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Nov. 28, 2020

Petrifying Podcast Fear

Petrifying Podcast Fear

Quit worrying about the world hearing your show - they're not.

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If you need a logo, artwork, a website that makes you look UBER professional then check out Today on the show I read some of the awesome testimonials from Mark's customers. You can see them by going to 


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Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.

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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



This has been transcribed by Descript and has not been edited.

Dave:Ask the podcast coach for November 28, 2000. Let's get ready to


Dave:There it is. It's that music. That means it's time for ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast. Questions answered the live. I am Dave Jackson from the school of I was looking for the banner there and, If you have a question, come on and join us at ask the podcast. That's one way you can jump in. You can also go to ask the podcast, and jump into the chat room. And if you're listening to this after November 28th, feel free to go, would ask the podcast,, and, leave a question and we answer your questions live. It's not just me.

It's me and the guy right over there. The one and only. Jim Kellison from the average How's it going? Jim

Jim:greetings, Dave, happy Saturday morning to you. Good to see ya and welcome almost to December.

Dave:It's crazy. Isn't

Jim:it to the final month, whether you're happy Thanksgiving to those here in the United States, and we're thankful for all of you as well.

You know what I'm really thankful for is coffee. No, it comes along with Kami.

Dave:Oh man. Oh, wait. I jumped ahead. And actually you're freaking out. We're good. All right.

Jim:I'm just really still staring at my coffee.

Dave:That's it. what we want to talk about here is, it's brought to you the morning. Poor is brought to you by.

Podcast, And look, I've been talking about Mark and his awesome, he, if you want artwork, if you want a logo, if you want a full blown website, everything is there. You can go over to podcast,, but. What I thought I would do today to do something different is go over to his website and okay, we've heard what Dave has to say about Mark.

What about other people will Sean from the podcast consider, if you will says podcast branding is a great company to work with. Mark helped provide a vision for the artwork that clearly grasped the character of my show, which is what had been saying all along. He works with you. One-on-one. dr. Nicole Byer said from the bold life says podcast branding made creating the cover artwork for my new podcast.

So easy Mark was fast at Mark making changes when I had suggestions. And even when my suggestions were vague, he seemed to know what I was thinking. Crystal Paine from the creatively named the crystal Paine show said. I wasn't sure what I wanted. And I'm so happy. I found podcast branding. Mark was so fantastic to work with.

He captured the exact look. I was hoping for my podcast cover artwork and it makes me so happy every time I see it. So if you're looking for artwork, if you're looking for a logo, if you're looking for a website, the place you want to go of course is podcast And when you go over there, tell him that Dave.

And Jim sent you Gino. Good. We're going to start associating that with podcast branding

for all our, non American friends. Hope you had a great Thursday. Jim, have you bought any cool kind of, black Friday stuff for anything?

Jim:I have actually bought a few things this year. One, we talk about this all the time, backup for podcasters backup is important.

And I use a program called a Cronus to do that, and they had a black Friday deal. last pass is doing some, if you need some help. with your passwords and you're not using PA, like a, a password, a database, like last pass. They have a pretty good deal going on. I've been trying to, Daniel's done a nice job of sending the emails.

If you haven't signed up for those in subs, can you just sign up for the emails or do you have to. Because it's like podcasting deals,

Dave:Is podcasting I would think so.

Jim:I think so.

Dave:I think that's all it is that's like a special email list. Yeah. Podcasting deals, gear, app services, and more podcasting resources.

So yeah. according to his website, podcasting, mixers, microphones, software, mobile apps, audio accessories, cameras, recording, lighting, and much more deal and pick by award-winning expert podcast or Daniel J. Lewis. I have a situation. I thought you would be a good person to ask. Cause I know you deal with strength coaches and identifying people's weaknesses and stuff.

I have a guy that I'm going to keep him. I'm not going to get too detailed here, but I have a person at the school of podcasting, super nice guy. And when I say this person has everything, they have a gear, they have a website, they have a name, according to the person, they have plenty of topics. and I go, so what are you missing?

And he goes, I need an intro. For the podcast. I'm like, okay, cool. And I put him at the door of an intro maker type person, and I said, you know what, your first episode is going to be about. Yep. And I go, what? I said, the only thing else, I see that he has artwork. I go, great. I go, do you have a description for your show?

And he's no, and I'm like, great. And he goes, what I need though. And he goes, what I need. Is an accountability partners, anybody at the school of podcasting, it would be my accountability partner, my guy, his name's, Dave Jackson. I go, what do you need? He goes, all right. let's identify what we need.

I said, let's your intro and we need your description. I'm like, let's start off with the easy one, the description. And so I'm like, Hey, it's Friday by Monday, that gives you two and a half days to come up with two sentences about your show. And he missed the deadline. And I emailed him on Tuesday and said, Hey, you're late.

And I'm like, Nudging him. So what's the, how do you, like he said, I want to count, and I think he's a tough love kind of guy where they like, no, you, I want you to hammer me. This is what I need. And I was like, part of me wants to go, wow, let's the holidays. And they're like, no, he's in,

Jim:I said, just bring the hammer down, Dave, just bring the hammer down.

there's some kind of fear there, right? Yeah. I think, I think asking some questions, like, why can't you just give me two sentences? what is stop? Let's do it right now. I'm going to sit here and you're going to type and, or whatever. it sounds cranking out two sentences.

I might even just crank it out for them

Dave:and charge them for it and say here that

Jim:here it is. Is this good enough?

Dave:that's not a bad idea. Say here's this, and then you fix what's wrong with it.

Jim:Cause it sounds, it's like there's some kind of fear stuck. Like it just gets you stuck and you just, no matter how it, what your intention is or how much accountability, I've got one of those kinds of things going on for me right now where I just don't want to do it, and I can, I'd rather get a root canal then this thing. And so I think it's just a, it's a fear bit. you might help them by just. Writing to sample sentences forum. You could probably cause you're good at this. Yeah. Crank something out or you could say, do you want to pay me to write this for you?

I'll just do it, but you'll pay me.

Dave:Yeah. Miss Eileen has a great point. She says, ask him for the waste stream. You're just acting weird this morning. Ah, here we go.

Jim:Ask him, they're on Amazon or they

Dave:ask asking for the list of topics. That would be a good one. Carrie says, my coach gets me asked by, what's holding me back or what I'm feelings come up when I bought doing this because I'm stuck.

She helps them take them. I think the big one in this is one where, cause this kind of came out in, I do group coaching at the school of podcasting and we're all like saying the same thing, because I think when you launch a podcast, you think about everyone listening and I'm like, here's the good news, bad news.

The good news is everyone's not listening. In fact, when you first start out. Maybe 20 people are going to be listing and that's, if you count the cousins, and things like that. And I said, so nobody is listening. I said, so don't worry about that. you're going to get better as you go along.

I said, in fact, why don't used to record a couple of things right now, send them to me and just like a musician, let's do a little practice and. See how it's working and go up that, but, yeah. Carrie's got another great point, break it into bite sized chunks. And the other thing that I need to really do is, Jim Harold says, he doesn't want to do it.

And he's finding the reasons not to do it. You can always, I think that's, Oprah said that, although probably somebody before Oprah said it, you can always find a reason to not do it, but I need to ask him to define his why. what's your why? Because when the Y is greater than the fear of whatever, then you'll actually take action.

Jim:Yeah. I find for me, I'm a better editor than I am, an originator sometimes. And so we get to these, I know what I want to do. I just know how to get started. And if I just start with something else, if I just get some, somebody else's work or I copy off something and make it my own.

I, we are launching a new podcast, at Gallup here at the beginning of the year. And I needed some content. I sat down with my cohost, we just recorded a bunch of stuff and then I threw it into Otter. And then I grabbed that at Otter and just modified what she said to make the intro out of, she has this beautiful way of just saying these things.

Then I throw it over to my editor and I said, Hey, can you make this what'd you make this make sense in sentences because the spoken word and the written word, aren't always the same thing. And, and so it was just sometimes sit down if you're having trouble writing, sit down and talk and then get that transcribed.

And okay. Now I've got some things to work from, crunch that down into two or three sentences and call it good. And you can always change it. Yeah,

Dave:that's another one I should bring up to him. You can always change it

Jim:because this isn't going to be permanent.

Dave:Cause I know, I did a presentation on this for DC podcast.

and at the time I went to my description and it was horrible just cause really all it needs to be is who is this for? Cause if you think about it, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the potential listener and they're coming to it going, is this for me? So when you say, if you're a blah, blah, blah, this show helps the such and such person, blah, blah, blah.

