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Jan. 8, 2022

Multiple Languages in a Single Podcast?

Today we answer a question that came in from the website at (see the microphone in the bottom right-hand corner. Thanks to the following: Podcast Branding Based on a True Story Podcast Dog Podcast Network Our Awesome...

Today we answer a question that came in from the website at (see the microphone in the bottom right-hand corner.

Thanks to the following:

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Keep the Flame Alive - Fans of the Olympics & Paralympics

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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



David Jackson  0:00  
What'd you call it now? Stream yard

ask the podcast coach for January 8 2022. Let's get ready to park. There is that it's that music. It is. The means Hey, it's Saturday. It's time for Ask the podcast coach, where you get your podcast questions answered. Live. I'm Dave Jackson from the School of And joining me right over there is the one and only Jim Collison from the average Jim, how's it going, buddy?

Jim Collison  0:38  
Greetings, Dave, happy Saturday morning to you that one of the things I like about stream yard that, you know, as we're all going back to work and doing zoom again, like the holidays are over, which is super, it's a bummer. Bummer that the holidays are over. But on Zoom, you can never predict where someone's going to be for somebody else. Like it's always different. You can't do that. But on streaming, you can always guarantee you know, if you're pointing a certain direction, it always works. So welcome to the this. Is this our first one? No,

David Jackson  1:04  
we did one last week. Yeah, I had to think about that. I was like, Wait, is it happy new year kind of tiny party but we partied last week. Welcome back everybody. Yeah, so And, Jim, we have it's a very special week. This week. Are you ready to party? Yes, right party. All right. Except that's still the old music. Let's do this. I love live, don't you? Here we go. We have a new patriots. Yeah. I'm standing up. I'm giving them a standing ovation. It is. It's awesome. Especially Great timing for this. Because it's all about let me share my screen. It's all about the Olympics. And of course, I just noticed that they're starting like if you like the Olympics, we've got the podcast for you. That breaks down all sorts of Olympics. In fact, they even sent in a promo so it's called you can find that flame alive It's keep the flame alive. And here is Jill and Alison to tell you about me I'm Denise you

Unknown Speaker  2:16  
love the Olympics and Paralympics come to shuffle Stan with keep the flame alive.

Unknown Speaker  2:20  
I'm Jill jerris. And I'm Alison Brown. We host keep the flame alive the most fun podcast for fans of the Olympics and Paralympics.

Unknown Speaker  2:26  
Each week we explore stories from all sides of the games

Unknown Speaker  2:29  
during the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be in Beijing to bring you daily recaps of all the action cheer

Unknown Speaker  2:35  
with us for our shockless Downey's on team keep the flame alive. Play my iPod calm and your favorite podcast app.

David Jackson  2:41  
Ready? There you go. So if you're into the Olympics, that's the podcast to listen to. Thank you ladies checking them out again. flame alive. And Jim, you have to be really thirsty by now we've made

Jim Collison  2:54  
my gosh, we've made him so I'm so thirsty. Dave. Can you help me out?

David Jackson  2:59  
I can help you out. And of course, that particular pour is brought to you by our good friends. Our good friends. Yeah, apparently mark is now two people mark over at podcast If you need anything to look more professional, whether that be a PDF, a Oh, a website, he can do a whole website. He can do your artwork. He did the Ask the podcast coach, he did the podcast radio show. He did the school of podcasting. If I started another podcast in let's face it 2022 You know that's going to happen. I'll be getting my artwork from Mark over podcast branding cope. And the great thing about it not only is Marc, a great graphic artist is an award winning artist. He's also a podcaster. So he gets the whole thing. And I saw some really bad artwork this morning in Facebook, and I was like, you know where you need to go. I'm here to tell you, podcast You're going to look great. And remember, they kind of see you before they hear you. And that's why you want to have a great looking artwork. So check it out. podcast

Jim Collison  4:16  
thanks to our good friend Dan, the fab over there at based on a true story, podcast calm. And Dan's off to another year. And if you need another podcast to listen to that, you know, he looks at movies and TV shows that are based on a true story. Are they he's got some fabulous and fantastic guests based on a true story. Dan, thanks for your sponsorship for Ask the podcast coach.

David Jackson  4:38  
And I was really worried. I've been playing with a podcast radio show this week. We can talk about that a little later. Maybe but I saw where I reviewed Dan show and I was like oh did I like totally just and because it's a good show. It got you know, the horse winning it was like hey, that's really cool. So So congrats to Dan for not having me, trashes. But we actually do have a voicemail if you go out to ask the podcast coach calm down in the bottom right hand corner, there's actually a voicemail button and we got a voicemail from Ian

Unknown Speaker  5:12  
Hello, my name is Ian Antonio Patterson of the English coach podcast live in the language reached out to you guys from lovely Berlin. I discovered the show today and I was pleasantly surprised when I was actually waiting for my third vaccine. But I have a question for you. Since you're writing questions. I'm running what has now evolved into being multilingual podcast. It took me about five years to recognize that it's not all about English, and you know, being Jamaican myself. And since we're all talking about inclusion these days, I want to do what is right for my listenership. So again, from your experience, what do you think is the best way to manage a multilingual podcast? Should I do straight German one time that straight English or should I mix it? What do you think I'm a little bit confused? And you know, I mean, yeah, have to rely on your knowledge and experience in this regard. All right. Again, English coach podcast, living the language reaching out to you from lovely cold, Berlin. Thanks again for the opportunity. And bye for now.

David Jackson  6:24  
Thanks for sending that in. So we got two languages, and one podcast. And this is where I emailed him. I said, The problem is, you're asking an American, and I learned German in fifth, sixth and seventh grade, and I barely remember how to count to 10. And I said, and from what I understand, this is where I need. This is where we need Craig, or somebody from across the pond. I'm like, if it was me, I would split them. I would have an English podcast and a German podcast, because and that's where I'm like, but on the other hand, Europe is much more bilingual than we are. So they might tolerate having multiple languages. In fact, they might actually appreciate it because now they can work on their English. I don't know what do you I know you guys have at Gallup, you have multiple languages and

Jim Collison  7:12  
things are six now six outside of English, which is yeah, pretty crazy. We, we started with them all in one channel. So one, on YouTube, there was one Clifton's drinks, channel, all the languages I use playlists, to separate them out. Those were the early days of that each one of them from day one, each one of them had their own in language podcast channel, so we didn't mix them. I didn't mix the English, it was kind of, I guess the question is, what does your audience expect? If I started flying, like Portuguese, and Spanish and German and French, if I down Chinese, Japanese, those are languages. I started flooding those down the English channels, I would get people who'd be like, I, I just can't write, I can't, I'm out. We don't want that to happen. So in the podcast channels, we were in language, they had their own from the very, very beginning, over the Christmas holiday season this year, I separate it all out, I still have Spanish to do, but the other five have moved to their own YouTube channels so that they have their own in language channels. So if the intent of the podcast Dave is to mix the languages, in other words, if I was teaching, right, Craig, if I'm, if I'm teaching someone another language, I might want them both, because that's the intent of the podcast, right? If it's just content, I'm, I'm I probably I probably separate them out in YouTube. There's some value on YouTube because they ask you all kinds of questions about what language is this? You have certified transcripts in it? All those kinds of things? So I think, what's the intent of the podcast?

David Jackson  8:54  
Yeah, and Daniel says, Apple specifically says not to have dual language podcasts. Unless, is teaching a language so I didn't I didn't know that. So

Jim Collison  9:03  
you know, I? Well, I think, I think that kind of makes sense. Listen, every every podcast is different. So you need to kind of think through it. But I think the the very first question is, what is your audience expect? And if they're expecting English and all of a sudden German kicks in? That's going to be I love a Stephen it said this kind of interesting. He made me think for a second like, put it in stereo English in on the right and the German on the left, then they can choose, like, that's kind of cool if you could kind of sync them up. So that you turn left or right. I mean, that the ad you played or the Yeah, we played for the Olympic one. That was in stereo that was left and right. I know I heard that right. And so I don't know if you do that'd be kind of cool, though. You could kind of flip between the two. I don't know that's That sounds

David Jackson  9:52  
pretty awful. Master cauldron recourse has the best answer ever. When in doubt, ask your audience. And then yeah, gators. saying, Man, that editing would be a nightmare trying to sync that up.

Jim Collison  10:04  
Oh, yeah. Oh, for sure. No, because, yeah, if you've done any, you know, cross language stuff, it doesn't know. It doesn't exactly translate. Yes. Right. Sometimes it's long takes a little bit longer. One time, I was doing it in Portuguese. And I said this big, long sentence. And he said, like four words. And I was like, is that it? He's like, Yeah, that's it. That's as simple. And then there are times I've said a few words. And there's a big long explanation. So you just that would be my mind.

David Jackson  10:31  
Yeah. Exhibit A old Godzilla movies. Things don't always kind of think up that well.

Jim Collison  10:38  
They don't know. But to his point about inclusion, and thinking about the, you know, Dave, I've often thought, wow, how great would it be to be able to do it in English, and then have it available in Tran in some kind of translated form for other languages where it matters, I'm sure. If you look at Ask the podcast coach or even school, podcasting, you're probably getting downloads in countries where English is not the primary language, right?

