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Jan. 2, 2021

Someone Stole My Podcast Idea - Now What?

Dave and Jim talk to some nervous wanna be podcasters and get them moving forward.  Sponsor: TIIMELINE 00:01:17 Sponsor: 00:02:32 Someone is Doing My Podcast 00:04:55 Someone Took My Name 00:07:52 Check Your Dates When Scheduling a Podcast...

Dave and Jim talk to some nervous wanna be podcasters and get them moving forward. 



00:01:17 Sponsor:

00:02:32 Someone is Doing My Podcast

00:04:55 Someone Took My Name

00:07:52 Check Your Dates When Scheduling a Podcast

00:09:22 Jim is Using the Motu M2

00:19:26 Do I Need the Zoom P4?

00:23:53 Zoom Audio is Meh

00:24:27 Thanking Our Supporters

00:26:46 Dave Loses Power

00:29:13 Supporters Part 2

00:30:25 Showers Are Great Idea Farms

00:31:40 I Didn't Get Much of a Reaction on Social

00:34:46 Should I Be Selfish?

00:37:29 You Have To Know Your WHY

00:38:46 Hindenburg Webinars

00:41:32 Supercast Woes...

00:42:38 Gets a Face Lift

00:49:01 New Years Eve Stuff



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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach




Dave Jackson: Ask the podcast coach for January 2nd, 2020, she won last year. Ready to park. There it is that music. That means it's Saturday morning. It's time for ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast. Questions answered live. I'm your host, Dave Jackson from the school of and joining me right over there is the one and only from home gadget geeks, you can find them it.

The average It's Jim Carlson, everybody. How's it going? Jim

Jim Collison: greetings, Dave, happy Saturday morning to you. Happy new year we ran it. We made it to 2021. Yeah it's actually a year. It exists. It's different than 2020. I think a lot of people are expecting a instant change. All of a sudden it's just better because it's a no,

Dave Jackson: there's a light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing.

Jim Collison: We still have the challenges that are ahead for 2021. I think there's some hope that a lot of folks just want to write 20, 21 off. I'm ready to get my taxes done and just, I can have no. I have no idea what's coming for taxes, for those kinds of things for w here in the United States, we've just had all these things happen with stimulus checks and all those other kinds of things.

Dave, hopefully you're ready. As we think about a tax season is upon us, all the things we have to do in the new year, but a welcome to a brand new

Dave Jackson: year. Yeah. I'm excited. I'm a new year. I don't know about you. It makes me thirsty.

Jim Collison: I know I'm always thirsty.

Dave Jackson: And that coffee pour is brought to you by the one and only Mark over at podcast, reached out to Mark and Mark, are we going to keep talking about you on ask the podcast coaching and was like, absolutely until I say no.

So if you need. A logo. If you need artwork, if you need a website, man, he makes a reel. Of course he makes really pretty everything, but he's the websites I've seen him do are really nice. If you need a PDF, if you need anything to look professional then you've got to go over and talk to Mark.

And the great thing about him is he will actually work with you. So if you're like, Hey here's my show. It's about such and such. He's probably going to go listen to your show. And get the vibe of it. Cause he wants your brand too. You don't want to have some super stodgy logo and then your, some sort of wacky morning zoo sports guy, you want it to match your brand.

Hence the point podcast, branding dot CO's. So if you're looking for any of that stuff, go over to podcast, and tell him that. And, Dave and Jim sent you from as the podcast coach

someday and

Jim Collison: even better in the new year.

Dave Jackson: That's right. I do want to start off with one question, because if you're wondering why we have a bunch of clocks and then Jim got a new toy for Christmas, and we're going to talk about that.

Jim Collison: I bought for myself. Let's be real.

Dave Jackson: Isn't that Santa?  It's a, this is from Jessica.

She said, I didn't act fast enough. Until recently, my podcast idea was totally unique today. I finally came across a very similar idea that started in September, 2020, even their title is similar and that it has one swear word. And the primary subject noun is the same as mine for that record. That whole put a swear word in the title.

Yeah. That's so 2020, seriously, can we move past that? How do you push yourself to consent it? To continue despite knowing there's competition out there people start podcasts all the time that are mostly the same subject as other podcasts, one. So many use the same words in their titles. Yes.

C thinking outside the box. That's a good one. There's seven of those. I struggle with that personally. I'm. Overly preoccupied with the goal to be unique, and everything in life, not just my podcast, I'm still going to push and make this happen, especially since I just completed a three week process of getting my logo designed.

But any tips to overcome comparing myself are welcome. Shall I go first. Do you want to go first? Yeah, go for it. First thing source go to podcast about and you will see a list of probably at least 20 podcasts now, and some are still going  many have quit. And so my whole thing is, yep.

You're right. There's going to be shows like that and you're going to go, Oh man, there, but. It's not a lie. When people say many podcasts start and they don't make it past episode seven or six or whatever it is. So if this is something you're really passionate about and you just love talking about it, then you're not going to quit.

And the other people are because especially if they're getting in to make money quickly, that doesn't work and things like that. And. I don't know anything else, Jim. I miss it. Yeah.

Jim Collison:  10 years ago I started the tech show. Everybody had a tech show and 10 years later, I'm still going.

And many of them aren't and it's just, I think your point is just get rolling, do some stuff. You're never going to be completely unique. And if you are you're super niche. So don't think you're going to, the more you niche down, I think the. The less potential for audience you have, you're just a smaller audience, I think, unless you do.

I don't know. I just can't think of a scenario where that's not true. So be ready for that. Sammy, we've been my daughter, Samantha, we've been talking about starting her podcast this summer and we've been going over names and stuff and, thinking what could be, what could we do? And. We liked that idea of whiskey in a wine glass, of being cause that's been, that was our our mantra this summer during the pandemic, we'd have a glass of wine with dinner and then do a little bit of whiskey after dinner and the wine glass.

It's a song. So if she picks that, so we could do bourbon and a wineglass. Now that doesn't sound quite, as it is quite as good as whiskey in a wine glass. We're competing.

Dave Jackson: Here's the thing about though whiskey and a wine glass, if that is a song and people might search for it.

They might find your podcast. I'm going to start a podcast called amazing grace just for that,

Jim Collison: it's it is.  You can think about those things as well. Do you want to try to slip stream? On SEO and pick up other people's SEO. Now that could work in your, that could work against you.

And that let's just say there's so much SEO with whiskey and a wineglass for the song that no matter what we do, she's never going to show up on the front page. It's just not going to happen. Yeah.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. That's it's. Something, but I, it is one of the things he also I do want to say this, I've seen it.

People get burned by waiting and I swear there's some sort of GoDaddy robot, will they be like, Oh, I'm going to call it whiskey in a wine glass. So you go over and you check in whiskey and a is not Megan. You're like, this is great. All right, we're going to get that domain when we're ready in a month.

But right now we got to work on blah, blah, blah. And you go back in a month and the domain's not there. And I always tell people. If you're I always go. And because that's one of my criteria, when you come up with a name is the domain name available. And if it is, and it's a possible, this is might be one of the names of your show by the domain then.

Cause if it isn't you're out, whatever 12 bucks, just let it expire later. But I've seen probably six or seven people. That will go in and they like, Oh yeah, it was there like last month and now it's not. And I'm like, I don't know how that works, but

Jim Collison: yeah. Yeah. I just looked up whiskey and wine and it's a broker has it.

Dave Jackson: So

Jim Collison: we're going to pay a thousand dollars. If we went now whiskey and wine, whiskey, no wine glass, show TV. Those are all available.

Dave Jackson: It's whiskey in a wine glass

Jim Collison: Yeah, and we may go bourbon instead, cause we didn't drink, we drank bourbon this summer and that's kinda, that was our, I was our drink and yeah you just I think though for us and for this person, eventually you can't, you don't have a podcast if you don't ever start.

So you just got to record something.

Dave Jackson: Exactly. We got a words of wisdom here from Randy Cantrell. It's a famous thing about writing. I'm going to substitute. For podcasts, but people who podcast for reward by way of recognition or monetary gain, do not know what that, and that is it's that season where, Oh, a couple other things here that we need to do new year.

When you go to schedule, if you're a person that schedules ahead of time. And you scheduled, Hey, this is going to come out the first week of January, go back and double check your date. Because when I go to work on Monday it lips and I'm probably going to have three tickets of people going, Hey, I scheduled something and I can't find it anywhere.

It says it's published. I've gone into iTunes. I can't or Apple. I can't find it anywhere. And you scroll down to last year and there it is January, whatever. So don't forget to update the date, update your copyright. Not that's a huge deal, but you'd probably want to do that just so you don't look like a newb all those other fun filled date things.

And then, Oh, here, we're getting a, we're getting drink recipes for you, Jim. I discovered bourbon and lemonade. Yummy. You want to hear something? I have not had any alcohol in since the last, whatever. Podcast evolutions probably. And I had a friend over and she introduced me to cherry vodka and diet Coke.

Oh, that's quite yummy. Yeah. And after a glass and a half, I couldn't feel my face and I went, yeah, we're done.

Jim Collison: Cherry box has pretty good. That bourbon and lemonade would be like an Arnold Palmer. Tea and lemonade. So it'd have that similar consistency, but it would have a little bit of, I have to give that a try as a Gabriela is that equal parts?

Dave Jackson: Yeah.

Jim Collison: Let me know if I have to give that a try.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. That quote is from a Harper Lee, one of three quotes or part one of three, but Jim Santa brought you a new toy.

Jim Collison: We bought it on the show last. Week or two weeks ago. I think it was two weeks ago. I bought it on the show. I am too. And yet, so if Santa is me, then yes that's true.

The motu M two came in. I don't think it came in. I had it shipped to the office by mistake, so I didn't get it until Christmas Eve. And then of course last week was too much. Was that last week. I'm all confused.


Yeah, the MTU came in. I did an unboxing. I didn't really, I unboxed it, I took it out of the box, let's say, and I called ed Sullivan, my friend over at Sonic cupcake and said, Hey let's chat for a little bit.

And tell me what you think. So we worked through the box, talked about the features, got things set up and you're hearing it. It's we're coming out through the  a couple of things I'll talk about, but so far, Dave, Kenya. By the way, I changed back to the ATR 2,102, I had been on the same site to Q U.

Yeah. Yeah. But no Q2, you, yeah, there are twos in the middle, right? Q2 you in switch back to the 2100. Do you hear any difference?