We talk about this. So at this point they go, Oh, that's me. Oh. And I like those topics. Good. So that's really the bare bones of what it is who is this for? And what can I expect? And, and that's the Doug says the hardest part is narrowing the focus. Yeah. in reality, the school of podcasting. is pretty wide.

And I have a problem with that. Cause sometimes I do like today, we're going to talk about how to start your podcast and all the other people are like what I've been podcasting for three years. And then other times I'm like, today, we're going to talk about how to, whatever, use a compressor on a blood and people like the white.

it's hard to, to do that. what are you going to do? I can

Jim:create, you should create a mad libs for this escape. Give me a noun, give me a verb, give me two adjectives. and then have kind of a standard dumpling, just, you just punch it in and it kicks out.

It kicks it out for you. the intro. that's one of the things, I have, I think, I feel like I've done right with the podcasts is a written standard intro. That I do for this show. And they're different for each show. Sometimes I remake them dependent upon which show I'm going into, or I modify them a little bit, but having that base to work from, and then modifying it from there has been very helpful.

And so whether it's home gadget, geeks, or cyber frontiers or, call the coach thing Thursday, those, they all have a different, but similar intro that I do in the beginning of the show that helps me get into the show like that helps me get in and get going. And. Especially because I'm a hundred percent live, so it's alive to the hard drive and then there's no going back and we're not gonna make a lot of edits on this thing that, that kind of keeps me, it keeps me rolling.

And also it gives me confidence when I'm starting the podcast. Then I'm going to at least nail the intro, right? I'm going to get that. You do the same thing here on ask the podcasts. Coach, you have a very similar intro. You change it up from time to time based on things that you wanna do. But I like, I love having that.

I think you could probably build an intro and a description paragraph out of the same material. The same raw material should be the same, very similar to you. Don't have to be reading it, but it should be very same. So if you get that core of things, yeah, maybe Dave, and maybe just sit down with him, don't tell him this record.

maybe you should record him talking about it and then transcribe that and give him the raw content. Now make something out of this,

Dave:Yeah. Coach Dave says I had, I've changed my several times. He gets better as listeners interact. And that's a cool thing. If you can get, if you have somebody that listens to your show, ask them, how would you describe it?

Cause I had somebody, Yeah. I w I, if I have a show called the podcast rodeo show where I grabbed somebody's show, I've never listened to it. I hit play and I just talk over it and somebody said, Oh my God, you're the mystery science theater of podcasting. And I went, that's it. I'm like, not sure how many people know that show, but the people that are my age probably do.

And I was like, that's a pretty cool way of describing that show. And that's one of those where if you like mystery science theater, You'd probably this podcast. so that's, sometimes when you get, I did that once where I took a bunch of descriptions from people that have left reviews and in Apple, in that kind of help, but it also became this weird creative project that I think that was the one in the end.

I looked at him like, that's horrible. It's it's, it was all about me. Instead of what's in it for them. It was like, James, the best thing since sliced bread. Am I get, but what does he talk about? So that's good.

Jim:I did have my ups, so I recommend that all podcasters have a battery backup on your PC.

Dave:Yeah. Even if you have

Jim:a laptop, probably not. It was important because the laptop's got a built-in battery in it, but. For keeping your networking gear. nothing's worse than if we were doing a live stream like this and a little, it's not a full power, a power outage that gets you.

It's that blip, right? It's the, where the power drops for a second. Like I think they call that a brownout right where it dips for a second and comes back. And so I recommend, I think podcasts are, should have. Both the ups for their networking gear. So like your modem, your router, those kinds of things. So that the network stuff runs on little small little one.

In fact, here in the United States office Depot is running a little tiny one for 35 bucks. So they don't have to be terribly expensive. Then I have a bigger one that I use for all the PCs that are here and I had it fail. this, the other day I went in to check the batteries are going bad.

So I had to replace, I'm going to be replacing those batteries for about 30 bucks. But, it, it does. I shut down three of my computer shut down and you're like, Oh, I would hate for that to have happened during ask the podcast, coach, you just disappear. So that's something right now.

I think if you're as podcasts are, I always recommend backup. I recommend checking, making sure your taxes are in order. And I also recommend putting a ups on your gear. Cause you just never know. You never know when a gambit brought up,

Dave:I made the mistake. I made my own brownout. I found out that you can't have the space heater on while you turn on your hairdryer.

And all of a sudden it was like, poof. And I came in and my computer was off the monitors who were still on. Cause they're on a different. one of those things could circuit, they were on a different, what's that thing called a power supply. It's a ups. Yeah. It's on a different ups. I have a bunch of them in here, so some of them, the batteries are good.

Yeah, one's at the monitors, but I wasn't. And I actually went back and double check the mic. Wait, is the computer plugged into, so I don't know how hard it is to take one apart. And, not very hard, actually,

Jim:if it's not holding its power, it's usually two screws or something in the battery comes out.

Just take it to your local battery store, order replacement at your place of choice, wherever you want to do that. Slide it back in and you're back in business.

Dave:Yeah. John says the toughest part for me. Is that all my podcast, Isaac Diaz, or all around the world of music. And it's tough trying to do a music podcast.

It's pretty much impossible to do music podcast without being able to use music from the big name artists. Unless of course you do it on Spotify, which isn't really a podcast and the only people that can hear it are people on. Spotify premium, yada drive. You

Jim:can drive an audience to that.

Dave:that's something I want to try in 2021.

It probably won't last long, but I just want to go through the paces to see exactly what that is.

Jim:I don't know. John, to John's point, I think you have to think differently, okay. So how do I do a music podcast? And don't, I think. If you, I think of the music as a crutch, just to be a hundred percent honest, like you playing the music on your podcast to try and talk about it is a little bit of a crutch, be creative in some ways that allow you to talk about it without having to bring it on.

listen, your audience can listen to it. if, especially, here, maybe here's some opportunities to drive some people to that music. That'd be right. To be able to listen to it or create a new way to do it where they're interacting with you. Now go listen to this and come back or whatever.

I don't think, yeah. I could see how that could be a problem, but it could also be an opportunity for you to do something completely different in the, in that area.

Dave:Yeah. The, I man, I had a great thought, Oh, sorry. I started to talk now, the minute I started to talk, it was just like, man, we're out of here.

And I was like, Oh, what? It'll come back to me. Gary has a great point. This is again, Jim pointed out, there are many ways to start your show. I'm a big fan of welcome to the show where we blank today. We're going to talk about blank, but there's this way. Now Gary says, I like Seth Godin's podcast.

He starts each one with a short story before saying, Hey, it's Seth. And this is a Kimbo. it's like the story hooks you right away. Yeah. my buddy George Rob, who does the geologic podcast starts off with a story. It's gotta be a good story though. It's got to, you got to grab them and hook them quick.

Cause if it's just Hey, I talked to my friend yesterday and boy, he's crazy. I don't know it was, and I'm like, okay, let's come on, keep it going. And then do that. But the Saturday night live does that. They have a cold open and then they do the intro.

Jim:So in John's case, Dave, I wonder if it'd be smarter to do, instead of trying to lean on the music, lean on interview, not live interviews, but other things like it bands have done interviews.

And you can get copies of those or you can do that or interview musicians in there. I think maybe you could do that and not have to, that kind of stuff isn't necessarily copy right in. That's not the right word, but protected, copy, protected, whatever.

Dave:That was my point. I'm glad you said that.

if you want to get people back to your website, That would be a way to do it. Do a music show, think about it back to the, behind the music or, no, not that it was on VH1 storytellers and there'd be a guy going, my dog died and, mama got drunk and dad was in jail. So I decided to write a song about it, and then you're like, okay, I'm dying to hear this song now.

And that's when they would play it. And then the song would have more meaning because you knew. What inspired it. So if you talk about, this is one of the songs that really, when I was a teenager really felt me in the, in like for me, I could go, there's a song where they slightly, he ain't one of those titles.

You know what I mean? I'm from Ted Nugent called a Wang. Dang sweet tank will say, yeah. Although part of it is like orchestra. Like I could do a class on why this is a good guitar solo. And somebody would be like, I want to hear that guitar solo now because Dave said it starts off small with a flanger, and then he brings in the rhythm guitar.

And then at this point, the drummer goes to the ride cymbal the way it builds, somebody want to hear that song. So that might be a way to, to do that. The fun part is with a music show is you gotta be doing it for the love of music, because how do you monetize that? Maybe you can, cause you're gonna make a dime.

