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April 25, 2015

New Media Expo Reflections

New Media Expo Reflections

New Media Expo Reflections

Dave is back from Vegas with lots of stories and behind the scene stories from the New Media Expo.

[5:38]Podcast Awards

The awards show was "blue" and awkward.

[17:57] - Some Things You Can't Control

Its hard to pull off a conference. The schedule changed, we had some speakers who had issues getting in on time. The Westgate was remodeling.

The networking was kind of hard as it was hard to find people. 

The schedule was weird due to the NMX being co-located with the NAB.

[22:50] "The Dialogue"

Dave shares a discussion he had with Norm Pattiz from

[38:00] Connecting in Face Builds Your Relationship

Jason Bryant from share his insights from his first NMX show. 

[51:37] Clammr

Jason said was one of the coolest tools



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