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Oct. 1, 2015

Living Your Life With No Margin For Error

Living Your Life With No Margin For Error

Living Your Life With No Margin For Error

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Today we are JLD and Blab Free (things we keep talking about each week - We love them both, but we are mixing in some new stuff).

Blab Purchases PodClear
Dave had some issues using Podclear in the past. We are assuming its the coding that was purchased. Podclear was saying they could have up to 9 people at the same time and you would get 9 separate files and one combined. This should be interesting. It is nice that this might put some pressure on Google Hangouts. At this point, podclear is shut down. We are all in "wait and see mode."

 Podcast App Still Not Working...

7:10 We are really surprised that the new version of the Apple Podcasts App is still not working.... We all agree Overcastis a great alternative. The way it syncs across different phone/iPad.

When You Live at 100%

11:15 Life is tough when you live at your peak performance. There is no room for life to throw you any curve balls. When you are in this type of situation everything has to go right. Dave spoke at a local group on Thursday and it backed up his entire week. 

  • Cut out things that do not move you toward your goals. 
  • Keep everything organized so you don't spend time looking for stuff. Jim does a monthly check of all his systems. 
  • It might be more expensive as you need things to work right the first time. Dave explains how he will not unplug his recorder any more. He will use his second recorder.
  • Resist the urge to set a second podcast.

Dave explains how he might be featured on the Local News for International Podcast Day.

19:45 Camera Adapters and the ATR2100

The Camera Kitfrom Apple allows you to plug the microphone in via USB and right into you iPad or iPhone

Social Media Tools

21:19 Kim from wants to know what we are using for Social Media.

Cutting Back On Your Shows

28:49 Dave talks about how its getting harder to find content for his Weekly Web Tools podcast and he is contemplating shutting it down. 

Hosting Suggestions?

32:09 Kim is having issues with Hostgator (which Dave loves their service, you can save 25% using the coupon podcastcoach a

Kim is releasing a podcast with a certain amount of episodes and then it will stop. Should I release them all at once? 

Dave feel you should roll them out over time. There is no way that everyone will go back and listen to every episode and with that in mind - episode 1 gets ignored. 

As Kim knows what will be in the next episode she can tease next week's show at the end of each episode. This is a tip from the Podcast Talent Coach show.

Intro and Outro Music

39:21 You can get professional intros created at Music Radio Creative. You want the music to fit the content and/or the host. You can find music at Audio Jungle and make your own. Don't use illegal music. Jim has contacted local musicians to have music crated. 

 What About a Daily Show?

42:39 The bottom line to any schedule is bringing value.  You can publish at whatever schedule you want. 

Getting Behind in Listening

45:10 Keep in mind not everyone can keep up with that show, they feel guilty, and the unsubscribe. As long as the show delivers value, I will listen if I'm weeks behind. 

The Old Salesmen Trick

48:30 Which one works better for you? This can be helpful when trying to schedule an interview. You offer multiple days. This helps get "none" off the table. Dave uses Appointlet .Another free option is CalendlyWhatever you use time zones can be a frequent issue. I like to have a tool that automatically reminds my guests. 

Launching on a Specific Day

52:30 People want to launch on International Podcast Day. Keep in mind you have no control over how long it takes to get listed in iTunes. It's best to get it into iTunes and the other directories, and then announce it on a certain day. Many musicians do this, they wait until the CD is in their hand to do a CD release program. 

Jim is Launching a Three Minute Podcast

53:48 Jim explains the fun of launching a new three minute show and working out the kinks. Its called the silicon prairie news minute


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