I want sold a song off of a, Apple iTunes, and I made a dime. Of course they're only charging a buck, so that's 10%. That's actually not a bad commission rate, but if you're doing it just for the love of music. Absolutely. But otherwise does any get into that bonus content? I don't know. That'd be it.

That would be an interesting one. So

Jim:can you use covers in that. In that scenario, okay. Let's just think about this practically for a second. If you're doing a podcast, it's audio only, you're not running it through YouTube. You don't necessarily have, not all the platforms are checking, or running algorithms against it.

If you're using a cover that somebody else has done right. I mean it's on you. I can you use covers?

Dave:No, here's why it's it's the day of weird song titles. the songs, sugar walls by Sheena Easton. Wow. Am I dating myself? because at the time I just remember thinking, what is this? What is written by Prince?

So that's a cover. actually, if somebody else did that, so let's say, I don't know, Christina Agular decides to do the cover. That's okay.

Jim:But what if an obscure person does a cover?

Dave:not that song was written by Prince. Yeah. And so you've got to have,

Jim:how did they get away with that on YouTube? How do all these covers get away with it?

Dave:I honestly don't know, to be honest. Cause yeah. I'm with you on that. No. What might've it be? It's not downloadable. That's the thing that always shoots.

Jim:Oh yeah. That makes sense. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah, that makes sense. Okay. I don't even think I don't use music in my podcast at all. I don't. I do, but it's a regional, it's a riff that I had somebody write for me.

So it's a completely different thing.

Dave:If you do buy. Cause there were places to, like I just, and I'm really upset about this. I was using audio blocks and remember when we like. Two weeks ago, did a thing about Howard nickeled and dimed to death. I went in and canceled my audio blogs because it was going to be like $150 a year.

And I was like, and I can spend just about that at inverse auto market or something like that. And I get audio jungle and like everything else on their website. And I was like, I'm going to do that. Cause I don't really use that much music, but it's got. Themes and images and blah-blah-blah stock photos and blah, blah.

I'm like I'm going to do that. And audio blocks went and charged me again. And I emailed them and I said, Hey, ha, I know I stopped this two weeks ago. but the tricky part with music, if you're going to do that, keep your receipt. Cause you never know. This show has been flagged on YouTube for the intro music.

And I have to, I have the CD and a receipt. So if somebody says, Hey, What is this song? I can say, this is off the, I think funk CD or something like that I bought that. It's all I bought it from audio, many moons. And, so I'm able to say here's my receipt. It's and here's the thing.

Here's where I bought it. And this is royalty free music. So please go pound salt. but I would definitely, I keep, I have a email from the band King, Zach saying, yes, you can play our song on your podcast because you just never know. So

Jim:mine's never gotten flagged. Yeah. Not for that. we've played other things or I've had TV or football show up in my podcast before and gotten flagged for that.

I've never had any, nothing for the audio. It's always been a, YouTube probably does the best job. Of actually reviewing this stuff, I've never had anybody come back to me on the audio side of things to, to flag it. But yeah, YouTube definitely. They're the most stringent.


Gary says there's a service called Licht, L I C K D cause ease or evil. And that allows for people or for popular use it to be used. I'm going to call BS on that or there's. I'll have to look it up, but I just, the reason I say that I know Doug from podcast music has been working on this for the better part of probably five years.

And they just got for me cause I'm not into, Oh, I got to watch my verbiage here. Latina music. Is that, am I saying the wrong thing? it's a Spanish slash Mexican flavor. lots of Moroccans, kind of thing. And there's apparently that band is popular and they've gone to podcast music, but they made it so hard.

I feel like on one hand, kudos to Doug for getting a band to come on, but you have to buy a license for a year. And I'm like, what happens after the year's over? I have to go back every, it was one of those where I was like, Oh, they took a step, but I'm like, and they, on one hand, I want to go like support this effort, but it's one song out and it just, I was like, So I just know they've been trying and

Jim:it looks like licked LIC, K is the site real artists to real music claims free for YouTube. This is a YouTube specific, and that makes sense, right? this is the hard part about the crossover between podcasting and YouTube is it's in this area of music.

This is where it gets really dicey.

Dave:Yeah. Yeah. That's the word the whole, yeah. If I say right now, Hey, welcome to the podcast and people watching this on YouTube. They think of YouTube as a podcast. And

Jim:it is, it's the one it's a, one of the few spaces where the crossover doesn't work. you go, Oh yeah.

In both ways, by the way, there's things you can do. Let's this is a great example. I can make this on YouTube. And then if I try to export the audio out and make a podcast out of it, now I'm out of I, if I've used this music, I'm out of compliance with it. Could you get away with it? Probably easier to go from.

YouTube to podcasting and get away with it. Although I think we're going to start seeing a lot more like the audibles and the Spotify is check for that stuff. Cause they have every good reason to, So I think in IR 2021, we'll probably see a lot more of that. She'll probably easier to go from YouTube to a podcast than to go from a podcast into YouTube.

So that has me and that has a lot of trippy. and that's not really what I meant to say. That's dumb. Like I took something, but there's lots of trip hazards. Let's put it that way in getting into YouTube with your podcast content. yeah, it doesn't, those don't cross over. we get that question a lot, In the groups audio and just load it to Facebook or to load it to YouTube. maybe.

Dave:Yeah. And then we'll then bang brings up a point. He goes, you're using Kings Zach's, if they sell their rights, Now somebody else it's it's weird.

Jim:Cool. You could that's debatable in court, right? That's what we have courts for.

So you could,

Dave:would you want to,

Jim:for you, you have that embedded in just so many school of podcasts,

Dave:right? That would be fun

Jim:if say that happened to you. Let's just hypothetically say that happened to you. Would you go to court and fight it or would you get it? That would be, that'd be a tough call.

Dave:The good news is I have all the files. Like I can easily go in easily. He said, but realize taking 10 minutes, an episode to export it with new music and then replace it. It would just take a while. Yeah. And anytime you go to court, you're setting yourself up to, yeah.

Jim:Yeah. let's just work. it's just expensive, you know what, is not bad though, is more coffee

Dave:or coffee.

Jim:I think we probably have some folks who support you on a regular

Dave:basis that they do. And not only that he said, let me, Yeah. to, from the, there we go, screen two is now going to be shared. Yay. So what I'm looking for, we haven't done this in awhile. it's fun. It's exciting. That's right.

We've got a new, what's not new. And why do I have that's really loud? I'm trying to figure out why you have podcast branding at the bottom of this. I did not turn that on. That's really, that's weird COE. it's fine. Podcast. Branding is at the bottom of that, but, the one and only Patrick Keller actually went from one tier to a higher tier as a supporter.

So when you jump on in your new, you get a big shout out and if you're new and if you're not new and you've gone from Mike, I think in this case, I think Patrick went from five to 10. So thank you for that, Patrick. We deeply appreciate that. And if you're like, who is Peter Keller? He does the big say on.

So if you like spooky stuff, that is the kind of stuff for that. You can find In fact, the actual description is Patrick Heller of big invites you to join an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts and hauntings and paranormal research, spirit, communication, psychics, and mediums, and life after death, the candles are already lit.

So come on in and join the So thank you Patrick, for that. And I did find out if you use. I would love to know why I have on the next slide. I somehow have the podcast branding in my bottom right-hand corner. And I have no idea how I did that,

Jim:but yeah, it is.

Dave:I'm like, I don't know what's going on.

Jim:It has to be in the overlay somewhere. You've got it in the overlap. Is

Dave:that it? Let me see here logo.

Jim:I would think somewhere in


Dave:ground video clips let's do. Yes, I do actually. Turn that off. Cause I was like, where did that come from? Why? But, yeah, so also this is now open. If you are looking for some discounted, if you're looking for a black Friday deal on one-on-one consulting, go over to, it's Jackson.

And you'll see the, one of the tiers there is for one-on-one consulting at a discounted rate, but we do want to thank our regular peeps who give us $20 a month. and that is awesome. People like Kim at Toastmasters one-on-one dot net. If you want to develop your voice, reduce your editing time and improve your content.

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Glenn the geek. do we had, he had a surgery last week, but he's had a surgery. He should be. Excellent. Yeah. He's he took a shot of, Thanksgiving. He goes, this is Thanksgiving and Florida. And of course in Ohio were, almost freezing to death and he's got this beautiful sun and the horse out in the pasture.

It's Oh, it's so cool. But check out Glenn, if you like horses, horse, radio, Ed Sullivan. If you need some audio editing done, it's like butter for your ears. Sonic Shane at  dot com. So if you want to get your James Bond Dawn or a what's another famous spy, is there another famous by trying to think of that?