David Jackson  11:04  
Yeah, I used to listen, there was a guy from a listener, the School of podcasting that did like a super hard rock show. And it was in English. And I forget his other language, but it was always interesting, because he be talking about Alright, well, here's the new one from, you know, death, kill, punch, whatever, you know, band, whatever. And he played the song, and then he come back. And I want to say it was Japanese. And I was like, Okay, I have no idea what he's doing. But I know in about probably 45 seconds, he's gonna play another song, so I'll just hang tight while you know. But it was it was bilingual. The whole thing was like, oh, okay, so I think he, I think he introduced the song in English. And then he would kind of say, you just listen to blah, blah, blah, in Japanese, and then he would introduce it. So it was kind of on both sides of it. But it was just, if you didn't know what was coming, it was like, Wait, is there something wrong with my phone? Because all of a sudden, there's this different language coming out? So

Jim Collison  12:02  
Dr. asked this question, how do you choose which languages to put your show in in, we have a couple requirements. One is we need to have resources available in that language, who can do those programs, we what we don't do is an exact like, I don't do a show, and then we do five copies or six copies of it in that language. It just that's just not that's, that's kind of unscalable for us. So we try to create in language content that is similar to some other stuff that we've done, but not exactly the same. So I have to have resources that are available in that language. And then of course, we have to have customers, that language needs to have a certain number of customers. We don't we don't have a number that we choose. But we kind of, you know, we kind of need to say, well, we've got customers in that language enough that there would be an audience to listen to it.

David Jackson  12:52  
Yeah, the beauty of it is podcasting is picking up, you know, all over the world, from what I hear from Todd. Brazil is going bonkers when it comes to that. And

Jim Collison  13:02  
other uses one of our languages. Yeah. Yeah. So it's one

David Jackson  13:07  
of the things that, you know, we're gonna hear more countries and languages getting into podcasting, which is great. More communication more, you know, more fun jump in the water. It's great fun. So um, so again, if you have if you're listening to this later, you're not able to attend live, just go out to ask the podcast And you can click on the little microphone there in the bottom right hand corner. And we'll play your little question when comes in. So we appreciate that. It's a good question. Here's something I saw this morning in the Facebook groups. And I it's spit it out, Dave, what should somebody expect? If they don't have a niche? Because a lot of people are just talking, they're doing the whole and for the record, there's nothing wrong with this. And it always comes back to why are you doing this in some cases, but it's like, I'm just talking to cool people, because I just want to hang out and talk to people. And that's definitely something that a lot of people do. That's Rogan's format. Right? Exactly. But I want to take Joe Rogan out of the picture, because that's not fair because he came with an audience. And that's the thing the people that are kind of talking to different people with with no real.

Jim Collison  14:25  
It's Larry King's, that was Larry King's format. Yeah, but he was interviewing celebrities. Well, that shows Rogan, right? So that's really where it points maybe where the difference is, and maybe that's an answer to one of your questions. If you're going. Maybe if you're not going to have a true niche, and you're going to do a general interview, then maybe the size of the guest matters, like the, the famous NES, maybe that's one of the things to consider.

David Jackson  14:51  
Yeah, cuz I know. It's always it seems that a person with that style of show is also the person Like, how do I grow my audience? And you go over and they interviewed a clown of firemen, and a Satanist. And you're like, why? Like, you know, and I get it that all those people have, you know, who wouldn't want to know what it's like behind the scenes of being a clown, or firemen, or whatever. But it's like, I always use the analogy, even though you can't play music on a podcast, if I did a blues podcast, and I played some Delta Blues, and then I played some some BB King, and like, 70s kind of blues. And then I played some Joe Bonamassa. Like, for me, when I hear Delta Blues, it's like, I get it. I'm like Robert Johnson. You know, I bow to you, the man that started blues kind of, but half the time his guitar was out of tune. And it sounds like somebody is frying bacon. And it's like, I just can't take it. So all that

Jim Collison  15:51  
boils down to is the personality, though? I mean, again, people listen to that he will not count. I mean, the contents got to be good. But they're really there to hear you. Right? I mean, I think I think that's good, folks. It's got to be both. And you got to be interesting in an attractive crowd. And in a way that people want to follow you, you have to be accessible, you have to do some things that people want to be a part of. I mean, when you when you when you hear people talk about Rogan, like when I hear my kids talk about Joe Rogan, which is crazy, right? You know, there is a great podcast like I've been doing it forever. Why aren't you listening to mine? Well, they're not interested in the things that I like, I'm not that interesting to them. They're, they're really interested by Joe Rogan. Right? They just interested in his personality. I mean, it you know, Elon Musk has that same kind of attractive personality, where people are like, No, I want to hear more from them in my, in my niche, niche, everyone said it Gallup, I mean, the coaches that I'm in that space where they want to hear those things, right. So I think Dr. At asked this question that I think it ties into this. So she's got a podcast and side hustle for boomers, how do I find out which countries would be interested in to justify putting it in another language? And I think the same thing is, how do I know that what kind of content I'm doing is working? Well, in in her case, you can start looking at your your download numbers and say, Hey, what countries Am I reaching today? But I think you're gonna have to do some, you're gonna probably have to do a little bit of research to say, what other countries have a high propensity to be talking about these kinds of issues as well. Yeah.

David Jackson  17:28  
One hand, you should be able to get that from your stats. Now. Like if all sudden you look up, and you're like, Wow, I'm getting boatloads of downloads in Brazil, or, you know, exactly stand.

Jim Collison  17:40  
Well, like, in our case, Poland, right. doing really, really well. But sure, I have to make this decision. Do I need to find some things? And like, do I need to create a channel and polish to? Because they, they kill for that? Yeah. You know, and how do I know that? I know that because our sales numbers in Poland are are above where they, we think they should be? Right. That's, that's the benefit of selling those selling products? Is you can kind of go oh, okay, yeah, we're doing really well, in Poland, we have to think about Japan is another market for us that we can tell by sales. There's demand there. So that's one way if you if you're if you're selling into those countries.

David Jackson  18:21  
Yeah, that's, it's interesting. When you see like, well, we're only doing a podcast in this kind of other language and what a coinkidink sales are up in that that country. So

Jim Collison  18:31  
yeah, yeah. Well, Dave, you could ask to in your English, say you're doing an English and you're wondering like, what other languages you could do a survey on? And to say, Hey, I'd love you to contact me. If you're if, if you'd like this in your native language, contact me? Well, you're gonna get I mean, the highly engaged ones, you're going to get that that'd be another quick indicator of like, maybe what else should I provide? be providing the same?

David Jackson  18:56  
Yeah. Again, going back to the old, when in doubt, ask your audience.

Jim Collison  19:02  
Exactly. Exactly. Well, we

David Jackson  19:05  
were using stream yard I have upgraded I'm now stream yard Pro. And from what I understand, which I didn't set, now I think about it, I have to go into stream yard and tell it to give me separate tracks, which I did not do this morning. So but it'll give you separate wave tracks if you want to. So

Jim Collison  19:23  
yeah, they've really upped the any over their stream yard. And they're getting since they've been acquired. Their development cycle is a ton faster. I mean, it wasn't bad before. And I'm a big fan of when you got a great product, leave it alone, right? Like, stop iterating on it, because it gets you get more options, options, equal confusion. Oh, yeah. I'm a big fan. But they're they're doing that as well. Hey, what do you think, now that you're on this Pro Plan, and we're going out to Facebook and you see a lot of things that are going on behind the scenes at Lipson What do you think about this Facebook I looked at the recording The other day, they were like, hey, put your put your Show on Facebook. And I was like, This doesn't seem very easy. So anyways, what do you think

David Jackson  20:08  
I have finally put the school of podcasting on my page. And their directions were like, even in the directions is like if you're using this version, it's this if using classic Facebook and I'm like classic Facebook icon. And the the biggest confusing thing about it is you can set up your RSS feed, and literally both times I've done it, I've just clicked and I'll be like, wait, I'm in the business section again, hold on, click, click, click, click, click Oh, there it is. And if somebody said, How did you do that? I go, I don't know. I just all of a sudden, I saw the podcast thing. I put in my RSS feed. And the thing that's weird is you put it in, and then you have to go to the app to see if it's working. So I have not checked my stats to see. You know, if I'm getting I know I hear Robin, Elsie say that, you know, and Todd even said that it's going to be in the top 10. So I'll be interested to see, you know, as time goes on, because according to Tom Webster from Edison Research, he was saying how he feels if your audience is older, right? If you got boomers in your audience, this might be a way to reach them, because those people are on Facebook.

Jim Collison  21:19  
And they said is that we say boomers and Facebook.

David Jackson  21:22  
Yeah. And but I do real well, and there are people in that might not even work though. And here's why I have there's a Libsyn client that came from radio. And their audience doesn't understand apps. And for all I know they have a flip phone. And so that's where they're looking in that he has a premium account. So he's a global customer. And they want to go to a website and click play. And when the answer is oh, here, just copy and paste this link into Google. They're like, Ha, what do you mean copy and paste? And I was like, oh, challenge accepted. Okay. So um, it for me, what do I think about it? It's another place. I mean, it's Facebook. It's huge. And it you know, it took me actually took me about a half an hour to figure it out.

Jim Collison  22:15  
Yeah, yeah, that was the thing. It was like setting up mix minus this, plug in and play plug this into this. Plug this in over here, adjust this kind of thing. I was like, what? Seriously? It's this hard. Yeah, Facebook.

