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Aug. 20, 2015

Live From Podcamp Pittsburgh

Live From Podcamp Pittsburgh

Live From Podcamp Pittsburgh

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Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting, Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk, and Jim Collison fromthe Average Guynetwork take your podcast questions.

2:25 Mike Dell talks about being on Terrestrial Radio

4:45 Podcamp Pittsrbugh Report

Dave gives a report from Podcamp Pittsburgh. This is his first time at the event. He is going to do an inptomptu session on "Understanding the Podcast Puzzle" (Awesome supporters got to see this presentation). Dave metnioneed

8:55 Blubrry Announces Wordpress Hosting

Mike provides a quick update.

10:25 Paying for Advertising to Promote Your Show

Mike from the 2980 Network wants to know if Facebook, Google, or other networks is better. Dave has been hearing about all the great things you can do with targeting on Facebook to really get to your target audience. No matter what service you use, be careful and have a specific action you want people to take (as it can get expensive pretty quick). Jim's business uses Google Ad Words.

17:15 Crowdfire Targeted Twitter Tool

Mike explains a tool to follow people who are potentially like you and then later you can do some automatic follows. Its more of a target follow than a blanket follow. Check it out at If you use the $4.99 app it unlocks most of the limits. 23:05 Jim's New Co-host Mike is Jim's new co-host on his network. He lost one two the arch enemy of podcasting: babies. Jim is seeing more Omaha people now.

24:36 Facebook Ads is the Best Bang For the Buck

Andy explains how to get the most from Facebook ads. Adny is using groups to engage with his potential audience. Long Tail Pro is a great tool for doing keyword research. Andy liked Dave's recommendation of the book Fizz. Dave's shares a story on how he got banned from a forum many moons ago.

30:20 Glenn The Geek Episode

Andy really liked Glenn the Geek from Horse Radio Network on the episode of the School of Podcasting Glenn is making a living with his podcast without copying anyone, not worrying about CPM ads. It's a really refreshing look at podcasting.

33:35 A Great line from Paul Colligan

Paul produces the Podcast Report, and he said, "Starting A Podcast To Hit iTunes “New And Notable” Is Like Launching A Business To Get Into The Phone Book. Great episode. 

33:59 Why Doesn't Jim Coming to Conferences?

Nick Seuberlingwants to know why Jim doesn't go to podcast events. His schedule just hasn't lined up yet, but he is looking forward to Podcast Movement 2016. Jim is also not a fan of Vegas.

36:30 Please Don't Copy Other Podcasts - Dave's Mini Rant

Come up with you own thing. Dave felt bad as someone invited him on his show, only to then do a watered down version of Entrepreneur on Fire. I was honored to be on the show, but I'm pretty sure I could've said anything, and the host would've just moved on to the next question.

38:55 Chat Service

We took a quick look, and it could be weird to have the public jumping in. When you have a live audience, you never know what you are going to get. It looks interesting and has more of a "Brady Bunch" effect than a Google hangout. Check it out at

43:00 Reaching Out To Your Audience Live.

If you're worried about giving out your phone number you can use a Google Voice number which you can later use to block the person. Mike uses Skype out. You do have to be careful with the public. You might want to make sure your audience is aware of the boundaries. Blubrry has people acorss all of the major time zones.

47:50 Biggest Support Pains at BluBurry

1. iTunes Listings 2. Incredibly complex Wordpress installs. A solution might be to install Wordpress in a subdomain and keep it super simple (and embed the podcast on the main site). Jim used this strategy on the Average Guy website. Mike has done this with a few people. Nobody cares that its coming from a secondary site. When someone pushes play, the average listener doesn't look at the address to see where the files are located.

53:00 Plugins that Cause Problems

Wishlist member causes issues that can be fixed. Yoast Wordpress SEO has caused problems in the past. PodPress is no longer listed in the directory. Dave made a video talking about bad advice called "Why you need a Podcast Consultant." Why you should be nervous about SoundCloud. 56:20 Adore Network on Spreaker Rob Greenlee is putting together a network on Spreaker called Adore


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