Jim:I'm sure there are

Dave:camps. like mr. Bean, maybe.

Michael? No,

Jim:I don't think he was a spy.

Dave:Michael Delaney had baby mountain radio productions

Jim:born raw. What's his name?

Dave:Jason. Jason Bourne, or, what's the guy. Oh, beehive, Austin Powers. I w I don't wonder if Shane is talking about Austin Powers. I'm thinking maybe not. but if you're looking for where podcasting and hard work are made fun, go over to baby mountain

Greg, So if you want to get your finances in line for 2021, he teaches financial and if you'd like to be an awesome supporter, go over and ask the podcast, You can see more people over there. And, one of the things I will say is, if you're using Patrion.

Make sure you white list, I guess their emails, because I happened to go and they came up with yet, again, a new interface to where you can view your patrons. And I said, Oh, I want to make sure that I have all the $10 people on the website. And I said, filter active $10 people. And all of a sudden I was like, wait, that's half the people I.

I think I have it. It's it turns out there have been many people I've been promoting that haven't been a supporter for some time now, so

Jim:better than the other way around though. But it better not to because

Dave:of, Hey, what's going on? Yeah.

Jim:Oh, better to over tip. Always better over recognize.

Dave:So yeah.

The man from uncle, did that guy even have a name or was he just the man from uncle and where his uncle I've never been to uncle, Mata Hari. There we go. So

Jim:the pink Panther,

Dave:there you go. What was it? Inspected clue. yeah,

Jim:I don't think

Dave:he was just more a private detective, I guess

Jim:Steve Martin in the pink Panther, the best pink Panther.

Dave:You're gonna have people hunt you

Jim:down. I think so.

Dave:Oh man. cause he's dead. Peter Sellers. Thank you.

Jim:Yeah, I enjoy the Steve Martin ones the best.

Dave:Yeah, here's a fun question.

I came up with a bumper sticker today. That's always fun. Cause Ryan had asked in a Facebook group when creating a podcast, what is the most important aspect to invest in first example, sound quality with Mike's promotion, editing software. And What would you say to that?

Jim:Just to read those

Dave:again and what he said, which I thought it was interesting sound quality with Mike's promotion or editing software.

Jim:I think when you're starting, I, I think getting the sound as good as you can in the very beginning is really important. The other stuff will come. You got to get that. I think you got to get that. you're looking at me like you disagree with me.

Dave:Where are you here? Here's my bumper sticker.

Buy a hundred dollar microphone. Yeah. And spend a hundred hours on determining who your audience is by bumper sticker.

Jim:He was content one of the options.

Dave:That's no, that's what was funny is because he said that and we're all like, dude, like you're focused on all the wrong stuff and that's why I thought it was an interesting question.

Cause he was like, Oh, do I start promoting it? Do I use what software do I use? It was all the, how. And none of the who, and we're like, you gotta make sense. Yeah. That makes weaken the who part there.

Jim:But once you have your stuff, like I am enough people don't care enough about the sound quality, you have to last night, Sammy, my daughter was on home geeks and w we've been doing this annual Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving, home gadget geeks with her. This was second annual and I had her on my headset. I have a job that I use for work. And I just wasn't that happy with it.

I was like, Oh, okay. I need to set her up a mic. I've got an extra 2100, I need to get an arm. we're going to do some, when she gets home this summer, we're going to, we're going to launch her podcast. And I was just like, I need to get her an arm and a mic. And in a good audio, good audio device of some kind.


Dave:well, what was interesting as I saw the inverse, I was just listening to a show. The good grief. Something podcast. It's, it'll be on the podcast rodeo show, I think next week. And what was interesting. It was the inverse of what I normally see, and that was. The beginning started and it was, the woman, Oh, I forget her name, but anyway, she's British.

So number one, she sounds great already. She hasn't said anything. She just sounds phenomenal and sociol, welcome to the grief show and it's like seriously produced. It's got this great backup music and a great intro of here's what we talk about. Cause it's like topics that we don't talk about.

But we should. So it was all about how to handle grief and things like that. And then she starts, the show does a great job of introducing her guests. And when they get to the actual interview part, she went from like a 10 to like a seven, which seven is still pretty good, but it was noticeably like, wow, your audio took a definite step back.

And usually I see the opposite. You record your intro when you're first starting out. And so it sounds horrible because you don't know how you don't have any Mike technique and things like that. And then when you start the show you come in and all of a sudden you're like, you got really good and I'm always like, you need to go back and fix the intro.

but I'm with you on that. It was just one of those things. I said, if I wasn't listening through the ears of a podcast, or I probably would notice that, and I said, are you using a Yeti. And are you recording through zoom? And she goes, I am recording through zoom, but she was using, I forget what different microphone she was actually in her closet.

she was taking steps to get good audio, but, I'm with you, sound quality is something that can. Can definitely, I hear people all the time that just, you know, and you can't control your guests. That's the other thing that just now,

Jim:no, you can minimize the damage, but you can't, you're going to get what you're going to get.

Dave:I think

Jim:people automatically discount the guests sound. So if the host is good in the guest is bad. To a point. It can't be too bad, but if the guests this just at least audible, you can even have a guest on a listener bubble, telephone, like an old analog line. And as long

Dave:as you can hear

Jim:what they're saying, people discount that and they're fine with it for the most part.

They accepted, I think radio goddess used to that just to be honest, but when the guest is bad and the host is bad, I'm pretty quick to be like, all right, I'm moving on. I can't, I'm not going to give an hour of this to my ears. I just can't do it.

Dave:Yeah. coach Dave says, Hey, the message, the audience and content are critical and people won't listen long if it's not delivered via clean leveled audio.

Yeah. If I always tell people, if you make your audience, grab the volume knob. You're they're going to grab the volume number once, and then the second time they have to grab it, they're going to hit skip or whatever. yeah. Kim says, am call-in radio shows. Yeah, that's me. If I, the reason when I hear it used to be, when I heard the phrase blog, I was like, Oh yeah, because those used to be, yeah.

two people on the phone now I'll listen is the host on, cause you can use blog talk radio just as a host. Why? I don't know you would do that, but okay. but if it's a host on a mic and then the guest is on a phone, I might tolerate that. But. it's one of those things where it's like, not sure.

Jim:Stephanie asked a great question in the chat room says, what is good? what does that mean? When is it good. And go ahead.

Dave:I'll give you a great example. I was listening to Mark Marin interview, Michael J. Fox. I'm a huge Michael J. Fox fan. If you haven't read any of his books, Dude has the best attitude of anybody on the planet.

And Mark Marin is Mark Marin, right? So he's on his microphone. Hey, Michael is good to hear you, buddy. What's going on? All right. Hey everybody. And then Michael J. Fox is using a built in a. Mike on his laptop, I'm assuming, he did have headphones on which he said like halfway through. He said, Parkinson's phones, don't work.

Cause he somehow knocked them off. But, he was, his microphone's way back here. I'm in the shower. I can completely, and I've got a speaker right here, but I've got the sound of the shower on my head. Mark is going completely through hearing perfectly. Michael J. Fox sounds like this. ah, can't understand because it's it takes you in music, they call it being up in the mix, meaning it's front and center in this there, but the minute you add reverb to that, even though the volume is exactly the same, it starts to sound like they're back here.

So that's one thing I always say when the sound or the audio distracts you. From what they're saying to how it sounds. That's one, it's a problem. I don't know. Jim, do you have any examples or

Jim:of the old art bell shows in his guests were never on, they were never in studios. They always come in from crazy locations, but for whatever reason, arts engineers would.

And I don't know how they did this, but they must have run those telephone calls through processors or something. And they'd always be in the mid range. We're where are we where we speak and it would take everything else out. And so I'm not a lot of base, a lot of mids, maybe some highs. And they were almost always very clear.

even though it didn't sound great, you could understand. And like you said, it sounded like the sound was upfront, not way in the back. And, and so that's, I think the sound that you're looking for, again, If you have a, if it's you, the host that has that sound, I think people have less tolerance if it's you and the co-host and you have a regular cohost, by the way, I think this is an exception.

If your regular co-host always sounds like crap or the quality isn't as good. I think that's going to be a strike against you

Dave:as well. And then I sound like this. Can you hear the reverb or is that just in my phones? I think it's just a numbers.

Jim:It's not making this

Dave:giant Coliseum. Yeah,

Jim:but if every week I came in and sounded like it was on a telephone, that would be, I think that would be, that would cause fatigue, listener fatigue.

