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June 23, 2015

Real People are Not Always Really Interesting

Real People are Not Always Really Interesting

Real People are Not Always Really Interesting

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This episode is special because it has BACON!

Stargate Pioneer from calls in to help with the phones (from the gym!)

Having Good Hardware

3:50 Jim explains how having good hardware is vital.

Live Interviews With Skype

7:05 Kim from asks about recording a skype call. Do I need a mixer?

Jim has shipped people microphones like the Audio Technica 2100 to ensure you have quality. In Kim's case she tried to connect is skype and her guest was using Skype on his phone. Her solution was to have her guest on wi-fi and connect via skype on their phone. (the guest was not technical at all).

You need a mixer when you are playing music live while you talk, if you have a co-host in the room for you. If you are recording skype with just one other co-host you can use a mixer, but you don't need it. You can do it without it.

Headset microphones will work, but they don't very good.

More Shows a Week Equals Faster Growth?

Kim Slusher on Surveying Her Audience

18:20 Don't ask about your length of your show at the end of the show.

Dave did a whole episode on Surveys LISTEN HERE

Its never a bad idea to connect with your audience.

If you use a sliding scale use even numbers so people can't give you a "right down the middle" answers.

New and Noteworthy Formula

29:48 Downloads, rating and Reviews, and total number of subscribers is what makes up the formula of new and Noteworthy. Remember you can be new for 8 weeks, you can be noteworthy ANY TIME.

Audible Getting into Podcasting?

32:15 They have hired someone from NPR

NPR Style Podcasts

35:04 It's going to take a story to make them great. Just because its real stories, and real people, doesn't mean its interesting. The Mystery show didn't do much for me. You can read my review on the blog.

Para-scope Questions

44:05 Its the wild, wild, west when it comes to Para-scope. Live streaming video from anywhere. Jim got a ton of people putting Monkey with microphones.

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Dumas Effect

52:53 We discussing being you. You will never out "John Lee Dumas" John Lee Dumas. It comes naturally to him.


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