David Jackson  22:26  
And then when I was when I finally found it, and I put in my feet and said, Hey, you can only have this podcast listed in one account. And here I had somehow don't even remember doing it had set this up on kind of my friends and family Facebook, not the so I had to go find it. And then I have to go into my friends and family and find where it was. And again, I'm just clicking clicking. Nope, that's not it. Is it? No, I'm in the business section again. Hold on. Click. Oh, there it is. podcast. Yeah, deleted it and then put it back. So I have not checked my stats yet to see. I just I hear a lot of people are like, this could be big. And I'm like, so what's headliner? You know? Yeah,

Jim Collison  23:07  
yeah. Yeah. By the way, do casters who who asked that question came in through twitch. So we were talking, you know, a little bit earlier. Like, hey, you and me were like, Hey, is anybody on Twitch? Yeah. Yeah, it's it's I think it's one of those you got, like Facebook, you have to be on Twitch to make it work. No, you don't have to be in twitches. Twitch chat can be a little interesting. So just before he jumped out there and make sure they listen, Twitch expects a lot more engagement from us over there, like, because it's all if you go to twitch, it's all gamers in like, as soon as someone's saying something the Twitch folks expect you to say something like if they're chatting with you, they want you to interact with them did not YouTube's fairly you know, you guys, you guys are pretty patient. Yeah, but not on Twitch. Let's just be really clear about it. So know your audience going out to some of these in we did a I just did a LinkedIn live on Friday, which we had great audience engagement on. And of course, some folks are going to Facebook. So where's your audience? What's working? Where are the numbers? Right? I mean, those are all great questions. LinkedIn live is great for us because we're a professional podcast so it works out I mean, it works out awesome for us when I take my stuff for Gallup on to twitch probably not probably not

David Jackson  24:29  
so yeah, we'll see but yeah, so I'm I just last night I set it up on my handy place it'll take me I'm blasting it out there I got the I have the power now that I'm a stream yard Pro user but got another question here. From lawyer love podcast many people who say they don't care about how large their audience actually do. People and people often care about fame and or money, but just don't admit it. Yes, I have. I've seen people do this. I I just want to if I could help one person, if I could just help one person, you know, a great Wow, that's that's an amazing attitude. And about three months later, they're like, Okay, how do I make some money doing this? Because I'm paying an editor. It's taking my time. And I've got, you know, 27 downloads, and you're like, Yeah, but you're helping member you're, you're helping 27 people. Yeah, I got to make some money at this. So you know, it's, there was a lot of people let people love the quote, monthly stats. And there's the other thing I saw on Facebook this morning, that I kind of go, huh. And that is, it's like, they're looking at their watch. And they're like, Oh, I've been doing this about seven months. I guess it's time to monetize. And I'm like, I don't think that's how that works. You know, it's like the guitar player goes, Well, I've been playing guitar now for seven months. Guess it's time to move to Nashville and become a star? And I'm like, No, I don't.

Jim Collison  25:58  
But it might be though, like we say that, but it might be you might have this, like you may have this incredible talent that all of a sudden, just takes off. I know. Listen, I know. We're setting like 99% of the expectation right? Now. I hate to stop that. 1% of the future Taylor Swift who?

David Jackson  26:18  
Right? That's true. What did she started 14, something like that.

Jim Collison  26:21  
Right? And I listen, I remember early in her early days, my kids, my especially my boys Pooh poohing her like, oh, Taylor, blah, blah. It's like High School Musical. And then all of a sudden, she's gigantic. Right? And so like her lover, hater. You she's, she's been wildly successful. I would hate for someone to have said and I think people tried. Yeah, Taylor, you should grow up a little bit before you try these things. Right. I'd hate for somebody to say

David Jackson  26:52  
well, and she changed her format that was like she was country when she first came out or Sure. Well, that was easy. That was an easier way in. If I told you the Eric Kay Johnson Taylor Swift story.

Jim Collison  27:02  
Yeah, yeah, we've talked about that a little bit. Yeah. She's insane

David Jackson  27:05  
on how she communicates with her audience and to make

Jim Collison  27:09  
thank you notes if she meets if she meets you. Yeah, that's

David Jackson  27:11  
it. That's the 10 second version is if you meet her, you get a thank you note later with very specific things about what you talked about. I was like, That makes my brain hurt.

Jim Collison  27:21  
And hurt her merch is ridiculous. Like the what she's doing from a merch perspective. And, you know, because for a lot of years, she didn't know her own content, which is kind of crazy. And and so her, you know, for a lot of musicians, the way they make money is through their merch channels. And they just sell I mean, what she, what she sells and shirts and calendars. And like, it's crazy. Yeah, just crazy.

David Jackson  27:44  
So well, that's, that's where new record deals if you if you're like a new and upcoming band, and again, from your lovely friends in the record industry, they now literally want to own a part of you. Like they'll say, Okay, well, when you signed to our label, we're going to give you X amount of money to record the record, but we're going to get X percentage of your T shirt sales of all your merch of under debt, and they just own a piece of you. And I was like that because that's where the money is. Really, it's I forget. I forget who I was listening to and they're talking about the amount of money Bruce Springsteen makes in just merch like that ticket sales. Jenner was just nuts and I was

Jim Collison  28:29  
the critical role cast the so if you haven't seen I think this is the probably one of the biggest podcasts that most people never heard of his critical role. MIT, they have millions of listeners, they they may right now they may be rivaling Joe Rogan from an engagement standpoint, they are huge. And they play d&d. Like this is their whole thing. They play d&d, they have set records on Kickstarter for for raising, you know, raising money for they did they just they asked their audience like, hey, what, you know, what if we did an animated series, and they broke all kinds of Kickstarter records doing it, right? They, they raised money, they do great things and raise money for charities and such. And they set records every time. It's, it's pretty incredible. But that's another one of those situations where you would I mean, they they are so in tune to what their audience wants, that they something, this is what's crazy, something will happen on the show and a phrase will be said, and that phrase will catch on. And within two or three weeks, they have a T shirt for that. Like, I mean, they're just they're so hypersensitive to the things they do and meeting the audience demand quickly. That's risky. Because, you know, you get a phrase like that you create a t shirt, you print a bunch of them. You don't know if that thing's gonna sell. Right? You know, then in their case, it seems to like they're doing pretty well. So, you know, having this hyper attention to your to your audience, I think in being able to Fast I think it's important expect especially in merch.

David Jackson  30:03  
Oh yeah cuz that's strike hot hot in merch is a way for your, your diehard fans to basically kind of wave their flag and say that so when you see another, you know, whatever ask the podcast coach or you're like, Ah, nice shirt. I mean I see people do that with football jerseys and stuff like that. So

Jim Collison  30:22  
Brandon makes a good point critical roles full of voiceover actors who've been doing this. They've been, this isn't their first time. But nobody knows voiceover actors. Like it, maybe. I mean, it's a soup. It's not like Rogen, who was who, who came in. I mean, he had he came in hot on podcasting, because he had a big audience to start with. They're not so much on critical role. The one thing I like about critical role is they really are paying attention to what they're doing. And they're doing it excellently well. And so it's just, it's phenomenal that they, they grew during the pandemic.

David Jackson  30:57  
What's fun about Rogan is if you Google like, I don't know what you'd have to go to YouTube to actually find them. But I find one, like early Joe Rogan, he's like, I'm gonna dim my lights here. It's like, it's here's Joe Rogan, he's in a closet. And he's like, and he's, he's, you know, the cameras way too close. His friends are in the room, but they don't. It's awful. And I was like, that's how we that guy started. I'm like, You got to give me jeez, it was it's pretty amazing. So but before we get to another question that's right. It's time already holy cow to thank some people here as we love all of our awesome supporters out at Ask the podcast coach comm slash awesome. If you're getting any value from the show, and you enjoy it, do consider becoming an awesome supporter. And we have our you can just go to ask the podcast coach comm slash support as well. But we have the teacher's pet. And that, of course, is James over at the dog Podcast Network. So if you need something to listen to while you're walking the dog, he's got short shows, long shows all sorts of great shows over there. And it's all about dogs. And so if you are one of those people that just loves dogs, you got to go to the dog Podcast Network. And if you go Dave, really, we have rabbits. You know what I mean? Maybe I got cats. I don't know. Maybe we have Ganas. Whatever it is, you know a dog person and you shouldn't say hey dog person, you need to go over to the dog Podcast Network at dog podcast. Also, ask the podcast coach is hosted on pod page. If you want to try pod page, try it at you guessed it tripod And if you're thinking of starting a podcast, what do you think podcasting thinks School of podcasting, go to school of podcasting comm use the coupon code coach when you sign up and again just go to ask the podcast coach comm slash support and there are other ways you can sponsors gym mugs, you can buy my book all sorts of fun things over there. So thanks to our awesome supporters.

Jim Collison  33:00  
Do you have a page of awesome support dude like could summit if someone wanted to see who our awesome supporters were? How do they how do they find that?

David Jackson  33:08  
I think either one will work I think it's the same page as the podcast coach comm slash awesome or I believe ask the podcast coach comm slash support ports to the same thing so

Jim Collison  33:18  
yeah, and if you so it would be good idea for you if you want to support us, but you want to do it. I mean visit those who support us are awesome supporters. So there's some great there's some great folks doing those newly

David Jackson  33:29  
moved to Texan, Kyle Bondo in the chat room, I believe is an awesome supporter from gaggle So

Jim Collison  33:37  
appreciate that go out and visit their podcasts and and have a listen. You might learn some things out there as well.

David Jackson  33:42  
Yeah. Here we go. Deal casters, was mentioning about the Facebook thing, only for business pages and mobile posts new episodes on the page feed with a built in player that people can like and share. It's a clunky setup. Yes. It's It's Facebook. I keep hearing rumors that both Facebook and Google are going to start hosting podcasts, which would make it makes me what a

Jim Collison  34:04  
nightmare. Ah, yeah, it'd be awful. Like, I couldn't think of anything worse. Like I couldn't think of not knowing podcasting more than making a decision like that and saying, Oh yeah, we're gonna we're gonna host them well hey 2017 called and they want their podcasts back. So let's not guess that's not they're not listening. But if they were let's not make that same mistake again. That was just pass it through. So we can all do stats. Please pulley if I have to listen to another collective meltdown from the podcasting community about not being able to get stats, I'll lose my mind.

David Jackson  34:42  
Yeah, I Well, that's it. I forget who who was just announced, oh, Spotify, you can now give it four or five stars or something like that. And I was like, really? Is that what we need? Another thing to review? I was like

Jim Collison  35:00  
Come up with a six star rating so that it's one more than the five stars, you know? Yeah. Come on.