But if we had somebody jump in here and be on a telephone. Yeah. Th the audience forgives it. They're like, okay, this is just one time and this is cool. I think it's key if you're going to do that process it in some way that, you know, and you just can't like in Michael J Fox's case, it is what it is.

he just can't, you're going to have to make a decision, but listen to it or not to listen to it or listen to it in a different environment. If he really liked the interview.

Dave:in the hard part of that is. Michael has Parkinson's so he's already, he can't act anymore. He said, because he can't remember lines and he has, some effect it's affecting his speech now.

Oh yeah. And so in the case where if I go in and try to divert him, it's going to add some artifacts, depending. it would just be such a balancing act to find how can I remove the reverb and not, negatively affect the, clarity. Of that. And that's just, I was like, and it is one of those things where once I got out of the shower, it was better, but that was just one where I was like, ah, this is a good example of why a laptop microphone is not good because I could hear him.

I just couldn't understand what he was saying. And it wasn't because I couldn't understand. It was just. It just wasn't in my face. Like the other one, Steven says, radio stations are a special devices for Conn, which have audio processing built in. They pop up once in a while on eBay. Yep. For an ISD in these days, you can get that with, cause even if somebody on an ISD, N is, four feet away from their microphone, they're still gonna sound like crap.

But that's where a squad cast or a Zencaster or something like

Jim:that, digital now. And you're calling in on these. And so that sometimes depending on the connection, like I've done some calls in the audio is amazing. you're like, I phoned iPhone, get the right connection. Holy cow. I don't talk on the phone a lot anymore, but.

When I, when I do and I get one of those calls, I'm like, man, this sounds like I'm right there. So I don't think it's as much of a problem anymore as it used to be.

Dave:Yeah. that's a great point because if you can get somebody, let's say I'm using, I dunno, let's say I'm using, I will hold one up the news zoom Padraig before.

I could have them connect on Skype and have that through this. And they would sound great. I just try to avoid the phone line because the phone line cuts out bass and treble, and that's why everybody sounds like this on the phone. that's just something, Craig has a great point. He goes, we often speak about audio quality being a distraction, but rarely about crutch, words and verbal ticks.

Jim:I disagree. I think we talked about crutch words all the time. this seems these two kind of seem to come up together. When we talk about them, the right in you knows and ums and AHS. we've I think we give it equal billing here as we do to poor audio that, and Craig, now I'm not saying I, I'm not trying to disagree with you just to disagree, but I do think that comes up a lot as well.

Dave:I did an episode of something, probably best podcasting gear. I went back that show. I did that in 2016. Wow. Was that outdated? So I had to redo a lot of my episodes and I realized how often I go. Belittle the lip smack.

Jim:I take too.

Dave:Cause I know some people, I leave that in. It's like nails on a chalkboard.

you never know, Dave says, or I'm sorry. Doug said zoom meetings that have been recorded. Almost everyone is on their computer mic is awful. Yeah. But in theory, I get that, but that's the sad thing. If I turn around and try to make that a podcast. That's a problem, but most of the time it's just a meeting or whatever.


Jim:I just recorded, some tips, some helpful tips for internal work at Gallup. And I was surprised we actually got Oh, seven of the 10 to be on a headset. So just three. And it was the three that weren't, or the senior leaders who wouldn't. I was in one of them. I said, Hey, you got a headset and he was like, Nope.

And I could tell just from his answer, it was a battle. Not only, no, but you're not going to make me wear one of those things. And I was like, dude, I know you have a good hair, but put the fricking headset on don't I, yeah, we're recording the video, but the, get a headset. Do you know how bad you sound?

And it was, I just, I can't, I really struggle with that. Cause I'm like, I know these, those things make you uncomfortable. And I don't know why. I don't know why they make you uncomfortable, make you sound a million times better, but he eight miles away. And then you're like, what are you doing? but I could tell from the answer I was, he was like, Nope.

And I'm like, I'm not going to win this battle.

Dave:They're like, okay, then

Jim:he was like, do I sound bad? And I'm like, of course you sound bad. Like what? And he's really? I'm like, yes, you sound awful. My ears are bleeding from your audio at the moment. Oh, it's not that bad. Okay. It's not, then we're fine.

You're just all your peers are gonna watch this. Okay.

Dave:Yeah, we'll do it. We'll do. It's your brand. It's only your brand.

Jim:Yeah, but man, the fight, this is Dave. This goes back to the conversation. We had the beginning of the show. There's some, there's a fear of that

Dave:headset. Yeah.

Jim:It just drives them. They're just not going to do it.

It's like wearing masks. They're not going to do it.

Dave:I told our VP of sales. We should invest in a good headset and a web cam for our account executives. So many webinars with bad sound and video. Yeah.

Jim:I was just on, I watched a Cronus, I think a Cronus do a webcast big. They promoted it big and they were all of them or the host was on one of those pucks, And you're like, Oh my God, the second I heard it, I was like, seriously guys. Now the, they cut over to the subject matter expert and he was on a headset and it got clear and it was fine. I was like serious. Like nobody, nobody said nobody checked this thing. put a fricking headset on.

Dave:Yeah. There's a difference between, can I hear you and do I sound good?

Can I hear you? Yes. Yeah.

Jim:My, one of my best friends at work has this puck that someone has told him is good. And they're like, it's awful. every time he comes on, I'm like, hold on. I gotta wipe the blood out of my ears. And he's it's not that bad. I'm like, it's bad. It is bad.

Dave:So I think that's what people are going.

you can hear me. yes, I can hear you.

Jim:Yeah. Different it's different, especially when it's gotten so like we're so dependent on this now, we're so dependent on this form right now.


Jim:no, I need you to, I need you close to a microphone, please. Please help me.

Dave:Yeah. John has a thing he says should be, that'd be one of the questions in our pre-interview.

Do you have a headset mic or Mike that is in your building? Yeah, absolutely. What I do too is I say, can you send me a link where you've been interviewed before so I can hear how you sound that right there kinda says, Hey, guess what sound matters here, kids. And, we're not going to take it. Did, did you happen to watch?

I sent out a thing on YouTube about the world's worst, interview form?

Jim:No, I haven't watched that.

Dave:I haven't recorded it twice. The first time I was really getting it. my favorite was because they said what it was, first of all, it was your name. And then what kind of business do you have?

And I'm like, shouldn't, that, and what I'm going to do. Cause I thought about this later. I need to have two forms. One for people that I asked to be on the show, and one for people who asked to come on my show, but at one point it was, would you like to spend $250? So we will share it with my email list and I'm like, shouldn't you be sharing it with your email list?

Anyway, I thought that was interesting. And it was like, if you don't. Great and review the show. You may not be a guest. That was another one. And I was like, stop it with the ratings and reviews. And, do you commit to sharing the interview? And I said, what, if you suck as an interviewer, I'm not sharing it with my group.

What if you ask me the same five questions that the last guy did? I'm like, no. So if I'm. I did find out. I don't remember when I did this. If you go to, that Dave David Jackson, that's my YouTube channel. So that's, so that was, it was fine, but I had to do the first time. I was really just really?

Cause I said, you asked me like, I'm your guest, this is how you treat your guests. Cause it was literally like, Hey, come on in, get to work. But that was the other one. what's the topic. And what's the description. And I'm like, it's your audience? You tell me, what are you bringing me on for?

I was just like, it's crazy. anyway, so have fun with that. Gary says that video was hilarious. and, I went to their site and they are clueless. So I don't think I showed their site. I just showed their form. Cause I was really trying to keep them out of it.

Jim:maybe it did.


Jim:URL in the YouTube sluice found it. They can find anything. All right,

Dave:we're going to stop the video and zoom in on the URL and

Jim:I'll save it. Funny YouTube story for the post show. How's that?

Dave:Excellent. speaking of the post show, man, it went ridiculously fast as does


Dave:does. What is coming up on the average

Jim:Yeah. So my daughter Sammy came on last night or second annual Friday afternoon, Thanksgiving home gadget geeks. We talked a little bit about her, in a college newsroom during a major election. That was cool. And then look, she's a senior, so she's going to graduate this year or next actually next year and has to get a real job.

So talked a little bit about. What's it like to look for a real job during the pandemic. And, and so that will be posted a little bit later this weekend, over at the average kid.

