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Dec. 12, 2020

The 12 Best Podcasting Practices of Christmas

Dave and Jim have caught their Christmas Spirit and have brought some sleigh bells to spruce up the intro (kind of...). The holidays can be hard so we talk about 12 best practices.

Dave and Jim have caught their Christmas Spirit and have brought some sleigh bells to spruce up the intro (kind of...) today we talk about

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02:55 Jim's New Mug
04:57 Holidays Can Be Hard - 800-273-8255 (Suicide Hotline)
06:26 Have a Sponsor You Believe In
09:31 12 Podcasting Practices For Christmas
12:17 Thinking Outside the Box - Listen with Curtis Elton
21:32 Revisit Your Intro
24:07 Awesome Supporters
26:39 Testing Your Content on Friends
28:58 My Favorite Podcast Is...
31:55 Podpage Adds Voicemail

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33:22 Jim Reflects on 10 Years of His Show
38:23 Stereo and Clubhouse Apps
39:43 Power Rant: Demo Videos?
41:04 Year-End Predictions?
43:48 Your Show on Gaana

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49:01 Pricing For Editors
53:08 Descript and Otter
54:20 What is Coming Up?

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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



Dave Jackson: [00:00:00] ask the podcast coach for December 12th, 20, 1,020. Let's get ready to Podcast

I’m trying to jingle and dance at the same time. Hey, it's Saturday morning. It's set sick. That means it's time for ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast.

Questions answered. Live. I'm your host, Dave Jackson from the school of I should probably mention this up front. If you want to join the podcast at super easy, just come over to ask the podcast., and you will jump in right here into the video. and if you're, somewhere not here, we're always here every Saturday at ask the podcast, and I'm joined every week.

I'm lucky enough to be joined by that guy right over there. Jim Collison, from the average guide on TV, Jim, how's it going, buddy?

Jim Collison: [00:00:49] Greetings Dave, happy Saturday morning to you by the backdrop. So you have to come over to YouTube if you're going to watch that. But the backdrop, I started singing, it's starting to look a lot like Christmas.

Pretty exciting. Yeah.

Dave Jackson: [00:01:01] I was trying to bring in the jingle bells, just, but it's hard to know we can do that, but if you think about it, you could have like heavy metal music, like a hundred Turner and it still sounds like Christmas.

Jim Collison: [00:01:12] It does it, does those sleigh bells are like talking about a sound attached to an event, right?

If you hear those in January, they just don't sound right. It has to be like December before

Dave Jackson: [00:01:23] we could even have Christmas coffee.

Jim Collison: [00:01:26] I'm thirsty. Now who's paying for this coffee. This

Dave Jackson: [00:01:30] that would be Mark over at podcast branding. Dot co if you're looking for a logo, if you're looking for, artwork for your podcast, if you need a whole website redone, check it out.

Podcast, the great thing about Mark is he is a podcaster, so he gets podcasting and he likes to work with you and figure out. I guess the style of your podcast, so that the style of your logo, your artwork, your website matches everything. And I got to tell you I was doing something again this week where I uploaded the logo of the school of podcasting.

I was like, you know what? I really liked that. And I had a client of mine. He's got a podcast for his business and I was reviewing some things and I'm like, man, your website needs a little help. it's loading really slow and this and that. And he goes, do you know anybody? He goes, I really just needed to look professional Oh, do I know somebody?

I go podcast, go over and talk to Mark. So if that's your case, you're like, look, I want to look good. Then, absolutely go over and talk to Mark at podcasting podcast, it's the way to go. It's cause I'm trying to think. I cannot talk and think in time. Cause I'm trying to go. Se is just not a good thing.

and Jim, it appears let's zoom in on that. The gym. Are you rocking a new mug?

Jim Collison: [00:02:58] Yeah. The new mud, Doug Clement sent this to tell you, I hope I'm pronouncing your last name. Correct? Doug. Doug Clement sent us in the grow and graze podcast. I put a call out. I don't know, a couple of weeks ago and said, Hey, we got this kind of open spot for a mug and maybe even a mug sponsorship, Dave, I think we'll probably turn this into his monk sponsorship, going forward.

and of course he, Doug represents the NC state extension cooperative extension, and I, and Doug, thanks for. Thanks for send me his card and a little press release of his podcast. Again, the grow in graze podcast. And I'm sure it's fantastic. By the way I was a  growing up. did I probably spent, I don't know, 10 years in four H I was the club president for awhile.

I raised sheep and pigs and did demonstrations and all those kinds of things. So Doug, thanks for sending them on we'll. we'll probably, I'll probably use this mug Dave, until somebody replaces it, we'll figure out how they can. How they can replace the mug and be the mug sponsor on the podcast. Coach

Dave Jackson: [00:03:58] it.

Jim Collison: [00:03:59] thanks for sending it.

Dave Jackson: [00:04:00] I want to say we have 22 people watching already. We just started and, Carrie, who's one of the awesome supporters says, I feel bad because I've decorated the, the background. if you're watching this on YouTube, I, I. Went to Canva and made this cool little Christmasy background.

And she's I haven't even got a decoration yet. Dan is in that same boat. I know some people are like with the whole COVID thing, they're like, I'm just not in the Christmas mood. And I'm like, then what you need to do is you just get yourself some jingle bells and everything. Yeah. Is better. So I

Jim Collison: [00:04:29] think just ask the AI lady or your Google device play, just say, Hey, play some Christmas music and, or just listen to the, this may be the one time of the year to listen to the radio because, Oh man, you

Dave Jackson: [00:04:41] can't escape.

Every market's

Jim Collison: [00:04:42] got one or two all Christmas stations already. And by the way, we have one, I think one Oh 4.5 Heron in Omaha when Christmas. November 1st, didn't even, wow. Not even waiting. Yeah. Not even waiting until Thanksgiving to be over. Just went Christmas. So if you're not in the spirit, Dave though, let's real quick though.

I think it's important. We talk, you're in a situation at Christmas time, especially with COVID going on, where, loneliness, isolation, some of those kinds of things. If you're listening to this, it's important. There's people you can call. There are things you can do. If your feelings, if things aren't going well, or you're not feeling well, or you're not feeling having, very good thoughts about yourself, reach out to somebody because this is a tough time.

w we joke about it, but this can be a real tough time for somebody.

Dave Jackson: [00:05:25] Oh, absolutely. Yeah. and. For the record. There's nothing wrong with that. if you're like on it, like no, it's in certain situations, it's really easy to go down that rabbit hole, Daniel was saying soon will be asked the podcast, coach, this breath of air is sponsored by.

Yeah. We need to do that live from the school of podcasting studios. It's, blah-blah-blah and using the road castor find it at road count. Yeah.

Jim Collison: [00:05:48] but, okay, hold on. Let's talk about this really quick, cause I think there's a good podcasting, A lesson in this is that if it's there, do it, like who knows, maybe nobody will ever sponsor the muck, but we didn't know if anybody actually sponsored the coffee.

Pour, like when we thought about that to begin with, we were like, could we now think about the service? that's provided to our listeners, having Mark as a sponsor. It's a perfect sponsor for that space. And he's a good guy and he, he gets, I think he gets pretty great exposure with it.

So I think it can be, again, who knows if this will become a thing it could be, but it's a great opportunity if you, if it's there, take it.

Dave Jackson: [00:06:26] That is one nice thing about if you're trying to get a sponsor for your show. The thing I really like about having Mark as a sponsor, Is I, there's not a bone in my body.

That's eh, I hope it does. like it's no, I can honestly say no. Mark does great stuff. The first time I saw Mark stuff, he did, the real Bryan. I think it's the real maybe, or the real Brian and Ryan, Brian's all about coffee. So there's a whole coffee thing going on that website.

I was like, wow, that's really cool. Who does your website? And he's Oh, Mark from podcast And I was like, Oh, very cool. Jim, anything in general, I got questions here. We can go through and I forget it. We were talking before we started, you said, Oh, maybe we should talk about that on the show.

And I can't remember what the heck that was.

Jim Collison: [00:07:09] That was, what was I talking about? Oh, this week, I like on Thursday night I had this thought I was doing an interview and during the interview they said, Oh, you forget all, even all the steps that it took to get me there. But they said something that triggered this thought about a podcast feed that we have.

That's going to sit. Dormant pretty much over the holidays. And, we, it's our theme Thursday feed for Gallup and it gets lots of activity during the year, but we pretty much wrapped the season in November and we didn't plan to feed it again until, probably mid January. So between.

November 20th and January 15th, it would probably have zero traffic. Just to be honest, because I shouldn't say zero traffic, but there's no new content, not things driving towards it. And, this guest I was talking to just gave me this idea, we have, I have these 34 audio snippets that we made for YouTube that I could break down.

Just make audio, use an F use the FFM peg encoder inside audacity to strip the audio out, clean those things up and post them. And I'm going to post one a day until January 5th or 10th. I forget what day it actually ends that there's 34 snippets and advertise to the community. Hey, come and subscribe.

And there's a great thing. So these are two minute audio clips that you could share with your friends, right? Sometimes sharing an hour on our podcast or. 20 minutes to an hour. Sometimes that's not, people don't want to share those, but two minutes, some of them are one so far. Most of the day, Friday I spent, in between the other email stuff, just cranking out like going, it was super easy.

I think podcasters, I think sometimes we think it's a one and done scenario. We've done it one time. We can't reuse it again. And I think a lots of times in our content, there are things we could pull out. Make it its own thing. And then maybe now you don't have to be podcasting, but you can be filling your channel with things that are helpful to people.

And so we'll see how it goes. This is the first time I've done something like this. The initial community response was overwhelming. Like when they put it out on Friday, I was getting, thanks. This is great. Oh, it's going to be incredible. And we're going to drip them out one a day, put them on Spreaker, scheduled them for 1:00 PM.

I can, I can get them all scheduled out. I probably, by Tuesday, I'll have them all scheduled out for the rest of the year. But just a great way, can I think about your own content as Hey, are there things in there I could be pulling out and be putting in and then give myself a couple of weeks off?

Yeah. So just a thought, Dave, that was something I did this week.

Dave Jackson: [00:09:31] And then Craig says, how about 12 good podcasting practices for Christmas? It's so weird that he would say that because I have 11, I actually started this morning. you want to hear him? Number one go who your audience is. As in like crystal clear, know who your audience is.

