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Dec. 3, 2022

The New Crop of Podcasters

Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment and media. In the past decade, the podcast industry has experienced tremendous growth. Consequently, those questions we answered over and over are back (what's the best microphone, can I play music,...

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Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment and media. In the past decade, the podcast industry has experienced tremendous growth. Consequently, those questions we answered over and over are back (what's the best microphone, can I play music, is X amount of downloads good?). Each week Dave Jackson and Jim Collison come to provide free podcast consulting to help these new podcasters. 

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Topics In This Episode

3:43 How can I use three usb mics at the same time?

10:04 What’s going on with SEO in the Apple community?

18:06 Clumping all the interviews into a single podcast.

19:45 Make sure your contact information is available for people if they're trying to find you.

22:50 Transcripts by request.

26:43 How to get people to listen to their own voices.

31:30 When you put bad audio on your podcast, it’s your brand that takes the hit.

34:20 What’s the best headset for this kind of podcast?
40:59 How to break up a long interview into multiple episodes.
45:50 One plus one equals two.
50:37 What’s the best microphone under 100 bucks?
54:33 How to get into the darknet diaries?
59:22 Apple is transcribing your show and coming up with topics.
1:03:11 Searching for your topic on Apple Podcasts.
1:09:49 Stream Yard has been rolling out a bunch of new features.
If you had a spike in your show, there is a user agent for it. (android)


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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



David Jackson  0:00  
Ask the podcast coach for December 3 2022. Let's get ready to podcast. There it is that music means it's Saturday morning. It's time for Ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast questions answered. Live. I'm Dave Jackson from the School of And joining me right over there from the Gallup studios this morning, the one and only Jim Collison from the average Jim, how's it going, buddy?

Jim Collison  0:31  
Greetings, Dave. Happy Saturday morning to you actually my office. It's just more comfortable in here than in the studio. That's not totally true. But I just like I like doing it from my from my office. Yeah. Always good to be here. Last Saturday of the year to be on campus. So we'll be back in the average guy that TV studios next

David Jackson  0:48  
year. There you go. Yeah, I just knew you're not in the basement. So yeah.

Jim Collison  0:54  
Not hanging out. In the under the lights. But you know what, I stopped some coffee. I had to kind of improvise the pour a little bit. So we're gonna go from Okay, cup to cup to cup. Can you help me out here?

David Jackson  1:05  
I got to first I've got to fade out the music. There we go. And yeah, let's get that coffee going. Oh, yeah. That's some good stuff right there. I can smell it. It's weird over the internet. I'm like, Man, that smells like

Jim Collison  1:17  
smellivision thing.

David Jackson  1:21  
And of course, that coffee pour is brought to you by our friend Mark over podcast If you need artwork for your podcast, add somebody. Here's the thing. I had somebody this week. And I said, How did you find the school of podcasting? She said, Well, I was searching through Apple podcasts, and your podcast came up. And I saw your logo, and it looked professional. And I clicked on that. And I was like, there you go. More reasons why you should be using mark from podcasts. If you want good artwork, if you want a good website, if you need a PDF or a lead magnet, anything that you want to look good, go check out mark. And the beautiful thing about Mark is number one, he's Canadian. So he's polite. And number two, he's a podcaster. So that whole thing about oh, it's like a radio show, but it's not now he gets it and he's gonna sit down with you one on one to make sure that your logo, your website, your podcast, everything is in alignment. Because if you think about it, they they see you before they hear you. And so Mark will get you looking great. And you'll be sounded great.

And of course, you can find him at podcast. And, Jim, if you had your Mom, do you have your actual mug?

Jim Collison  2:39  
I do. I brought it with me. It's a good travel mug it comes with I did forget it the last time. But it's here this morning. Big thanks to Dan Feb over there based on a true story podcast that based on a true story. It's the holiday season. And if you're looking, you're looking for something new, and we all sometimes need some new podcasts to listen to and you're interested in the movie. Is it really based on a true story? Check it out based on a true story. and Dan, thanks for your sponsorship.

David Jackson  3:10  
The first thing I thought we could get into is i It's interesting. We were talking before we started. And it's it's spike podcast season, it really is like December to like February. A lot of people start a podcast. And what's interesting is you see the wave, right? There's a wave of questions that come up every day. It's a new, it's like a new class, right that the new class is going to school a bunch of freshmen podcasters. And so I went to read it this morning. And somebody said, how can I use three USB mics at the same time, I can't find any sound mixers, or any other equipment that allows me to kick multiple mic or multiple USB microphones. The mics have a cable that come directly out of it that has a USB on the end and that so that's even worse. It's it's

Jim Collison  4:02  
so that blue Yeti is what they have one of the few microphones left that's USB only.