David Jackson  35:06  
Larry. Larry Roberts says he saw a post yesterday talking about do people want to be famous and such? He said it was kind of a humble brag from a podcaster on hitting 1 billion downloads. And it's not Joe Rogan. So I don't know million. That's a lot of downloads a lot

Jim Collison  35:23  
of downloads. Holy cow. Yeah, I'm still not home gadget geeks is still not to the million mark. That's one that's one of those like, I made it like 675,000. I've been doing it for 10 years, and I still have not hit the the million and I keep thinking. But someday,

David Jackson  35:41  
I was. I was thinking of having a jingle made where it'd be like, big hors d'oeuvres, and then have Wayne Henderson go the road to 3 million because I met like 2.97 something and it's like, so I mean, just, if I didn't put on another episode, just my back catalogue might get me there by the end of the year. But it's like that's gonna be I have a video of me somewhere when I went over 1 million and it's hard to make Dave Jackson speechless. But I was like, I don't know what to say. That's a million. That's a lot of downloads.

Jim Collison  36:14  
Well, my work numbers just blew past me. Like it was, Oh, my own here. Yeah, here it was doing my own thing. And then work just just shot right past me. So yeah,

David Jackson  36:25  
we have people talking about Coach Dave says, I got into podcasting to reduce my inbox. I've evolved to trying to make a difference. I learned that without an audience, we won't move the needle much. And that's there's a lot of talk I mentioned earlier about people just saying, Well, it's been eight months, I guess I should monetize now. And it really like he was talking about there, you kind of start off, you have to build the audience first. And that's what I kind of I'm not, it's like we're saying I don't want to poopoo monetization, but you can't monetize dust. And to me, it's like, and I'm the king of this, I will start something before I completely finish whatever I'm working on. And so when I see people start to focus on monetization, I'm like, Ah, you haven't finished building the audience yet? Like, hold on just a second. So you

Jim Collison  37:13  
know, you could do I mean, I think while you're building your audience, you could start dabbling and figuring out what works for you. So don't be too afraid to try some things. Get out there, try some different methods, you know, to mess with affiliate marketing, get get good at some of those kind of gets good at some of those ones that you kind of know what does work and what doesn't work, I've listened, I've done some merch, and it worked. Doesn't work all the time. It's a lot of work. You know.

David Jackson  37:42  
And again, you've got to have that that's where having a graphic artists really will help. Because a lot of times we go make something like, you know, hey, great merch, I'm never gonna buy it, because I wouldn't be seen dead in that, but it's great merch. Yeah. So

Jim Collison  37:57  
it depends on the audience, what they want, what they're looking for what they have, you know, like, I've been toying with the idea, I was And they have an affiliate program. And I thought, you know, my audience may on the on the, on the home gadget geek side, my audience may you know, they may do a, if I did a quarter of being sponsored by wind comm they may jump into it, you know, 30 bucks, they get 30 bucks off on their first $100 purchase. I make $30 on the back end. That might work. But I won't know until I give it a

David Jackson  38:30  
try. Well, here's the thing, if you ever, like use their website, like have you ever see so that's the that's where you start, you find something that you use that you can talk about firsthand, then kind of go I think my audience might like that, and

Jim Collison  38:44  
you might not like Coinbase there's another one we've talked about crypto, yeah, the average If you set up an account, you spend 100 bucks you make 10 I make 10 It's great for for podcasters great deal. I keep thinking it's over like okay, I've gotten as many as I can get and then every once in a while one pops in HelloFresh same way, all of a sudden one pops in. So you never really know.

David Jackson  39:06  
Well, one of the things that I stole I was gonna say borrow but no I stole from Jordan Harbinger. It's such a great idea. His he puts all of his advertisers on the same page. If you go to Jordan Harbinger comm slash deals. And actually this is going to be in a future episode of the School of podcasting. Because people go there because they're looking for the Hello Fresh link or whatever. And they're like, oh, wait, he does Harry's razors. Oh, wait, it's like, you know, I found out about the aura ring from from, you know, Jordan. So that's a great one because I started doing that on my weight loss show. And every now and then I will see an affiliate sale and I was like, we haven't talked about that in months. And I was like, ah, somebody went to the either a they listen to the old episode or be they went to the, you know, resources page.

Jim Collison  39:53  
I'm going to do that today. Dave How I'm gonna I'm going to create a deals page. That's a that's a good way of console what you You know what, it's a good way for me to remember it. Right? All the things that have all the affiliate relationships I have. I had

David Jackson  40:07  
my audience asked me, I was gonna do it last week, I was gonna be an episode where somebody said, Why don't you have all the stuff you use on a page? And I go, Well, I have a my gear page, then again, that's microphones like, Wait, what about like, Who do you use for media hosts and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, that's not a bad idea. And if he's thinking it, and what he's really saying is, hey, I want to click on an affiliate link. Like, I want to help support your show. And I'm, I've got money in my pocket, I want to buy it or whatever. So

Jim Collison  40:34  
that's a big thing, like YouTubers are doing this. And they like they're having no, they're saying, hey, this episode is sponsored by HelloFresh. It's not like HelloFresh did not approach them, right? And say, we're your sponsor. They're just using that that link, you know, it's some of the ones that watch 345 100,000 subscribers. That's, I mean, for them, if they're going to be if they're going to use HelloFresh, which I recommend the average guy TV slash HelloFresh. You it's like, why not? Why not? And I think you, I think you talked about this in your book, right? And that this is a way I think, a easy way to get started on monitor I am.

David Jackson  41:15  
And you get stats, you can see where like, Oh, wow. 100 people clicked on this. And four of them bought, you know, so you kind of get an idea of that. Brendan, in the chat room. We're going to kind of switch gears here a second. Because he said Instagram was like, oh, that's something I have to ask you about. This comes from awesome supporter Shane Whaley over at Tor And he asked the question, how and I'm going to share this on the screen. It's a screenshot of Instagram. And at the top, there's this blue podcast, like you have classes, whatever chip reviews are a tour, and then podcast. And we're looking at Simon Sinek. I guess that's how you pronounce his name. And he has a podcast button and I go, I am not an Instagram person. I mean, I have an Instagram account. But I also you know, it's I don't use it very often. I should. I'm more I'm definitely more of a twitter facebook guy.

Jim Collison  42:17  
We are missing the boat day. Yeah, we're missing the boat on Instagram. We that's it's a huge, it's a huge space.

David Jackson  42:23  
So if anybody knows what's the deal with the podcast button on Instagram, because I was like, I am not the guy to answer that question, unfortunately. So that was that was one. There you go. Brendon has another thing going back to affiliate. This does come in handy if you can find a SaaS product that will pay reoccurring affiliate fees. It is great. I've been fighting my health for the past six months. That's no fun, and haven't done anything. And I'm still making consistent money. Yeah, I won't. You heard me talk about I mean, a I love you know, pod page. I asked Brandon, I go hey, can I buy a domain with POD page in it? He's like, Yeah, and I go, Okay, I'm gonna buy to tripod page is my affiliate link, learn pod page is my link to my free course. And at the bottom of every video says, Hey, if you decide to use pod pays for real, click here, when you sign up. And I would say on a daily basis, I get you earn a commission. And I was like, Huh, that's not a bad way to you know, and I'm not gonna retire on that. But I was like, Oh, is there anything else I could do with that? So?

Jim Collison  43:27  
Yeah, no, it's a good, it's a good a good way of doing it is you can work those, you can work them too much to like, yeah, if your whole podcast is just full of affiliate links, you know, that can that can be a little much. So I think you have to be careful.

David Jackson  43:42  
Brendan has, I believe solve the mystery of Instagram, you can pin an Instagram story with a custom image. So see, that's, I'm with you, Jim. I just feel like oh, look, it's the boat of Instagram, sailing up the sea. And here I am on the shore watching it go.

Jim Collison  43:58  
Oh, I have missed the boat on Instagram so bad. I want to I like I got out there and I try and I just go. I just know I just don't want to be here. I just I don't want to do it. And I'm not I'm not good with it. I'm too old to do things I don't want to do. So I just like yeah, I'm not gonna I just I'm not gonna thank goodness. We've got some folks at Gallup, who love Instagram have great influence on it. My co host on on theme Thursday. Was is one of those and she is just dominating. And so thank goodness because if it was up to me, this is where team teamwork, like probably another thing in your podcast. If you're a solo person, it may be good to diversify a little bit with some help from others find others. You know on home gadget geeks, I have a a gal Aaron Lawrence who joined us last week. She's up in Canada. She's a blogger. Just it's a nice it's a different whole different audience for her than I get For, for what I saw it may may be helpful, you know how to get to diversify a little bit just so you get some different different voices on there as well.

David Jackson  45:10  
Yeah, it's, it's just one of those things where and I know it Lipson we had like an Instagram guru on. And it was really using Instagram and your podcast and I was like, Oh, I just need to watch this. And there's so many things I just need to watch. I need to watch a demo of descript I need to watch a demo of Instagram. It's like, Yeah, I'll get to it next week. And then all the sudden you look up, you're like, how was it Saturday already? It's crazy.

Jim Collison  45:36  
So no, Stephens Instagram is not Twitter at all. Yeah, it's its own thing. It's just It's its own. Its its whole own ecosystem. And they've got their own rules and their own swipes in their own. It's just a whole in its, it's a little bit of work. Like, if you're going to be on Instagram, I think you got to go out there. For those of you have been using Instagram for a while you don't even you don't noticing difference, you're just like is fine. It's just no, it's actually really, really different. And the way it's just in the mindset that folks use, so it's worth, by the way, I I think you got to be out there, I think I'm gonna and I need to figure out my entry into, because I've been followed by a bunch of people out there and feel bad about posting, not posting any, I just don't take pictures. I just I'm not, that's just not my thing. And so I need to be better, in that. Some of the pictures I do take, like, the folks that follow me, and like, you know, I like I take I probably take away too many cigar pictures, and the folks that follow me don't want to see pictures of cigars. So, you know, kind of know your audience.