Dave Jackson: Not really. Okay. Yeah. You sound nice and warm and

Jim Collison: Yeah, that sounds okay. One of the things I noticed on it, or one, I really liked the lights. Like it's.

And the space is amazing. That Mackie mixer, which is actually, you can see it sitting on the floor right there. The Mackie mixer was huge. And so I got, I don't know, I guess in that shot rolling you're scrolling thing, but the Mackie mixer was huge. Took up a lot of space on the desk.

I smoked too, it's only about that big sits on top of my speakers. So I got some shelf, top speakers on my desk sits right on top of it. It looks great. One of the things I noticed is how much I hit . My base out of out of my, out of my my mix. And of course on the motu standard, I don't really have a good way to do to change the mix.

You get your, you get to hear what is coming out of it. And so that means the, excuse me, that means the audio back to me is unmixed in. Man. There's a lot of bass in it and I just wasn't used to it. I'll get used to it though. The more I do this, but I just was not used to that. And ed said you have something against bass.

And I was like, I just have maybe a basis, but the do-do the the sound coming back. And I, it sounds a little hollower to me than the old mix did. The other thing is I don't have a way of getting a easy on the mixer. I had a little button to do a USB mix for my computer to bring it in MTU doesn't necessarily have that.

There's a ways around that to get that done, but it's. It sounds big big volume. Now that's handy on that. Pretty simple does exactly what I said it would do.

Dave Jackson: Casey has a question here. Does the Mo two M two really have stronger pre-amps versus say the focus right. Scarlet to I too.

And my thought on this at least is the people that really get into that and they're comparing the Berenger. Am 40 something and the focus. And the, these are the people that are in a quiet room doing this. I think I hear a little more hiss. I think, wait, let's go back. Oh, wait. It's 0.07.

And I personally, when I listen the way I listen, so if I'm listening through computer speakers, I'm listening through earbuds, that kind of stuff. Almost gets on my nerves because I just want to go, you're focusing way too. Again, it's not the tech now. That's a great preamp, the focus great preamp.

I've had people use Berenger preamps. I don't hear, and I'm sure, you can go in and look at the baseline hits or whatever, but I'm like, can't you just noise gate that out anyway. And it's know a band drew, Scott. Did a review of the  and he just went gangbusters and I trust his opinion.

And he was just saying he goes, this is really the best one ever. And I think part of it was he's colorblind. And he said he really liked the display because it does give you meters a lot of these, the focus, the focus right. Is trying to make it easy. So they give you a red light green light.

So when you turn it up so far that it turns red. That's not good. So that's super easy. The mode two gives you an actual meter, which is a, I guess a good looking

Jim Collison: meter too. It actually looks, the other ones don't look as good, I think.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. So bank says here it's four more decibel of gain, which is great.

If you're using something, I can SM seven B, but the pre-amps are approaching the limit of Clint cleanness due to physics. Yeah. That's the whole thing in. I know people that want to put a fat head into a fat head into a this and that way their volumes up barely up.

And they're again, smashing their headphones in their head going. I think I still hear HES and I'm like, can we focus more on your content?

Jim Collison: Ed felt like the pre-amps and the M two would be better. It would be considerably better than the pre-amps coming out of the Mackie mixer in some ways that makes sense.

That makes there's not, it's designed to do different things. Then it's wanted it likes powered equipment that's coming in right to begin with. And so it's just a different, it's a different use case. And  he felt the preamps would be better for me on this now. I'm still have, I still have it cranked to three quarters from a game perspective.

So that didn't change. It's about in the same, the gains and about in the same spot. I actually thought I would have to push less gain for this to work, but. I don't know, I'm not peaking or my audio sounds okay to you.  Yeah, I'm not going to put, so it's a native, I'm running a native into it.

I'll probably switch back and forth between this and the Q2 just to try. And we may, this may be for the summer, this may be a precursor to, into a new microphone. So we'll just see I've been using these two for the last, I dunno, eight years, whatever, seven years then maybe it's time to try new mic.

Dave Jackson: Before you had, multiple channels there. Now you have to, I know you used to have the woman in the tube in your mixer. Is she not in there now? Or she there's got to have channel two.

Jim Collison: No, it, no, I haven't. I know I could buy a an XLR adapter, to then begin to feed those channels in.

If I wanted to do it that way, I'm going to try and do it without it and see if I even miss it. One of those, one of those kinds of pieces I could, I think there's some loop back stuff that I could do with the computer to make the audio, my computer audio come through. And so just having to explore that, I honestly, Dave, I took, I'm taking two weeks off for podcasting.

I'm doing Show with you who that's all I'm doing. I'm really not all that stuff will come flying back next week as we started. So I haven't spent a lot of time on it, but so far so good. I it's I just gotta get used to the sound like it just sounds BC to me really, basically I'll get past that as we get, as I use it more,

Dave Jackson: there we go.

Bangs is coming in with more details here. The motu is at 60 of the mixed Prix, which is a really nice unit. It comes at 76 DB, the  70. So most of those, again, we'll handle.

Jim Collison: If I could find some way to stack them all up, they look all cool together and know focus right on two in the middle pre on top.

They are sexy devices for sure. They really do look good. It's going to be my recommendation going forward. If people are looking for an audio device,

Dave Jackson: the MTA or motu MTB. Good for beginner. I still say it's now. Number one, it's a great piece of equipment, but this is one of those where. What are you doing it really?

I just did a thing. I did a presentation on buying your gear. The first thing you have to figure out is what is your show? Are you doing a solo show? And it's always going to be solo then? No, you don't need that. You can do a Q2. You plugged this bad boy into audacity directly, and you're good to go.

Jim Collison: I don't like, I like to hear my voice back in those.

In USB mode. Yeah. You just don't hear your voice, like you want to.

Dave Jackson: I was plugged my headphones in here and then

Jim Collison: I just have never, I didn't never like that. I did not like that sound maybe. Okay. But maybe it's this sound

Dave Jackson: like right?

Jim Collison: Maybe it was because it was a raw feed. It was too, it sounded too basic to me and I wrote it off right away.

So that's a very possible, maybe I should go back and test that again and run it out via the USB mode and see what that sounds like. Cause it, it always sounded too quiet and too basic to me. Again, I have something against space,

Dave Jackson: but that's it. But for me, I reckon, yeah, the right now the Podtrac P four to just about everybody.

Yeah, exactly. The P for beginner. In fact, I had somebody on my YouTube channel that was watching me compare the road caster to the PA and he said, what can I think at the end of that, I say, Hey, for the record, you can do half the stuff with a before. And it's, $200 versus 600.

Jim Collison: Two is drop dead simple.

Dave Jackson: So

Jim Collison: yeah, if you were going to recommend it to a beginner, it could be one that you could get into a fairly easily. I thought this, I, I used the PreSonus solo. I think that's what it was the blue one. Not as easy, they get you confused with some software and there's some things that you need to do.

And it wasn't as easy as the motu was easier to set up. Now it's half the price, but for beginner, could they use a motu? It would be one. I think you could recommend in not have to support. If you were going to recommend it, you not you make that recommendation and then they come back to you with all the questions that the motives dropped dead simple.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. And if it's you and a co-host in the same room and you got a laptop, you're good to go. Yeah. Daniel from the audacity to podcast, as it could also be your headphones. They have a lot of noise isolation.

Jim Collison: They don't, and it's the same exact ear buds that I use off the Mackie. And it's just diff it's just, I'm getting a lot of, again, just getting base.

And that just sounds weird to me after, I'm thinking probably after the end of January, I'll have done so much of this, that I've gotten used to it. And I don't even know. It's just a matter of setting the expectations, right?

Dave Jackson: Yeah. Gabriela says I kept starting to order the P four, but captain must do I need it?

I don't do remote. So do I really need it? You only need it. If you're, if you are doing something that's not just solo. So if you're doing interviews over zoom, Now in theory, you could take the zoom recording, but a lot of audio editors just threw up in their mouth. When I say that I'm not, I, and I'm starting to hear it now when I listened to.

But if you are doing any kind of remote interviews, it's great because you've got that USB interface. So that's the thing. I and you feel like I'm using a squad cast. I love recording everything twice. Right now I'm recording this in stream yard. I'm recording it on YouTube and recording it locally in a road.

Castor. Why? Because technology is not always your friend.  But if you're just doing it. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Somebody, when I do an interview and somebody goes, should I record it on my side? I'm like, yep. And they're like, really? I'm like, yeah, it never hurts. Like when we get done, I'll email you when we get done.

If I hear something, I'll be like, yeah, go ahead and delete it. But if you're just doing a solo show, no, you don't need a P four. Dave says, does the Podtrac P eight have similar? No. No. All it has is a base in trouble and that's, for me, there are two things. Number one, it's only, I see, I hate to say this phrase, it's only a hundred dollars difference and I realized $100 for some people like, wow, you just said only a hundred, but when you're talking 500 versus 600 and there's another, so it doesn't have the apex and it doesn't have a noise gate.

Now it has a feature that kind of sounds like a noise gate, but it's then call it a noise gate. And then the other thing that the road castor has that I never realized how much handy it is if I'm doing some sort of.  At the end of the show, I will play the intro music and I know I can look down and see up 11 seconds, time to slide the slider up.

There's no countdown timer on the PA. And so if you're doing live and you're trying to talk over music, you got to know that song really well. And the song I use is Two and a half minutes of pretty much the same loop over and over until the 11 seconds. So that's one, our, I was like, Ooh that's not, that's close to a deal breaker.

If that's really what you're using it for. I just the whole PA road castor thing. It's if you're doing live streaming and you want to throw in fun stuff take my wife, please, if you need those kinds of sound effects, things, otherwise. You could use it. I could stream via a motu and add the sound effects and everything later in post it's really, and the fact that my here's is what I love.

If I shut up. My furnace is on and you don't hear it. Why? Because I have a noise gate.  And if you, now, the people at home smashing their headphones into the head go, I think I hear his furnace when he's talking, but I will take that out in post again with Hindenburg, I'll turn up the noise reduction and it does a really good job of that.