David Jackson  4:07  
Yeah, that's true. And most of them have an XLR and um, and so my answer to that person was Yeah, don't do that. Like really, Mike, if there's a way you can send back the microphones do that. Get and that's why I always recommend either the Samsung cue to you, or the Audio Technica 20 100x is now the new version of that,

Jim Collison  4:29  
because it's just a five is still available to yeah, go the black version. Yeah,

David Jackson  4:34  
because I Where did it go? I had somebody else. And it's another one I see. And I'm like, is that I'm not really sure about that. And he was wondering what microphone would work with an Android phone. And I just was like, well I know the 20 100x has a USB C connector. That's the biggest difference between the 2100 bucks Due to you the 2005 Is it as USB C? Output? And I was like, hmm, I'm not sure. And I just to me, I mean, I get it, you want to use what you have, but I just go Don't? Don't you have a computer? And you know, so that's just one of the where again oh my god don't don't try to podcast from your phone or if you do just talk into the microphone. We're getting bombarded with people we got Ross on deck, we got somebody on wisdom here that will we'll pull up here in just a second. But any thoughts on getting the right equipment? Jim, before we bring this person on from wisdom? And then we'll get the rough?

Jim Collison  5:39  
Yeah, I think if you're gonna go Android, and that in that scenario, you might want to go I mean, these like the the road wireless to wireless go, they've gotten pretty good. And you could I think you could stream that right? I mean, you can I think you can Bluetooth that right into the phone. So that that may be an option. I may go that route. I mean, if you're going if you're going that route, where you're going to record it into a phone, you know, a couple 100 bucks. I love this more, there's like they're like 300. But that may be a better the wireless for whatever reason that wireless go to might be a better yeah, it's ready to go. Here we go.

David Jackson  6:16  
So we'll bring Ross up on the screen here. Ross, how are you, buddy?

Unknown Speaker  6:20  
Good is always good to talk to you. Thank you. Yeah, well, my main question, though, is that I you know, as if you have a podcast website, I think the the SEO world trolls those and sends you, since everybody, you've probably gotten them yourself, pitches for SEO, and search engine optimization. Right. And I and one of them said to me like, Well, do you mind if we do do an analysis and send you a report? And I'm like, Well, go ahead. But I'm a little skeptical. They did. And I linked that. I sent that today for you to look at and it just goes on for pages. And I just wondered if you know, there's a lot of in there that I think is maybe a value, give the website? Is your objective? getting traffic to your website is your objective and getting found on Google. But does it really help you get podcast listeners? Because podcast listeners are looking for podcasts? Not websites? Is that fair?

David Jackson  7:24  
Yeah, but I know a lot of people type in topic, podcast, you know. So if I'm trying to learn how to ski, I might type in skiing podcast. And hopefully, if I'm doing a skiing podcast, you know, it comes up to kind of poopoo SEO, granted, people that find you may not be podcast listeners. But to ignore Google is like, wow, I don't know. I'm sorry. But I mean, I think it's important. The thing that I found this week that I was like, ah, because I went and searched some of the topics I tried to rank for, you know, start a podcast learned a podcast, blah, blah, blah. And I'm surprised at how short the first page of Google is, because they had four ads at the top, and two ads at the bottom. So they're like three spots on the top 10 on the front page of, of Google. And the rest are ads. And I was like, so apparently, if you want to be on the front page of Google, you better bust out your wallet. Because it was like it used to be you know, they'd have an ad or two. And then you'd have like, eight different listings that were, you know, organically there. And I was amazed at it. You know, now they've got the little question box thing. That's part of it. And but the bottom, I was just like, wow, there isn't really a whole lot of room for good old American organic search results on Google. That's the part that got me. But there are I mean, I'm using a thing. They have a one time fee, Uber Suggest by Neil Patel. I've used I tried using neuron writer, which is an app sumo thing. I think I talked about this last week, that by the time you get done writing this thing that it says is going to get you lots of traffic. It it just doesn't sound natural. And I went I'm not putting that on my website. I would rather my my and I have decent, like every time I go into any kind of SEO thing. It's like, wow, I'm like a 78 out of 100. They're like you have great SEO juice. And I'm like, and I've gotten that by writing show notes for people not for robots. But so you know, I definitely think it's something because it's we know that search in most apps is horrible. Although Apple is now doing some fun things where they're, they're adding topics to your Apple website, which is interesting. I heard about that this morning. But I guess in the end, I just tried to optimize is wherever I am. I don't know, Jim, what do you do with SEO? Anything fun or?