David Jackson  46:41  
Yeah, um, Felix is asking Aside from using Mark, what's the best way of course, podcast branding color, if you're looking for

Jim Collison  46:49  
Mark? Like, why why would you even say besides? Uh,

David Jackson  46:52  
yeah. What is the best way for starting a show starting off pod page. Speaking of affiliate links, yes, tripod Here's the beautiful part of pod page, you can go over. And when you sign up, you can do if you're already in Apple podcasts, you can just search for your show, it'll come up, you click it behind the scenes, it uses your RSS feed, and just builds a website on the information you've already put in there. And so and then you get it for seven days to try. And you can you know, it does all sorts of the thumb, the thing that I don't use, because I don't have that many interviews, is you can set up a forum for your guests to upload their bio, and all that stuff. And then what's cool about it, is they save it when they click save, it then takes them to your Calendly link your whatever you're using to schedule that. Then you do the interview, you edit, when you post it, you can go in and say oh, I need to add a guest to this, oh, there's their stuff. And you add it in automatically as their information. To me that's, that's the stuff that's kind of thinking outside the box. That's, that's pretty cool about it. And it's I just love the fact that like I made an episode of your podcast, your podcast consultant, it went out on the first. And I totally forgot about it, because I had scheduled ahead of time. And also they wake up in the morning. It's like, hey, a new episode is synced to your pod page. I was like, oh, yeah, I've totally forgot to publish that. And now even set it up to where it will go to pod page. And you can then send it to Twitter and Facebook and things like that. So is that

Jim Collison  48:18  
just on the paid version? Or is that available in the free on the free

David Jackson  48:21  
version for the first seven days, you get all the features, then after the seven days, you go back to kind of free and you've had a chance,

Jim Collison  48:27  
I need a better guest intake form. That's just, I can't believe I haven't maximized this yet. But I don't know why I'm not giving. I was just on a podcast this weekend. And she sent me a link to a Google Doc that had this intake form. And I always, I don't I never liked them to begin with. But as I was filling it out, I'm like, you know, I could let the guest give me the information they want posted about themselves. Just tell me everything that you want, and then make my life a lot easier when it comes to doing the post. So I need to do better. In 2022 I need to do a better job of guest intake. You know, we have a way of doing it at Gallup. We already have a way of doing right. But I can do better. I can do better both there and on home gadget.

David Jackson  49:09  
Yeah. And what are you using now for

Jim Collison  49:12  
email? Yeah, I just, I need these things. This is how this works. I need these four things. And then we have 1000 emails that go back and forth.

David Jackson  49:20  
Yeah, Google Forms is pretty cool. I use that we added a new feature at the School of podcasting where if you want feedback on an episode, you go to this thing. You put in the name of the show the website address, what's your show about and then you can actually upload your file and it goes into my Google Drive. I take it and throw it into this thing called note tracks. And it's like a really long old SoundCloud player where as I listen, I can put in notes and say this was really good. Oh, this is a great story, blah, blah, blah. And then you can also choose to let other members of the school of podcasting review it. But that all comes from it starts with a Google form and I got all the information I need it Which just makes it super easy. And yeah, I

Jim Collison  50:03  
got I got my I got my game a Dan over there, based on a true story Instagram is a mixture of Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Facebook all in one. Basically it's Facebook's way. And this is I totally agree, Dan, Facebook's way of borrowing tech, stealing tech copying whatever. That works from their competitors. So Instagram has kind of become that. Oh, me too. Like, oh, we have it too. Oh, me too. Yep, we do that as well.

David Jackson  50:31  
Yeah, you have little short things. Um, guys. Yeah, we have a little short. Thanks.

Jim Collison  50:37  
We got it to us, too. Yeah. Don't forget about us. Yeah, me too.

David Jackson  50:42  
That's the fun is very true. And there's some really entertaining things there. I I saw where Dr. was talking about tick tock. And I've just decided, because I've heard tick tock worse than YouTube is a time machine. And I go, What do you mean by that? They said, if you get on tick tock, and you start watching their algorithms, so good. And this is where short shows are kind of cool. If you do a short show, I think your audience is going to be a little more forgiving. Because if you do an episode, they're like, ah, that didn't really give me anything. And it was two and a half minutes, who cares? And tick tock, you'll watch a 32nd video because well, if it's crap, it's like, you can either swipe or whatever you do. And 30 seconds. And I had a friend of mine, he's like, I swear I like three hours. I was on tick tock just watching for the next one. And then the guy just looked at me like what he's like, it's he goes, You know, there's no clocks in Vegas. He goes, there's no clock on tick tock. And all of a sudden, you just look up, you're like, wait, it's 230 in the morning, I've been looking at my phone for three hours. I was like, holy. So that's what I was like, I have concerns that are may or may not be warranted about the whole Chinese connection to tick tock, which is kind of like one of those like, Look, if you're worried about your privacy, it's been gone since like, 1987 kind of thing. But I I've been tempted to install it a couple times. But the other thing is I don't dance very well. So I don't know that I would fit in with with tick tock.

Jim Collison  52:04  
It's it's wildly popular. Yeah, it is.

David Jackson  52:07  
I did see. Rod Stewart did a tic toc with I know shocking his his younger wife, whoever, whatever her name was, and they're doing the whole you know, little dancing arm thing. And I was like, really? That's yeah, it's like we're all gonna Oh,

Jim Collison  52:20  
game. They're all the same. It's but you can't stop. You can't stop watching. You know, in and Stephanus right. Tick tock is really just an incarnation of vine. That is that's a true Richard. Oh says tick tock. It's a time suck. Suck the machine at us. For sure. Gary. Gary's laughing at us, by the way. Yeah. So yeah, all those things are true. Yeah.

David Jackson  52:49  
Gives us Don't you want to be at and dance like Rod Stewart? And I'm like, I want to be at and and yeah. How many times is that guy been married? And I don't understand how you divorce Rachel Hunter. That's just that's illegal in my book. But one thing I wanted to talk about, because I'm looking at the time already, is I know, Jim, you were talking about looking at your podcast, and some things and I know I wanted to get your opinion on something. And it's funny. Remember how we always say, you should make massive changes based on one person's feedback. I'm making massive changes based on one person's feedback. But it's something I've kind of known already. And I had somebody who I who asked in a Facebook group, I would like feedback on my show. I throw them on the podcast, radio show. And I and I realized the problem with a podcast radio show is I'm saying what comes in my head. Like, it's what? And it dawned on me I had an ex wife that did that. And I always said what you're saying isn't horrible. It's how you're saying it. And I think that's the problem with it. Because what's dawning on me is who's gonna hire me as a consultant, if I'm just like, just, you know, trashing your show. And so, what was interesting about it is I explained, here are some things, here's how you fix your show. You're missing kind of a better intro and things like that. Well, she didn't know I had gone and listen to her show. And then she hired me as a consultant. And so our second meeting was like, Hey, Dave, I heard your review. fpu basically, yeah. And I was like, so here's my thought, because I was like, You know what, this is true. And it's not I thought if somebody Google's me and they find the podcast radio show, I may not like maybe we need a gentler, kinder version. So I thought of this. This is Do you ever have those ideas that wake you up about 348 and your can't go back to sleep? I thought of this. I thought what I want to do is the podcast radio show, kind of like the gong show, but not the gong show cuz that sounds like a parody and we're gonna make fun of people. But do it live. Just in honor of was the guy from Fox. We'll do it live. Bill something. Anyway. We're gonna do it. I've have four people on, they handed me an episode. So it's not a random episode, pick me one. And then I will review it in front of you. So it's not behind your back. And I and in sticking with the rodeo thing, we'll listen to eight minutes of your show, because by eight minutes, we should be into the good stuff. And then the fun thing, if I do it live, the chatroom can also chime in. And if I do four people in an hour, the other three people can chime in on the other participants. And I was like, that might be a different flavored show. And then also might then inspire people to want to consult with me, because I'm not, you know, I always try to be constructive feedback. But I'm snarky about it on the podcast radio show. And I'm like, Hey, let's let's maybe tone down the snark. So thoughts?

Jim Collison  55:51  
Well, you always run the risk when you're just talking off the top your head of saying something. And it's once it's out that, you know, once the horse is out of the barn, right? It's hard to get it back. Yeah. Um, and then, you know, I think I think you got to stick pretty. When, when, if you have their permission to, to, to really criticize. That's one thing. If you don't, I think you need to stick pretty positive. Right. And there's ways I think there's ways to say things where you can encourage someone to grow. Right? Without saying, Yeah, that's terrible. I never do that. That's the worst. I mean, I think on how you phrase it. So I think my advice on that would be, make sure if you're going to be critical, make sure you have their their permission first to be critical.

