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Oct. 26, 2014

Releases - Music - Language- Hosting

Releases - Music - Language- Hosting

Releases - Music - Language- Hosting

Today we had a scare where some of the technology we use to produce the show was down. So we switched things up and in the end we ended up with a more robust live page with a better chat interface. The cool thing about Chat Wing is you can login with all of your social media sites (twitter, facebook, etc). It is occasionally flaky. 

Podcast Guest Releases [6:20]

Panda Doc is a tool that you can use with your computer/tablet to obtain signatures. Some people just have their guest do an audio release. Something like, "Is there anything in the interview we just did that you would not want to be made public?". If you want a signature check out Panda Doc. Another tool is Hello Sign.

Audello Package [8:20]

A new platform for podcasters. It hasn't launched yet and I haven't heard about it. 

Getting Music For Your Podcast That Matches Your Audience [9:50]

I use websites like Audio Jungle for snippets of songs. There are other at the School of Podcasting resource section

Music is tough to pick. I've seen people have their podcast stall because they continue 

Podcaster Hall of Fame [17:20]

There is a new Podcaster Hall of Fame being launched at the New Media Expo this year. Who do you think should be in it?

How to Use Fair Use -  [19:20]

Grant from Australia wants to know . Melody Loops is a service Grant likes.

If the music is not licensed, do not use it. You need the songwriter, the performer, and the person/company that owns the rights to it to  rights. If you don't have all three of those sign off on the music you are using the music illegally. Do people use music illegally? Yes. Does it make it legal? No. Use at your own risk. 

Global Language Differences [31:15]

As caller Craig is from Australia we talk about what different words mean like "Bloody" etc. Craig was AWESOME!

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Podcast Hosting Discussion[37:00]

Jim does enterprise podcasting and explains how he is moving to Mixlr from Spreaker and why. Jim enjoys the fact that you can setup one code from Mixlr and you don't have to update your website. 

Alternatives to Libsyn and Blubrry [43:00]

Media Fire is a low cost, extremely basic stats, with a limit on bandwidth, this is an option. 

Amazon S3 discussion [45:00]

When you use options like Media Fire, Amazon S3, and Azzure from Microsoft (around 23 /month). These are more technical, and you can end up with a more expensive hosting bill than if you use or Blubrry (get a free month using the code sopfree ). still no ads.

Having Your Own App [56:00]

If your audience isn't that technical, this cold boost your listeners as they may not understand RSS but they would understand "download my app." You can check out Dave's app at

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