Dave:that's a great question because. Like now you've got to figure out your background and it's not going to be as simple as write in black ink instead of blue to stand out and like, how do you, that's gotta be interesting.

on the, school of podcasting, do you, I'm such a Beatles nut, Abbey road. The second side of Abbey road is a bunch of ideas that they just, she mushed together. So I'm going to do that. this week. One of the, one of the things is your podcast. Future-proof because I had a client of mine that wanted me to go back and edit a bunch of their old episodes.

And so we're going to talk about what happens when your content becomes outdated and how can you avoid doing that? So that'll be on the school of Want to say, thanks again to the awesome 32 people. Watching in the chatroom. We are here every Saturday morning, asked the podcast, and, stick around for some post-show because Jim has got a YouTube story

and we're back. So you have a YouTube story.

Jim:if you don't think you're being watched on YouTube. So I, there's a YouTuber that I watch. and he's, he's a homesteading DIY kind of guy, always, showing what he's doing. So two years ago, a year ago we built this, they built the house first and then he's building this garage and doing some other stuff.

I just find it fascinating. He has a listener say. To him sends him a note in a year and some change later and says, Hey, I think you covered up a wall outlet when you put in this wall. and he was like, what? He's yeah, I'm pretty sure there was a you'd put in an outlet and you covered it up. So he goes to the spot, runs the, where the listener told him the outlet was.

He went to that spot. Cut into the wall and sure enough, he had covered up an outlet when he put that wall up. Now, how crazy do you have to be to watch the videos that carefully, that you notice, like this is video and the guy's never even been there that to notice that the guy with drywall covered up and he doesn't show everything


Jim:Covering up the outlet. And I was thinking if you like the internet sleuths that are out there. Oh, my gosh. So if you think you're doing YouTube videos and you're not, people are not noticing what's in the background or what you're doing or what you're saying, they're going to remember, they're going to call you on it.

Those kinds of things that was, and I, I've known and I know this thing going in, but that was, I was like, Oh my God, somebody was watching that carefully. So I, if you're going to do that kind of stuff on YouTube, if you're going to do how to you, this, how this goes, you better have fixed skin and be able to get everything exactly right.

Or be able, even if you get it exactly right. You're going to get, you're just going to get hammered, by the internet and or by YouTube folks. So I think you have to have thick skin. If you're going to go into that. Yeah,

Dave:absolutely. I have found, in fact, I'm trying to figure it out as we speak.

Let me see if I can get data on one here real quick. I've been using logic. Tech's built in free, video tool and it's actually pretty cool. Because each just hit go and you can switch between screens and you can have words come up on the screen and things like that. And I'm trying to see what their audio Kodak is.

It doesn't it's variable. All right. That's not great. because if you do audio microphone, shootouts, and your audio is not pristine. You will hear about it in the comments. People are like, there's artifacts in this. And I'm like, it's pretty much what it is that I got didn't have any effects on. So I now realize if I'm going to do any kind of microphone shoot on a, I almost need to link to the wave file for these people to be happy.

But also I need to go back to Camtasia, which just, it's not that hard that in fact, the new version I used to drive me nuts, the version I had 2019. They wouldn't let the camera go. Widescreen. I had to go in and it was a hassle they have since fixed that. But I love the fact that when I was done with it's called , the logic tech off white, when I was done, if I didn't make any mistakes, it was done.

And with Camtasia, I can do a perfect take. And now I got to render it in that at times can take forever. Yeah, what are you going to do? But,

Jim:I am surprised the clock on this computer is off like it's computer and I can't, I can't actually set in a blurry. You can't see it, but, it's actually been four weeks.

it's been off and I kinda leave it just to see if

Dave:any agency is going to catch it.

Jim:I noticed that I did try to fix it and I can't. Something where it's an old, surface RT for Microsoft. It's not even supported anymore. And I'm surprised that it even works. But, I tried to go in, I can't change the year back.

The problem is it's like it's 20, 27 or something on the computer. And, of course that's not the year. I should probably try to figure out what year is the same as now, but, and then I had to reset up some wireless stuff. Normally I have a Chrome cast here playing. And, I had to reconfigure my wireless network here, which by the way, in today's world of IOT, when you have your lights and these wonderful, you know, digital assistants and stuff, if you have to change your SSI ID on your wifi, which I did, I wanted to clean some things up, commit, everything goes down, none of the lights work, none of the devices work.

You have to go and reset them up. They're all different. it's a ton of work.

Dave:On my list of things to do today is to wipe out all of my reminders on the woman in the tube, because I somehow made a setting to not announce those in my office because while I might be recording a podcast, the problem is I'm always in my office.

So I'll be sitting here and I'll have a reminder go off in my bedroom that I need to hear. And I can't, and I'm like, God, that's dumb. and the other thing with that one that I thought was so stupid. Is each device has its own address. And I'm like, it's in the house. Like I'm not going to have one in Akron.

And then my other one's in Cuyahoga falls. I'm like, no, it doesn't work that way. So when I would ask the living room, but you might

Jim:have one,

Dave:but I think they should have, I don't know. There was just a way I was like, yeah. Cause I would ask the living room. It'd be like the weather in Cuyahoga falls.

I'm like, I'm not in Cuyahoga falls anymore. and I was like, so I had to go into every park, everything he had and change the address. And I was like, ah, so that was well, it's a nightmare.

Jim:It's a nightmare. I had to re I had to factory reset my, wireless router here. And last weekend I had some trouble and I literally spent all day Sunday.

But reattaching my internet of things, devices, my lights, these things. Cause they each have a different app, because I'm a tech guy, I buy different kinds of things to test them out. And by the end of the day, Sunday, I was like, I need to throw all of these out and just buy.

multiple versions of the same thing. I need to have three different kinds of cameras. I have three different kinds of wall plugs. I have three different kinds of lights.

Dave:Yeah. I'm with you on that.

Jim:Don't like going into the app and changing those.

Dave:The other thing we need it is I don't think I have one sitting here.

I bought these. It's basically an extension cord. That's about six inches long. And I bought those because if you have a wall plug and you want to stick to not happening, so I have all these stupid cable sticking out of the wall so I can stick in my smart plug to tell it to turn on the Christmas.

Jim:Don't ask me why I have this available. But there it is. Yeah, that's it. These are helpful.

Dave:These are there. They're super handy. You can buy like a six pack for not that much, but yeah, that's exactly all my. and then I have, one, I finally found a power strip because I have two plugs going to my tree one's for the tree and one's for the star.

And I was like, how am I going to turn on the tree with one command? Am I gonna put them into a power strip? And then the power strip into the. You know that whole thing. Dave says we play a game in our house. We have a conversation near our phones and see how long it takes the items in our conversations shop and our at a new streams.

Wait, what?

Jim:Go into your, a lady. Yeah. App. And there's a section go to settings and then I think. There's some voice command things and you can to help it get recognized voices better. You can go and listen to some of the things that's been recording.

Dave:Oh yeah,

Jim:I did that last night and I was like, Ooh, this is spooky.

Like it's really listening a lot now. It's it only plays back the commands. In theory, it's only supposed to be listening to commands that you record. But, I've said you can whisper to her and she'll,

Dave:that's creepy. I've done that.

Jim:And so some of those recordings were me whispering and you're like, Oh, that's sounds awful.

So I really want to freak yourself out, go in and do some voice training on that thing, because it's going to say, is this you in this case, Sarah and I is, it's trying to differentiate between the two. And so you go listen to those and you're like, ah, because the new sidewalk is getting ready to launch on those Amazon devices.

And there's a lot of controversy over whether you leave it enabled or disabled it's on by default.

Dave:If the sidewalk is for somebody,

Jim:basically sidewalk is like mesh networking for your neighborhood. So everybody that has one of these devices, if you turn it on, they'll begin to connect to each other, that'll help you extend.

So your wifi would then extend to your neighbor's house. So that in the Amazon is saying it's in a different frequency and it's for low bandwidth and those kinds of things, It's really designed for things like your cameras, your outdoor cameras in dog callers, and some of those kinds of things to extend your ability outside of your house.

But man, it's created a lot of controversy in that it's on, by the way, it's on by default. So if you want to. You don't want to do that right away. I went in and turned it off and I'm usually a pretty open guy, but I was like, I think I'm going to wait for this one, a little water, go to the bridge before I let this thing happen.

Dave:There's a thing in Akron where they were going to give away free video doorbells to people. and Oh, by the way, the police might occasionally use that camera. If we need to go in and get you to try to identify somebody. And there was a lot of pushback on that. They're like, Hey, we'd love the free doorbell, but ha and then Dave's got a question.

Has anyone ever had issues, streaming apps, like stream yard over a VPN? I've never used a VPN. I know what they are.