David Jackson  56:47  
Yeah. And I forgot to mention one thing, because Brendan's mushing this, that, hey, I thought the show was supposed to be short. And Kyle saying, hey, eight minutes is kind of a long time, I would then take this hour long that I recorded and cut it into four episodes. So each episode would be about 10 minutes. But yeah, it's just and I've also pondered the thought of, and this is where we're talking earlier about, hey, you know, should I do this? Or should I do this with my podcast, the idea of the podcast radio show was a, I needed to test pine cast. That was the biggest reason, I had no time to do a show. So I needed a show with no show prep. So this would still be no show prep, besides send me an episode, and I'll wait to listen to it. But the other one was, I wanted it to drive traffic to the podcast review show. And, or my consulting. And in that vein, it's, if I look at I'm over 300 episodes now. It didn't work, it did not work. Now, I got some people. You know, I was making a whopping five bucks on a review, because I wanted to play with Fiverr. And that's the other thing, it would probably be 30 bucks, not five. So that way, by the time I get done, I'm close to my consulting our fee. But I was just one of those like, I might throw this out there. And if it works, if that format, would be able to because again, the idea is I then take it and chop it into bits. And I could do basically a month where the show in one. One thing, like one recording would be there as the months where the show

Jim Collison  58:20  
what what kind of feedback do you get from the audience on that show? I knew

David Jackson  58:25  
when I went to cancel it. I had people say no, no, don't cancel this. Because they said, Hey, I've got my data on podcast, I'm good. We're gonna close it down. They said, No, no, no. You're saying what we think. And somebody needs to say this, these people need to hear this. And I was like, okay, and then people say, I make them laugh, because I'm kind of goofy and weird on it. And I'll you know, things like

Jim Collison  58:46  
that. And people are learning from it. Yeah. You think I've had people

David Jackson  58:50  
say, I've changed the way I do my intro based on the show. So and I thought, Well, maybe it's this. Maybe it's just as one person that, you know, I add it in part of it was. See, I have to watch how he says because she I pulled down the episode. She was she was so but she was very so she was yeah, she was very vulnerable in her episode. And I was like, I'm like, I'm sorry to hear all these things that have happened to you. Yeah, but I don't know why you're telling me this. Because she, in my opinion, she kind of blew the intro there was no like, welcome to the blah, blah show where we do blah, blah, blah. And I was like, and also it was like, Hi, I'm David Jackson and I I've had this horrible thing and this horrible thing and this horrible thing and I was like, wow, this is like I'm so sorry to hear you've had all these horrible things but like what why are you telling me this?

Jim Collison  59:42  
But would you have the ability to like kind of have the host listen to it in advance in kind of approve it before you blast it out publicly.

David Jackson  59:55  
See, that's the fun thing. It's it's that's the whole point of the show. It's an honest first impression. No,

Jim Collison  1:00:00  
I get that. But that protect yourself. Like, I still think there's some value in that honest first impression. Yeah, but but then they can

David Jackson  1:00:09  
choose whether or not I make it go public even though we just did it live. Okay. Yeah,

Jim Collison  1:00:14  
well, you're doing it live. Are people listening?

David Jackson  1:00:17  
Originally? Yeah. Cuz I wanted to have a chat room. So people could say, Hey, I'd like because I always tell them I have people there like

Jim Collison  1:00:24  
that you could still do it live and still do that. But then, at the end of it, say, hey, based on what we talked about, are you okay with me making this? Because then you still get the benefit of the conversation alive or whatever, right? But but maybe maybe adding that extra step just to make sure they're okay with it before it becomes a thing? Yeah, maybe maybe a lock down the line. If they don't like it. You just locked down the live version? I don't know. Just maybe a step. I consider it step.

David Jackson  1:00:50  
Yeah. Well, the other thing I did I have another episode. I think it came out yesterday. And all I did was in this case that the show was a and I hit pause on the recording, and just made some notes. I was like, Okay, let's you know, but as Brendan is saying, he goes people like the Snark and I'm like, but that snark isn't great for the brand. If somebody's like, Hey, look at me, I'm a I'm a comfortable look, you wanna I'm like snuggles the bear, you want to Come hug me. And I will make a safe place for you to come. And let's work on your show together. And I'm like, I don't look like a safe

Unknown Speaker  1:01:25  
place. Well, you even

Jim Collison  1:01:26  
said, it goes against your brand a little bit. Yeah. And

David Jackson  1:01:28  
that's where I'm like, yeah, so if I made it more like a Whoo, yeah. Hey, everybody, come on. It's we're gonna have a listening party. And we're gonna check out your show. And it's like, yeah, that's not really the, you know, if I made it more like a listening party, and then just say, Okay, well, here's the good stuff you did. I like that you did this. And that, but your, your audio is about a six on a scale from one to 10. And, you know,

Jim Collison  1:01:51  
so but again, it's how you say it. Right. Right. So, you know, maybe you start the show with all the positives, right, you know, sandwich this thing, right? So, so all the positives, and then maybe say, are you interested, like there's some opportunities in here? Are you interested? And let them in the moment, right, and then say, hey, so here's a few things that you could with a little bit of work, you could probably improve that. I think position that way is a lot different than Okay, let's talk about the stuff that sucks now. Right. Yeah, you know, here's

David Jackson  1:02:24  
some things that Yeah, exactly. It's all phrasing.

Jim Collison  1:02:27  
But if you give them if you give them live the opportunity to, to approve it or disapprove it, like, Hey, okay, I've got some things. There are a few things in here we can we could we can maximize, we can make better, maybe that's a little different tone than what you're currently doing.

David Jackson  1:02:43  
Yeah. Well, this. Coach Dave's honest opinion, Dave? Oh, well, and Coach Dave is saying maybe offer a discount of the hourly rate? Yeah, it would be because it's live. So I'm getting two things. So because if it was my hourly rate would be 60 bucks. So 35 would be almost a 50% discount. So I thought I might throw this out to the school of podcasting members, or maybe the awesome supporters and say, Hey, let's do a dry run of this and see how it would work. Because I need to test it and, and realize then the number one if I do change my format, and now it's like a 10 minute show, cuz sometimes that shows like four minutes long. I'm like, there was one guy, it was the purple pants podcast, and his intro was, it's the purple pants podcast is the purple pants podcast is and then he talked in the third person. And I was like, I'm not listening to this. Sorry, I'm not your target audience. And so, you know, so if I change my format, the snarky people are gonna go, Ah, he's like Howard Stern. I liked him in the old days when he was mean and nasty. And I was like, it's not really helping my brand a

Jim Collison  1:03:49  
whole lot. Yeah, but when you have an opportunity, okay, so it's not you're not the target audience. But wouldn't you have an opportunity to ask the question? Who so who are you trying to reach with this and why? Right, and, and let them kind of explain. Because sometimes when you when you throw those questions out, and they begin to explain, they learn some things about themselves in the splaining. Right, they go Oh, yeah, now that I'm saying that out loud. You know, maybe it's not what I was shooting,

David Jackson  1:04:17  
when Gator says you disclaim that it's only an opinion. I do I actually play at the very beginning of the show. It's only been if you don't like the opinion, feel free to never listen to get,

Jim Collison  1:04:26  
but you may be able to do some consulting even though you're not the target audience so you may be able to do consulting for them. And it's maybe it's more coaching to say okay, how are you doing? Is it reaching the target? I mean, this is an unusual beginning. Is it reaching your target audience and what kind of success are you having? Well, that's it that's a lot different than a no I'm out. Yeah.

David Jackson  1:04:49  
This is a great point. It could be coming across as contempt. They people who like to start maybe, maybe they like to hear mess and they really are not the audience. Who's your server? That's it. That's really it.

Jim Collison  1:05:02  
Oh, can't wait to see a train wreck.

David Jackson  1:05:04  
Yeah. Well, that's it. I think that's it. And again, that's not right. Kim is gonna pop in here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:10  
Oh, it's craggy. Good morning, gentlemen. How are you today?

David Jackson  1:05:13  
How are you? Good.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:15  
I wanted to talk about the Speak giving feedback live. Yeah, actuation. And I'm going to promote Toastmasters just so you know, right? One of the things that we teach is how to give immediate feedback to people. And it is a very gentle way of First we demonstrate it, of how to give the good points and then points of improvement and then encouragement. That's one way to do it. But there are a lot of ways to do it and do it well, but snark never really fits in unless you're snarking on yourself. And so you if you want to do this, and frankly, I'm not a big fan of train wreck, so I wouldn't be your audience. But I know that there are a lot of people who enjoy that. I would suggest you start demonstrating a more gentle sort of way to offer engagement with a little bit of ways to improve without being quite so. You know, I enjoy the snark. Yeah, but you get a little baby sometimes. So that's my thing. And you can always send people to Toastmasters. And they could learn how to do it. There

David Jackson  1:06:31  
you go. I'm looking at. It's the last episode, the one I'm looking for. Uh, no, there's one coming out next week. And I just gave an example. Because she starts off. And it's a food show. It's a it's a diet person. And she's like, and we're here to help you. Like, reclaim your something with food. And she goes, but we're also going to talk about finances, and stress and cooking and blending. Like she list a long list of like, and automotive and you know, knitting and it was just this really long list. I said, I get a little worried when I hear this wide range of topics. I go, but I go, here's how you can talk about food and finances. And tie I said, if everything ties into the theme of food, because that's what the name of her book was that I said, you could say, hey, you know, sometimes we eat because we're stressed out. And one of the biggest reasons we stress out is because our finances are a mess. So today I've got a, you know, expert in who's going to help us with our finances. I'm still talking food, but I'm talking about finances and how they affect food. So that's like an example that I don't know would have come had I not taken two seconds to go. Okay, now besides saying you've got you know, you need to niche down here. There's just too many topics. Like let's give an example how that would work. So

Unknown Speaker  1:07:52  
actually, if you're a woman talking about food prep, all of those things apply, except for maybe the knitting. Yeah. But you eat in the car, you plan your budget for food in all those things do go around that. So that would be less intimidating to me as a mother and homemaker and somebody who's trying to balance a budget as a retired person, so I don't disapprove.

David Jackson  1:08:18  
Yeah, Mike. Mike is saying I love the variety tapestry of the rodeo show. There's everything in there. For those that want to be listeners. Gator says I feel like I'm in a pitch meeting you are in a pitch meeting. Yeah, I'm asking people like, Hey, here's what I'm thinking of doing. What do you think about it? And I'm, I'm open to all suggestions. But the biggest thing that I have a voice in my head that goes, if it's damaging your brand? Why are you doing it? And I'm just like, I keep going back to that.