Jim Collison: I, I don't think the noise Gates helping you though for that furnace. Cause I want you to hear it where you would have heard an audible drop this. I put, so I put my Bose headphones on, plugged them in. They're not in no noise. Canceling is on. I actually kind liked the sound a little bit.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. I was going to say, I was going to figure you hate it. Cause of Bose, the one thing they have. The thing you hate? I

Jim Collison: don't know, but it sounds a little truer. It doesn't sound so Basey in the bows, as it did in I use yurbuds Y U R B U D S. They're designed for athletes, but they're really good for podcasting because they allow a lot of ambient sound in when I was using these bows, I've used them before in the past for this kind of stuff.

I didn't like them. I'm the Mackie mixer. I don't know. I didn't like him this way, but this I'm not going to go this way. I don't want to wear headphones while I still want to do it, but Daniel brought it up in the chat room and I thought I'm going to give it a try. I do hear the bass. Trust me. I hear the bass in there

Dave Jackson: from the

Jim Collison: bass here that I thought

Dave Jackson: was

Jim Collison: Thing.

The funny thing is I've been queuing myself out in passing that EEQ on to my audience. Now you couldn't hear a difference, but now that all comes through that because I'm not artificially taking it out at all comes through. So be interesting to see a good changeover. I didn't put this in until after the final episode of home gadget geeks.

So everything going forward will be new, but yeah, maybe I'll stay this way for the show and.

Dave Jackson: There we go

Jim Collison: see if I like it. I've never podcast to this way. Like I've never

Dave Jackson: taking new ground.

Jim Collison:  Big

Dave Jackson: Craig says to him, zoom, audio crosses the line. Cause it's really compressed. Yeah.

It's like back in the day when we used to have to take YouTube and YouTube again, it's listable it's okay. It's just not quite as crisp and clear, but I, again, to me, as long as it's not distracting and Craig says you sound like Barry white, what's wrong with that

Jim Collison: very light. It could be just the morning, the Saturday morning I have had enough coffee yet, because you always need more coffee when you're, when you're thinking.

 You're you're awesome. Supporters

Dave Jackson: get a little shout out, maybe. But yeah, so we do Holy, is it really 11? O'clock already

Jim Collison: snuck up on us.

Dave Jackson: We are going to think. We were talking about awesome people.  Course James, over at the dog podcast network. Do you wanna earn some cash?

Go over to dog podcast, Oh one. He's looking for a hundred, one dog stories and getting ready to launch here in, I think it's a couple of weeks. He's got the dog. He's got a new show coming out. And you can find it. If you love dogs, check it out over at dog podcast, Really nice guy.

And he's just a, this is a guy he's he's all in. And I did find out and I was like, Oh, that makes so much sense. He has other companies, obviously this isn't his only gig, but guess what his other company is,

Jim Collison: they make leashes. I

Dave Jackson: dunno, you're very close. They make dog food, some sort of dogs. Food thing treat.

And so I was like that's great. You can be your own sponsor. He goes, yeah, that's how we're doing. And he goes, but in the end, I think I would like other people to sponsored, but I was like, I'm here to tell you the number one way to sell is to sell your own stuff. And  that's how he's coming out of the gate, selling his own stuff.

And again, you can find him over at dog podcast, and our awesome $20 a Porter's Kim craggy. If you're looking to develop your voice, reduce your editing time and improve your content. Then check out Toastmasters one-on-one dot net. Greg over debt,

Jim was talking about taxes. Yeah. He can probably help you with that. I have remind me to go back to that. I have a tool that I use this year. That's going to make life so much easier. Shane, over at  dot com. If you want to get your Spy on and talk all things, James Bond and other great spies. Check that out.

Glenn, the geek Hiebert over the horse radio If you like horses, then you will like Glen. Check him You'll hear a lot about scooter. Scooter is Glenn's horse. If you want to get some exposure for your show, check out indie drop-in dot com. It's the Indy drop network.

Basically, you. Contact Greg over there. And if you're, especially if you're in a comedy or true crime or scary stories, things like that, they're working on adding TAC and other things in the future, but it's a great way to get your show in front of people that like that kind of content. And again, you can find it at indie drop-in dot com.

I don't know if you can hear me, Jim, but I just lost power here. That's interesting in my computer is rebooting or something. Yep. It's rebooting. All right. That's fun. Everyone on a speaker is also freaking out one of my computer rebooted for no apparent reason,

eh, Kappa Cina, hold the phone and I'm logging in. Wow. And I lost all my, yeah. It's called a reboot, Dave fire back up. My Trello and my power point.


This is exciting audio.

All right, Dan we're back.

Jim Collison: States we were all

Dave Jackson: getting ready for. That was fun.

Jim Collison: That might be one of those.

Dave Jackson: And look, my camera's all whacked out. Yeah.

Jim Collison: Did you have to completely reboot what happened?

Dave Jackson: I was just sitting here and all of a sudden my power went off for a half a second. Yeah. And I was like, Oh yeah, I never replaced the battery in the backup.

Jim Collison: We were just

Dave Jackson: talking about that. And I was like, eh, I was like, ah, and then and then of course when the power goes off, it takes forever for my, everything to, to the router to connect and internet and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, crap. I was like that's cool.

Jim Collison: We bangs and nail it. I, you just blocked up and we heard, I heard this beep Santa could have been like a fire alarm or any set ups.

So I thought, Oh yeah, that makes sense. And I was just telling him my ups that protects the studio space has five minutes. I have, I read some stuff around it. It tells me, and it's you get five minutes now I should get 30 minutes, not five. So the batteries are bad. I don't, I order some new batteries, but I've been waiting for a time to switch those out.

Yeah. Now maybe like in your case, you probably need to, or get those batteries on order or get them in, make sure you swap them out. And and because this is exactly a ups, X protects you exactly from what just happened to you, Dave, you should probably have your modem, all your networking device on its own ups.

You can buy one of those little tiny ones,

Dave Jackson:  it's sitting right there. It's just the battery's bad. It's that doesn't work. I do have some other fun-filled people I wanted to think I was in the middle of that. It's Oh yeah. Max, over at aviation news, If you're in the flying around, check out max as well.

As we mentioned him earlier at Sullivan, Mark of course at podcast branding will make you look good and we'll make you sound good. Michael, over at baby mountain radio productions, we're a podcasting and hard work. Are made fun. And if you'd like to be an awesome supporter, go to ask the podcast,

If you just want to donate or I don't know, by Jim's comp or things like that, check out, ask the podcast,  Yeah. So

Jim Collison: by the way, you can support the cup. If you like Dave said, the link is over there. If you want to, if you want to do that, you can drop that in. You just have to send me to there's a Patrion level for that.

And you send your mug.

Dave Jackson: There we go. You're

Jim Collison: not this mug

Dave Jackson: now. And what's fun is when Trello rebooted. It's having a bad day.

Jim Collison: I jokes are all falling flat on you today. There's just not, they just are not working for you. I just expect a little response and I get nothing a mug one.

Dave Jackson: Let's see here.

Banks says I just bought a new bit of. A new bit of podcasting kit, a new water heater, hot showers make you sound better. They do well. Here's the thing, a hot shower, any really good idea for me came from a hot shower. Part of that is number one, unless you're me now. I have one of those waterproof speakers in the shower with me.

So I'm listening to podcasts, but many times you're relaxed and if you're not having podcasts, Thrown into your head, you just start thinking and you're like, ah, and then it's the relaxation that basically helps bring you in the good ideas. So I always say that

Jim Collison: I agree. That's a good it's sometimes it's a good just get a break.

It's the same. I think it's the same reason that I get great ideas. We don't do this anymore, but when I fly, you're stuck in a seat and there's not a lot. You can do. You can listen to podcast. I don't like it. You can watch movies. Okay. I just use it as thinking time.

Because it's all you driving as the same way. Although I listen to podcasts while I'm driving, but those are such great times because you're forced to just think. And I think that's why you get great ideas in showers. Cause you're, it's not like you have to think very hard to. The brain thinks of other things.

So I think that's a great idea.

Dave Jackson: I have another question, these, and you'll notice a pattern here I saw in Facebook today. These are from the podcast movement was just one over 50,000 users. Awesome. And this was from, and I'm going to guess, keene, Sani. K H E N S a N I, she started just released my sound bite on Instagram and didn't really get the reaction I was hoping for.

Now I'm getting cold feet so new to this industry and honestly feeling a bit daunted, any words of advice or encouragement. So here's another person that's like. I'm not sure if I should do this. And my answer to that is number one. I see it all the time. I, on occasion at Libsyn, I will get someone who will mildly drop the, but don't, you know who I am card because they're like, you don't understand.

I have 17 million. Followers on Instagram, I should be getting more than 200 downloads and I'm like it's not the same thing. So I, that would be my first advice is not everybody people. Look I still occasionally will post long form content on Facebook. Even though, I know it's worthless, nobody watches.

Long-term like, when people like, Oh my video's not showing up on Facebook. I'm like, have you gone in and check the actual stats on how many people watch and how far they watch? So just because it's not an Instagram. And again, going back to that quote that Randy sent us, if your goal is to put something out and have everybody go, hot, whew, bring it.

It's like it usually, when you first start out, you don't have an audience and that's sometimes a good thing. I don't know. Jim thoughts on this one.

Jim Collison: Yeah. Especially on the, sometimes if you're going to. Go and do this just for money. I think you designed develop your content very differently than if you're doing it for a hobby or for passionate.

And there may be situations where that is the same or whatever. Don't quote me on that one. But I definitely think knowing why and what. You're doing on this in the intent of it, because if you're just doing it like home gadget geeks, so it's just pure hobby. I don't, I there's a lot more I could do to that every year.

This time of the year, I start thinking, do I need to take it to the next level? Do I need to take home gadget geeks, pick it up, step it up a notch. Pick it up a notch, push it up a notch. I don't know whether it is. And and then I, about January 2nd, I have the same thought nah, let's just have fun with it and keep doing what we're doing.

So I think knowing what you're trying to do there is very helpful because if you're doing it to make money and by the way, it's okay to have a podcast to just make money. I just think you do it a little bit differently. You follow the trends, you do all the smart SEO things you should do. You get even more interesting and you provide great value, right?

That's now all those things can blend.

Dave Jackson: Why I was smiling is because the next card I have, like for the record, Jim has no idea. What things I found on Facebook and I love this one and it ties in really great with what you just said. And I'm just going to say, this is from my guy named Jesse.

He said, when looking for guests for your show, Do you go after guests that interest you or your audience? I labeled this card seriously. My audience is mostly men and martial artists. When I have on guests that are fighters or martial artists, my numbers jump up shocking how that is. But I love talking to authors, but so far.

