded like he said Spreaker is now free claiming it's the first ever professional level podcast platform to be available at no cost. And I went over I'm like, that's really odd, because for a free platform, they have lots of pricing plans.

Jim Collison  1:05:33  
So maybe maybe that just hasn't gotten in yet. Maybe that's just a press release out ahead of

David Jackson  1:05:39  
that. That's my guess. Because I'm like, usually, no, I don't usually have to fact check.

Jim Collison  1:05:47  
So is this the first big change with I heart now, kind of in charge over there? Well, that

David Jackson  1:05:53  
was the thing is he said, they used to be number three, in hosting or something like that, and they'd fallen a few spots. And I'm like, so when I hear a company is is falling, and they throw out the free lifeline. I'm like, that's not a good business model kids, like, well,

Jim Collison  1:06:09  
but okay, this is the Spotify model, because their own by heart, right? So, so I hearts making the money like this, like in Spotify, they're making money off subscriptions, and advertising, not not hosting. And so that's the YouTube model, YouTube's doing just fine, without having to charge people to host their videos. Right. So. So this is the YouTube model, and I think they're gonna if we'll have to see. But in this kind of case, it looks like they're making that switch, which is good for me. Because I'm a corporate. I'm a corp, just full disclosure, I'm a corporate user of Spreaker. We went on Spreaker, 10 years ago, and we started podcasting. agalloch started using them, I got grandfathered into their best Yeah, pricing plan, which was everything for free. And I've been using that at work everything for free for the longest time. They've sent me a note two years ago that, hey, that's going to stop this thing and 2023, which back in 2021, during the pandemic seemed like forever ago. But in October, I'm supposed to switch over to their anchor man, or whatever the whatever the highest one is. And I budgeted for it. And I told, Hey, we've been getting this for free for 10 years, but we're gonna start paying for it. So if I read this, right, I'm gonna get that for free now. And

David Jackson  1:07:25  
that's the part of my dad James just said this. But the website says this. And the thing I just because now all the anchor people that have been saying, Hey, where are the ads that you promised us, and there aren't any are going to run over to Spreaker. And I have a bulk. You know, I mentioned this in my book, profit from your podcast, book, proven strategies to turn your listeners into livelihood when I was using Voxer, which was owned by Spreaker, which is now owned by our heart, which is owned by whoever. That's where I was getting paid the point 00017 cents, so I was making a whopping dollar 70 per 1000 downloads. And I went, Yeah, I can almost buy a Mountain Dew after that episode. So when everybody hears, oh, there's ads over there, you know, you take 300 and multiply that by point 00017. It's not a lot of money. So now it's better than a poke in the eye. But if I'm getting, if I have a choice of making my audience listen to an ad, or earn 27 cents, I'll take the hit on that. I'll, I'll make my audience not have to sit through a GEICO ad to get through that. But it's, it is confusing, because I put out as soon as I heard that, because I mean, James is the first voice I hear when I wake up. He's on my, the woman in the tube from Amazon. And so I'll I'll say play my flash briefing. And it gives me the the weather and stuff. And then James comes on. And I hear you know, speak Spreaker is now free. And I was like, say why? You know, and I get up? And I was like, Well, you know, so I didn't go have

Jim Collison  1:09:07  
to go read their press release. Because that's, that's important to me now. I mean, I'd look like a hero, if they went free. We kept the unlimited and because I think we have nine podcasts out there nine or 10, maybe maybe more, I think maybe 12 now, and they're all active. And you know, I have 4 million downloads out there. So yeah,

David Jackson  1:09:28  
JD says, Hey, I'm on Spreaker as well, and they're certainly still charging me. They haven't sent any users any email about moving to free. But if I log out and look at the plans page, it's it still shows a low tiers free. And that's I had kind of mentioned this to Todd Cochran. And he said it sounds like they're just moving. Like they're still gonna have a paid plan, but maybe they're expanding what their free does. And I was like, so we're all kind of waiting for this to kind of shake out. God has my favorite comment ever. I say this all the Time, make ads that sell your own stuff. That's why if you want to, I really don't like having advertisers on the school of podcasting because I make much more money, selling my own stuff. And that's when Dan from focus, right? He's like, I want to advertise on your show, I go, I am not cheap, because I said, I am not going to add your ad to my ad, your ad is going to replace my ad for my stuff. I said, because I don't really do that long show. And I want to have all the ads in it. And so but that is, there was an there's a market in email newsletter called The tilt from the people at Content Marketing World. It's the guy Joe pleasee, bluesy, something like that. It's called the tilt. And they did a survey of I think, was 1400 opportunity entrepreneurs. My mouth has decided not to work today. They've been talking a lot close enough, can I? And the number one way, the number one way 1400 entrepreneurs made money with selling their own products and services. And then when I hear Rob on the feed, explained that less than 10% of podcasts, get enough downloads to get, you know, quote, a big sponsor. I'm like, Why does every does everybody not see that? That means 90% of podcasters don't get it. But yeah, nobody's like, Oh, I'm gonna start podcasting, get ads. And I'm like, All right, well, again, everybody's got a goal. And you don't if you have a niche show, I mean, I don't the fact that I even get a sponsor, I'm nowhere near that 10,000 downloads, you need to get a sponsor. But Dan from focus, right wanted to get to podcasters. And well, I've got him so you're gonna say something?

