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Oct. 29, 2015

Reviewing Your Own Content - SquareSpace?

Reviewing Your Own Content - SquareSpace?

Reviewing Your Own Content - SquareSpace?

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, Ileane Smith, Jason Bryant, Jim Collison, youssef ag, Mike Dell, and Mike Wieger. If you're ready to start podcasting, check out

Production Music in Podcasts

1:40 Some people do not use intro music on their show. While it's nice to set the tone and fell of the show, you can get away without it. In regards to it sounding under water, its because you are using the streaming version of the audio which has been compressed for streaming (NOTE: This episode is using the audio from

4:20 Resources for Production Music. Check out Audio Jungle for more check out 

Jim uploads any music to YouTube to see if it will get flagged.

7:43 Dave talks about not getting distracted by the chat room.  We also talk about getting in trouble with YouTube an how they block videos. It seems to get hyper focused if monetization features are turned on.

SquareSpace and Podcasting?

14:55 Mike from wants to know what are our thoughts on SquareSpace? We find that people who start using this platform end up wanting to do the "Cool" stuff that people on WordPress are doing (and they can't_. It sounds like we need to go check them out and see how they have improved. It sounds like if you don't mind the inconvenience of adding the redirect for a third party stat service like Blubrry (use the coupon code sopfree) to get better stats. Their RSS feed is not robust.

18;54 Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk chimes in on SquareSpace.

Clammr Numbers

26:14 Do clammr plays mean downloads? Not really. If someone clicks on the "Hear More" button that will count as a download, but I'm not sure if those will show up in your download stats. Simple Podcast Press makes it easy to create clammrs on your website.

27:50 will turn time stamps into click able links. See if you type 27:50 its a clickable link that takes you to the 27:50 mark in my show. COOL. You don't need any special formatting. They are also making charts based on most tweeted.

29:55 Clammr updates coming to make things easier.

Proofing Your Own Stuff

40:48 Here are some tips to help proof your own stuff.

  1. Give it a few days before editing it so you cal listen/read with fresh ears and eyes.
  2. Print out the show notes and read them out loud
  3. Grammarly is a great tool (its a spell check/grammar checker on steroids)
  4. Read things backwords. This takes the context and you'll find typos.

45:42 Hemmingway is a tool that grades your text and can convert to html.

Podcasting News

51:28 Rivet Radio. Adds Podcasting (the top podcasts) to their app. This is also available on Android. Welcome to Nightvale is now available as a book.

Great Uses of Podcasting

55:02 Jim tells of a manufacturer of Cheerleader Uniforms that might start a podcast.


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