I've had on two authors and my numbers dropped both times. Do I be selfish and have whoever I want on, or do I follow the numbers? And so what Jim was just talking about, you have to know your why are you doing this? And then who is this for? And so I just, for me, I saw that and I was like it's your show.

If it's a hobby and you don't really care about your numbers, then by all means talk to whoever you want. Just realize, as he's already figured out that when you start going off topic, these people tuned in to hear about martial arts and stuff. And all of a sudden, you're talking to this guy about eating, right?

And I'm like, you might be able to tie that into martial arts and but like many cases they're looking for, Talking about martial arts and manly things. I love that too.  Which ties in nicely with what Jim was talking about.

Jim Collison: And I like at home gadget geeks, I like to interview people.

I like if it was, if I was doing it for money, I may be more inclined to take the interview. Cause sometimes your guests are difficult. You just, they just are. So if I was doing it and I knew they were a big guest and I was taking it for that reason I might be a little more tolerant, but on home catchy cakes, I want to that's my fun time.

So I want to like the people I'm interviewing. So I'm pretty selective about who I let on the show. And it's because I like you. Yeah. If you're on, I like you, that's usually the way it works.

Dave Jackson: And if you want to interview authors that wrote a book about martial artists, and then you got the best of both worlds.


Jim Collison: No. On I, and over the 10 years I've been doing this, I've found a group of people that I just really enjoy. I know there'll be ready. I know there'll be great. They're going to have great content. They're going to bring it with very little prep. And very little prep on my end. Yeah.

That's kinda the, that's kinda the epitome of who I like as guests. We don't do a guest every week. If I don't have a guest lined up, like I don't have anything lined up for 20, 21 yet. So it's Mike and I, and we make it work until we get guests. And so I have both, I can do, I could do solo. I don't like it, but I could do solo.

I could do solo or I could do just a guest host and myself, or we could have a guest on. It's the best of all worlds.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. Tiana here says maybe this person needs two podcasts and my gift maybe. And that's where I'd go. Since you just started pick the one that really makes you go pitter-patter and go with that topic instead of starting to, I don't know, but I just thought it was interesting.

There were two people that are both like, I'm not sure if I should. Keep going and I'm like, and when you said you got to know your, why? I was like, that's right where we're headed, why I had somebody this week that joined the school of podcasting and it's the same thing he's interviewing.

And I said what's the deal here? Are we promoting you as it? And there all sorts of different reasons. There's nothing wrong with any of them. I want to. Position myself as an expert. I want to use it as a marketing arm of my business. It's a hobby and I want to talk to other people that like this stuff, it's all sorts of different reasons.

And I said, we just need to figure that out and then figure out who this is for. And cause he, he was a little bit, not really, even all over the place. He just, how do you measure success if you don't know your, why? That's the problem.

Jim Collison: Yeah. What are you trying to do on the job side of things?

For me, I it's different. I do guest selection differently. It's not a personal thing. It's a business thing. So we, it's what kind of impact have you made? What's your story? What are you doing? I don't get to know the guests as well. We don't have them on repeated times. It's a whole different format.

That we do there and we approach it differently. We have a formula that we use when we go through the show. And we try, we don't go off topic. We stay on time. It's a business podcast. So we stay on topic. That's what we do. It's just gets designed for that.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. Randy has a question.

I attended one of these this week. Any thoughts on Hindenburg webinars? He likes twisted wave, but I keep playing around with, I just, I love Hindenburg. I keep trying to I'm getting really rusty on both audacity and audition. And so I went to a ten one, and they're really cool because they give you files to download and they really expect you to click along and do along with what they're doing on the screen.

And it was. I want to say it was the 30th and it was gone and I logged in and it was for absolute beginners, even though this was a second series. So they expected you to know how to get around Hindenburg. But when they announced that it was a three hour webinar and I was like, on one hand, I was like, kudos.

This is actually as a teacher. I'm like, Oh, this isn't training, this is education. And there's a difference between the two. And I was like, But three I'm like, and so what I did is when I heard, they said, there's a replay. I'm like, all right, I got the files. I will gladly watch this at one and a half speed and cut because three hours is I'm, it's one of those where you go.

I know Hindenburg pretty well. Am I willing to invest three hours? To maybe get something out of this. And I was like at a certain point when I saw they were starting and again, kudos to them, they were starting at the very beginning of here's. Here's what we're talking about. It was something about creating compelling audio and I just went I'm not out.

And then at one point I went, I'm not sure I'm going to get anything out of this. And. So I bailed. I was like I'll watch it later. So it looked I

Jim Collison: three hours, right?

Dave Jackson: Yeah. I thought it was great that I was like, wow, this is cool. This is somebody it reminded, I used to do that. I had That would be teaching on a Microsoft office or QuickBooks and stuff.

And I had students online with me and they were expected to do the homework and I could easily, I had a system where I could look over their shoulder basically and see what they were doing, which was fun because you'd always have that one guy that didn't want to come to the class. And you're like, okay, if you can click on file and go to open, then you can see everything.

And he does it except Earl. And you're like, it's right there in the upper left hand corner file. Open. Earl. If you could just click on, sorry. I'm like, all right, I'm just going to shout you out. If you're going to be that rude to not attend, that was always a fun

Jim Collison: Dreamyard would make a great one-on-one learning platform that

Dave Jackson: yeah.

Jim Collison: You could record it, not, record it locally, whatever that took their servers. And then they would have a copy of their training session. How valuable would that be to be like, you can go back and watch exactly what we did, one-on-one, that'd be a great way to do it.

Dave Jackson: My I do that with zoom.

I basically do these things called office hours, which are just open and it's ask the podcast, coach only. It's not. Streamed live and what I've been doing, what I just added to the school of podcasting is I started using super cast where you can go in and for 59 cents a person.

They get their own private RSS feed. The problem I'm running into, and I need to contact them today is I added all the members of the school of podcasting. And I went in and said, send them the welcome email and says, Hey, this is bonus stuff from the school of podcasting. And then when they get the email, it's really cool.

There are buttons for Apple and Google and Spotify and all these other ones and you just click on it and it goes, Hey, do you want to subscribe to this show? And they go, yes. So it's super easy. Except I have some people that aren't getting the email. And I was like, huh, did you check your spam folder? And they're like, Nope, it's not there.

And I'm like, huh. So I go in, I say, send the welcome email again and they're still not getting it. So it's that's my first reaction was, Hey, this is really cool. And my second reaction is this isn't going to work. If nobody gets my email saying, click here to subscribe to the show. So I don't know what's going on, but that's the that's the update from the new super cast users and Anyway next up we have.

Oh, Hey,

Jim Collison: go ahead. Okay. Before you go to that, share my screen real quick. One of the things I keep track of for you, so you don't have to is all the various podcast hosting spots. Anchor red circle, launch pad, all those right. I have home gadget geeks on all of them and just keeps me up to date on all of them and with an S podcasts

Dave Jackson: stuff, by the way.

Jim Collison: Now it takes you to audible.

Dave Jackson: Did you know that Amazon bought that from a cause?

Jim Collison: Wasn't

Dave Jackson: there? Wasn't, there was a company that had green. Remember it was free hosting. And maybe that's what this is. And I thought was a free hosting site.

Jim Collison: is it's been around for, I

Dave Jackson: don't know, four years.

That's what I'm thinking of them interface that

Jim Collison: never changed. Like it, it literally, I thought it was one of those they put out there and I thought it would die to be honest. Yeah. W one that they put out there in just two weeks ago, maybe their interface completely changed. Now, whenever you do a whenever you do a change like that, you think, Oh, somebody is investing some money in this

Dave Jackson: still.

Jim Collison: Cause it takes time to to do that. I've been. Posting things there. It's just, it's good. Bad. It's free. It's like anchor it doesn't I don't know why it doesn't get the run that anchor does because it's not owned by Spotify.

Dave Jackson: Yeah, exactly.

Jim Collison: And then but it's still out there and available.

Just the UI changed.  If you were, yeah, I wouldn't, I don't know if I could even recommend it. I just, put my podcasts out there. They get one or two.

Dave Jackson: If I remember right, they don't do redirects. Do you know?

Jim Collison: I do. I don't know. No, I don't keep track of them the way you do.

Dave Jackson: Cause that's my big thing. It's I don't even, you know that, cause that's a big thing. You start on a free one that you're like, okay, now I want to leave and go to, lips in our captivator blueberry, whoever I am. And then you find out later as sermon cast, I think is one that's horrendous.

Have you been keeping up at all with the podcasting 2.0 stuff? Curry. I spent, that's what I binged this week. And they were talking about, I think it's sermon cast and the thing I hate about. And I got to be careful. I always say this. I, myself consider myself a Christian. I think Jesus was a cool dude.

I try to do what he says, but consequently, there are some people that go extreme with this and they're like, I don't want to be of this world. I want to be from the world, but not of it. And I don't know why as a Southern accent, I don't know. But So consequently, they stay away from all technology.

Yeah. They stay away from all technology and there are companies that prey, no pun intended, get it. Okay. They prey on the Christians because they don't know what they're talking about. And so they were talking about sermon cast and sermon audio. Thank you, Daniel, from the audacity to and They, they just do wacky stuff where they'll fill, send the same episode, like a hundred times each with a different keyword.

They're just doing wacky stuff. Then it was just like, ah, here we go again with a, and I know there was one, it might be sermon audio. There was one, I was dealing with somebody who was moving to Libson from them and they wouldn't redirect your feed. And I was like, okay. Oh, really? And that's when I just go, I just want to email them and say nasty things to them.

I'm like, you really need to get out of the space. If you can't redirect your feed. That's, it's just, you're going to lose about 30% of your audience.

Jim Collison: Yeah. I'll wrap this by saying if. If I don't recommend But if you need a spot to just test out, you wanted to throw some podcasts that, aren't going to get listened to.

You use because it is free it's you can have, unlike anchor, I don't think anchor supports multiple podcasts yet per email address right

Dave Jackson: now. I wish they did. It's still one. I keep having to make Gmail accounts so I can go from the side.

Jim Collison: Yeah. again with the S allows you to have multiple podcasts under the same account for free.

The stats are terrible there. The service is bad. The UI is confusing. It's doable, but it is a place. If you want to put a podcast out to just. Test something not a bad place to go and get it done. There's plenty of these out there, but it is once you signed up, you got an account uploading a podcast is super simple.