Jim Collison  1:11:33  
Yeah, let me just share that free speech plan there. There we go from this is Spreaker from I Heart Radio, or from I heart I guess is what they're saying now, no credit card, customizable RSS feeds make money with ads. This is the change six months of stats, but unlimited episodes in I think, I think they're limiting it to one podcast, I don't think you can have mult. I don't think you can have multiple. And this is maybe going back to what they're talking about before. When I logged into my free account this morning, it was telling me I had too many podcasts, because I to in there. And it was saying you're over your limit. So I think that free plan is going to is going to be limited to one podcast. What will be interesting is to see is if they switch that across all their podcast feeds, because we have, we have a ton This is the you know, their pro plan here at 250 a month is is kind of where we're heading, because we just have, you know, have so many podcasts out there. Yeah. So after after contact, and maybe I'll send them a note this week and say, Hey, I need to talk to somebody because it's not clear. What exactly is what exactly is going on?

David Jackson  1:12:41  
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna send an email to James and just go, what? Can you expand on that a bit, you know,

Jim Collison  1:12:50  
they may be rolling this out, too. It's complicated to roll out this all these changes and get all the timing right. And some of these kinds of things. We've been going through that this week at work, we have a big change happening as well. And getting all that communication out to customers who don't check their email, who don't pay attention, and who come back all of a sudden, one day go, wait, what I've gone for two months and things change. Well, yeah, they do. Actually. Yeah, they do change.

David Jackson  1:13:12  
Yeah, that's a, we we have a thing coming out from Libsyn that I just did the video for that's coming out in probably a couple of weeks, because I just said hey, can we not roll that out? While I'm at Podcast Movement? I'm like, That would be bad. So yeah, the in theory, you know, Todd did a good job of this when they rolled out all the podcasting 2.0 features into blueberry is they had the documentation ready. Because that makes no sense to go, Hey, here's a new thing. Hope you figure out how to use it kind of thing. You got to have the documentation. But it is tricky to to have everything lined up. So one of the thing if you hadn't heard the new infinite dial came out from Edison Research. It's so weird. I want I need to contact Tom Webster, I wonder if he feels like an old football player. Like, you know, when the season starts again, because he was there for so long. And it's so weird to have somebody else besides Tom give this data but after, you know, the familiarity, so there's 17% of the public that doesn't know what a podcast is or have never heard the word podcast. So that's, that's kind of interesting. But the listing one, you know, I always tell people, it's gone up every pretty much every year. There was one in here, this one in 2013, where they changed the criteria of what a podcast was. And it took a dip there. But here you can see the the this was the pandemic right, we took a big old, from 20 to 21. We were rising but then whenever we went back to work, the listing went down to 38%. And now we're back up to 42 To which is higher than 2021. So 100 and 20 million people. And that's one of the things where we go, can we just pause and think about 120 million people listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. They have the, you know, so more men are listening than women in 2023. But both have gone up. So that's good. The wow, that's interesting, aged 12 to 34. I guess that makes sense. Because when I see 12, I'm thinking kids, but I'm like, Yeah, but that's, that's a pretty wide range, actually, when you think about it. But weekly podcasts listening up to 31% 89 million people. So I always I always want to look at this slide, of monthly 42% have listened once a month, or now if we go to this right, isn't this the people? You know, 64 million are listening. But why is that the case that only 31% are listening on a weekly basis. I'm like, that's a pretty big jump. But, you know, maybe again, it goes into which is one of the next slides here that I thought was cool. I remember when this slide was people were listening to seven podcasts a week. Well, first, it was six, and it was seven. And now we're up to us weekly podcast listeners average nine podcast, and I believe that is meant to be episodes. We don't know if it's episodes of the same show. So for The Daily Show, things like that. But I just know that number has, has gone up. So but they basically said, Yeah, we're post pandemic. So numbers are going up. Online audio is hit New Heights, and they kind of describe that that's the whole I Heart Radio on an app is now online radio, because it's not a podcast, but it's streaming kind of stuff. So and advertisers need to move more of their budgets into audio. And that's the thing when we're talking about ads earlier. You know, when Spreaker says, Hey, and I get it, it's an ad move, we're gonna give you the ability to run ads in your show, I was watching. It was some off might have been the something with a bunch of zoos on Animal Planet. And I'm watching it through Google TV. And it goes to a commercial. And it said, enjoy your moment of Zen. And it was just this Peaceful River, because they didn't have an ad. And I was like, wait a minute, like, why not? If nothing else, promote one of your other shows, you know, it's just this whole thing it takes that takes a lot of work,