Number two, know why you're starting this. This is by the way, if you've listened to me, this is a lot of reruns here. No, why you're starting this because it sounds fun is not. Okay. Great answer. It is an answer, but if that's the goal, the good thing is that's a really easy goal to achieve a number three, identify the content that will help you achieve your why.

While holding the attention of the who. So that's the tough part. number four, be consistent, both in schedule and content. number five, focus on your audience, not your stance. Number six, get the best sounding gear you can afford, but realize it's not the tech. It's the content. Number seven. Don't worry.

Everyone listening. Nobody is listening when you start. Number eight. You don't have to release everything you record. In fact, please don't, number nine, every other form of media has editors keeping it real and not editing is lazy. Everything out of your mouth is not gold. there's that Dave Jackson snark that everyone loves number 10 solo shows build your influence interview episodes, build your network.

So do both, number 11, and this is a new thing. Remove the word podcast out of your title. I don't say I'm going to go watch Grey's anatomy TV show. I see I'm going to go watch Grey's anatomy. So when you leave the word podcast in your title, you are ranked against everyone else who has left the word podcast in your title.

And number 12, can we think of one, anything I've skipped?

Jim Collison: [00:11:15] Don't be boring.

Dave Jackson: [00:11:17] Don't be boring. There you go. That's right there.

Jim Collison: [00:11:21] I think the positive way, the positive spin on that is just be interesting. But yeah, now that's, so that's actually really arrogant to say, just to be honest, cause there's how do you tell somebody to be interesting and.

I do struggle with that advice just a little bit, even though I just gave it, but, Oh Chris Nessie, by the way on Twitter, if you follow Chris on there, he's mr. Nessy and ESI on Twitter, you should follow him. He has us up on the big screen at his house right now days. Yeah. And, I thought, Chris, thanks for posting that, on Twitter.

yeah, I think that whole idea be interesting is a little air can be a little arrogant. So I want to be careful with that. I want this to your very first point, is that if you're going to have fun, like you said, just having fun, isn't it. A reason to do this. Not always necessarily.

I think those two go together, look at if you're doing this and you're having a blast, then it does everything else. Doesn't matter. just continue to have fun doing it. If you really enjoy it,

Dave Jackson: [00:12:18] I'm having a blast. First of all, this is not sped up. I'm going to guess this guy is either late teens. I think if I was 12, I would love this show.

it's called listen with Curtis Elton. And I'm just going to play episode 32. Cause I pulled it up on my phone, but here's a guy that he was in Facebook. He was like, look, I'm breaking all the molds. I don't have an intro. I don't talk about anything. And I was like, okay, I got to listen to this show and this is, we're going to play this and hope it works through my phone.

Hey, and welcome back to though why this ride in the wilderness? I am your host. Oh, Gus Sam. Everybody's been used up and used up and used up and used up and use stuff like that. Robot is stuck. Who are you? Oh gosh. Who are you? I am Curtis out tonight. You are in my town now. Big fellow. So get outta here.

You don't get out of my seat. I see then I'll have to pull the big and see, Oh, you're who it says. Okay. Okay. it goes on and that's episode 32. Let me just

Jim Collison: [00:13:22] stay in person or two people.

Dave Jackson: [00:13:23] no, it's a, he, Oh, he has a trailer. Let's listen to the trailer. This is two minutes. Thank you. Hello? Hello?

Hello?  hello?

I'm back, baby. Hello everybody. And welcome back to the loudest Robbie in the wilderness boys. Good to be free. And as the show is just like a broken pencil. Absolutely pointless pay that you miss on your pain make you look the way the show work is I will be speaking nonstop, absolute rubbish politics.

Nope, boring. It is just because that's his whole thing. I'm going to talk about nothing.

Jim Collison: [00:14:01] It's all jump cut though.

Dave Jackson: [00:14:02] It's all jump cut. but every episode is. just him energy. That's it

Jim Collison: [00:14:10] energy.

Dave Jackson: [00:14:11] What we'll do one more. Cause I'm here to tell you, they all

Jim Collison: [00:14:13] I don't know. And I was like, why

Dave Jackson: [00:14:15] would you even do that?

And they were like, am I come on? Why would you do that? Then I was like, may I follow? You were discussing you. And then wait, what we're worried is. The second way online. come on, wait, it's Jimmy. If this is a YouTube thing that he's somehow, but

Jim Collison: [00:14:29] it's definitely a YouTube genre, right?

That this idea jumped, cut. I listened to this Cole, the corn star guy on YouTube all the time and his a hundred percent that he does these 10 minute videos. And they're all jumped. Cut just like this now, not quite in this style, but pretty close everybody's voices up. And they're like, I can't believe, they're there.

Just high energy the whole time.

Dave Jackson: [00:14:49] That was it. That's his whole thing. Is he just, and he talks nonstop. He never stops. He's always just talking to him. He keeps on going. It doesn't matter what he's talking about. He's just going to keep on talking. And I was like, and I was like, I

Jim Collison: [00:14:57] it's edited.

Dave Jackson: [00:14:58] Yeah. And my thing was, cause I just was you know why I like this? Cause it's somebody going. I don't care. I'm just, I just, I can't wait to buy the book. John Cleese. And if you don't know who John Cleese is, he was part of Monty Python, by the way, is my litmus test. If I go on a first date with someone and I go, so what are your thoughts on the Holy grail?

If she says, Oh, this dumbest move I've ever seen. I'm like check, please. And yeah. but he was on Conan O'Brien needs. A friend apparently has a book out on creativity. That's really short, but John Cleese's a guy that is, he's pretty brilliant. He actually had a, company for a while and did training videos.

And they were all really great and thought provoking. But for me, I just thought being that John Cleese just wrote this book on creativity. this guy, if nothing else is creative, he's you know what? You don't have to do a podcast following all the, The fun-filled,

Jim Collison: [00:15:47] Yeah. Do this. it's indefinitely, if you're creating that ton of content and it's easy and you're enjoying it and it's in flow and like you're enjoying the process.

You want to do it again? Then to keep doing it. I think the hard part is when we go, Oh, I'm going to, I'm going to create another Joe Rogan podcast because it's super popular. So I'm going to get on and interview somebody for three or four hours and smoke weed and do whatever the kinds of things that you guys.

And then I said, why am I not having success? And it's cause you're not choking you got to find, I think you got to find your own space and that no being that being said work, somebody's going to create, maybe they have already a podcast. That's like Joe Rogan, that's going to be popular.

We're going to get a copycat of it if we haven't already. So I think that the key is be be true to yourself in that. do what you're best at it's like I've told you this a lot before Dave, D Binky in the Wiz is dynamite, and that is you. I can listen to banking in the whiz all day.

Now you couldn't do it all day. Cause it just ruined your voice.

Dave Jackson: [00:16:52] But voice that

Jim Collison: [00:16:54] character, those characters are incredible. And, but they're there because they're uniquely, you. And I think that matters.

Dave Jackson: [00:17:00] Yeah. I just remember when I did that was way back on episode 400. I had to write out the whole thing and it's a lot of work, but, yeah, I was just thinking about that when I heard this, cause I was, I found him every Friday on the lips and Twitter feed, Elsie puts out a, I don't know, promote yourself something Friday or whatever, fan the flames of fans on Friday, something on.

And so his thing was there and I was like, huh, Interesting. So I was like, I gotta go check this out. And I was like, all right, if not, and here's the other thing, if I'm thinking, if I'm a little kid I'm going to love that because he's got that whole thing where you're like Jane fights all the time. and you either love it or hate it.

And it, within the first 10 seconds, I was like, Oh, here's that whole polarizing thing again.

Jim Collison: [00:17:44] we, even, when I listened to Cole, the corn star, the first time he starts as engineer, he goes, hello everybody. This is Cole, the corn star. He does this very similar kind of thing. And at first I thought, Oh God, but I don't know what, you never know what gets you the first time.

I don't remember what the hook was, but I watched him. It was a 15 minute video. He's doing it. He's a farmer here in Iowa. He's not very far from me actually. And he's revamping his grandfather was a hoarder. And so he's the opposite of a hoarder he's throwing out and recycling all this stuff.

His grandpa kept, and it's a story of his dad is somewhere in the middle. And so it's the story of them kind of cleaning up the farm. And I love that kind of organization. I love that. I love watching shows where they take something that's broken and fix it, or they take something that's a mess and clean it up.

So I stuck with it and now I don't, even, my kids make fun of me for watching it, but I don't like, I don't even, I look past that, whatever that sound is. So I think it'll let you'll attract listeners. This is, it was a, is it a guy or a gal who's doing this?

Dave Jackson: [00:18:48] It is Curtis, I think is his name.

Jim Collison: [00:18:51] I want to make sure I get the pronouns, Because it's important. It's important these days. I'll say they,

Dave Jackson: [00:18:55] yeah, listen with Curtis Elton. Okay.

Jim Collison: [00:18:58] so I think really important, they will attract a audience that eventually likes that. And so if you just be true to it, And I think we'll probably see that going forward.

So I appreciate you playing that by the way. Cause that's not your typical, that's not like your typical podcast content that at least in our genre that we're used to. Yeah, no, it's good.

Dave Jackson: [00:19:20] Yeah. And it doesn't mean it's wrong. You know what I mean? It's when I listened to there was jazz right there.

There's, jazz. And then there's jazz where it sounds like there are four people in four different rooms and somebody said, one, two, three, four, go. And they're just all playing. And I'm like, what? There's no melody. And I'm like, but, and I listen to that and got not my thing, but some people love that.

And so this is something I'm like, I'm not my cup of tea, but. Man that kid has a lot of energy,

Jim Collison: [00:19:47] okay. But sometimes we think that's a straight through that is a jump cut, edit. There's probably two hours worth of that condensed down into how long is the. How long is the podcast.

Dave Jackson: [00:19:59] They're all like two minutes.

That's where I think it may, it, I don't know if it's live or not. It'd be interesting to see.

Jim Collison: [00:20:05] I don't know if he could do that live. You have to be really talented. Yeah. keeping that kind of energy

Dave Jackson: [00:20:10] for,

Jim Collison: [00:20:11] yeah. For even two minutes is a lot,

Dave Jackson: [00:20:14] dude. That's yeah. That would wear you out big time.

Jim Collison: [00:20:17] Talent.

