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Nov. 26, 2014

Story Podcasts - Adjusting EQ - Wordpress Multi-Site

Story Podcasts  - Adjusting EQ - Wordpress Multi-Site

Story Podcasts - Adjusting EQ - Wordpress Multi-Site

Today we were under a bute force attack which made it very hard for the site to stay up. The community rallied and we got the word out and everyone showed up (YOU ROCK). Today we have a special guest as Daniel J Lewis from Ask the Podcast Coach from the Audacity to podcast comes to answer some questions about Wordpress Multi-Site. We are using the X Show Latest YouTube plugin which shows the live stream when we are live, or the time to the next live event when we are not. If there is no live event, it shows the latest video.

How to Delete a Wordpress Theme [6:35] The good news about Wordpress is its flexible, but the other side of that is there are plugins and themes that are always updating.

Story Podcasts are Taking Off [10:55]

You need to know why you are getting into podcasting so you can align your goals. Serial podcast, Startup , and Radiolab podcasts are bringing new listeners. Dave listens to the Bitterest Pill Podcast

Dave Got a Message from Audello [15:00]

Dave talks about how his title was over the top when it comes to reviewing other products, etc. In Dave's case he used the word "Scam". Dave talks about this more on the School of Podcasting A quick conversation on Scarcity as a marketing tool.

Removing Bass From a File [22:30]

How to Take Bass Out of the File 22:50 Kim from need to know how to remove the bass from a file. If you go to the effects menu there are some tools to use. Be sure to be on the latest version of Audacity.

Having Video and Audio on the Same Site [29:35]

I want to have video on my site, and still have an audio podcast. I will use YouTube for the video, do I need another RSS feed? YouTube does not really use RSS. You can use Channels in PowerPress to create a new feed. Check out Scott at

Shout Engine [42:00] is another media hosting company. Dave doesn't like them because they limit your bandwidth. If you use Libsyn, use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month

Libsyn Links [45:00]

Dave explains how to use Libsyn. We explain how works.

Wordpress Multi-Site [53:45]

What are the pros and cons of Wordpress Multi-site Special Guest: Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast  A plugin can be activated for the whole site. So any new site you create will have that plugin. You can adjust settings on a single site as well.


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