Jim Collison  1:08:45  
That's a point. It's a great point. If it's I think it's actually your number one point. Yeah. Like I think you filter everything through that brand. And then because it's fun to be snarky, but if it's damaging your brand, you should have find find elsewhere. I think there was a Thomas Taylor said. Maybe? How about a follow up show after the host addresses some of those suggestions. Right? That would be great. Here's

David Jackson  1:09:12  
the you want to hear a fun run.

Jim Collison  1:09:14  
Private have got some things do you want to do a conversation, the one

David Jackson  1:09:17  
that's coming out next week, I found some like, I'll give you an example. In her feed. She is pointing to her anchor website. And I found her she has an actual website. So that's low hanging fruit. And I sent her and he first of all, it was almost impossible to contact her because she's using some sort of third party thing. And I eventually found her email and said, Hey, this is gonna sound really weird. I'm Dave Jackson. I'm a podcast consultant. I just listened to your show. And I have some tips I could give you that I think would help your show. And I know this sounds like a pitch. I'm here to tell you. I'm not going to pitch you. I have the show. I would like to have you come on. And let me explain these two. And basically she was I never got a reply. And through her website, whatever third party service was like, I don't know what this is. But this guy wants to do something nice for nothing. So that can't be real. And I was like, yeah, that's that's, it was really weird. I was like, I just want to like, point out, like some things, it's gonna help your show. And it was like, Yeah, we don't believe you get out of here.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:24  
People need to have the buy in of their own personal investment in improving it. And you need to gain credibility as somebody who deserves the right to talk to me. And they, I don't know that people understand the value of the fresh ear. Right? When we get somebody new and Toastmasters. I want them to tell me what they think about how I speak, because I've heard everybody else give me feedback. I want to hear the new person give me feedback. But I have to be open to them not doing a very good job as they do it. And maybe being a little harsh or not knowing how to do it according to the Toastmasters way. So I think that if you're going to change up the radio show to whatever new incarnation and I suggest you drop the branding entirely. Because the radio show has a certain brand. already. It's got a voice, it's got a an expectation that we have. So if you want to take this into the podcast, feed back show or whatever you want to call it, I think that you can do that. But you need to start with some people who really know how to do what it is you're talking about, just like you the podcast show with that you do on Friday nights with Daniel and the other experts. You all know each other and you know how to react to each other. You need to develop that team first. And then you can start branching out to people because you will have earned the respect and the right to speak to them, as well as the privilege of speaking to them. We don't always have that. You're getting

David Jackson  1:11:57  
applause in the chat room.

Unknown Speaker  1:11:58  
Thank you, John. Kim,

David Jackson  1:12:00  
what is your what and I'm not making fun of it. You are? I will say a grand Pooh bah. But you are like at the highest level right? One of the highest levels in Toastmasters, right?

Unknown Speaker  1:12:09  
Yes, I'm a Distinguished Toastmaster, which means I've completed the ranks of education program, which functionally is about the equivalent of probably master's degree in communication. So I know what I'm talking about. And if people want to listen to me, I'm at Toastmasters one on one. There you go.

Jim Collison  1:12:29  
Nice. Thanks for jumping in.

Unknown Speaker  1:12:30  
Give me a little pitch in there,

Jim Collison  1:12:32  
we would have made you put it in before.

Unknown Speaker  1:12:34  
Yeah. Well, I know. But

Jim Collison  1:12:36  
thanks, guys. Thanks for jumping in. See, she makes a lot of good points in there about that. I think it kind of comes down to intent is what what most people are listening for what's the intent of this? And so that's a really good point. Her listen, I think her last suggestion of, of closing down and rebranding, I thought I thought it very, very valid, very valid,

David Jackson  1:13:04  
I thought of removing the old episodes, and just starting keeping the brand with a maximum listening time of eight minutes. So it'd be a whole thing of like, can we get to eight minutes? And if I no shows good before, then I will just ring the bell and give them the horse Winnie or whatever, because eight minutes is a long time. In some cases.

Jim Collison  1:13:25  
are you hesitant to drop the brand because you just spent a whole bunch of money on on our work? Or it is a dumb name?

David Jackson  1:13:32  
If you think about it,

Jim Collison  1:13:34  
hold on answer the answer that question though, because I think I think this is where some podcasters go wrong. Am I afraid I just spent a bunch of money in and now I have this value on the arts in the brand pieces. And I don't want to lose that money.

David Jackson  1:13:49  
I don't have a huge audience on that. I have about 400 downloads an episode. So if I rebranded it though, I could keep my audience you know, I could do that. Yeah, rebrand it to, you know, the podcast feedback, blah, blah, blah.

Jim Collison  1:14:05  
I mean, you could also create a new fresh brand new show and then use that. Yes to send them over

David Jackson  1:14:10  
redirect the audience. Yeah, that's an idea. That's an idea.

Jim Collison  1:14:15  
I think that sometimes we we get ownership we we've spent real money. Yeah. And you're like, Okay, it's

David Jackson  1:14:23  
such a great piece of the lasso around the Yeti. I mean, come on. That's classic. Yeah, well, you were you were thinking of changing your show up or you're gonna take a look at your show as well. You said

Jim Collison  1:14:35  
Yeah, I think I just it's one of those things with home gadget geeks. I do this once or twice a year. I'm like, Ah, should I What should I should I be more should change some things or Well, audience this audience feedback. We're not feedback. Sorry. The guest intake form is one of those things. I've got some really well performing posts in there. Do I Do I need to maximize? Should I do more of those? You know, am I am I ready? Am I really spending time maximizing looking at the stats that get big give me the analytics to give me some ideas of like, where do I want to go with us in 2022? So I'm in that mode. Again, it's the beginning of the year. Are there some things I could be doing differently? Should I you know, Spreaker just I just got bumped off the Spreaker. perfect plan. Remember, we all got that, oh, Mike are not on it anymore. Well, I got bumped up now. So like, I was thinking some down to 15 minutes and six hours of audio, whatever, whatever that is. And that fundamentally changes the way I do my live none, in a big way. But I would broadcast like the old way, like we used to both on YouTube. And then I would my audio would go out to Spreaker. And it got me thinking, Is it time to change that up a little bit? Like, are there? Should I be doing the way I do my live presentations differently? I've been in the same pattern for five or six or seven years? Do I need to do it differently now that I'm that I'm doing it? So it's, I'm just re considering much like Instagram? Do I need to be there? Or do I need to figure out a strategy forum?

David Jackson  1:16:13  
Huh? But it's good. You're seeing what's working? I really think that's a good place to start.

Jim Collison  1:16:20  
Yeah, well, yeah, it's well, and Todd Cochran says this all the time. And, and, you know, he, he, the posts that are that are doing the best on my site are the well written ones. Well written good content, like, you know, and I'm just thinking, Okay, do I need to spend a little more time do I need to pay my daughter or write me some really good posts? In in? Because I'm not gonna, that's just not that's not my gift? I'm not gonna do that. But do I need to do more of

David Jackson  1:16:46  
those? Or is it just a case of getting them transcribed? Would you go through the hassle of I'd hassles kind of leading the witness. But once you go through, getting them transcribed, then adding some subheadings and cleaning,

Jim Collison  1:16:59  
dropping transcriptions work, I did that for a long time, and nothing, and I spent a bunch of time editing them and nothing came up those those posts don't perform very well. Now, I didn't do headings and some of those kinds of things. So to be fair, I didn't, I didn't, I could, the, the point is not to work it out here. But the point was, it's a good time, I think we all need to kind of from time to time, take a take a step back and go. Okay, things are things are changing a little bit. And is it time to kind of catch up with where the where the industry is gone? We talked a ton today, just about all those things. Yeah. Right. So it's good opportunity, beginning of the year, kind of be like, well, are the things I assume to be true, still true? And do I need to maybe revamp or rethink or ask some questions of my of my audience? See, that's,

David Jackson  1:17:52  
that's a great point. Because what worked, how long you've been doing that show? Eight years, 1010 years? 10. So what worked 10 years ago, may not work today, you know, probably still do, but it's not a bad idea to you know, take the temperature and go

Jim Collison  1:18:11  
rethink, like, just rethink some things, you know, should I do I need an audio only option. That used to be a 10 years ago, that was a thing there was YouTube wasn't what it is today, 10 years ago. And so I've you know, I've kind of come up with do I still need to provide an audio only. I was, in the past, I was putting all my episodes on Eventbrite with their guests. So that they could, some people could go to the calendar and see like, hey, what's coming up, and I started that, and then it fell off. I just didn't do it, it was hard because they didn't have a good guest intake form. So maybe if I fix my guest intake form I fix that solves some problems of allowing me to have an upcoming calendar that could be more visible to people.

David Jackson  1:18:57  
Oh, that would be the other thing. If I was going to do this new version of the podcast radio show it was going to be at the same time. It was like a TV show. You could tune into live video every Saturday or every Tuesday at seven or something like that. And then people would come on that way that, you know, we have people that we got 29 people right now on a Saturday morning. So the chatroom could chime in and go no, I really liked it. Dave's an idiot. And then somebody else could say, well, I was bored in the four minute mark or whatever. Then that could be the fun part. Now I've got trolls chiming in. I've got to be careful with that. Mike says transcription is a lose scenario. I did almost three years of transcripted edited a edition podcast for deaf users based on Deaf sponsorship money. He said it was a giant goose egg.

Jim Collison  1:19:44  
I'm assuming he's saying goose egg from a numbers perspective. So it's not a goose egg from a accessibility perspective. Like it this is going to become more important. So I think we're going to be we're going to get to a point where and maybe the systems will do this better for us. automatically, but I think transcripts are going to be an expected expectation here in the future.