Dave Jackson: [00:20:19] Kim says Cole, the corn star. That's

Jim Collison: [00:20:21] the one I'm talking

Dave Jackson: [00:20:22] about, really think about that. So you don't accidentally throw in a P and he says he shares a lot of projects and progress and that's why I watch him. There you go.

Jim Collison: [00:20:31] I love watching him. He's just, he and the kid is super authentic.

He's 23, just got out of college. Started a YouTube channel about a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago. So he's still pretty new to it. The interesting thing, and I think this relates to podcasting as well. If you watch Cole's progression and there's another, boy, there's another YouTuber that I watch called alumna acres.

And I went back. I caught him about a year ago and I went back and watched his episodes from three years ago. And they're pretty. they're pretty bad. Like they're pretty sterile and they're pretty, they're weird. And Al has his name. Alice kinda lightened up a little bit and now he just, he's just Al before he was trying to be something now he's himself.

And him trying to be something that he wasn't was not, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't great. Him being himself now is. Dynamite. And so I think there, if we watch that progression and I think for podcasters, it's really important that be yourself, be authentic. Cause you can't fake it that long.

You can't fake it. You get, so

Dave Jackson: [00:21:33] I will say this too, especially because Jason's talking about, there's a show called the intro game has morphed in the last several years. You're going to get better. You're going to change, go back and listen to your intro and not the, you have to change the old ones, but I see people.

That their intro, because it's the one that they recorded on like episode two. And it's what are we doing that? Hey, welcome. It's we're back. And I'm like, Whoa, you need to understand. You're like maybe it's time to redo your intro. Scott Johnson is a member of the school of podcasting and he does a show called what was that like?

And what he did was somebody and he didn't have a bad intro. It explained what it was and it's, people that have been in. Oh, I should remember this, but it's like people that have been in like really crappy situations basically, and it makes you wonder, wow. What was that like? So like a woman who accidentally killed somebody on a motorcycle.

And I think my favorite was like episode two, where it was a guy that had smuggled cocaine. Up his,  and, and then the balloon broke. So you got two problems. Number one, you're busted. And number two, you're going to die of a heart attack. Cause you have gallons of cocaine going through your body.

What was that like? And so now that he's had a few intros, he has a really cool intro now. He mixed in a little music, but he took these little clips of, from his past interviews and made a really cool, like 32nd intro. They're like, Oh, okay. I get what this show's about. So sometimes doing that can, if you're thinking about redoing your intro, Might be something you do.


Jim Collison: [00:23:05] Fred makes a good point, am Curry, does his, a unique intro each time and has the talent to do it apparently. I don't listen to, I don't listen to that podcast, but some folks that's too much don't don't wing it every time. Don't you're not there have a standard intro to help people figure out what you're doing.

So depends on talent.

Dave Jackson: [00:23:25] Yeah. Adam is in crazy like crazy town. I never realized until I got the files that when they do the birthday thing in the middle, he has a birthday on a loop. So the music's going lights going Jane from Boston and Mark from Poughkeepsie. And then he has another thing.

I try to do that with the coffee jingle and you have to hit the button so that it's on, he nails it every time. I think they opt for helping

Jim Collison: [00:23:50] them do that day.

Dave Jackson: [00:23:51] It might be,

Jim Collison: [00:23:52] I think in radio they have that same thing. Yeah. And it lines it up for him. That's

Dave Jackson: [00:23:56] got it. I know. Yeah. but anyway, let's see, you know what, it's early.

We're four minutes early and

Jim Collison: [00:24:04] because I have a smaller cup amount of coffee, so it's an opportunity to thank our awesome subscribers. Is that where you're going?

Dave Jackson: [00:24:10] Headed? Yes. And, so we are talking about, as he comes over to share his screen, there we go. We're talking about awesome people, right now, in fact, you're going to hear, I'm talking about being creative.

remind me. When we get done here, I'll just do it here. James from the dog podcast network is currently the teacher's pet and I'm doing something I've never done in the school of podcasting. And we're going to take a, an homage to, what was startup. Cause James is like in this to win it.

He's not a guy that's doing this as a hobby. And so every week I'm going to check in with James to see what's going on with the dog podcast network. And cause he needs a little exposure to get this going and it gets some dog people. And so you're going to be hearing about James a lot in the, school of podcasting.

So that's something I've never done, but we always want to thank our $20 supporters. Awesome people like Kim craggy over at pod Toastmasters, one-on-one dot net, podcasters. If you want to develop your voice, reduce your editing time and improve your content. then you want Toastmasters one-on-one dot net.

We might actually talk about editing and the post show today. Should we throw somebody under the bus? Is that always fun? I don't know. It always seems like

Jim Collison: [00:25:21] no, not in the spirit of Crip. Maybe we save that for January

Dave Jackson: [00:25:26] Greg, If you're trying to get your financials in order, check him out.

Debt Shane at  dot com. If you want to go get your spy on, that's a great place. Glen, the geeky Burt's Glen. I hope you are. From what I hear, he's recouping things are on the men. So I'm looking forward to, he's got some great stories coming. Once he gets back on the mic, the Indy drop-in network.

It's a great place to connect listeners with amazing independent creators. All shows are a hundred percent creator submitted episodes. Check it out at Indy drop-in dot com. Max Trescott up in the So for your nut planes and such, check that out. Ed Sullivan

So Mark will make you look good and we'll make you sound good. And I'm Michael Delaney over baby mountain radio productions, where podcasting and hard work are made fun. If you'd like to be an awesome supporter, go over to ask the podcast, or visit our store for more ways to support us at ask the podcast, and.

The question I wanted. first of all, why just talked about James. So you're going to hear about the dog podcast network. Hey, do you ever test your content on a live person before you record it?

Jim Collison: [00:26:46] we're a hundred percent live every time. What do you mean by that?

Dave Jackson: [00:26:49] I'll give you an example. I've been talking about how I'm going to pull this.

I have the story about my dog and I think I can tie it into podcasting. And I threw it at, one of my friends from Australia, actually hired me to do some consulting. So when it was done, I said, Hey, I want to throw something by you. And I said, here's the thing and the bond, and we did this and that.

And I go, do you see that tying into cause here's how it ties into podcasting. And she goes, actually, no, it doesn't that's she goes, that's a bit of a stretch. And I went, Oh, all So I was just one of those where it's I know comics do that where they'll, they'll try stuff in. and I was like, yeah.

And I used to do that. With other people. And I was just like, that's not a bad idea too, because sometimes if you think about it, a lot of times you're doing content for the first time in front of an audience. And I was like, I'm glad I did that. I should, anytime I think, cause I, and for the record that wasn't a surprise.

I knew every time I've tried this talking to somebody that you can see them going. I don't think you're puzzled look on their face.

Jim Collison: [00:27:44] Dave, I don't know if I've actually ever tested it that way, the way you're talking. I have, and maybe I have unconsciously, or you throw some ideas out to some friends to say, Hey, what do you think about this?

I've done that during the day. Sometimes I get an idea and I'll shoot a note to a couple folks I know in the community and say, what do you think about this more it's happened? His ideas have come out of things. We've done much like here, where we do something just for fun. And then it actually sticks.

And I have it Gallup. I have two podcasts now that have come out of other podcasts because they were segments in podcast AA. So theme Thursday came out of called the coach second or third episode, somebody said something and we said, Oh yeah, we should totally do that. So we created another podcast and it actually ended up being more popular than the original.

And then, I have a new podcast that launches in January that I've been working all December. November December to set up, that's going live early January. That's a segment agency, repurpose segment from theme Thursday. And so I've done. We do more of that where we test it. Live in the show and if it sticks, then you think about, Oh yeah, we should do, we should do a mug.

We should do a coffee, poor kind of thing. Yeah.

Dave Jackson: [00:28:55] Kim says she's tested content before recording, and then she brings up a really great question, which is, Hey Dave, are you still looking for my favorite podcast recordings? I am through Monday, December 14th. If you go to a school of, this is.

First of all, if I was doing one, I'm like, Hey, this is Dave Jackson from the school of podcasting, where I help you plan, launch and grow your podcast. You can find My favorite podcast is the blah, blah, blah show, which you can find it, blah, blah, And here's why I love it.

That's really what we're into is the why. But also we want to give you a little plug. It really, I think sometimes people overthink these. Like I just got one where this guy. And I'm not complaining, but number one, he has phenomenal pipes, but it's so obvious that he is reading this and wants to make sure that there are no ums AHS or kind of things just record it, throw it in.

It's a great thing. Then I put those out. I assembled them. I transcribed them and put them out as the last episode of the year. So if you're interested in that school of, Jim, do you have one. It's hard to pick one, a favorite podcast. if you had to pick one and like you can only, the whole thing is, if you're on a desert Island or something, you can only listen to one podcast.

Not so much an episode, but the show,

Jim Collison: [00:30:11] anyone that like one that I don't do, That's not that, cause this is, I'll admit Saturday mornings are just great for me. I look forward to this podcast. That's one of my favorite to do, mostly because I don't have to do any work I just show up, which is pretty great.

Thanks. Thanks for letting me just freeload on you on this one. probably it, if I really thought about the, my go-to that I make sure I don't miss. every week. and it's odd. I'd have to say windows weekly. That is just to show Paul throt Mary Jo Foley, Leo, the port that I don't miss.

I just that's the one I make sure I get in. So maybe that's my favorite podcast

Dave Jackson: [00:30:47] and why.

Jim Collison: [00:30:50] the personalities, it's the it's the, and it's mostly for Paul thrive. He is a sarcastic, but very creative individual who, I just like his humor. It's it's dry and he's obnoxious at times.

And. It's so it's always, I think we follow people, not products, right? And so it's talking about windows, but man, it's morphed a way beyond that. It talks to, they talk about Microsoft and tech, but I listened to it for the personalities. it's just it's listening. It's why Fred who's always posting about no agenda in the chat room every week.

No doubt. That's his favorite podcast. And I think he listens to it because he likes Adam Curry. I, by the way, I'd never see him talk about John C divorce. So maybe he doesn't like Sean, but definitely likes Adam Curry. it's always about the personality, right? That's why I always say be yourself. Cause you can't fake it that long.

people want to follow you. That's what they want. That's what they want to be.

Dave Jackson: [00:31:43] Yeah. if you want to, if you have one. And you don't want to go to school of And you just want to jump in now, ask the podcast, We'll get you right in here.

Jim Collison: [00:31:56] I page has that way of leaving a message.