It's just one page title description, short description, upload the URL hit publish it, uploads it. No, nothing fancy, super easy. So give it a try if you're, if you need someplace to go free and maybe test

Dave Jackson: yeah. In in the post show. I'll pull up red circle. Red circle is another one that have they've they're their interface.

And I was like, all right, so this isn't dead. I'm still scratching my head on how that company makes any money. They cause they have supposedly an ad place if you want dynamic ads and things like that. But yeah. The other question I had here was somebody did my favorite thing to never do, and that is, they just started a podcast.

And the first thing they did was wanted to compare their numbers to everybody else. And I was like, please don't do that to just, it will suck the life right out of you. Could newbies use Jim? It sounds like it.

Jim Collison: Yeah. Oh, sure. Yeah. See, it's really easy. You're just not going to get a lot.

There's the stats. Aren't very good. They basically tell you how many downloads. That's really all you get from now. But yeah, again, it's a good, just a good, I don't want to say a good place to start Dave, because I don't want you to stay there. Like it's not a good place to start and stay.

Dave Jackson: It's a trace.

Jim Collison: Yeah. Yeah. It's free. It's definitely free.

Dave Jackson: The thing I see with anchors is, again, my biggest beef is they have that whole thing Oh, click here to let us submit to Apple. And then you lose all your control in Apple and Google and Spotify. So that's my biggest beef with anchor. But right now I went over and looked at, and I don't here's this head-scratcher said the guy that works for Lipson I don't understand why Robin Elsie do not put this in their show notes.

The median, the last time they looked at this meeting, meaning 50% get less than 50% get more is 128 downloads per episode. The average is around 1300 and. I don't know why they don't put that in there, cause I have to listen to do that, but I'm going to start writing this down now. Cause I people ask that all the time and I'm like if you're getting around 128, you're in the ballpark, depending on how long you've podcasted, depending on what your audience is, depending on how much you market depending.

So in the bottom line is just look at your audience, find out what they want and then give it to them. Did you watch any as we get ready to wrap up here, did you watch any new year's Eve stuff?

Jim Collison: I watched five minutes worth of new year's Eve stuff like that. Just right up until the countdown.

It was awful. The two channels, I think I watched Fox and ABC, the two channels we watched were just terrible. Like in the five minutes I was turned off

Dave Jackson: I was in here working on P four tutorials and all of a sudden I freaked out because it sounded like somebody was knocking on my window.

Like right here, I heard this and I actually went, hello. And then I hear, and I was like, what is that? And it really, and what it was people lighting, fireworks off somewhere in the distance. But I was really freaking out for a second. I'm like, wait a minute. That's you're in my backyard if you're tapping on my window, but I did then run out and saw Cindy lopper, seeing something with some guy, which was weird because the guitar player and the violinist had masks on, but Cindy lopper and some other guy, and I was like, Oh, I missed the whole ball drop.

And I just wondered if there was anybody there in New York. Times square kind of thing.

Jim Collison: I think there were some you had to, you have to have a mask on and some of those, I think they

Dave Jackson: no social distancing. You've got,

Jim Collison: If you have mass, I think you're, I think they limited the number, that were there. You would think they'd have to say New York city. They're not going to, they've had so many problems. They're not

Dave Jackson: just going to my other favorite thing. I just watched It was because it's on YouTube, of course, KIST did their big thing in Bali where they had this big thing. My favorite thing was, have you ever seen kiss in concert or anything like that?

The lead singer Stanley is always, he always has these stories. People who, you go to rocket row, right? Yeah. And so it's all right, welcome. Hello. And he's 2020 was a bad year. We lost a lot of really good people, a lot of good people, really too soon, I might get way to bring the party down Paul Stanley.

And it was like every like, all right, let's, let's get it going with Dr. Love. And then they play. And what lot of people died this year and I'm like, wow, it's just everything. It was so not the Paul Stanley kind of fun. Story in between that. So it was a fun way to ring in the year.

And and the point there is know your audience, those people didn't come there to talk about COVID they came there to escape COVID and and have fun. So trying to tie this back into podcasting, here we go. But we did

Jim Collison: make it to the show and we made it to the end of 20.

Dave Jackson: Exactly. Jim do you, Oh, you're taking weeks off.


Jim Collison: I took two weeks off. Yeah, no new show. If you want to go back and listen to some old shows, it's good. Some of those, you had the average

Dave Jackson: Yeah. Go check out the the episode where Jim interviews, his daughter. It's. It's very cool.

Jim Collison: Sammy's pretty great.

Dave Jackson: Yeah.  On the school of podcasting, I do this every year.

The kind of the first episode is for beginners, but Jim, you can help me. Do you fish at all? No, me neither. See, I haven't fished on it. I'm pretty sure. From what I remember with fishing is it's fun on the boat, but once the actual fishing starts, you're supposed to be quiet. So you don't scare the fish.

Correct. And so the actual fishing part, especially if you don't catch anything is boring. So I'm going to be talking about. Why listening to people? Fish is boring. I'm going to tie that into podcasting.


Dave Jackson: going to talk about the word real, and I'm going to talk about the word consistent. See, as I go, I'm going to redo in the past, I did 27 steps, watch a podcast, and now it's not 27 steps anymore.

So I'm going to redo that and actually replace that audio file on the original one, because that is way outdated. So that's, what's coming up on the school of podcasting. I'm trying to, because that's very much a beginner's kind of thing. Yeah, but I want to throw in some stuff for people who already have a podcast.

So that'll be coming out on Monday, which is weird because I swear to you today is Sunday. Because of the whole holiday thing. I know. It's like

Jim Collison: I get spoiled on these holidays, Mondays work

Dave Jackson: and kind of work again. Yeah. But thank you to the chat room. Always great to see you guys here and hang around because we've got some, post-show coming up right around the corner and I'm going to show you what red circle looks like.

So stick around for some post show.

And for the record, it doesn't do any good. If you fade up the Bluetooth channel, there's just nothing on that. I was like, why isn't the music coming up? Oh yes, we can get you a, this post show for brought to you by the school of broadcasting. Use the coupon or go to a, do I have a coupon code for ask the podcast code?

You use the coupon code, ask and save. When you sign up, what are you sharing on your screen? We also have Mr. Naughty bits.

Jim Collison: You are going to talk about red circle. I've got it up as well. So we can bring it, bring bangs in

Dave Jackson: and

Jim Collison: we'll we'll talk red circle and we're done. What's that banks.


Dave Jackson: I just wanted to point out a interesting thing that happened last week. Podcasting is a political topic now. It absolutely is. It is deeply enmeshed in modern us politics section two 30. The thing that lets live Sid in YouTube actually hosts content without pre-approving it essentially, because if it didn't exist they couldn't do it legally without exposing themselves to huge risks was essentially put in as a poison pill.

To be removed in order to get something else passed last weekend. It didn't go through, but it was in the bill to repeal section two 30 of the DMC.

Jim Collison: All kinds of crazy things going on in the United States right now,

Dave Jackson: because section two 30 means if I say something nasty on Dave's podcast, YouTube and Libsyn, don't get sued.


Jim Collison: get, but banks let's be honest. It's removed. That thing gets removed. It causes so much chaos. Absolutely. You can't even it's not even. Yeah, there was a

Dave Jackson: bill on the Senate or repealing section two 36,

Jim Collison: that kind of stuff. Like I know they try to do that kind of stuff, but that kind of stuff just never works.

Like when they try to get crazy like that one, it almost never passes in two. It's not manageable. There's no way to manage that. If they had actually went through, say I went through and it was repealed and all of a sudden this thing everybody's liable for it. That's just not manageable. Like it, it wouldn't work.

Like things that would break the system and that system's not

Dave Jackson: going to be broken that relies on the people breaking the system to understand that they're going to break it,

Jim Collison: but it's just, it's this is so obscure and in so many ways that it's, I it's just not even going to be an issue. Like it just, they can't that's like saying they're going to outlaw your ability to cross a bridge.

That's not manageable. You just can't, you can't do those kinds of things

Dave Jackson: you say. But you do realize that U S government has to come out with all their UFO information in 120 days because that's slipped through another.

Jim Collison: No, I know that's the, that kind of stuff is just obscure and

Dave Jackson: odd,

Jim Collison: I just don't.

I just don't think it has, in that particular back to podcasting, I don't think in that particular situation, you're going to have it's it just wouldn't work

Dave Jackson: also in the terms, it says you own the content and you are responsible for the, you're responsible for your content.

It's we're just hosting it. Terms can say anything you want, if they're against the law, they're still against the law, but the DMC section two 30 is what actually protects the hosting companies. That'd be interesting to watch it.

Jim Collison: It'd be interesting to see. I don't think it'll ever go through and if it does, it'll get repealed at some point.

Cause it's not, it just wouldn't work.

Dave Jackson: I just wanted to point out that a fundamental

Jim Collison: work

Dave Jackson: of what we do was literally on. On the phone table. Yeah.

Jim Collison: You'd be scared to death if you, and banks because you know them all, but you would be scared that the average consumer, if they actually knew what was going on in both our state legislatures and you lose your mind.

The kinds of things that go on. It's, you just don't for some people bangs you want to keep track of all this stuff and you do so great. Good for you. I don't know how you do it without going crazy. Maybe you are. It's one of those kinds of things like, yikes, there's some of the shenanigans that go on.

Dave Jackson: It's one of the things I love congressional dish. Yeah. But that show makes me upset. I know when I watch it, there was a thing in Cleveland where one of the top companies in Cleveland is a. First energy. In fact, Cleveland Browns is at first energy stadium and they got caught big time with all sorts of just shenanigans and paying off people and just, over it's just crazy.

And it was with some legislatures Oh we'll just, if you donate to the campaign well, and it's, and so when I listened to, and that happens every day, so it's as much as, Nobody's heard of that. And that was millions and millions of dollars.

Jim Collison: Yeah.


Dave Jackson: that affected everybody in Northeast, Ohio. Yeah. So

Jim Collison: it's definitely those kinds of things drive you

Dave Jackson: crazy. So I don't know how you do it.

Jim Collison: I lose my mind. I get into that a little bit stuff. Makes me so mad sometimes I'm like, yeah. I just came that's and that's part what's wrong. What's part of what's wrong with the system in a lot of ways.

It's just so overwhelming. Yeah. So what else do you have for us? That's

Dave Jackson: it? No, I figured one hard politic topic and I'm done for today. I

Jim Collison: had a ring in the new year.

