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Jan. 23, 2015

Podcast Awards - Podcast Monetization

Podcast Awards - Podcast Monetization

Podcast Awards - Podcast Monetization

Podcast Awards are Open

For more information go to

Stitcher Experience 13:50

Jim shares his experience trying to get Stitcher to update his podcast.

Squarespace Discussion. [20:22]

Is it a good solution for podcasting?

Stitcher Discussion Continued 21:50

Josh Rivers uses Stitcher and doesn't mind the audio quality because his work environment

Full Time Podaster Common Traits? 29:45

People that podcast full time often:

Have a spouse who makes a nice living

Had a lot of money in the bank when they started

Have very little, it any, debt.

Had a push from being involved with other media outlets

Work really, really hard.

Joyride Discussion 36:00

They are coming out strong with some fairly aggressive claims. Not sure how they differ from

Wanted to pass this exclusive offer along for Ask the Podcast Coach.
Joyride is working with Google and Apple to make podcasts profitable. You will collect monthly recurring donations from your audience and reward those who support you. You'll also be able to increase monthly donations by engaging with your fans through the web and their mobile device. We expect you to receive at least $3/month/paying listener.
You are guaranteed to make $1,000+ per month within 90 days or we’ll pay you $1,000 instantly! To qualify for this program, you need to have 50,000 or more downloads per episode (Not enough downloads? We’re still happy to help you launch your campaign!) We’re finalizing our 10 Preferred Partners early next week. I’m happy to get on a call or meet in person to go over the details and answer any questions!
Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested and include any download stats you're willing to share

Tom Merrit is making 13,675 per month on Patreon.

The 8 Weeks Myth - PowerRant 45:30

People keep saying you only have 8 weeks to get into iTunes "new and Noteworthy". That is a lie

YouTube posting to Spreaker 49:10

Jim tested it and you can post your audio to YouTube using Spreaker.

Zoom H5 First Impression. Its very versatile and has better preamps than the H4.


Samson Q2u Comment 1:01

Ron says its a good mic for the most part but the headphones are crap.

Find Ron at

Because of my Podcast 1:07

Jim got some great publicity due to his podcast.


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