Have you used that thing? It's a 32nd. They can. It's SpeakPipe easier.

Dave Jackson: [00:32:03] It's built in. Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Jim Collison: [00:32:06] audiences on and I got a bunch of, I did it for our 10th anniversary show last week and I got eight. People when you tell them it's 30 seconds, they're not so intimidated by it.

There we go. I could do 30 seconds. And so we had eight ID call-in messages for our 10th anniversary show and he played those on the program. I think that's, and they're easy to bring up and share and then just play. So it's if on pod page, if you want to leave us a message, I think that's probably another way to do it.

What do you have a short new URL for that for ask the podcast coach over first of all is ask the podcast coach on

Dave Jackson: [00:32:38] pod page and it actually be in the bottom right-hand corner. There's a little picture of a microphone and I need to set up a redirect guide. Ask or something. I think I had one ask the podcast,

And I'm not sure that does anything at this point. Cause that page probably doesn't exist. And that's the joy of moving from one platform to the other. It's not a lot of fun. Jim, I thought about this last week, cause I was listening back to the episode. And you're like, yeah, we celebrated 10 years of, your show.

And I was like, Oh, Hey, congrats. And then we like moved on. I was like, wow. it's I think I was just in the mode of doing the show or whatever.

Jim Collison: [00:33:13] What about the next thing?

Dave Jackson: [00:33:15] any, like when you think about 10 years, And what's, I don't know. I don't even know the question. This is something that I would normally edit out, but what comes to your brain when you think about your show in 10 years, anything stand out over the years.

Jim Collison: [00:33:28] Yeah, consistency. and there were probably two dozen times I wanted to quit in there where you're like, even I talked to my co-host a dozen times, Mike Weger has been on there five of the years with me. And I've I, a dozen times I've talked to Mike at least once a year and said, maybe the gig is up.

maybe we should stop. And he, by the way, he never tries to talk me out of it. He always is this and that and whatever and okay. and I always. But then it just talking about it helps for me. And then I'm like, no, I'm going to do it again next week. Cause that's what I've done every Thursday for the last 10 years, almost every Thursday.

so the consistency aspect of it is sometimes you just do it to do it. And I've got listed. I got some in the 10 years that I did it, I got some shows that don't make any sense. And you're like, Jim. Why did you do that? it's I was trying something maybe to go back to our life, do you try things out life?

I was trying out a book author that did this book called the mind hack and I thought, Oh, this will be interesting if it has some technology related to it, my listeners were like, don't do that again. That was awful. And, and I, I get that, you get that kind of feedback and you listen.

so I think number one, if I learned anything, you just, you wake up, put your pants on, throw on a shirt. Cause that's a good idea. Yeah. And I guess maybe pants are optional these days, but you, and then, and UK, that means something completely different. but you just keep doing it, I keep showing up.

Dave Jackson: [00:34:55] Yeah. And until I think till the time, when you just like, when you've done 10 episodes and everyone you've just been like, Ugh, You've taken a month off and you came back and you're still kinda, and it's eh, that's when you're like, all right. I think

Jim Collison: [00:35:11] it's done. Give it time though. I think that's the key.

don't make that kind of decision in the day. Like in, sometimes in my mind, I give myself permission to not make the decision for a couple more days. okay, I don't have to make it today. It's weighing on me. But I don't have to make it today. there's also advice that if you make that decision in your mind and you feel better, then you're making the right decision.

maybe, sometimes, maybe others. It just feels good in the moment, but then you really regret walking away.

Dave Jackson: [00:35:40] Glenn had a great tip. He said, if you're going to quit on a good day. Like in other words, we just had a great podcast. You know what, let's go out on top kind of thing. going back to the whole question of the, favorite podcast of the year, Gary says I haven't submitted one because I do not have a podcast.

You do not have to have a podcast. In fact, I really would love your answer because at this point you're just a listener. So that's really what we're interested in. yes, it's a place for you to promote your show. And that's, that's your incentive, but I'm really interested in the why that's for me, I always love to hear the wine and they don't really change from year to year.

Like Jim's answer of, I just love the personalities. Yeah. It's I don't expect to hear anything new. It's just nice to be reminded because that way, when I can tell people, I'm like, look, people are attracted to your personality, let it shine. And some people like, and some people won't, but. I think it was Matthew Passey wants that.

I, it was a weird, a weird compliment and he was talking about my show. We were at, I think, DC. Podcast DC podcast. And he said, Dave, you're a personality. He goes, you're a podcast personality. And I was like, huh. And he goes, yeah, people just, he goes, you're entertaining and funny and weird.

And he's so that's why people tune in. And I'm like, I wanted to start a pike,

Jim Collison: [00:36:57] but you're also fiercely loyal. which I really appreciate, as a, as your friend for the last five or six years, doing this, you're loyal to both those that you work with and the folks you podcast with.

And that's a trait you don't find in people. very, for very long, certainly there's more interesting people than me to podcast with, but you've allowed me to continue to be on this podcast for, for the years that we've been doing it. And, and that's an amazing trait.

I think people sense that when they hear it and that's why they like you is because you're firstly loyal.

Dave Jackson: [00:37:26] and it's not against anybody who's ever sat in the chair when you're on, you're doing your thing with the high school kids and stuff, but it's just, after however many years we've been doing this.


Jim Collison: [00:37:36] no, I knew, I never worried about like, when I'd be gone for six weeks, that could be a disaster for some people like, Oh my God, I'm gonna lose my job, And he's going to find somebody better than me and trust me. A few of those that you had on or better than me. I listened. I'm like, Ooh, they're pretty good.

but again, and then the other thing, the consistency part, you it's you and I every Saturday. And I think people like that consistency, they like coming and knowing what they're going to get. We don't try to do anything too weird or too different each time. Yeah. So I think people like that.

Dave Jackson: [00:38:07] that's one of the fun things about this show is if you think about it, one of the bays, this show was started as an experiment and over the years we've been on like four different platforms. We've tried having calls, not having calls, and we've found what's working and, but, we try new things.

Oh, speaking of that, have you tried? there's two new apps that I need to play with. One is called clubhouse that apparently is getting so popular that you now have to be like approved to get in. I'm waiting for that. And the other one, I would love to know how they bought this domain. I want to make sure I got it right. So I am, I haven't even sniffed yet, but it's another one where according to this, listen to talk anywhere and you recorded. So it's a, it looks like a tool to record a. Phone call, maybe I'm not really sure, but I heard it through a friend who heard it on Jordan harbinger show and I was like, huh.

So that seems to be a thing that's bubbling up. Is these little kind of a Facebook group via audio. That you go in and it's almost like a zoom meeting, but it's just audio, which is great when you're not wearing pants. I don't even have to shave now, so I haven't played with either one yet, but that's two things that are coming.

we talked

Jim Collison: [00:39:26] about stereo a month or two ago. You mentioned it. Not a lot because I have this memory of cause it's avatar based, right? Stereo's avatar based.

Dave Jackson: [00:39:36] In other words, you

Jim Collison: [00:39:36] create an avatar for yourself and. I think,

Dave Jackson: [00:39:40] I don't know. I, in fact, we will do one of these now it's time for a

Jim Collison: [00:39:45] power

Dave Jackson: [00:39:46] run.

If you do software of any kind, here's a novel idea. Make a demo video so I can actually see what the software does. So I don't sit there and go, Oh, I wonder. Yeah, that drives me nuts. So it's really easy to make demos of apps now. And I'm like, about if we go to about, Oh, great. Can we make the text a little smaller stereo is the premier live broadcast social platform that enables people to have and discover real conversations in real time.

That might be real boring off to see. Stereo is the only platform that allows celebrities, musicians, artists, and politicians, and educators to build a more intimate relationship with their fan base, by engaging in them in real, down to earth conversation. Interesting. It combats loneliness provides a platform for debate and education, a destination for entertainment and fun as a vehicle to advance purpose and cause related campaigning a basically any, it does everything that

Jim Collison: [00:40:47] time

Dave Jackson: [00:40:48] is going to give me a list and they're going to have a list of everything you can do with words.

You know what I mean? You can form thoughts in full sentences. It's okay. Oh, my God, I haven't played with that one either yet, but it'll be interesting. We'll have to do that sometime before the year is over. Do we I'd have to go back and see if we did a prediction show last year? Cause those are

Jim Collison: [00:41:10] really.

Oh, no, we have,

Dave Jackson: [00:41:13] we, I know we have in the past, I don't know if we did one last year. Totally. It's

Jim Collison: [00:41:16] such a nice job. Ross brand putting that prediction thing together. I don't think we tried to compete. I think maybe we would talk about it a little bit. I think we have done that in the past where either the first show of the year or the last show of the year, we go through and say, Hey, what do you think what's going to be big in 21 type stuff.

Yeah. Yeah, I don't think we've made a big deal about it. I'd encourage it. I think Ross did another one this year that I'd encourage you to go and take

Dave Jackson: [00:41:39] a look at it. Yeah. Kyle Bondo from gaggle pods is a, sounds like chat roulette with video streaming. I

Jim Collison: [00:41:47] don't, I'm brave. I don't even know if I'm that brave just to go, just random Rondo, in the early days of the internet, we used to do that, like on ICQ and

Dave Jackson: [00:41:55] stuff.

Jim Collison: [00:41:57] Yeah, because although you started with text, so that was a lot easier.

Dave Jackson: [00:42:00] and you'd be talking to somebody, having this conversation and then all of a sudden they ask you, what are you wearing? And you're like, wait, what? Oh, I see. Or you want to go? Nevermind. Okay.

Jim Collison: [00:42:10] I sold a computer. I was selling computers in those days and I sold a computer to a gal.

She was probably in her late sixties, early seventies. And it was I don't want to say a shut in, but she was. shut in. and so solar computer, she's like my kids say, I need to get this and get on the internet early days of the internet. I think we're still dial up. And so I got her set up and, she got on ICQ and she met a whole bunch of people.

She, a couple of years later, she contacted me. She said, Jim, this thing changed my life. Like I. it's kept me I'm, I'm going, she was going to meet some friends, that she had made some other ladies that she'd made and, you just, you think, wow, that's pretty incredible. So as much as we're joking about it, that we are, Dave, you and I have a friendship, not because we live near each other, we would have never even known each other.

If it hadn't been for some of this stuff.