Jim Collison  10:04  
Yeah, nothing, nothing for home for home gadget geeks chat, you know, like you say I try to write my show notes for humans to use and not. I've looked at some of the, you know, some of the jazz Jasper stuff in the AI created content even made one on the trial to give it a try. It hasn't done that great since I posted it. So I mean, that's not that it doesn't I mean, there's some huge right now there are some huge benefits being touted by that community about how great AI content is. And you can basically have aI create the whole site, and then it'll just make money for you. That's that's kind of what I'm, what I'm hearing. I don't know, I don't know how much of that stuff is true or not. I think it's one of those things you should ignore. But it's certainly you got it. I mean, you can go into an SEO hole for a while and never come out of it. You know,

David Jackson  11:02  
yeah, I installed the I was using Yoast and decided they had a Black Friday sale on the all in one, SEO, which is like the original plugin for SEO. And it found some things that I might do with keywords and such. But SEO is one of the things that by the time you read up and get up to speed on it. It's changed. It's crazy. So yeah,

Jim Collison  11:26  
I don't think Joe Rogan is worried about tweaking his site for SEO. Yeah. Because he's just got such a strong brand. Yeah. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker  11:35  
Well, my real question for it is that, for those of us who the many of us, I guess, who do not have an equally strong brand is Joe Rogan. Right? You know, the company that pitched it to me that, you know, there wasn't like $1,500 to tune things up. And they the example they picked was some pretty obscure words, off the, you know, individual episodes, and I thought maybe you guys have got more experience with this. So I think it's what I'm hearing is, write better show notes and leave it alone for now.

David Jackson  12:07  
Well, and I'm trying to I found your, your email here. And except that has, oh, wait a minute, I got a picture people recording. I get the same thing, because it is a case of like, well, if I try to rank for whatever how to podcast, well, everybody in their brother is doing that. So I can get, you know, 2% of a GIANT pie. Or I can get 90% of you know how to take a phone call on a podcast, which I rank very high for because of an old post, literally from God, probably five years ago about blog talk radio. So that's that what they're saying is that you have you know, you can rank higher for words that are getting less search. But, you know, to me, I'm like, well, depending on what it is. I know I'm working on an article right now about does your I think I already posted it. Does your podcast need a website? And the answer is yeah, yeah, it does. Because that was one of the things I could rank higher for. So you know it but all that takes time. That's the other thing you know, I don't need Jasper because I know how to write. I just don't know how to edit. But that's why I have Grammarly and about three other spell checkers to help me catch that kind of stuff. But it's, it's, you know, 1500 bucks, I had the same thing I had the guys from Uber Suggest they're like, Hey, would you like a consult? And the guy's like, yeah, we can do this and this for you know, my great. And he says, Can I ask what your budget is? And I said, it's definitely not four figures, if that's what you're gonna quote me. And he goes off, and I go, Look, if that's the case, I go, I'm gonna be real nice. Here I go. Not that it's not worth it. I just don't have that kind of budget right now. And I said, No want to waste your time. And he goes, You know what, I appreciate that. And we just politely we're like, you know, it's not a no, it's not now. But in the meantime, I'm gonna see what I can do on my own. You know, Ross, let

Jim Collison  14:11  
me let me ask you this question. Do you think so you pay $1,500? Is there an opportunity for a $1,500 ROI for you? Yeah, like,

Unknown Speaker  14:20  
I don't know. Because the what I really asked if you look at the people in that picture, those are folks that have no any podcast or website or anything yet, and I was hoping it'd be a way to get him jump started to when they released their own shows. And I just wondered if it was part of a package I should consider offering enrolling into them and I don't think right off the bat a $1,500 ROI is going to be gaining from that but maybe down the road.

David Jackson  14:52  
The one thing I can see here on your website if this is yours, the turkey trot thing. It's actually Claremont speaks but I see You're starting here. Every title with the turkey trot. I guess it's part four.

Unknown Speaker  15:06  
Well, those are those are short interviews from a rather than clump them all together. But if you go to the next page, I can see where you are.

