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Jan. 1, 2016

Policing Your Live Podcast - Year End Stats

Policing Your Live Podcast - Year End Stats

Today we talk about being ready for stranger actions when doing a live show - We also discuss year end stats.

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, Win Kelly Charles, Jason Bryant, Jim Collison, Emmanuelle Leneuf⚡️, Bill Conrad (Wizard), Wes Warren, and Allan Newsome

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average answer your podcast questions. Welcome to bring your cat to podcast day!

Backing Up Your Files

2:00 A New Year is a Good Time to check Your Back Ups, Batteries, Virus Programs Etc. Dave uses Backblaze for his computer files, and backs up his podcast files to Dropbox. Jim uses Crash Plan. Dave uses Backup Creator to backup his Wordpress.

Squarespace RSS Feeds Still a Little Wonky

7:30 Dave's play a clip from the Podcaster's Roundtable show that talks about RSS Feed. Some people are still using Squarespace that come in and out. The jury appears to be out on Squarespace.

Relocating Your Blog Talk Radio RSS feed

9:50 Jay at Blog talk Radio says that YES if you ask they will redirect your feed.

Podcasting With Blab

13:05 How do you teach your audience to get them into Blab. You can make some directions and put it on a page on your site. Take some screenshots. Screencast-o-matic is a free tool to help you make a tutorial. Alan from the 2 chairs no waiting podcast was having a problem getting his audience into a blab. Most of his audience just watched. 

Blab Tip:If you highlight text in the chat room the chat room will quit scrolling

The Weirdos on Live Systems

21:05 Jim talks about someone on Blab who decided to stick the camera down his pants. This is hard as there is no control for this, and you have to just move on, and try not to let it throw you. We talk about this a bit, but realize this is the exception (not the norm). You don't have to really worry about it, but you do need to be prepared to just cut the person off, and move on. 

Dave shares a story about someone having a heart attack while he was teaching one day. 

24:45 to Ban someone from your blab, you can click on the person's name and click on the "!" to ban them. This does not delete all their old chat messages. 

If you are talking Religion, Politics, or Abortion, get ready for your blab session to melt into a ball of hate and opinions. 

If you are going to be doing a blab for your job or business, you need to realize this is a possibility (so just have your finger on the button)

Microphone Stands

32:48 A Microphone Boom Arm typically clams to the desk. You might want to pout some foam or rubber on the desk to ensure it doesn't get scratched. 

Intros  and Bumper Music Bad?

36:40 I don't think music is good or bad. I think we are conditioned to hear it. It can bring up emotions, and set the tone. You might check out Audio Jungle for inexpensive music. For a full production check out Music Radio Creative.

Year End Stats? Good or Bad?

39:20 Dave did an episode that explained all the different things you can check to see what is or is not working. Dave has a spreadsheet that totals the last four weeks of his shows. His show is up over last year. When you get between 750 - 1500 downloads you have a nice small audience that can be super engaged. When its gets too big you do have trolls.

Numbers Around Christmas Up or Down

43;25 For me the numbers went down a little bit. From Jason of

We talk about different strategies to pick apart your stats.

How Does Jason Create 12 Shows?

54:15 They are NOT daily shows, and they are well planned out ahead of time. 






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