David Jackson  1:20:05  
Yeah. And here's the fun thing. When you do a pitch meeting, you don't walk out with an answer. But you do have lots of things to think about now, like, I do like that. Maybe rebranding isn't a bad idea. Because I've always said the podcast radio shows a horrible name. You can't find it when you search for it. And then when you find it, you have to sift through a bunch of horse shows. It should be something obvious, like the podcast first impression show or something

Jim Collison  1:20:30  
new. Right. Thank you. I think you're spot I think I'd much you want my opinion. Yeah. Burn it to the ground. Okay, like just burn it down it there's all the things I've heard you say about it, or questions that you're like, like what you just said the three things you just gave her all reasons to go? Yeah, that's that's just close it up. Like and then realize, you need a reason to test something else. Right. So recruitment, recreate it? And and go it takes it take what you heard and go go at this new format. differently. That would be that's that would be it's heartless. It's hard to do. That was hard to burn things down. What burn it down. Yeah. What free? Brandon?

David Jackson  1:21:13  
Yeah. And then what I need to do is find some people who are willing to do a test run. Because I don't want I might just shut it down and go, that's enough of that. If you want to review over the podcast review show calm? Yeah. Because it might, because it still sounds like okay, cool. I'm gonna, you know, no, no real prep the prep, and somebody said this in the chat room there, the prep is going to be getting everybody to show up at the right time. You know, now that I'm dealing with people I'm going to be dealing with I'm sorry, but you're muted, right, I've got that whole thing to go with. You know, and so it's like, alright, this may not be as easy but,

Jim Collison  1:21:50  
you know, like it. I like your idea, do a pilot, do a couple of this. So we give this advice all the time, to a couple of them, don't start a podcast, just do a couple of them. See if something comes, you know, with a new, gentler, kinder, brand specific

David Jackson  1:22:05  
projects. What it would be in a nutshell, is I think about this now, that's basically the short version of the podcast review show. The podcast review show, we look at your website, we look at your audio, we look at your goals, this is just me looking at the very beginning of your show. I'm not looking at your website, I'm not looking at like, it's just a Kyler thoughtful version, which still is gonna have Hey, your audio is really crappy. Still in there. But it's really just a short version of the podcast review show, which

Jim Collison  1:22:36  
then say real crappy there. See, that's the gentler, Dave, I need to get you into some gentle terrain, right? It's like you have some opportunities to improve. Yeah, the audio could be a little bit better.

David Jackson  1:22:48  
Yeah. And that way that then might drive, going back to the original idea of the podcast radio show might drive more traffic to a full review.

Jim Collison  1:22:58  
What if it becomes the pitch for the review show? In other words, in other words, you you you bring it under that branding, because you got Eric K Johnson, right. Just that dude's awesome, right? So and he's, you know, he's a fellow Omaha guy, which is even better. So you use that as a pitch. And if they want the full review, they can upgrade, but they're going to get a this is going to be kind of a little bit of it that way. It becomes an intake, kind of for the podcast review show. And they they're you're on the pitch. If you pay for the podcast review show you're on the pitch automatically. So could be a Yeah, a way of getting more, you could also improve some things before they get to the review show. I mean, there could be some right and then it's not a whole separate brand. You don't have to come up with a new brand because you probably a good brand on the podcast review show. So maybe it could be the pitch, much like idol does, like idle has all this all these pre and everybody loves to watch the train wrecks on idle the pre you know the pre idle stuff, so I don't know. Is that is idle still a thing? Or did they shut it down? I seems like Did they cancel that? Is idle over American Idol.

David Jackson  1:24:11  
I know they brought in. Oh, hello. It's you. Lionel Richie was a judge. We just got banned on Yeah, no, no, that didn't sound anything like Lionel Richie. Trust me. And two other judges. I think they still had I forget who it was, but it wasn't. I think they brought Paula back. She might have been in there. It was back but it's like the you know, the voice right now seems to be the that in the whole mess singer. That's another one that I scratched my head on.

Jim Collison  1:24:47  
But anyways, yeah, I think you may have an opportunity to consider that you may have an opportunity to just push that over as an intake. For podcast review, show and kill kill a couple birds. We don't do that anymore. solve a few problems. I didn't want animal activists to be angry with me to be solve a few problems it by by moving that show.

David Jackson  1:25:16  
Yeah, I like this coach Dave says offer a follow up fee, offer a development plan for a fee, offer a follow up in six months for a fee. Let the customer drive how they want their experience with em. I like that idea.

Jim Collison  1:25:29  
Well just put the podcast coach hat on the consultant hat on going into these to be like, Okay, I don't want to I don't want to blow the opportunity here. And then I do I love that suggestion of saying, there could be some, when you get to the opportunities part, you could take that offline, so to speak, record it, and then ask them at the end. Hey, are you okay with me publishing this part two, or not? So that the everybody gets the encouragement part? The opportunity? It's the their decision whether they want it out there or not? And everybody wins?

David Jackson  1:26:05  
Yeah. Be Yeah, I'll have to I'm gonna go domain shopping, see what's available. See what names I have that might fit.

Jim Collison  1:26:14  
Or just try it a couple times before you get too crazy. Well, that

David Jackson  1:26:17  
I'll buy a domain and then that way, in the I'll go assuming that this is going to work, because yeah. And then

Jim Collison  1:26:24  
from a domain perspective, that's smart. Yeah, lock that up. So you've got it. But otherwise, keep your costs down. Yeah, you know, and try it out a couple times. And then I'll just Eric about it. Yeah. And then like, spend some time with Eric. Yeah, that's true, too. Yeah. Cuz if he came on Well, that's the you know what? No, yeah. Leave him leave him only like he's the value for the full show.

David Jackson  1:26:45  
Right. Right. Yeah, and then maybe just move it into that show? Because that shows you know, podcast review show that's pretty obvious. What that shows about and Yeah,

Jim Collison  1:26:57  
well, I think you get so for those that pay the full full Monty, they get the review, they get the they get you setting things up, then that moves its way into the podcast review show and you get a full review with Eric. Yeah. And you really you really push Eric is the expert. I mean, you are too I'm not I'm not saying it's not about you Dave. I still love you. Boy could see it in your eyes.

David Jackson  1:27:30  
No, but no, I know exactly what you mean. So yeah, um, all right. Well, I'm

Jim Collison  1:27:35  
podcast pitch show I I don't know if you need to come up if you're gonna use it as an intake the other

David Jackson  1:27:41  
the other show I had I was gonna use to because I was trying to think about okay, what what does my audience need? And when I go to Facebook groups, I see over and over and over if you have a pulse, you can come on my show and I have I think the domain my, my perfect podcast guests calm or something like that. And people I would just say, Hey, welcome to the My perfect podcast guest where I help you find the perfect podcast for your your show. Today. We have Jim Collison he does, you know the average guy. Sure he does home gadget geeks. And here's Jim to talk about his favorite podcasters perfect podcast guests. And Jim goes, Oh, my shows about this. We talk about gadgets and technology and blah, blah, blah. So any insights have in the past I've had this I've talked to this person and that person. And that's an example of what my perfect podcast guests would be. And then I come back on and I'm like, thanks so much for listening today too. So I don't really do anything besides here's who it is. Thanks for showing up School of podcasting comm see you bye.

Jim Collison  1:28:45  
Yeah, I may start a show just called Jim's interview show. And I just interviewed like anybody cuz I get these things all the time people want to Hey, can I be on am Ik you can be on Jim's interview show you okay with that?

David Jackson  1:28:58  
We're taking over the show man big in The Wiz. Oh, dear.

Jim Collison  1:29:03  
Yeah, I can see that you could sustain blinking The Wiz for much fun there if they had their own show that listen, it could Dave it could go places. I think monkey in the wind.

David Jackson  1:29:14  
I need a writer for that show. That's the other thing. Like yeah, and

Jim Collison  1:29:18  
yeah, I don't you're pretty funny. I mean, you're I am always surprised when when Binky and the wish show up. Your creativity in those characters is pretty spot on. It's pretty great. I mean, you do a pretty good job of that I'd loved. I'd listen. I'd loved it. I would subscribe to a binky in the West podcast for sure. It's just how you you as them it's just dynamite. So

David Jackson  1:29:42  
that's a thought. Yeah. And then my voice three octaves deeper see

Jim Collison  1:29:47  
with Binky in The Wiz. You could get your snarky Yeah, you could get snark out because people would expect it there. That's the appropriate snarky, not about other people but about other things

David Jackson  1:29:59  
that will Take Well, if they actually took over the podcast radio show, that would, that could be a lot of fun. And it would be a lot of work.

Jim Collison  1:30:10  
So it would be a lot. No, it would be way more work than you're looking for. But it could be they could be snarky about current events that are going on and podcasts Oh, geez. Like in some of those kinds of things. They became they could be, they could

David Jackson  1:30:24  
be can the Whiz on? It'd be bad. I

Jim Collison  1:30:26  
didn't know it was you? Yeah, that's the problem. Right? That's the

David Jackson  1:30:31  
it's like, no, no, it's not me. It's my character. Yeah. You just told you're, you're giving out false vaccination information.

Jim Collison  1:30:38  
Yeah, yeah. Well, again, we've got a full hour we've got Alright, everybody, have a great weekend.

David Jackson  1:30:46  
Appreciate it. Ya

Jim Collison  1:30:47  
know, it's fun to find you had your own podcast radio show there about the podcast.

David Jackson  1:30:51  
Exactly. Yeah.

Jim Collison  1:30:53  
I like it a little meta about meta. And then not that kind of meta, but this kind of right, exactly. All right. We'll see you guys next week. Take care.