Jim:I use VPN on my phone from time to time, but I wouldn't necessarily have to try that. I'll just try it.

Dave:I haven't. Yeah. did Comcast try this

Jim:sidewalk thingy? Okay. let's be really clear.

A lot of the ISP, if you purchase the modem, the wireless routers from them, they're doing this already. So that's Cox communications, which is we're here in the Omaha area. they not only are serving you wifi, but they're also creating a Cox. Open wifi that people can connect to. And it's going through you're not charged for the bandwidth, right?

It's a separate tennis channel thing, but they're going through your thing. So that's, some of them are doing this it's they didn't try. They're doing,

Dave:yeah. They didn't really ask for permission. It's on, unless you turn it off.

Jim:If you go to, if you look at your, if you open your phone and you go to a, you go to the settings and you go to wifi, if you see your service providers, Like hotspot.

Yeah. That's probably you were probably the hot


Jim:So you might want to check that out hard to turn those off too fun. You have to basically not use their router.

Dave:lucky here's, we're going to, we're going to take a hard left and change topics here.

Jim:This was so much fun though. Doom and gloom

Dave:ever noticed if there's a website service that's better for SEO.

So Wix Weebly, Squarespace. I just know, I think they have fixed this when Squarespace first came out. They would have the title, but it didn't behind the scenes, have the H one tag on it, which is what triggers, Google that, Hey, these words are very important. It's our title. I think they fixed that. That was years ago.

I don't know that it, as long as you are able to go and have a title and subtitles and things like that,  the age threes. And you write that people will read it. I don't know that it really matters. I don't know Jim, any insights on that now? I don't.

Jim:This is an area, this SEO area. I'm not particularly.

Dave:Yeah. That's I that's for black Friday. I bought myself access to Neil Patel. Who's this SEO guru. I bought his course and what's great about this. There's actually a part of my brain that thinks I'm actually going to watch it. I should, because I paid money for it. But I'm Oh, look at this.

And it's such a good deal. And it's

Jim:blocking you, Dave, what's the fear of blocking you.

Dave:It's not that it's just, it's a focus. Basically. I started to watch some of the podcast movement stuff and was man, that's another one. I was surprised people not using microphones. I was like, really broadcasters are not going to use like really?

Jim:Why would you do that?

Dave:One person? I will give credit. They were using a Yeti off-camera and actually it must have been right. Like right there, because I'm like, there might, that's weird and there's no microphone, but you don't sound that bad. And then I noticed she moved and you could, I noticed like in the very bottom of her screen, I was like, Oh, wait, that's the top of a Yeti.

Jim:SEO has a lot of camps. I'm noticing like, Oh no, SEO, you should be doing this or SEO. You should be doing that. And then you're like, but those contradict, I know what do I do?

Dave:Yeah, exactly. It says it does help to recommend things like tagging images. Yep. With all descriptions, some rushes

Jim:and good human thing to do.

cause people

Dave:think people's

Jim:hands. Need a screen. Yeah. yeah.


Jim:I don't do enough of that myself.

Dave:No, that's one of the things that, the a, whatever it is, Yoast SEO, plugin is pretty good at reminding you to, to do things like that. the other thing, while we're here, this is, just, a nice thing to do.

we were talking, I think it was last week about pod chaser and how we need to do more with it. So I was over there playing this morning. If you go to pod and feel so moved, vote up. my podcast reviews from our buddy energy Lewis is over there and their other thing, there are a lot of things over there I've never heard of, and I still don't get pod link.

There's another one of those, use our link to make a link to about your stuff. I'm like, how about if I just linked to my website? what else do we have? here is a, it was an interesting article. If your audience is on, Twitter, and it was basically marketing for sports podcasters, and he pointed out that I've started doing this.

I don't know if it's going to work or not, but I have my show artwork and I'll like the, title. In fact, let me find it. I'm playing basically. And I'm like, I don't know if this is going to be better or worse, but it'd be interesting. And I figure it's another way to maybe get somebody to click on it.

My episode title for last week, where I was talking about Quimbee the episode title was you can't buy an audience if your podcast sucks. That was the actual title in WordPress. But the title on my image said how to avoid a $1.7 billion mistake lessons from Quimby. So I'm if you can't pick which title to use, I'm going to use two.

So between the two you and as I, Oh my God, I'm going to try that. Maybe if I hit them with two different titles, they'll click play. yeah. coach Dave says I've used, my podcast or used from tjl for years. And does what it says it does.

Jim:It's where I discovered about reviews. What if you don't ask for them, you don't get them.

Dave:Not a lot

Jim:zero. I have, I don't think I've had a review in four years.

Dave:here's the thing that I like about that though. Cause I get, maybe I get more on podcast review show or not review podcast, radio show. And it's usually disgruntled people like how dare you say my show is, but when you do get a review, then it's cool because you didn't ask for it.

you're like, Hey, this is somebody who really, thought it'd be cool to do that. But yeah, I'm with you though. If you don't ask you don't get

Jim:no, you have to ask, I don't think people would just normally do it for the most part. You may, every once in a while, I'll get an anomaly, but if you want them, if they're a big deal to you, I think you got ask for yeah.

Dave:The, it was funny. I was making some tutorials, if you want, wanna, if you want to learn pod page, speaking of sites that went down with AWS, if you go to school of pod page, I just edited all the videos last night. And that was fun because that guy is constantly adding new features.

So making videos for that was fun, but I was using. I moved the website best podcasting gear over there. and that's when I realized that all that content was so outdated. Cause I was talking about mixers and the PR it's funny. I don't know that we still talk about, I don't have my jingle set up, but the Heil PR 40, that really doesn't get mentioned, at least for me.

Like I wouldn't be in my top five. It'd be like, okay. Our  maybe the, I like the, I think it's the road castor from road that I thought that I liked the Audio-Technica BP 40 is a pretty cool mic. there's a bunch of them, but unless you really want that deep Basey thing, I'm like, eh, but, I was just amazed at how much of it was just way outdated and getting back to reviews.

I want to show the feature where you can pick what reviews you want to show on your website. And I didn't have a single one. And I was like, Oh yeah, that's, we'll have to switch to a different show to. To show that feature because they have that whole thing where you can have, you can go near reviews and say, put these on the front page, and then you could have a link to rate and review the show.

And I was like, I don't really, I'm with you. I'm like, it's not, I like them when I get them, but it's not a high priority for me. I just, I cringe every time I hear somebody say, Please rate and review the show. It helps us get found and it helps us in the rankings. So I'm just like, no, does

Jim:it doesn't help.

It helps me go though. And so I don't prove who it's. if you want to ask for him to get him, ask for them and get them, build them up, if that's something you can use for, for social proof.


Jim:if they help you use them, I don't think any reason not to get them and they may not think they do, but right.

That's debatable.

Dave:Yeah. The time I've seen them really worked. I had somebody that said that we're trying to get a sponsor and they got the sponsor because the sponsor saw how many reviews they had. And I was like, Oh, there you go. a podcast I was listening to ask for Stitcher reviews, bang says, and they went through the pain of making one, their second review.

but I was hate and I was, Oh, I was hate listening. There you go. So that guy moved you to write a review. Oh,

Jim:hate listening.

Dave:So do reviews really work? They do not help you get found. They do not help you in the rankings. Now they are social proof. And that key point here, asterix a help you. If somebody is looking at two podcasts and one has 146, and one has 12. They may go to the one 46 one because it shows that your audience is a little more engaged, but in reviews, we threw it in the show notes a couple of weeks ago.

Paul Culligan has a guy that's number five in health, which is a pretty competitive, category and the guy's number five and had zero reviews. And he was higher than people with, hundreds of reviews. it's really, it's just one of the things that gets repeated so often. That people think it's true and it's just not.

Dave says, yeah, reviews helped me feel grateful to my audience. Also make me want to give them a shout out in the next episode. I always just do that at the end because reviews do nothing for your audience. If I say, Hey, Jim mom, 37 said, thanks for the show. Dave's great. Okay. That's good for me.

Not so much good for my audience, but that's just. One of the things I call an opinion,

Jim:GYN, mom, cheer. That kind of gym mom.

Dave:Yeah. Yeah.

Jim:It's weird. The other

Dave:way. Yeah. Whitney Johnson and read some recent reviews near the end of our episodes. Sometimes it helps get more reviews. Yeah, I would. That's my whole thing.

Am I giving it for me? And again, it's just an opinion. Yeah. Just do those at the end. I wouldn't open up with that. We had a guy on YouTube that did that. And I said, Hey, for the record. Cause he said, I'm going to read these reviews, plead any, begged his audience, write reviews. He goes, it really helps me to get found.

