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Jan. 17, 2015

Portable Recorders - Video Cuts - Moving Websites

Portable Recorders - Video Cuts - Moving Websites

Portable Recorders - Video Cuts - Moving Websites

What Recorder to Buy?

Michael is looking at different portable audio recorders. Is there much of a difference between the Roland R-05, the Zoom H4n and the Zoom H5.

The Roland has a link and mic in (but not XLR). The H4n has two XLR inputs, and a line/mic in. The H5 has everything that the H4 has AND it has the ability to change the built in microphone. Speaking of those, they all have condensor microphones which can be used to record things on the road. If you are looking for the ability to record anything then the H4 and H5 are great choices. The H5 gives the ability to swap microphones and the ability to adjust levels is a little easier.

The Roland R-05 is $199

The H4n is $269

The Zoom H5 is $269

The H4 and H5 allow you to add "markers" which make it easy to find spots in the recording which may decrease your editing time.

It does seem weird that both models are the same price. I know at Same Day Music the H4 is $199. Also keep in mind that Same Day Music does not charge Sales tax (unless you in New Jersey). They also provide the ability to pay for your product in two installments intstead of one payment. Find out more at Same Day Music

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Shorter Video Clips and Jump Cuts[16:00]

Dave and Jim talk about Jimmy Fallon in regards to his engagement. We can learn from what some celebrities are doing with their content. Jimmy Fallon slices up his show into smaller clips.

Here is the show that I was talking about 




be careful when it comes to changing your format. 

Always Check your Feed [31:15]

I went to check on my numbers and my last episode had only been downloaded twice. I went to and it said the feed wasn't valid. 

(In the end, it turns out I had pasted the URL of the mp3 into the wrong box). Another great tool is

Amazon Echo [44:07]

A new audio tool that has automation, but its not shipping for a few months Launches [46:50]

A new CBS podcast network page. See it at

Moving To Wordpress [55:15]

Barry from wants to take his Real Estate site to Wordpress.

The problem is your old links that are in Google will go dead. The question is is it worth moving (and having to re-establish your Google presence). In Barry's case the tool he is using is very expensive. 

What is a Compressor [1:07]

A compressor (in a nutshell) makes the louder stuff softer, and the softer items louder so your volume is more level. The DBX286 that I use has the ability to boost the low end and the high end which really makes it sound great. I use the DBX 286 ($199 at Same day music and Amazon )

New Media Vs Old Video [1:11]

Bill brings up that new media is going to kill old media. Interesting conversation.


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