Dave Jackson: Let's see ya.

Jim Collison: It's good talking to you. He didn't even bring up the M two. It was,

Dave Jackson: Let me drag this over here. I will share my screen.

Here's what I'm doing with red circle, the Akron podcast. And so their analytics are pretty basic. This is for all, I have a bunch of shows on here. They're all kind of test shows. This is a red circle. That is red circle. So if I say, Hey, this is for the Akron podcast, I can say by episode, they just added this kind of cool thing where I can see how many downloads or seven 30 and 60 and 90 days.

So you can see again, I just. Just started this, and this was the show that I was I'm having a hard time, not just calling it the COVID show.

Jim Collison: I don't know if I do.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. But I can see by app, and by country and things like that, that the fun thing about them. And you can see here, I have a few and these are all, like I've never heard of any of these shows.

Yeah, exactly. They're all just me playing is I can go into an episode. And they have, and this is where I go, how's this company making money. If I edit this episode, I can go in and here's my show notes and blah, blah, blah. But when I click on save, it's going to take me to this screen where I can do dynamic ad insertion.

So at the beginning of this, you'll see where it says the Akron. In this case, a typo pro roles should be pre-rolls. And that's me going, today's show is brought to you by the school of Use the coupon code Akron when you sign up at school, so there's that. And then in the mid roll, you have another SOP 32nd ad for Akron coupon.

And then at the end of this show, you have. Akron endings. So one ending is subscribed to the and other show is, Hey, will you please tell a friend another ending is, Hey, how about donating to the Akron podcast? Which is really stupid. I don't know if you saw, I have 19 downloads and it's like 3% of 19 is like 0.06 of a person.

And I think the other one, I forget, I've but it randomly will select one of the four I have there and add it on. So that's cute. And that's where I'm like, why is nobody talking about this? Cause anchor doesn't do that. You can actually, I have here, we'll go a little further.

I've wanted to kill the chicken weight loss podcast for a long time because it's depressing. I don't lose any weight. Now this show actually gets some downloads. Now these are not IAB certified. I don't know how accurate they are, but if I come over here and go to the logical weight loss podcast, I'm getting yeah.

Almost 5,000 downloads an episode. So I started making ads for things like CHRO chronometer. In fact, let's do that. Shall we? So chronometer will send me 10 cents if somebody's Tries their product. And I, last month I made a hundred and yeah. Okay. So I'm at $200. And if I look at this and I also found healthy wage now for the record I use chronometer for the record, I use healthy wage.

These are healthy wages, a thing where you can  basically create a, if I don't hit my goal weight, I lose money kind of thing. But you can see here that $200, 10 cents. $8 and 73 cents. So this, somebody went over to chronometer and they signed up for a pro plan. So I make eight bucks, eight bucks.

Wow. I didn't, I just saw this one healthy wage if somebody did a thing. So I got 50 bucks, but most of these are 10 cents, $11, $2, 10 cents, 10 cents, a dollar 70 10 cents. So I was like, huh, that's interesting. It's a fun little I didn't mean to stop sharing, but that's. To me. And here's the thing, this is what I don't like about this.

How much money does red circle get for all of that now? And I'm which means what, which means they're going to go out of business. They're the way they have, the way they make business in theory is if I go to here and they have a, it says public podcast page, I just clicked on that in theory.

Yeah. If you go here and

Jim Collison: here is where

Dave Jackson: it's a weird red SAS logical dash weight loss. That's not the, that's not the page there page for me. That's not my page. My page is logical and in some cases, not in this one. There's a button where you can donate and they will take a small portion of your donation,

Jim Collison: but don't they run or can't you run their ads too, and they make money.

Dave Jackson: I could, but I'm not, that's my whole thing. It's no, but

Jim Collison: I think they're banking on people who don't, who aren't as savvy as you are about having your own advertisers. I think that was the whole point of red circle was to help people. Who, who want to do advertising, but don't have anything to have it.

So I think that's where they're making money.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. The other thing they do, which is nice I've yet to do it is you can set up a cross promotion. So if you make like a 32nd promo, you can go in and swap promos with people and they do it automatically.  It's kinda cool. Veronica has a question here since we're talking media hosts.

I migrated my podcast from speaker to pod bean. At the beginning of December, I have seen a significant increase in downloads and listeners. What take contribute to this? It's not the media host. I don't think certified. Yeah, I think so. Oh, wait a minute. Is pod bean. I think so. They're big.

Yeah. I think they are.

Jim Collison: It could be that if it's not it could be when you migrated, you gave the podcast some more attention unintentionally. Yeah. You did some things. That, that work is required. There could be the way, even though IAB is supposed to be IAB, I'm not sure everybody who's IAB.

Yes. Still counting exactly the same. Yeah. Does that, what does that mean? I don't know. We don't know the specs on what they're counting is proprietary. So you don't. Really? No, I be, when you get certified, you gotta produce some things where somebody says yes, but that doesn't mean everybody's counting the exact same things.

So it's very possible that their pod bean is counting something that Spreaker

Dave Jackson: didn't. Yeah. It's Spreaker was interesting that if I were to pick a, unless I'm missing something, I don't know that they did a lot of innovation this year. As much as people just bang on Libsyn for not updating their interface.

I'm like, at least we added some new features. It's yeah, it's the same interfaces. But I'm trying to the

Jim Collison: bigger the systems get the harder they are to integrate or to to, to add, to integrate. No, that's not the word I wanna use doesn't matter.  It gets, it just gets harder and harder to do those things.

Lipton's going to be in a situation where if they wanted to get away from some of their interfaces, so big. That if you wanted to get away, it's like windows, like the task Microsoft has had to make a wind at the windows. UI look different is so gigantic. It's taken them four years to get where they are today.

And it's still, there's still pieces that aren't fixed, so to speak, upgraded. So

Dave Jackson: yeah, I've been is IB certified. Okay.

Jim Collison: So they both are. The other thing is in the con in a three, I'm assuming you did a three Oh one redirect from speaker two pod bean in getting, and all your listeners converted over.

You may have some that are now double subscribed. And it's downloading it twice.  Don't know. Yeah, there's a lot there. I don't, I think I would give it a couple months before I make any decisions based on numbers. If you're moving host providers, let all that come out in the wash and and then move on.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. Gary says, are those Dynamic ads burnt into the file. Yes. Until I go in at a new one and click on refresh for that episode and it will yeah. In theory. Yeah, it will. It doesn't update the back catalog unless I go in and click on refresh for each one. Cause that, that will make the host rather upset because that's where I don't know what the technology is for that.

I just know that everybody does that you get charged to, Hey, redo the whole back catalog for me.

Jim Collison: But Kim has a thought on this back to the numbers perspective. Kim has a nice side. I get a significant number of downloads from blueberries page for my website. I think that a new host might be introducing her podcast to a new audience.

Yeah, there, there is, in some cases because you're new you'll show up in a new spot and

Dave Jackson: that could be explained.

Jim Collison: Can that be a strategy, Dave, every six

Dave Jackson: months? Just try new. No, please. Don't. I had a guy this week, especially here's something, if you're using insert your media host here and you've pointed your domain at the website.

So if you're using Spreaker, if you're using Libsyn's page whatever's page as that's my main website, and then you go, you know what, I want a little more power. I'm going to go to WordPress. I'm going to get Mark over podcast, to design my own website. So you take your domain name. Which is also part of your feed and you point the domain at your new WordPress website.

Guess what? You just, horked your feed. And as so be very careful if you've used, I always tell people when they go to Libson and they have a custom domain, they're like, Oh, and this is my feed. Now I'm like, yeah, that's your feed. But I would still use this one. Cause it works said, cause that way in the event you ever want to change from the Libson website, you don't have to mess with your feet.

And I had somebody that did that and they horked their whole podcast for a bit and they're fine. They're not losing their audience, but to change, they had to go back. And redirect their domain to point back at Libsyn so we can redirect the feed properly. And then they're going to point it back.

So it's not the end of the world, but Gabrielle has a question about simple cast used to be simple. And then they were bought by, I think Pandora, somebody I'm not a huge fan. Let me show you what they look like. I use them for the now the previously known as more podcast money.

Now, the profit from your podcast. And this is the thing that drives me nuts. I can see here if I go up here to audience and this is another show that I don't get a whole lot of downloads on. And I can see my latest episode, but what if I wanted to see it? Like episode six? I'm like, huh? Okay.

Downloads over time. Oh, here we go. Episode six isn't any here. Surely there's gotta be a way to say, show me all my episodes and to the best of my knowledge, I can find it unless I go into maybe downloads. Nope. Unique listeners on Oh, access, the industry's most advanced list or metrics by upgrading.

So maybe that's what I'm missing. If I go here to episodes, can I go into, and I have no idea what episode six is. It's somewhere down here. We'll just pretend it's this one. Can I see my stats here? No. So that's my biggest thing. I was like, wait, what? Like, how do I, and they ha, and this stat I think is really bizarre because it's how many downloads total downloads you have?

So this will always kind of be going up. But that's my big thing. I was like, wait. And I really thought there'd be like a show all episodes here. And I don't see one. And I'm like that's crappy. I don't know what plan I'm on. I think I'm on the cheapest one they have. So maybe if I upgraded, I just, for me, the other thing I think that's odd is when I make a new episode and I come in here and I upload this, I don't know what they're doing to my episode, but it's one of those where 10 minutes later, they're like, Hey, your episode is ready.

And I'm like, what'd you do to it? What's going on. So I'm not, it's one of those where I might move my show off of this platform because I would just so not recommended. I don't think they're bad. I just, I find their interface a little.

Jim Collison: Save your 15 bucks if you're on the cheapest plan.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. And I was grandfathered in, I might be at like 12 or something like that, but it's one of those where I need to, I have a show on pod bean, but again, it's another, I keep making crappy podcasts. I need something that actually gets some downloads so I can play with this a bit. But I have one on pod, bean, pod, beans, and other one, their stats are like, eh, it's okay.

Lets me know. But I have to click around, but I know pod bean has dynamic ads and I was like, ah, cause I am getting ready to I was trying to get on megaphone because megaphone to hear a lot about,


Dave Jackson: megaphone is one of those people that will only take you if you have a big audience, because they want you to use their ads.

And I was like, eh, I don't really want your ads. I want to put my ads.  But that's so it's just one of those where I'm like it's not horrible. None of them are horrible. The only one that I hate is anchor and that's just because of that whole don't let them submit your show to Apple.