I said, he, for the record, it doesn't just, for the record, I'm coating Rob Walch and blah, blah, blah. And he's I talked to someone at Apple and I'm like, okay, whatever. maybe he did

Jim:so YouTube, the YouTube culture is pretty good about this though. About, especially with patriotism, I watch a lot of YouTubers who are really good at giving shout outs to their Patrion folks.

in the videos, not necessarily a section like we do, but a section where they talk about it, in the video. And I think that's actually, I think that those are actually beneficial now they're beneficial. Maybe not from a systematic perspective, but I think from a cultural perspective, they're really good.

And so I think that's things to do that helps build. And this is what they're saying in the chat room, help build a

Dave:podcast in nature

Jim:and community.

Dave:Yeah. And then Kim brings up a good point. He talked to someone at Apple. Yeah. if you're at an event, you can, I've talked to people from Apple, but then they won't say anything on the record.

what does help you get found? Dave, if reviews are not a factor, it's a number of downloads philosophy. You guest it's subscribers. Subscribers and total number of downloads

Jim:and about iTunes. iTunes. Yeah. In particular, right? Yeah. Yeah. no, we don't know what Stitcher does. We don't know what Spotify does.

We don't know, some of those kinds of

Dave:things. The other thing is, content, I'm trying to think of the last podcast I shared. It's been awhile. Since I've was like, wow, this is great. I got to share it.

Jim:Yeah. Be interesting to somebody.

Dave:Yeah. That's Craig has a great point and he says, I'd rather get one piece of show feedback than 10 reviews.

Yep. That's you, cause that way I can start a conversation with someone, so yeah. Yeah. And it's news. there's new subscribers within a X amount of period. And then total number of subscribers, is it? Yeah. New subscribers within a certain amount of period. And then total number of downloads. I think is I'd have to go back and watch the presentation from Rob, but, and then of course, then that always brings up the question of, does that really help?

Libsyn had a podcast on the front page of iTunes, not in the category, open up iTunes right there. We got a couple hundred downloads and I was like, cause I'm really expected. Thousands of people just going what's this and it was called. Thanks, podcasting. Maybe that was it. Maybe it didn't really.

Grab people. And it was, a podcast about podcasting. But when I heard, I was like, how many, Yeah. A couple hundred. And I was like, wow. so having a hub on your show will link to all the platforms in addition, iTunes, make sense. Here's why. Now for me, I like to have Apple, Spotify, Google, and Amazon.

Those are probably the top four. And then it's if maybe I'll have those in the episode. And then I'll have a link to subscribe where I got everything. Because if I hit them with 37, they're going to I know what to do. but it does because how this is going to work in the, and somebody did this week.

That was a, did I put that snarky video out? Maybe not some, a podcast consultant said, Hey, he was in podcast movement. And he's Hey, my new podcast is out as a podcast about podcasting, which I was like, isn't that self promotion? And I went to get it an overcast and he was excited because he was an Apple.

it takes a while for all these apps that pull from the back end of Apple. To get it. And I was like, Ooh, you just, here's a phrase that I want to know the origins of where we need Emily to bring back the story behind, where did the phrase screwed the pooch come from the weirdest phrase?

Cause I'm like, man, that guy screwed the pooch. And I was like, cause I'm not gonna, what I did was I ended up going and getting his RSS feed from Apple, which is not easy. You can't do that on a Mac. And then Slack that RSS feed to my phone where I copied it and pasted it into overcast. I'm like, nobody's doing it.

So that was one that I was like Egads.

Jim:So I don't know if you want to ever use that phrase again.

Dave:Oh, okay. I also don't think you want to Google that phrase, especially Google images. That would be, not good. Okay.

Jim:Yeah. no, it's not a good.


Jim:I think it's a teamer version it's like using frack


Jim:friction kind of thing.


Dave:Dave says he knocks on doors, and talks about a show all the time on the sidelines of games and asked for a phone and subscribe. Yeah, that's another one. I always kinda make a joke out of it, but I'm not joking. And I will, if I'm at a stage at, in, it's appropriate, I will say, Hey everybody, say, Hey Siri, subscribe to the school of podcasting.

And then my phone just lit up. So

Jim:I can't hear you.

Dave:Yeah. but.

Jim:Now I'm traumatized. Yeah. Reading about that phrase,

Dave:but yeah, that was one. I don't think I put that out cause it was I want to play nice. And I think that was the one I was like, look, if you can't say anything nice, just, there's a guy that's doing a podcast about podcasting on Spotify only, which technically is not a podcast, which I thought was interesting.

it comes from NASA.

Jim:that's a team article on it.


Jim:I think they're trying to too. I think if you go back a little bit farther on the, on its origins.

Dave:Yeah. I, I have a sticker on my back window. My license plate says podcast. So when I lived in the apartment, they were like, Oh, you're the podcast dude.

And I was like, yup. Oh, here's another tip. And I was amazed at this. How are we doing on time? Okay. when I had the P four shipped, it said Dave Jackson care of school of podcasting. And and I've had two drivers now drop off something. And, this one, I said, I have to sign for it. I didn't want to, nobody's going to steal it, but I didn't want it to go.

So these are drivers who are bored out of their Gore driving around. And the one guy, I had a shirt that said, asked me about my podcast. And so he hands me my package and there's a Zelle, what's your podcast about? And I go school of podcasting. And I think I told you that story, that was the guy that heard me on the radio.

And then he went on to talk about how he loves listening to podcasts. And so this guy drops us off and he goes, Oh, school of podcasting. He goes, what's your podcast. I got about, I go, that's it. It's school of podcasting. I teach people how to podcast and this guy went on. I'm going to say five to 10 minutes, I'm freezing to death.

It's 42 degrees outside. I have no coat on and he's telling me how much he's learned about science from podcasts. And he's and I'm talking about this. it's not, I think it was Wednesday. Like it's not a holiday system, but he just went on and on about how much he loved podcasts. and I was like, man, if we can get delivered drivers to talk about our show, they're, they know other delivery drivers and that would be a way to do that.

But I'm surprised that just by putting. Podcasting on my address that guy was like, huh. So anyway, but I was surprised, but I just thought about that. I'm like, there are, if you could find truck drivers or delivery guys, or people that are really bored at work and can listen to podcasts.

Jim:yeah, but large-scale, if you're going to get exponential growth, it's got to, you gotta get it out. it's gotta get, it's gotta kinda catch some kind of. Something somewhere to get that read. Most people are never going to see that kind of growth. You're just not,

Dave:little by little baby steps, Awesome. another Saturday has come upon us.

Jim:It's come and gone. It's always good to, it's good to connect. I think Christmas time now, I think we can officially kind of sponsor Christmas, right? We can say. Those kinds of things coming up, we're beyond the Thanksgiving holiday.

There's a debate, right? Can you, in the United States, can you start getting ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving? Is that even allowed?

Dave:And then used to be. I did, because my brother always ends up. I think like we might actually have Christmas on the 14th. I heard cause he's going to go to Florida. I think here's the weird thing.

His mother-in-law just got done with all sorts of chemo treatments and, So she's in a somewhat, ah,

Jim:I need to get into my copies of meds.

Dave:And so she's in a, already reduced health stay. And then he's he's afraid to see his grandkids because they keep sending the kids to school and then they send them home to quarantine.

And it's so the last thing I want to do is actually. Pick up some COVID take it to Florida and give to my mother-in-law. So it was this weird thing. Like we might actually not do Christmas. He goes, I'll probably have you over because you don't see anybody. He goes, but he goes, I don't think we're going to do the whole grandkids, everybody over big house.

Plus there's a, you can only have six people in Ohio. That was a fun thing. Thanksgiving. I'm hanging out with my brother. We're getting ready to, we're going to watch a holiday movie. And then my sister was like, wait, that's not going to be over before 10. He goes, you gotta be home before 10.

Jim:You guys have a curfew now

Dave:and they raised it up.

If you get busted it's I forget it's a pretty hefty fine. So I was like, I guess I'm going home to the streets.

Jim:Just empty at night then

Dave:after, I don't know, I need to go look. So I'll answer

Jim:early in the pandemic. That was weird with people. It's really slowed people down, but yeah. But, we got some work to, do we get December will be interesting.

Hopefully we can flatten the curve a little bit through December, so right, friend.

Dave:All right, we'll see you all next Saturday.

Jim:Take care. We'll see you guys.

Dave:See ya. Bye-bye.