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March 5, 2014

iTunes SEO - Samson Q2U

iTunes SEO - Samson Q2U

Today we have Kenn Blanchard sitting in the co-host chair. Kenn is the man behind the  podcast, and is the author of  Reloaded. Dave has fun figuring out that is listening to the microphone, and not Dave's USB...

Today we have Kenn Blanchard sitting in the co-host chair. Kenn is the man behind the Black Man With a Gun podcast, and is the author of Black Man with a Gun Reloaded. Dave has fun figuring out that is listening to the microphone, and not Dave's USB interface. That caused Kenn to be MIA on spreaker for a while. 

Optimizing for iTunes [5:31]

Keep in mind that nobody really knows what works in iTunes. I know that I can type in Podcasting and my show(s) don't always show up. People will use pipes like this 

Podcasting name | key word | key word

You can try this, but there is no real stats to show this works. 

It would be better to make easy to remember links using the Pretty Link Plugin

New Mixer [10:23]

I purchased a Mackie 1202 VLZ3 off of ebay for $130. I could've got it new from Same Day Music for 2 payments of $135, but went for the used version (not sure I'm happy with that, there seems to be a slight buzz). The new version is the 1202 VLZ4

In researching this, the noise is from the iPad and it seems louder when the iPad is plugged into the computer. 

Using as Your Website [15:44]

Bill from the (Youth with a Mission) wants to know what I think about using Libsyn as not only a media host but also a web site (for those who are on a budget).

The Libsyn website portion has very little options for those who don't know code. You need to know HTML to to any editing. For me I'd rather avoid the headache and either get a Wordpress (self hosted) blog with a company like Hostgator (use the coupon code podcastcoach to save 25%) . Another (free) option is to use which now can be published to directly from  

You can get a free month at using the coupon code sopfree

Mike Phillips on Microphones For People in the UK [17:30]

You can find Mike at 

Mike explains that there seems to be no service for phones that is 100% reliable. He mentions that Blog Talk Radio has horrible audio, but their phone interface easy to use. 

Getting an ATR2100 in the UK. Mike recommend that's the Samson Q2U is fairly 

The Heil PR40 is a nice microphone, but its fairly expensive by the time you get the stand and all. A better microphone in that price range is the RE320 from Electro Voice. It has a more accurate representation of your voice, and you don't have to be up on top of it (and if you are the tones don't change). Using Same Day Music you can make two payments of $150 to get this microphone. BSW has a package right now for the RE320 with a shock mount and pop filter for $399 (the pop filter alone is about $70 with shipping)

Shout Engine Media Hosting - No Thank You [25:30] is a new media hosting that:

Renames your files

Changes the sample rate

Provides an RSS feed that is invalid

Messes with your ID3 tas.

Mike is testing 

Too Much Focus on Making Money? [37:30]

Mike mentions that there have been "Snake Oil" salesmen in every form of media over the years, and now its coming to podcasting. 

Patreon Insights [41:53]

Nick from has launched a patreon campaign and has 10 patrons already. This has inspired Dave to test the waters which you can see at

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