Dave Jackson: [00:42:57] it's great because I get to see what the weather is coming my way.

Jim Collison: [00:43:01] It's true. That's true. I'm always 24 hours ahead of you. So you got some snow comments.

Dave Jackson: [00:43:06] Carrie says this is interesting and professional social as a soul. Okay. Let's try that again. Dave, let's try to read as a professional social media manager.

I'm wondering if there are ways brands could use this to connect with clients. and that really the difference here is it's live. Oh, I forget. The thing was, it was like a walkie talkie. Because, Oh yeah,

Jim Collison: [00:43:28] the app that was a

Dave Jackson: [00:43:29] Kawasaki Voxer was pretty cool that I could see using that with clients. And this is like Voxer except it's live.

Jason says my ICQ number is two, five, five 60.

Jim Collison: [00:43:40] That's fine. ICQ number I've I haven't even remembered the sound.

Dave Jackson: [00:43:47] Yeah. yeah. How about some, talk about the value of getting on international platforms like Ghana, Uganda is something that I don't know about you guys that I was like, and Ghana is G I a N a and I would have to look, but it's one of those things.

I was like, what's a Ghana and it's weird because like you throw your show on Deezer and Deezer is the Pandora for Europe. And you get, man, a little here. I threw my show on Ghana and I'm getting hundreds of downloads a month and I was like, Holy cow. There's another one. That's like Joe.

apparently. Okay.

Jim Collison: [00:44:23] Yeah. Are you getting any, is there any way to measure engagement from those listens? Can you put an ad? Do they have a pre-roll that you could put in or you could get,

Dave Jackson: [00:44:33] yeah, you'd have to do something. just

Jim Collison: [00:44:35] maybe add your own pre-roll just to measure. Cause if it's that significant, but it's bots.

Dave Jackson: [00:44:40] I mean it's cause in lips and you can turn on the IEB thing and it's like they stick around. So whoever's listening is, and you gotta remember it's India, there's a lot of people there. and the other thing,

Jim Collison: [00:44:51] it's a real,

Dave Jackson: [00:44:52] yeah, that's true too. They're also

Jim Collison: [00:44:53] probably India.

Sorry, but it's a lot of that. Stuff's not real

Dave Jackson: [00:44:58] the, The other thing is that makes me scratch. My head is their user agent is not Ghana. It's something like Dell or something. It's like D a w K L or something. I was like, that's different. But, yeah, I, I'll have to, I'm doing something right now.

I'm taking it. It's not it's you know how Dave creates these, not a real podcast. I created one, and I'm putting it on Buzzfeed. Is it Buzzfeed Buzzsprout cause I don't have this one platform I've never been on. I actually, I have, and I remember now why I don't like their platform and that is, they changed the format.

If you upload a one 28 kilobits per second stereo, they change it to a 96 mano. And I emailed them like, Hey, like what's the deal? And they're like, Oh, that's the way we do that. If you want stereo, you have to pay more money and then they do have this cool thing they're integrated with. Auphonic. But then it exports at one 92 and I'm like, I would like one 28 stereo, please.

So I'll have to check into that. But, what I'm trying to do with this podcast is every day I go in, like right now I'm up to five downloads. I'm not, and that's why I'm not talking about it. I don't want you to know about this show yet. but, I've been playing with that. and so that's the thing is there are all these different platforms that you can get listed on.

And I'm always amazed at how many people go, should I. I only just want to be on the top platforms. I'm like, why wouldn't you like be in Ghana? If somebody, people in gotta have money, I'm assuming maybe I don't know. Or you could be some us person you never I'm like it takes four seconds to submit your show for approval.

That is that's another one that always makes me scratch my, Oh, I'm just going to be in. Apple and Spotify. And I'm like, cause you want to make it hard for your audience to find your stuff.

Jim Collison: [00:46:44] I don't know. I'm trying to change the account over there and they're giving me a hard time about a password. Oh, it's too long.

That's the problem. The password is too long. Yeah. No, I agree with you. I think, you got to get, if it's available, I just bad mouth it, but, if you, if it works and you get, you're getting listens, Dave, I'm not doubting your. I'm not doubting your listens, I guess I am,

Dave Jackson: [00:47:04] but you never know.

that's, again, you don't want to stereotype, but on the other hand, you're like, eh, when we hear about these different kind of, click farms and things like that, sometimes they are in countries.

Jim Collison: [00:47:16] yeah, it's do you put your podcast on a Yuku, which is the YouTube version of, for China.

Yeah. And, we can get to there. They can't, they have trouble getting out, but, dude, I don't know. Do it's a form. That's got 1.3 billion people looking at it.

Dave Jackson: [00:47:31] Yeah. in, November, the school of podcasting got 327 downloads from Ghana. I'm going over to ask the podcast coach to that's another thing when people talk about starting multiple podcasts, you it's, at least for me, it's really easy to go wait, did I put as the podcast, it's you go, Oh yeah, of course I did.

And then you go back and you're like, wait, we're not on Stitcher. I'm sure I didn't like, Nope, no you didn't. let me see

Jim Collison: [00:47:57] pretty much

Dave Jackson: [00:47:58] last month, November, as the podcast coach 334 downloads in Ghana. Yeah.

Jim Collison: [00:48:04] well by my own standards, listen, I publish everywhere. I can. Yeah. that would be, that's actually a

Dave Jackson: [00:48:09] pretty significant number.

That is actually what I say. 334 out of 4,000 downloads. Deezer, we had three, Amazon would 17. I was bombed, they did the, median and mid numbers, on Libsyn. And I don't think I'll have to go back and listen. I don't think Rob. Commented on Amazon 35 on Spotify, one 81 on iHeart, 17 on Twitter.

That's interesting. Cause that's not even my Twitter. That's an old Twitter. yeah, so it's worth it. You never know. yeah, they're there. Their user agent is Dal V I K Dalvik. Which sounds like some sort of Harry Potter, Oh, Dalvik, what are you doing? Go ahead. Dalvik and pick up that broom.

I dunno. Very strange. anyway, all right, here's a, yeah, we've got about five minutes, Jim, if you were to guess how, what is the current kind of standard, typical price too, if you want to have a podcast editor. somebody said, what could one expect to pay for editing an hour long interview?

So we're talking about removing ums and his, and the typical thing. What would you,

Jim Collison: [00:49:20] why would I expect to pay somewhere between $1,500 an hour?

Dave Jackson: [00:49:24] okay. What would you get? what does that mean per episode? Cause that's the answer, right? Yeah, it was breakfast.

Jim Collison: [00:49:28] So what does that mean? what are they doing for me?

Dave Jackson: [00:49:32] Like at the end of the day, what is the bill you're going to get. Cause it's if it's $15 an episode or $15 per hour, how many hours did it take to edit the one? Yeah. Or video?

Jim Collison: [00:49:44] I don't know. Wow. This be quiet question. I don't know if I'd get an answer for, yeah.

Dave Jackson: [00:49:48] Sorry. That's all right. According to one, Steve Stewart, who is, he has a Facebook group of about 6,000 podcast editors and they did a survey.

I've conducted surveys of podcast editors for the past three years, the average paid for a 60 minute recording, fully produced with noise reduction and the ums and ERs removed a mix down to an MP3 with all your audio branding elements has steadily grown to around $130 an episode. Okay. So if you're a person that is thinking of doing audio editing, first of all, you can check out that show.

I did with Steve and Mark. if you go to support the E, which is podcast editor Academy, they actually have a course over there and they're doing things now the 12 days of Christmas. Yeah. Kyle says four to one. So if it's a 15, I can't really get under that. And what is that? It's a 15 minute podcast takes an hour to edit, or at least to do

Jim Collison: [00:50:44] even longer if you do transcripts

Dave Jackson: [00:50:46] training.

Yeah. I tell you what, that is something I started. you know how I say, not editing is lazy. I'm doing the lazy thing with transcripts, where at the top, I say this transcript was edited by and has not been edited. It's my way of saying, Hey, when this sounds weird and this sentence doesn't make any sense because I'm too lazy to tell you

Jim Collison: [00:51:07] I don't.

I don't do a hundred percent. I do about it probably does 85% and I probably get it to 90, but I make sure all the links are right, because that's what's really is that at least the links are correct. When I say the average, it says the average guy. dot

Dave Jackson: [00:51:25] DLT. Yeah.

Jim Collison: [00:51:27] And then it doesn't put the slash it's slash so, I have found some ways to fix that.

I know I say it a lot. So the very first thing I do is go in and fix it once. Copy it, and then do a control F and search through the whole document for where I say the average So then fix all those kind of first. You have to get the links. And then the other thing I check on Otter is make sure it's got the person that's right.

That's an easy, depending on your podcast is that's maybe a 10 minute check to go and say, okay, did it find everybody? And then it, did it identify them correctly in that, Mike Weger sounds a lot like me, my cohost it Otter struggles to figure out who's who on that. So sometimes I need to change those.

Dave Jackson: [00:52:07] Yeah, that's, that's one of the things, if I had one podcast I could have really kicked butt, like transcripts. It's just when you have so many, either a, I got to hire that out or something, but,

Jim Collison: [00:52:16] diversifying, right?

Dave Jackson: [00:52:17] Yeah. Kyle was saying $130 an episode is the industry standard. according to Steve and he's got 6,000 editors, so I'd say

Jim Collison: [00:52:24] it's a pretty, accurate survey result

Dave Jackson: [00:52:27] because I know there are a lot of people that edit less than that.

I think it depends. So yeah.

Jim Collison: [00:52:33] Target good target. I think for most people it's two or three hour edit and if 50 to a hundred bucks an hour and you're getting pretty close.

Dave Jackson: [00:52:40] Yeah. That's the thing I always say, it's, you can always get it cheaper by hiring somebody overseas, but now you're into a language barrier in some cases that could be tricky.

Gary says for video blog post, I publish a correct corrected transcript, removing a lot of the fluff. Gary, if you have a video blog post, my friend, you have a podcast. All you have to do. Jim talked about it earlier, installed. There's a thing in audacity that you have to install it. Pull in video and then just go file export audio.

And unless you're doing things like cooking shows where the audio says, you'll see here in the upper right hand corner. If you click on that, that's not going to work as an audio podcast, but, you're this close.

Jim Collison: [00:53:18] The FFM pagan coder is that Udacity. Yeah, you have

Dave Jackson: [00:53:22] to have that. I've started adding.