But their numbers are okay. They're, IAB certified, but again, they're not great, but I was laughing because the shows I have on anchors are, is just purposely bad. Yeah. Oh, what is clubhouse I'm hearing about? Hey, you guys want to break the terms of service for clubhouse. This'll be fun.

Let me find alternative. We're going to do this, but the problem is part of the terms of service of clubhouse is you can't record it.

Jim Collison: Is it like fight club? You can't talk about it

Dave Jackson: A little bit. All right. So everybody together we're not record this, but

Jim Collison: okay. Let's patron away.

Dave Jackson: Okay. Just don't tell him. So I go into it. Here's the here's duh. Okay. So it's an app like anyway, it's showing me people,  so like right now, cliff Ravenscraft is having an ask me anything. If I click on dismiss. That's the only room. So you have these rooms and I can see, there are a few people here that I know I'm going to click on another button upcoming for me.

I had asked the podcast coach. I was going to do ask the podcast coach and do that here again. It breaks the terms of service. I'm trying to find any room, relationship talk. Okay. Yeah, let's go into cliff. So I'm going to click on cliffs, ask me anything. And I'm now in the room. Switch to music mode.

Nope. Just talking. And if I turn up the phone in theory,

so this is

all right, so I'm going to leave quietly. So it is basically a zoom meeting. Without video, it's really what it is. And I'm not quite sure what all the hubbub is about, but in the terms of service, it says you're not allowed to record these. And I was like, Oh, this would be because I thought this would be great.

Plug the phone in, got the road caster. And I can say, Hey, I can see I've got, put them on the stage. It's like here. And say, what's your question? And I need to email them and say, can I do that because I will be breaking, cause this will be recorded. And it's only iOS. Yeah. It's Blab for audio.

Yep, exactly. I can send you, I think I can send you an invoice. I don't want to say that too loud because I'm really like, give me an invitation. But are they

Jim Collison: trying to limit, are they trying to limit the number for bandwidth purposes

Dave Jackson: or? I don't know.

Jim Collison: I'm getting Facebook messages. Are you hearing those just from the  standpoint that they're not coming through.


Dave Jackson: And that's because I think because they're on the computer. And the minus thing. Yeah. So it's only on iOS and I just felt, I heard all these people talking about it. I could see where it'd be cool. Different than zoom. Where if you wanted to have a, your own community on there to talk to people I just, I don't know, because I heard so many people talk about, Hey, clubhouse is the next big thing.

And I was like, okay. So I went into it and I was like, You okay. And it was and it's, again, it's people like, I was not shocked to hear somebody that was a coach, a business coach talking about how to boost your business. And I was like it's a commercial, but not a commercial it's networking.

But it's just I don't know. I was one of those where I'm like, am I the guy that just comes in and poops on everything I was like, but I was kinda like, maybe, cause it was like, Oh, this is going to be huge. And I was like, It really? Cause it's, it sounds like a zoom meeting without people going,


Kim's comment.

Jim Collison: I think wraps that whole thing up is exclusivity. Let's see, how did she say this is a sales point? Yeah. In some regards.

Dave Jackson: Yeah.

Jim Collison: Make it limited. And all of a sudden everybody's looking for invites. So I was in a Slack group earlier and everybody trying to hunt down in bites and you're like, okay, that automatically increases like.

Just by locking it down. Some that now people who probably wouldn't have talked about it before, start talking, it's like giving something away for free, versus somebody paying five bucks for it. The paying the five bucks sometimes is a better, is better because you get better engagement that way.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. It's  the thing about it when when you see a club and they've got the velvet rope out front, and they're only letting so many people in. You're like, Ooh, how do I get in there? Cause it's but I think that's it. I think I've shared the story when I had a podcast for musicians and one of the ways I would promote it is I would put flyers up for it free music, marketing tips.

And I had two flyers one, and this was the thing we you'd pull the tab off of the bottom. And I had one that I didn't pull any off. And one where I went over and pulled one off on the left and one in the middle and I left them both. It was in the same cafeteria, same type of traffic. And one, I went over later, like a week and a half later and almost all the tabs are gone.

The other one, not a single one, because it was perceived value like, Oh, that must be somebody pulling that, that must have something on it. So I think this is that, Ooh, you gotta get an invite to get in. And I was like, Okay. And then you get there and you're like okay. Reminds me of the it podcast evolutions.

Me and Paul collagen went to a party. We had to walk through downtown LA to get there and we go in and you cannot see in front of your face.  It's literally me and Paul and it's thumping loud music. So Paul and I are like, have you what do you think? And it's watch, Hey, is that Andy Dick in the corner?

I don't know what, okay. We left, we couldn't take it. It was, you couldn't see in front of your face, and it was like, but it was the, it was this big after party thing. And we just, we walked in, we walked around the bar. I couldn't hear my, it was ridiculously loud. And we were like, yeah, I think we're.

Plus that was like towards the end of the week. And you're like, I can't do another one of these. Where I just scream.

Jim Collison: How long do you give clubhouse? Come on.

Dave Jackson: What? Like free that's the other thing.

Jim Collison: Yeah, it's for, okay. So all the things you're doing wrong, it's free. That's there's no recording to it.

There's it's really just, once you get past the gimmicky, let's get connected on audio. I just locked up. Can you still hear

Dave Jackson: me?

Jim Collison: Yeah, you're fine. Okay, good. I just, my screen just went wonky. Once you get past all those things, then you're  can't we do this better and other on other platforms.

Dave Jackson: Yeah, listen, Slack, you could do it in zoom. You could do it. Yeah. And so unless you can schedule them ahead of time on my yep. You can do that in zoom.

Jim Collison: I have a very limited discord channel that I'm only letting certain people into.

Dave Jackson: So

Jim Collison: Jim, at the average guy TV, so I'm, It's very limited. Only, only certain people are getting in bangs.

You're out, not coming in.

Dave Jackson: He says, you're getting old when the music is too loud. Yeah. If no,

Jim Collison: It's always too loud. No matter how old you are when you're young, that's why you don't have very good

Dave Jackson: hearing. I have something in common. I went to see the Ramones who I I admire them.

I have their greatest hits. Some of their lyrics. I absolutely hilarious, but it's the only show that I saw the Ramones, right? When van Halen Metallica first came out and speed metal was the thing. Now the Ramones are not known for their ballads. Most of their songs are, they're pretty fast anyway, and I've never heard a band ruined their own music so bad because it came out and it was like, , I can't understand what the song is.

And I'm sitting there and I'm with my buddy, Mike, and I'm like, I would leave this. This is horrible, except I'm with Mike. And he's probably enjoying this and literally the way they do their show is they stop. It's a thing. They do. The lead guitar runs out screams one, two, three, four, and then they go into another song.

You're not going to get a lot of Paul Stanley stories at the Ramones show.  And literally I were both sitting and both of us are going, I would leave except I'm with Dave and he's probably enjoying this. So they finally took a break and, George Ramones out there, Cleveland itself, global Jorah bull.

And and I looked at Mike and he looked at me and goes, what do you think? And I go, they suck. And he's Oh my God. Yes, he goes, do you want to leave? And it's the only concert I've ever left because it was just I'm with you banks, Blitzkrieg, bop. Oh, let's go. Yeah. That and rock and roll high school and that, but I've never heard a band ruined their own music and it was so they will go down in history is the only concert I've ever left Metallica.

I wanted to leave cause they played forever. It's two and a half hours long. And I was like, I don't know if I can take much more than this. It's just like character. And I'm like, okay, I got it. But it was fun. Yeah.

Jim Collison: I'm with you in some, these networking events, we've talked about this before networking events.

Why would you just scream the music?

Dave Jackson: Yeah they were opening for Prince that's up there with Jimmy Hendricks opening for the monkeys who I grew up and Prince was a no-show that I had that I don't have a hard time. Believing prison was a weird dude. Interesting dude, super talented loved him, but

Jim Collison: Amazing talent.

 Should have, he, he could have just wrote. He didn't even need to perform no, his performances were a little strange, but he was an amazing songwriter.

Dave Jackson: Could have just, yeah, he could have just done. The thing I loved is he was one of those guys used to block his stuff on YouTube.

And so the minute he died, everybody was like, Hey, here's a bunch of stuff from Prince. And I was like, and some, there was one, it was just him and a guitar. And  the interaction that you have with your audience, he just had them and he was like the epitome of engaged because he did something and there was like a little backup thing.

It might've been The song cream and there's a thing where he goes cream and anybody goes cream. I know. And he was he just kinda put his eyebrow up Hey, you're supposed to sing that. And then they didn't, he goes y'all can do better than that. Hold on. And he goes back and it was just fun.

He was playing with him, but yeah, he was definitely a genius dude.

Jim Collison: Oh, he was an amazing songwriter. Yeah, but this stuff, Dave, what do you w one thing, but on the way out, one thing you want to get done in 2021, that shit didn't get done in 2020. Any big audacious goals?

Dave Jackson: Yeah.

Yeah. After trying to videotape a pod track before. I think I'm going to, I think I'm going to update my video stuff. I think that's the thing I'm going to take on that. And for the record, I'm not doing a whole, Dave's leaving podcasting thing, but I am going to invest a little more in my YouTube channel.

And then I'm also I have an idea that it's one of the things as much as I like it.  The. The school of podcasting is seen as a place where you start your podcast. Even though I say, play in launch grow your podcast. And everybody sees me as the Starcher podcast guy. And so I might might I'm thinking of starting a show cause I've got the content I've already got it.

It's sitting. I just go back. And any episode about growing your podcast, here's an episode of the grow your podcast show. So just to help Hey, Dave can actually help if you already have a podcast he's helpful for that too. So I might launch a podcast about growing your podcast. And as you saw, like the more podcast money, I have everything I talk and all these kinds


Dave Jackson: satellite shows.

I also talk on the school of podcasting, but it would be nice to go, Oh, by the way, I can help you grow your show too. So I don't know if I'm going to do that or not because. Again it's one of those shows that I would start in the never promote it's there. If you find me it's there for Google searches, it's not something I want that to overtake the school of podcasting and things like that.