Jim Collison  1:17:33  
though to fill that with cuz you don't want you don't want to get in that situation where you're showing one ad over and over and over and over and over again. In and so you got to get a bunch of ads, then you got to program up, Li put them in to make that work. And building a good ad is hard. So you know, one good Zen and that's goodwill, right? You know, people are like, Oh, I mean, all of a sudden imagine you're you're just getting blasted with ads and like, here's 30 seconds of Zen, you know, and you're like, Oh, well, this, that's pretty nice. You know,

David Jackson  1:18:05  
I went through YouTube TV, I didn't know I had this option. But it's in the app where you can go through and say, I'm like, I'm never going to watch home garden TV. I know that's sacrilege for some people. Does that mean? That was me? And I'm like, Wait, I've turned off my notifications. Why am I getting a notification, but we will turn that off. It's just letting me know that we have we're down to the final minutes of we're coming in.

Jim Collison  1:18:31  
We're coming in hot.

David Jackson  1:18:32  
I got it. Well, I've got a thing at noon. So let's wrap it up. We might end a little early. And I forget what I was talking about. Oh, but so I've ended up watching new channels that I normally don't watch, because I was like, I've never watched this. Like there's Comedy Central. But there's another one. And it's interesting, especially if you I got on a the one I walked out. And it turns out, I was watching something with the Golden Girls. I don't know what channel that was on. But I just left the TV on. And it's interesting when you watch different channels because they have a different audience. And I'm learning about some really interesting products that are never going to be advertised on mainstream media because they cost too much. But it was like you know, some sort of broom, you know, infomercial kind of thing. And I was like that looks kind of cool. So that's it was just from a podcasting standpoint. It was like, Oh, look here, different audience, different ads. And that kind of ties in into the the talk of advertising here that make sure your ads meet your audience. That's another thing Alex said. He was talking about how basically people are coming in. We kind of hint on burnout. People come into podcasting. They don't listen to podcast about podcasting. Or here's the other thing I see that happens a lot. There are so many options, right? If you think about it, how should I record my interviews? Should I use clean feed, or Riverside or Lipson connect or squad cast? There's too many choices. So what did they do? They asked me, they asked David Hooper, they asked Matthew PASI, you know that who and they get, like 15 different answers. And so what happens is people don't take any steps forward because they don't know which one it is. And, you know, I took a step and went with Podio for the School of podcasting. Eight months later, I'm moving why, because in the end wasn't really the right choice. And I was like, yeah, so if you start using Riverside, and it craps out on you, alright, don't use it anymore. You know, move to something else. It's not that big a deal. So, but anyway, Jim, what is coming up on home gadget geeks

Jim Collison  1:20:37  
this week? Yeah, my daughter's Sammy joins us She's fresh off of I shouldn't say Fresh, fresh on a new job. They're at the Bellevue Public Library. And so he started explaining all these cool things they do technology and gadgets and stuff that's available. And I had no idea that public library was doing these things. So interesting conversation. You can check it out. It's already posted home gadget You can

David Jackson  1:21:00  
rent tons of movies there. You can. It's a lot more than books, and cake bands. Yeah.

Jim Collison  1:21:08  
Our Our library has cake pans. You can check out

David Jackson  1:21:12  
that crazy. Yeah. There's no more card catalog that's gone.

Jim Collison  1:21:17  
That's in most cases. Yes. Yeah. Completely

David Jackson  1:21:19  
back into their day on the school of podcasting. It is going to be and this is fun. It's talking about being goofy. There's definitely goofiness coming on because the people I was talking to wear goofy, and it is talking about launching a podcast but through the with with insights from people like Jordan Harbinger, Joe saucy Hi, the Kristen Meisner, and just things like whom and one of the ones that people do when launching a show or to make a good show is crowd interaction. I'll ask the podcast coach, always helpful to get your audience involved. So that is coming out on Monday. Don't forget no show next week I will be coming back from Vegas and which means I have to record two episodes this week for the School of podcasting so this is where having one of the can is handy. So two weeks from this week will be an episode about using an email list with your podcast because that's been sitting there waiting for me when a damn my god crap. I need an episode. So don't burn all your content in one place. We'll see you in two weeks. Thanks to the chat room. We'll be back after the podcast Be sure to like and subscribe. Thank you so much everybody. Have a good weekend.

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