Cause I run, in most cases, I run this show through descript. And so I've started putting the transcripts to ask the podcast coach in episodes. I'll see if that boosts or hurts our SEO,

Jim Collison: [00:53:40] D script to see the, see how much better or worse it is than Otter at. We use all, we use Otter a ton

Dave Jackson: [00:53:47] for

Jim Collison: [00:53:48] my stuff and for the Gallup stuff, although we're building our own, I don't know if that's ever going to get done, but, we.

I, it will be, I go to D script and then I get it installed. I do one thing with it and I never go back. So there's something about it. That's not sticky for me. I don't know what it is. I just can't get into it.

Dave Jackson: [00:54:08] It was a whole lot more. I heard somebody talking about it today in a podcast and I was like, I need to, it's one of the things like you have a tool and you don't realize it.

In fact, we'll talk about this in post show. I've been a Libsyn customer for 15 years. Been a. employee for five. And I just learned something in stats that I was like, that's really cool. so if you're a, awesome supporter and you have access to the video, you'll have to, to check that out.

As we head towards post show gym. What's what's coming

Jim Collison: [00:54:40] Yeah. Why can I back to the we're on 10 year, one week, one, 10 years in week one this week, act to add it. We talked about home assistance, which is a application you can install that will help you with the kind of the Pearl proliferation of IOT devices, internet of things, devices in your home.

So if you have a bunch of different, I got a hue here and a ring doorbell there and, We mow thing here and you want to put them all together, home assistant as possibly your option. We do a whole show on it. It's posted date felt really great. I'll talk about the suppose show I'm done. Usually I'm still editing my podcast.

I finished it last night, so great

Dave Jackson: [00:55:16] Nice. on the school of podcasting, I, you will hear the repaired version of my dog's story that I know it didn't land the first time. and we're going to be talking about just some examples of. I talk about this a lot, but the power of podcasting and I believe, and this is where everything isn't quite where I want it to be.

Yet. We might have the story of the guy that's getting 8,000 downloads. It started with no audience. I might tie that into there's. There's I feel like I'm a, the Beatles with Abbey road. I have five ideas and I think I can put these all together, including a weird dog story. so we'll see if they pull that off on Monday.

but, thanks to the chat room. Thanks to Mark thanks to, course, the guy with the mug, Dave, his last name we can't from, Rowan grace. Yeah.

Jim Collison: [00:56:05] And command to grow in. Grace podcasts.

Dave Jackson: [00:56:09] There you go. Stick around for some post-show.

Oh, Daniel says his next purchase will be an Alexa control. Pre-lit Christmas tree. I have this thing now. I got to see it last night. I have, I think it's, KTP it's these little plugs. I got five for 20 bucks. And one of the things I love about them is you, because Alexa knows where you live.

You can set things to turn on at sunset. And so I have my tree in two candles in the window that I've now set to and I was sitting there. I was walking down the hallway as apparently sunset hit and all of a sudden my whole house went well, you should. I was like, that was cool. but Jim, you had something you wanted to talk about in post show.

Jim Collison: [00:56:56] What did I say?

Dave Jackson: [00:56:56] you're talking about your show. It's done. Oh,

Jim Collison: [00:57:01] yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for thanks. Okay.

Dave Jackson: [00:57:02] Thanks for the internet thing, tying them all together. Maybe.

Jim Collison: [00:57:07] Let me talk, say how good it feels like I strive in struggling to just finish, we record Thursday nights and then I do some of the process on Friday.

And then, I get all the video and audio done and post it and then. there's a chunk of it. That's stopping me. And I've admitted this before. It's the writing part of it. I don't like writing. And so that kind of slows the whole thing down and lately it's been getting to Saturday night or Sunday morning, it's dragging out right.

For me for the, through the weekend. And I'm always thinking of Oh, I should just go down and finish it. it's this stress, this pressure of I just need to go down and finish it well this time. So over the last couple weeks I've been thinking, okay, What are the parts? I don't like the most.

It's when you, your parents gave you vegetables and you're like, I could eat these, or I could sit at the table and stare at them all night, kind of thing. Let's just get them out of the way. So I've, so this week I did those things. I don't like doing first, so just. Get that done, get it knocked out and done and mandate.

It was amazing how much faster everything else rolled. As soon as I got that writing out of the way, a quick wrote some stuff. Got it done. And then I was done last night at six, which is the earliest. I've gotten a podcast out in a hundred years. And so in today I was just sitting here, down here this morning.

I'm like, I don't have to do a podcast after the show.

Dave Jackson: [00:58:28] Like I said, my date

Jim Collison: [00:58:30] is free. I can mess around with tech stuff. So it felt really good. So I just wanted to say for folks, and I know we've talked about this before, but if you got something you're struggling with. Tackle it first. Yeah. do that.

You don't like to do first, just get it out of the

Dave Jackson: [00:58:45] words and everything else from there. It's downhill. It's no big deal. It's

Jim Collison: [00:58:49] great. I cannot tell you how much it improved my morale.

Dave Jackson: [00:58:53] Have you heard this phrase? Eat that frog.

Jim Collison: [00:58:55] Yeah. So yeah, just get out and hopefully, doing, audio that way is not, is not, Eating a frog.

It's a little better than eating by the I get it.

Dave Jackson: [00:59:07] Oh my gosh. Is it Santa? No, it's it's bang, snotty bits banks. Let's

Band Naughty Bits: [00:59:12] go everybody.

Dave Jackson: [00:59:13] How are you

Band Naughty Bits: [00:59:15] doing? Pretty darn good. All things considered three things for you.

Dave Jackson: [00:59:20] All right.

Band Naughty Bits: [00:59:21] Thing. Number one.

Jim Collison: [00:59:21] And this is for Jim.

Band Naughty Bits: [00:59:23] did you ever order the motu.

Jim Collison: [00:59:25] Mo two is out of stock at the moment.

And I got an email from Sweetwater this morning that said it's in stock. And by the time I went to buy it was out of stock. no, I haven't bought it yet because it's still out of stock.

Band Naughty Bits: [00:59:36] Did you ever decide between the  and the M four?

Jim Collison: [00:59:39] Yeah, I think I'm just going to do the M two. Yeah.

Band Naughty Bits: [00:59:42] I wanted to know Dave's opinion on the difference between the two, the M four has a knob to dial in the headphones.

content between local Mike and outside audio. So you can turn up your mic, audio in headphones to hear yourself better as you podcast. What do you think of that as a feature to have?

Dave Jackson: [01:00:05] Huh? I dunno.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:00:07] Dave and Jim are very loud right now and I can't hear my own voice as magnificent as it is. I can turn up my individual.

Dave Jackson: [01:00:15] Yeah. There will be Claudio

Band Naughty Bits: [01:00:17] in the ratio.

Dave Jackson: [01:00:18] Yeah. I liked that idea,

Band Naughty Bits: [01:00:20] but they cost $50 more.

Dave Jackson: [01:00:21] Oh, depends on your budget,

Jim Collison: [01:00:23] Cause it's the difference between 170 and 220,

Band Naughty Bits: [01:00:27] And more outputs on the back. But yes.

Jim Collison: [01:00:30] Yeah, functional difference. And you made me think about it, last week. And, I did, I did chat with ed Sullivan a little bit.

He had, she who talked me into it to begin with, to make the move. And I'll be honest. I, at one point I thought, you know it, while I'm buying, I might as well just buy the four. And get, have that availability there for 50 bucks. For me probably doesn't make a difference. I'll be honest.

If this thing drags into January a little bit, I, for these kinds of purchases, I use my Patrion on funds. Just that was an agreement I made with my wife way back in the day that I'll try not to spend out of our general fund for it. So by then I'll have enough patron funds to cover it, easily cover it.

And I thought, maybe I'll just do the . So I kind of bangs, I go back and forth. I don't know if it's that big of a deal, but now that you're talking about it, being able to change my audio coming in versus what I'm hearing on the rest of it. Yeah. That could be helpful. So I don't know.

I have to still think about it. Yeah.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:01:32] It basically boils down to whether or not you were somebody who rocks back and forth in

Dave Jackson: [01:01:35] the chair and

Band Naughty Bits: [01:01:36] has inconsistent audio that you would need to adjust.

Jim Collison: [01:01:40] that's the real key am I'm spending 50 now. Okay. I spend 50 bucks for a device I'm probably going to use for five years.

So it's $10 a year to get that kind of feature, even if I don't use it. But if I do, would it be worth it? See, that's the kind of, that's my thinking at this point. It's yeah, why wouldn't I go with them for. it's it's got that. If it's got that capability. It's what's funny is ed keeps trying to talk me back down to the cheaper one, it's weird.

Oh no. I'm ready to buy in the more expensive one. no, you don't need that. Get the cheaper one $50 difference. I don't know if it's that big of a deal, to be honest, both of them are out of stock right now, Sweetwater. I'm waiting. I went on Amazon to try and see if I could buy one that M two was 200.

Was. Two 50 or 300 bucks from one

Band Naughty Bits: [01:02:25] party seller.

Jim Collison: [01:02:25] Yeah. Yeah. So they're hard to find right now. So I'll just wait, the great news is on, this is I don't have to do anything because my current mixer is working just fine. so I don't have to, but I do one, two, it'll clear up some space on the desk and, it probably a better, it's got better priests for sure.

Dave Jackson: [01:02:41] Yeah. Yeah. It's one of those, it's the best time to look for a job is when you have one, the best time to look for. New doors when you're happy with

Jim Collison: [01:02:51] it. So I don't know. I don't have to they're great little devices, so I'm excited to get one. The other thing is it's Christmas. So maybe I should just wait until after Christmas to buy this thing.

yeah. Fair enough.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:03:03] one other question for you. this is regarding branding. There's a little village in Austria and they just rebranded themselves. They changed their name. They are now fuqing Austria. Because previously they were not flogging Austria. They were something else, Austria. And they had been this for years and people stopped and took photos of themselves being next to the flagging Austria road sign saying that they were at flagging Austria, except this was before they were flagging Austria.

Jim Collison: [01:03:36] It spelled

Band Naughty Bits: [01:03:38] exactly like the English word.

Jim Collison: [01:03:41] the

Band Naughty Bits: [01:03:41] previous, content, exactly. Like the,

Jim Collison: [01:03:44] the, the F word for those of you who are right. Absolutely.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:03:48] and they rebranded. And my question is, do you think it's going to lower their tourist trade being a small village? That just has a couple of, that's

Jim Collison: [01:03:57] an interesting question, actually.