So it's just something I'm going. But I definitely I, we're going to see come February, March. Because right now, I want to go buy everything because I'm in, this is podcasting season, December, January, February, and I had a really good December. This is where you get a huge spike, but then come, spring, it starts to die down. And that's where I'm like, Hey, let's wait until spring. Maybe we'll see that I may fail miserably at that because it's hard to not spend money when all of a sudden you, Oh, look at that. But but that we never did talk about it. Taxes. I know. Do you need to leave? I know we're going over.

The company I used and I wish I could show you, but then I would show you how much I make and that's not good. If all you need to run, your podcast is a business. Is, I need to track my income and my expense. I want to send invoices and I want to, I use a company called  dot co. I think if you go to school of co it's owned by Fiverr.

It's so ridiculously. I love it because I will. What they do is I have, they know I'm I use my Gmail account school of podcasting, So when I get a invoice, To that particular email. And I say forward this now I set up a contact in my Google account called shoe box because they have a feature called shoe box.

And I go forward this email that has the invoice to shoe box, I then log into and co I go into shoe box and there's the invoice. And I click on it and say, make this an expense. And it's like, how much was it? I was like, it's $12 for media hosting. For you no more podcast money, blah, blah. And I can now see how much money did I bring in and how much money did I spend.

And also when you categorize that, the categories that are available are only categories that are used in your tax forms. So I can't make it my own category. So I'm like, why not? And then I Google it and I'm going through their health thing. Those are the categories that are in your tax form. So I'm like, Oh, okay.

So I have to figure out again. Dot co

Jim Collison: and Darko. And is it free or do

Dave Jackson: they have a plan it's cheap. I bought a year. It was cheaper than fresh books. And I dumped fresh books because fresh books kept adding more features, but they wanted me to upgrade and their upgrade. It was based on how many customers you have a lot of my customers.

I get, once I do, I come in, they spend an hour with me. I answer all their questions and I never hear from them again. Which is fine. That's it's called consulting. That's my job. I did my job. If they don't come back, this, I can have as many customers as I want. I can do proposals, which I don't do.

The one thing it doesn't do that I wish it did is it doesn't allow me to have somebody send me a bunch of money and then they have it on account. That it, it will not do which FreshBooks did. I had a weird hack for that in fresh books, but you okay?

Jim Collison: Yeah. I almost died.

Dave Jackson: So

Jim Collison: this is where having new equipment didn't pay off.

Cause I didn't know what to do.

Dave Jackson: Where's the mute button

Jim Collison: I was w immediately, I felt like I was going to cough. So I reached over there and I'm like, Oh, it's not

Dave Jackson: there,

Jim Collison: but I've got to find my mouse, go down, mute it here. That may be something I install on this as a mute, as a hard mute

Dave Jackson: button. Yeah,

Jim Collison: that's not, cause I could turn this off.

I could turn it off, but there's a sound. Yeah. You hear that? You hear the click when that happens again, I could do the softer, but I was so used to just being able to flip a lever down, or I guess I could do that here again. It's new processes, right? That are like, you got to figure out my eyes are watering a little bit.

Sorry. I almost died.

Dave Jackson: Tonight.

Jim Collison: That's a good reminder. To now it's the 2nd of January. Like I could actually start tracking my expenses better this year for next year. It's a long payoff, but what could I put in place to do better with tracking expenses? I need to spend some time as I'm going through my taxes this year, and I'm going to start doing those here this week.

Of saying, okay, what are all the things that I need to get done for 20, 21 than they did wrong in 2020? And then get those good habits in place

Dave Jackson: before the end of January, I was going to ask you what's the one thing you want to do in 2021 that you didn't do in 2020?

Jim Collison: I want to change my branding, but I want to enhance it.

So I'm going to work with Mark. I haven't contacted him yet, but probably he's. He's probably going to get real busy here in January, probably end of the month, get with them. I don't want to change it, but I want him to own to work with him too, say, Hey, I need new. Like I want to update it. So take what I currently have add to it.

And which is a little bit different. A lot of people go to give me a whole new brand. Look, I don't want to do that. I just, and I need some . Sorry. I need some new assets that I can use in various places. And then I just want to pick his brain on like what else could I, do? What else can I do to make this thing better?

I also think I'm going to start investigating new cameras. Like I think the 21, the days of the  are numbered here. And I think we have so many more better options with bigger, better. Cameras that I may start looking at it, upgrading from, going from a hundred dollars camera to maybe, two or 300.

Dave Jackson: That's the thing that the camera I want, it would be like a Sony, I think it's the a 6,400, it's something that Ray was showing me and I'm like, Ray you're killing me. My, my wallet's on fire. How much is it? It's a thousand dollars by the time. The problem is the camera I want to say is 800 and then you throw in a lens and it's like the  four.

It's not cheap. I was looking at Sony, came out with one, specifically to be a webcam, and I was real close to buying that one. Yeah. And I hear a lot of Daniel says the Sony mirrorless cameras are beautiful. And  and  I'm watching a video. I bought a course. That's the other thing I did in December.

I bought a bunch of courses. One on video. Yeah, Jason says he's got a Canon 60 D and the guy that's doing the course, and I can't remember his name on video loves Canon stuff. And I was like put I'm hearing so many good things about Sony. But I'm learning about how big the, Oh, there's the thing and the bigger, the thing, the better.

Yeah. Your sensor and all that other stuff. So I'm getting into it. But I just, when I watched there was a 6,460 100. Yeah. Gary has the 6,100 and I was just like, it just one of those things, the problem is these are not cheap. And again, I have to go by and go, do I need this? I'm like, am I able? And it depends, but if I'm going to be doing a little more YouTube, I also need to lose the sticks out of the background here and just tell this thing to the wall.

Yeah. And then lens choice. Yeah. So  it's one of the things it's like, if I decide to go there, I am embracing a whole new learning curve. Cause I used to do photography. 40 years ago when I was like a teenager, when I used to understand what an f-stop was and shutter speed. So I have a little bit of knowledge of that.

 Daniel says if you need a Sony only as a webcam, you can get a great quality with an older model. Yep. Can self record longer than 30 minutes and have flipped forward screens. Yeah. That's the thing where I'm like this could do that. And then that's what they were saying. Go to eBay, you can buy an old camera.

And I was like, yeah. So I, it's just one of those where.

Jim Collison: I think it's one of those things I'll look into. I know what they're throwing out all these models and no idea what they even look like. So I think it's one of those things I'll probably spend a couple of months working, list everything out, put together a spreadsheet of the features and the options and some of those kinds of things.

Dave Jackson: Just to know it. Daniel makes a great point. He goes, I used a Canon T4 I for years and almost never recorded anything longer than 30 minutes. Yeah.

Jim Collison: We grew my co-host on home gadget geeks. He's got something like that. And he's got to remember to hit a button every 28 minutes so that it doesn't stop.

It keeps going right. Otherwise it'll I don't want that. I, everything I do is longer than 30 minutes, so I need, I'm going to need something that will stay on

Dave Jackson: overheat

Jim Collison: if it stays. Yeah.

Dave Jackson: That's the other thing there's you have to pay attention to does this thing catch on fire? Fuck decided to go.


Jim Collison: yeah, I don't know what I want to do. I, this is just a year. I'm going to spend some time figuring it out, try some different things, talk to some people, build a spreadsheet. Yeah.

Dave Jackson: The other thing I thought of as you saw, I have the logical weight loss podcast is on red circle. That one I've been threatening to kill for years.

And I thought about this the other day. I said, you know what? I have these other shows and they're fun and yeah, I'm trying to lose weight and blah, blah, blah. But there are a lot of shows I do that I'm like, unless it's really going to tie into podcasting. Cause that's my bread and butter.

I'm like, I should probably, Just do podcasts about podcasting. And I don't know, maybe scale it down to two or three instead of, seven or however many I have, because that's a lot of time it's as much as I go. Yeah. I don't really promote those. I try a little bit here and there and I'm like, it's just, so that's why I say this other show I've already got the content.

The reason why I go, Hey, am I do that one? I could go over to my I have an episode, whatever it is, 30 different ways to promote your show. I'm like, I could just take that and riff on each one of those 30 ones and you're done, but I'm like, it's still recording. It's still show notes.

It's more time. And I was like we'll see. Anyway, Daniel says, wait, hold on. And he goes, I've recorded short videos and had to reshoot small segments because I hit the 30 minute limit. Most of my stuff isn't, most of my stuff for YouTube is always like five minutes or less or whatever.

Jim Collison: Yeah, it's just I like to push this monitor back and then put the camera in front of it and look through the camera.

Like I used to do this at work. Look through the camera for that, this doesn't look too bad, you can definitely see the difference in eyes looking right at the camera, looking at the video camera video. The farther you get it back.  The last of that, but that's what I

Dave Jackson: liked.

My setup is this. So I've got two giant monitors at me and I saw where inside, cause there's a pole in the middle there that those are tied to. And I saw these things where you put the poles on the corners of your desk and then the monitor swing in. So you have more space in the middle. And I was like, Oh, and I know these, I think can spread out a little bit, but I w I'm with you.

I want to have a camera right here. So I look at that.  It's tough. 

Jim Collison: Just don't, I need more monitors down here. Nine is not a enough, I need a few more

Dave Jackson: nine monitors. One,

Jim Collison: two, three, four, five, nine. Yes. Yes. 10 11, if you include here.

Dave Jackson: Oh my goodness.

Jim Collison: Yeah. It's ridiculous. Dave. It's I have a monitor problem.

My name is Jim and I have a monitor.

Dave Jackson: Yeah. And that's the other thing I got to have. I eventually I got to get a little one of those button pushing things. I forget what it's called. Oh, the thing where you hit it and it loads a scene. We've talked about him here on the show version. Yes. So that's in there too. Yeah, so this is one of the things I got to really, I got to cause right now I want it right.

And I have to chill on that and go, what do you need it? And as I look at my shiny forehead, I'm like, yeah, I think you do like something To fix that El Gato stream deck. Thank you, Gary got to have a stream deck. Cause all the cool kids have a stream deck. Come on, mom.

Everybody's doing it. So we shall see. But anyway, thank you. Chat room.

Jim Collison: Happy new year,

Dave Jackson: everybody. You still have 23 people sitting here. That's awesome.

Jim Collison: It's Saturday morning. Yeah, this was awesome. Thanks guys. Thanks for hanging out with us last year. And now in 2021, it's always great to have you guys appreciate it.

Dave Jackson: All right. Take care guys.

Jim Collison: We'll see you next weekend.

Dave Jackson: See ya.

Jim Collison: All right, bye.