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Oct. 4, 2014

Summits, Expos, and Educating Your Audience

Summits, Expos, and Educating Your Audience

Summits, Expos, and Educating Your Audience

Business Podcaster Summit [2:00]


Fred Caastaneda at from the Podcast Report podcast filled us in on and some other websites have closed.

Business Podcaster Summit is an online podcast event in January


Director of Podcasting [16:00]


Dave shares his thoughts on being named the new Director of Podcasting and the New Media Expo


Thoughts on what I'm looking for in a presentation


Cleveland Podcaster's Meetup [27:00]


Be sure to have food and an agenda


We had seven people show up and most of them did NOT have a podcast


National Podcast Day


Jim had an Omaha meetup.


In some cases the members will have different skills and you learn from everyone


Jim Creates a New Listener [41:30]


Jim educates a new friend on podcasting. By helping one person understand how to consume podcasts we grow the overall size of our audience.


Iheart Radio has now changed their name to iheart media.


Startup Podcast [47:45]


This is a new podcast that is extreme story telling and its produced by the ex-producer of this American Life. He is trying to raise 1.5 million to create a network of podcasts that deliver stories in an NPR style. Check it out at


Auphonic Settings [50:48]


Miss Eileen calls in and wants to know what settings to use with


Dave recommend recording your voice in a quick 1 minute file. Then run it through the process and change the file name to represent what settings were used and then vote with your ears. We all have different characteristics of our voice and there isn't a one size fits all. Ray Ortega has an episode of the Podcaster's Studio where they interviewed a rep from Auphonic.


What is your favorite Wordpress Theme?


Dave has played with Avada which he is using at


We are looking for something that is flexible, but doesn't have too many features. Leave your suggestions in the comments




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