Dave Jackson: [01:03:59] Yeah.

Jim Collison: [01:04:00] What do you do? when you're, when your current brand is in, in, is seen negatively but the draw,

Dave Jackson: [01:04:09] right?

Jim Collison: [01:04:10] W what do you do? I didn't realize that I should, I would have, I was in Austria for a while. I should have went down there. I had no idea that

Band Naughty Bits: [01:04:18] it was in Austria. Yes.

Jim Collison: [01:04:20] And so it's changed now. So they've changed every November.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:04:22] They changed it to food

Jim Collison: [01:04:23] game. Oh, they changed it to that

Band Naughty Bits: [01:04:26] to fuqing it used to be.

Jim Collison: [01:04:29] I gotcha. I gotcha. Okay. All right. and then they changed the house spelling,

Band Naughty Bits: [01:04:33] F U G I N G if I'm not.

Jim Collison: [01:04:36] Gotcha. I gotcha. Okay. Which is, that's

Band Naughty Bits: [01:04:39] a historical precedent.

So it makes sense right now it's hard to tell what it's going to do with a

Dave Jackson: [01:04:48] tourist. If there is, that'll be fun to watch because. I don't think it's quite as I think the novelty is not there now. So we'll see

Band Naughty Bits: [01:04:59] the town formerly known

Dave Jackson: [01:05:01] as I was going to say, they're in a print situation.

Jim Collison: [01:05:03] all of a sudden those old town signs become collectors. And

Dave Jackson: [01:05:07] I'm sure somebody's probably already lifted one.

Jim Collison: [01:05:10] Yeah. And what do you think is a, is an entrepreneurial member of the town you would try to get a hold of, one of those had posted in your yards and then charge people to come and

Dave Jackson: [01:05:19] yeah, there you go.

Jim Collison: [01:05:21] Something like that.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:05:24] I just thought it was an interesting brang, a branding issue

Dave Jackson: [01:05:27] that out of the podcasting.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:05:29] Yeah, not that I don't know anything about any inappropriate names or

Dave Jackson: [01:05:32] anything, exactly. Mr. Naughty bits. Awesome. Anything else?

Band Naughty Bits: [01:05:37] One last thing last week, YouTube explicitly said they will ban you for political speech of a certain variety.

You will get strikes. If you say certain words that are not. Outside the mainstream in the U S political thought as it stands right now, you, you will receive strikes. You will have your channel removed.

Jim Collison: [01:05:58] Now I think Facebook is moving in and Twitter are definitely are moving in the same direction.

Twitter banned

Band Naughty Bits: [01:06:04] a news article, three, a couple of months ago, which is now breaking news on all the major networks, one month after the election. I think that they were actively covering,

Jim Collison: [01:06:16] I think the key. And this is, if you, if it matters to you do what you can do. But to do what you need to do.

And then if you don't like it, it's time to start exploring. I think, we're in that spot where the big companies are probably too big. I think you're going to see over the next 10 years, lots of government in, especially here in the United States, Robert

Band Naughty Bits: [01:06:38] tasking bill, forgive me, entered a resolution.

Now she's not going to be in the house next month, but this week she entered a bill to modify section two 30. the president has said he was going to veto a funding bill for the military. If it didn't include modifications for second to third, it's not going to happen. and it. But

Jim Collison: [01:07:02] YouTube is powerful.

YouTube is powerful. And

Band Naughty Bits: [01:07:07] the democratic senators are trying to get section two, three changed. So more censorship can occur.

Jim Collison: [01:07:12] Yeah. I always say, if you're interested in this, if this interests you get active, there's lots of ways to get active in that joints, new groups are talking about it, You're right. You're at your representatives or whatever that means and get involved in it. If you find it's important, if you don't want to. Participate. You can always just leave YouTube. Like you can always go do something different. The hard part is. There isn't a lot else out there. And so

Band Naughty Bits: [01:07:37] up and coming, that was all over the place.

The past couple of weeks is rumble. Rumble has been around for a long time, actually it's a place that you can actually monetize, videos. It's, Use for viral videos, quote unquote, who make money off of them. And they licensed. They have, there seems to be two sections to it. Part of it licenses out the viral videos to other places to play the videos on your behalf.

So you can have the funny cat video on your site and not have to make it yourself. And that's

Jim Collison: [01:08:10] M E L ele

Band Naughty Bits: [01:08:14] Yeah, there's a couple of others. One's called bit shoot, which is another unfortunate, branding, incident. If you look at bit shoots, spelled out, it doesn't come across the same way as if you were saying it out loud.

I always have somebody look at your domain names,

Dave Jackson: [01:08:33] Paul. Yes, always. Yeah.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:08:36] And if they giggle, when they see it. There may be a problem. Yeah. and then there's Odyssey slash library, which is another interesting, platform out there that people are using.

Jim Collison: [01:08:48] And the internet archive is a place for videos too.

Now you can't monetize them there,

Band Naughty Bits: [01:08:52] but, and taken down there based on the issue. Yes. They're no longer a safe store of

Jim Collison: [01:08:58] content. Good to know. Good to know. Are they actively, do they have some kind of algorithm running that they're taking things down or is it humans?

Band Naughty Bits: [01:09:06] it's mostly human.

Jim Collison: [01:09:07] is it mostly at this point?

Band Naughty Bits: [01:09:10] It has been, you can have something DMC effectively, which has been the way it has always been, but they've also gone through and re. Search for content you have pulled down.

Jim Collison: [01:09:21] yeah, no, I get it. So I'm often at what Kim put in the, bring that up, Dave, there's one called pathway he's experience.

We have one, actually we have one called strengths, Explorer. And any time you put the X in or you are, if you're just screwed, like just don't do that. Don't start it. But don't put anything with X

Dave Jackson: [01:09:41] and B heart. So if it's like school of arts, it now looks like school lo fart. that doesn't work.

Jim Collison: [01:09:47] Exactly. Banks, great stuff.

Band Naughty Bits: [01:09:49] Three, three, great.

Jim Collison: [01:09:51] Have a great weekend. We'll see you. Yeah.

Dave Jackson: [01:09:52] Bye-bye I wanted to get to remove if I remove from our street and there you go. master Coltrane had a question about, which one should I buy the contract before the contract PA? Here's the thing. None of them are perfect yet.

I'm using the road caster. I love the road caster because it has those building effects. So I have a noise gate, things like that. I love the fact that the road caster, like when I hit our music, I can see how much time is left. That's one that I'm really surprised is not on the zoom pH because if you're doing things live, you need to know how much time, like I know on ours, when that thing gets to 11 seconds on our outro music, I got to put that slider up.

That's not on the. P eight, the P eight, lets you go in like this morning, I have this jingle thing. There's no way that, cause when I was playing that with the music, we were ready to park. If I wanted to have that down in the mix, I can't, there's no way to adjust the volume of that jingle. It's like you throw it over and it's there.

But there's no way to go. Oh, can I bring the jingle? So it's more in the, I can't do that. Yeah, but you can on the PA. So it's kinda I still lean a little bit towards the road caster. Now, if you just want to do my favorite piece of gear is the, before I, we talked about that last week. Cause it does everything pretty much that those other ones do, but this doesn't have a, there's no countdown timer on this either, but as an interface and a recorder and a headphone amplifier, It's pretty cool.

Yeah. it's sitting in the bag from last week. Yeah. I was going to use it this week and I forgot

Jim Collison: [01:11:30] world podcast or problems.

Dave Jackson: [01:11:31] That's it. I was going to use it this week, for that. the road cast has a private producer mode option. I didn't know. That's a new one on me. Huh. All right. I'll have to look into that.

Cause that's the one thing the, the PA has that on air thing that I didn't think was in the road caster. they're both, none of them are bad, but I didn't want to show how much time we got. Okay, cool. I just learned about this. If you're using Libsyn stats. There's a feature that I had no clue of, and that is, you can come down.

So here's where I can see where I had, 1100 people have listened on Ghana and things like that. But your feed is always going to be because, Stitcher, all these different apps, use your feed. I had no idea I can go in. here, let's forget goals. If I double click on Ghana, I can see a breakdown.

Of just that destination. So there's there thing, Ghana, Android. Now why would Apple core media, unless somebody is listening on Safari, which might be that I had no idea. You could double click on the, yeah, destination. So if I double click on my lips and feed, which is used by everybody, so here, Apple podcast, core media iTunes.

So here there's all Apple. I had no idea you could do. I heard Rob talk about that in the feed. And I was like, I know you could do that for if I say, wait, what's going on here on the seventh, I can double click on this little ball and get a breakdown of how many downloads so you can see where here's somebody downloaded the episode.

And then a bunch of people downloaded my back episode. Cause here somebody downloaded something from January of the here. if I go back here to the last page, My first podcast and this, you know what I think this is because I've been getting more downloads of my very first episode, Ghana is set up and I wish there was a way to change this.

It listens from your first episode and I'm like, Oh, please don't do that. I'm like, ah, but that's a cool, who did I just, I w Oh, I did that. so that was a cool idea. I was like, I had no idea. You could double click on a destination and have it unzipped in a way. So that, is that, so the icons for each channel include producer mode will turn yellow on the touch screen.

All right. So if I go into a channel, I'll have to do this later, micro where, what I, if I click on the channel, where do I go from there, Gary?

Jim Collison: [01:13:59] unless it's gone, it adds to the,

Dave Jackson: [01:14:01] I, I used to, that's one of the things I added it and I don't know. I've never used it, their app. I haven't done.

Jim Collison: [01:14:08] I create a profile at Donna then. Is there something else I need to do to

Dave Jackson: [01:14:12] add?

Jim Collison: [01:14:13] do you have to create,

Dave Jackson: [01:14:14] there is, what do I do if there is. This is where I need to go to the school of podcasting. I just made a video. no, it's somewhere. If you Google, like here, if I go to podcasts on their website, I think when you log in,

I'm sure there's a link here, a FAQ, because it's kinda tricky. Cause there's, FAQ's for musicians. FAQ's for their, customers who are listening to music.

Jim Collison: [01:14:49] Yeah. Cause it, it looks like it's a music listening and podcast listening app. When you log into it, first of course, it's heavy into the music.

