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Sept. 19, 2015

Live Does Not Always Equal Good / Custom Podcast Apps

Live Does Not Always Equal Good / Custom Podcast Apps

Live Does Not Always Equal Good / Custom Podcast Apps

Dave reflects on his trip to Podcast Mid Atlantic and talk about enjoying having people create good content that pushes you to do better. Competition is a godo thing when it pushes you to be better. He explains how there really are "original" ideas. The case in point the iPad is simply an update of the Walkman.

 Live Does Not Equal Good

 Dave talks about the new show Best Time Ever and while it was LIVE, it was all over the place. He had a woman who was singing a hit from 1979 along with extreme pogo sticking, with a stunt in the middle. Who is the audience for this stuff?

Blab is still popular, but we need to make sure to have something to say when you press record if your live or being recorded.

Blab Updates

10:12 Blab has added tabs to make it easy to see the questions, mentions, etc. It makes it easier to make sure the questions don't get lost in the chat.

(Dave explains what a mix minus is as it was causing an issue in Jim's headphones).

Become an Awesome Supporter

12:13 Joy ride was the platform that we used for our awesome supporters. You get access to post show recordings, behind the scenes information, and more. The good news is Joyride was purchased by Google. The bad news is they shut it down so we are using Patreon. If you go to to sign up. Thank you in advance.

Sidenote: You can upload directly to YouTube from Blab.

Podcasts App Upgrade with iOs 9

15:29 Do NOT upgrade to IOs 9 if you use the Podcasts app from Apple.

Dave really likes Overcast:  but I need the Podcasts app to create clammrs.

Clammr Now Part of Simple Podcast Press

16:53 The Simple Podcast Press plugin now has the ability to create clammrs right from the web (this is very cool, and the plugin was already awesome)

How Do I Start a Podcast

19: 06 Start with your content, and we recommend the Audio technica 2100

iJingle is what Dave uses to play the music, etc. i-jingle pro - CamelWeb Creations

Dave and Jim use a C920 camera.

Jim is Using Custom Apps from Spreaker

25:00 He got a sponsor to cover the $200 a year cost of the app. You can get a free month at spreaker using the coupon code sopfree. Here is a link to Jim's Home Gadget Geeks -  App.

ATR2100 Discussion and More Blab Talk92

Jason Bryant from Mat talk shares how he is using the Atr2100 when he announces wrestling matches.


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