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Aug. 6, 2015

Podcast Movement - YouTube Lighting

Podcast Movement - YouTube Lighting

Podcast Movement - YouTube Lighting

Jim is at the helm and Dave is joining via his phone at Podcamp Movement 15 ( hear Dave's Reflections on his latest show) . Special thanks to Mike from for filling in.

10:15 Gary Leland shares his insights on Podcast Movement. 

1240 Darren Dake calls about LAME Encoder from Coroner Talk Podcast here is a video from Ray Ortega

20:50 Why would someone come to an event?

30:53 Steve Stewart chimes in on Podcast Movement and the awesome networking. 

35:50 When is it good to go to a conference.  It makes sense if its in your niche. 

Jim has been playing with the free chat tool at

43:06 Hobby Vs Monetizing your show (Sponsorship).

46:00 Views and Ads on YouTube and lighting discussion


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