Dave Jackson: [01:14:56] Yeah. But I know there is a, I know there's a link somewhere often I can buy

Jim Collison: [01:15:03] Ghana plus, which would get. Get you, this worries me a little bit, Dave, just to be honest, as I look at this thing, they're like download pre-me. If the, if you buy their premium, you get unlimited downloads and I'm like, what are you downloading?

Dave Jackson: [01:15:17] Interesting

Jim Collison: [01:15:18] music service. And are they, is it legit? That's I'll just have to, I'll have to take a look, a little bit here. what is their premium? Let's see.

Dave Jackson: [01:15:30] Yeah, I'm looking for that email that, Gary's talking about things you didn't know, the road caster could do and I didn't get it apparently.

Didn't yeah. That's weird. that's fun. I'll have to check that out. Yeah. If you could forward that, Gary to school of podcasting, I will definitely check that out. Pressing the solo mute buttons for the host channel and any other channel that you want, to prep, including the, also if I do them both, when I press them both on the other channel, I'll play with that later.

this is stimulating audio, listening to Dave troubleshoot a piece of hardware. here is a, here's a one that was, people were having a discussion of in, the, Facebook groups for podcast movement. My podcast is pretty new. I have a possibility of having a guest on my show. He's a very in quotation marks.

Interesting individual went semi viral out of my area a few years ago. My dilemma is whether having him on to spout his crazy ideas, or is the possibility of people being really offended and not understanding the joke too. Great. And I was kinda like, I just answered. I'm like, How's this guy going to bring value to your audience.

if you're bringing him on, cause he's Cray, that's fun. And that's entertaining, but I'm like in the end, is that really going to help your audience? And then if he's going to say things that might, offend people, that's no fun. So I don't know. What do you think Jim?

Jim Collison: [01:16:59] I think that's the only a decision you have to make, and then you don't even know, like you just don't that's, you don't know if you're going to be able to ride that horse for five seconds or eight seconds or 10 seconds, is it going to work and will it offend, I don't know.

Every time we have banks, we just don't know what we're going to get.

Dave Jackson: [01:17:19] Yeah,

Jim Collison: [01:17:20] you just don't know. So I don't know. that's hard advice to give, because I think you're run in bangs. You don't KIPP since not the, the line is so blurry and so gray, it's hard for any one person to say, yeah, you should totally do that.

Or you just run a risk.

Dave Jackson: [01:17:35] Yeah. And

Jim Collison: [01:17:37] you, and an offense people, and it's the wrong thing to do. You can pull it down. If you want it, you believe in it and offense people. And you're willing to say, sorry, you can do that too. You don't have to, you don't always have to bend to the public opinion. you can stand up for it.

You might lose some listeners. Maybe that's a good thing.

Dave Jackson: [01:17:54] Yeah. another question which ties into this show, Steve asked, does anybody here live stream their podcast via YouTube using a platform such as stream yard? I think we know some people that do that, Jim, if so, is there a way to play audio files during the broadcast?

And if so, how has it done? we're using a road castor. If we're using the zoom pod track before we could do that. Now Gary said he bought a, focus right to I too. I think if you had the right adapter, you could plug your phone into the second channel and play it that way that might, Work. also this bulletin just in, from bangs B and H has the M two in stock now, but not the M four.

So there you go.

Jim Collison: [01:18:38] I told them in chat, I'm trying to use your, I'm trying to use your link for this thing. I really want to buy it on Sweetwater if

Dave Jackson: [01:18:43] possible. that comes in handy. Speaking of the P four, I have a, member of the school of podcasting bought a P four and he's had. Weird stuff like where it won't turn on and off and he'll plugged it into USB.

And then the buttons just quit working and I'm like, I don't know, he's fairly new. So I don't know how, if this is user error or what, but I said, where did you buy it from? And he said, Sweetwater. I said, here's their number? Call them. I was like, trust me. I go, if you've got a lemon. a, I want to know that.

And then B they've got free tech support so they can,

Jim Collison: [01:19:24] does that sound right? What our guy at Sweetwater, the guy who

Dave Jackson: [01:19:29] is, who

Jim Collison: [01:19:31] do we have? The guy who?

Dave Jackson: [01:19:33] Same Billy. I think it's bill. Yeah. Yeah. I

Jim Collison: [01:19:36] contacted him this week and said, Hey, or last week and said, Hey, I really want, I'm really liking this M two and it's out of stock.

Is there anything you can do? And he was like, unfortunately it's been very popular. He actually pre-positioned me for a January launch of Hey, I don't think we're even going to get any more in until January. Then I got that email this morning from them. I'd signed up for the notification, which is nice actually to see water.

Yeah. I know from the notification I got that email this morning, by the time I went over there about the  and the unfortunate gone again. So I'm not in a huge hurry. Like I'm actually, this conversation about it. I actually learned a lot more than I would've if I just would've bought the thing. I don't have to.

my mixer is working just fine. So this has been really helpful to me to have this discussion around it. And hopefully you guys have enjoyed it as well. Ed's a big fan of it over the focus, He just thinks those are the focus REITs are better at marketing than they are at equipment.

and so they've gotten real popular, but he, we tried them all. I was at his place. We tried cool out. So it was

Dave Jackson: [01:20:39] Carrie says here's a random one. I had fun, a fun, what should I name my podcast? I've got another question that inline with this from our friend the other day, he wanted to call it man, a man shit, a random guy, stuff, conversations, quick, search.

It already exists. Of course it does. and I had this, one here. this is from Zachary and Facebook, so I really want to start a podcast. This is why I go, okay. What's the why? However, my interests are scattered. Could I use you all for ideas on what I should podcast about? my interests are digital marketing, real estate investing health insurance.

I'm a health insurance advisor by faith. He's a Christian, video games and nerdy stuff. thank you in advance. And so that's where I'm that's always a tough one. I'm always like, what's the one that you talk about the most. That people roll their eyes and go, Oh man, Zach's talking about such and such again.

I don't know what are your thoughts on this? Jim?

Jim Collison: [01:21:33] Roll out. I do some tests. We talked about this in the other show, do some tests. I'd roll out, just get on YouTube and try some things out and just ask people for some feedback and see which one you enjoy. The most, the early stuff you create is going to suck.

So create it in a, it doesn't need to be in your podcast channel. Just create it, get it done. And then come back around and be like, okay, these are some of the things that I like. we all know our content morphs anyways. Yeah. So get in there and, try some things out before you make a podcast, see if he even liked doing it.

Dave Jackson: [01:22:05] Yeah. And especially he talked about health insurance cause he's in health insurance sometimes just because it's your job doesn't mean it's your passion. So that's the one that I like, and I would sit down and write down, okay, what are the first 10 episodes? Not so much, write them out word for word, but what are the topics I'm going to cover?

Because that's, sometimes we'll separate the men from the boys. Cause you're like, Oh, this will be great. I could talk about this. And you're like, Oh wait, I've got four, four topics. So that might help in some cases. And like you said, just sit down and record stuff and then you'll which one.

it's like trying on a pair of gloves. They all have five fingers in there, but there's some that Oh, this one pinches my fingers and this one's too big. And it's the three little bears, one might feel just a little better. That we're going to

Jim Collison: [01:22:46] start a new podcast for my daughter this summer.

And for two years, we've been talking about different things and what do we want to do and how are we going to do it? And we had her on my show on Thanksgiving and on home gadget cakes, and we talked about it and, we're still debating. She came, we came up with a name that we really liked and then found out it's actually the name of a song.

So you can't get cause somebody already bought it and hostage. So off to do it, or whatever. Now there's a, the good news is there's a plethora of domain extensions that you can use dot podcast dot whatever. They're a little more expensive, but you can. And, and we're in the same, or in the same boat, she doesn't really know what she wants to do.

So I said, let's just start a variety show to get you started. and, it'll more from there. Let's do it for a year and see where it goes and then start something different if we need to, I think you just got to get going, do some things.

Dave Jackson: [01:23:41] Yeah. As we wrap up here, John says I picked up a P for last weekend at best buy.

I know that one. Cause he commented on my YouTube channel. It's tested it out as an audio interface for a stream and it works great. Yeah. If I remember I will set this up for next week cause I want to use it just for the only thing I'll miss is like right now, the furnace is on and I'm, I doubt that you would hear that if I was using the P four, because it has no noise gate, but you never know, but, man, an hour and a half went super quick today.

Jim Collison: [01:24:09] It always does. we have the best audience in the world,

Dave Jackson: [01:24:11] which is

Jim Collison: [01:24:13] helpful. So thank you guys for doing that as well. I think we can announce as well. We're going to do these Saturdays through the holidays, so no breaks. If you want to join us after Christmas and after new year's I we'll be here as

Dave Jackson: [01:24:24] well.

Yeah. is Doug in the chat room?

Jim Collison: [01:24:28] Is his name still popped up when I did the app. So wondering, here's just how, like Doug, was it worth? I'm going to use it next week until somebody

Dave Jackson: [01:24:37] sends you another mug.

Jim Collison: [01:24:39] I still think you have to have a one person Patrion level for this day for folks.

and if no, listen, nobody buys it. I'll just continue to use what I've got. I, Doug can get free advertising or you can replace them just saying

Dave Jackson: [01:24:55] you should make a one person mug. Cause it's your mug. It's your coffee.

Jim Collison: [01:25:00] Okay.

Dave Jackson: [01:25:01] Let's all do a pay. My friend,

Jim Collison: [01:25:04] listen, I'm fiercely loyal to you,

Dave Jackson: [01:25:07] but I'm like,

Jim Collison: [01:25:08] okay.

I'll do it. I'll create the, I'll create the level on my Patrion account and folks can do that. Cause w would it be fair that it would also show up maybe on home gadget geeks,

Dave Jackson: [01:25:18] if they really, there's a, I would think that would be definite chance.

Jim Collison: [01:25:24] it's because it had been the one I had been using.

Let's see if I still have it. the one I had been using is this one.

Dave Jackson: [01:25:33] Okay. the cup reads, this is probably whisky and nice.

Jim Collison: [01:25:39] all right. I'll get that created in.

Dave Jackson: [01:25:41] Yeah. Cool. Awesome. All right. And, Gary, if I will look for that link, whatever I was trying to find the whole thing about the road producer mode, I guess I'll ask uncle Google when we get done here, but, thanks to everybody and, stay safe out there and, we'll see you next Saturday.

Take care.