David Jackson  15:17  
Because I guess my question is, is, does I understand it's the turkey trot Chronicles? I'm just like, yeah, they will. Okay, number one there. It's an inside joke. But the other thing is, like, cuz somebody asked me this, we're talking about this this morning that people ask questions. How do I gauge if it's a good title or not? The answer is, does it which one makes you want to click More, because this is something I just started doing. I right now, for at least for the School of podcasting, I have to write five different titles for the episode. And then I look at it and go, Okay, which one do I want to click, because in the end, that's what a title is supposed to do is supposed to help explain what it's about. And so I see people that will do things like your show is called Clermont speaks, I'll see people that will put in the episode title, Claremont speaks, Episode 27, and then the actual title, but if I can see the episode, title, the title of your podcast is right above it somewhere, whatever app you're in. So there's that. And then I know, I see radio people that will be like, it's the Dave Jackson Radio Hour, and then they'll put the date. And I'm like, is that does not make me. But if you'd said, you know, saving money, Christmas shopping, I would click on that much more than Dave Jackson Power Hour, you know, December 3 kind of thing. This is a pod page page. So I see that because the other thing I always ask is, can you subscribe to your show? On on your website? Because that's really what you want them to do? If I click on this. Okay, so here, we've got what is this? Yes, thank you. So I'm clicking, I think you, you saved my butt. So I clicked on an episode just to see what it is. And you've got your artwork here at the top, then a player and then subscribe buttons. And then you've got the meat potatoes here. So and you've got a fair amount of notes here. So I get without reading this here that, you know, this, this describes what it is, you've got some links here, you got an email here, just realize when you put your email in the show description, you are kind of asking for spam. I always send people to my contact page, which does get a fair amount of spam. But at least all the spam is going to do one thing. So that's the first thing that just jumped out. I was like, Wow, your episode titles might be a little too inside baseball, where you're putting in the name of the the turkey trot thing. But if that's something again, this is where you have to realize this is a local show. So the turkey focus. Yeah, so the turkey trot. Everybody Clermont News knows exactly what it is. So

Jim Collison  18:01  
then you're fine. Yeah, then you're fine. Yeah. Yeah. So that helped us?

Unknown Speaker  18:06  
Of course, it does. I am I on that, it was a choice of taking all these short interviews and clumping them together. As one likes a five part podcast, or putting him a separate and the people that I talked to, they said, Well, I want to be able to listen to mine, I thought it would be easier for them to find if their name was in the band easier to their right and so then they don't have to share everybody else's. They can you just share oh here I'm the guy from the shoe store that was exhibiting and the lady from the exercise place who was the doctor whatever, she doesn't have to get involved in everybody else's and all those those four or five podcasts there that say the Chronicles they're like five or six minute interviews. These are not you know, they could all be bunched together in one big one. But I think it would got it got confusing. The all the other interviews I have lowered down. You know, those are single person interviews that are roughly an hour every day.

David Jackson  19:09  
Nice. Yeah, that makes it easier for them to share as well. You don't have to go oh, here's the episode, I'm at the you know, 37 minute mark kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker  19:18  
Right? Nobody understands that. Yeah, it seems. And so final question is you say don't put your email in the description does that also then open up? What I put in the show notes, the emails for the to contact the guests which is to their and that's what they're taught. What we're trying to do is they're going to open them up to a wash of tsunami of nonsense. It just

Jim Collison  19:45  
depends if they're gonna get scraped or not. You know, we say all the time, you know, make sure your contact information is available for people if they're trying to find you. It's like, it's like your social security number here in the US. I mean, it's supposed to be private. It Is it it's probably been out there so long that in your email address is probably gonna get it's gonna get scraped from somewhere at some point in time. Dave, personally, my preference is to to get it there and just handle the spam on the back end. It's good. Like I said, I want people to be able to send me an email. I don't want him to have to hunt and peck and I hate. I hate email forums. I hate him. I just as soon as I see him, I'm like, Yeah, I'm not gonna send it. So that's just my

David Jackson  20:28  
cut down on spitting machine gyms, not spam, but it's, there are people and I get that,

Jim Collison  20:32  
yeah. Bots, bots can fill out forms, too. Oh, yes, they capture but they figured out how to do that as well. So anyways, so Russ, I don't I think whatever in that, Mike, my experiences, whatever you want to do in that area that just know, if you put your email address out there, it'll probably get spam. And there's people who get mad about that. So if they're gonna get mad over spam, don't have don't don't put an email address out there.

Unknown Speaker  20:58  
Yeah. And go back and take it off the description if they do,

Jim Collison  21:02  
if they're gonna get mad. Yeah. So

David Jackson  21:04  
yeah, I yeah, I get Jim's point if you don't want spam, I don't know, don't have an email address. Exactly. Because if you have one, I mean, a broken system I have. I set up a Gmail for my church. And it gets spammed, and it's not even anywhere, you know, it's just somehow, you know, Google shared it with somebody. I don't know.

Jim Collison  21:28  
It's just it's the nature of the beast with email of it being an open system. So but

David Jackson  21:33  
anything else, we can help you with Ross? Not today. I mean, we'll see you. All right. Take care. Ross. Thanks. Yep. Dr. Says, talking about transcriptions and show notes and things like that. Capture is not quite there. For me, my biggest pain point is finding those quotes for the quote cards. It's like finding a needle in the haystack. And CAPTCHA was good for that. Yeah. I, I'm telling you, man, the thing that I love is, and I'm like, gonna be bummed if somebody doesn't invent this, by the time my contract comes up on otter, is that thing where they go through and find the subjects, because I had somebody contact me an old client. And it was before I was kind of taking notes in the CRM I have. And I was like, I forget what we talked about, I found the recording of our zoom call, ran it through otter, and went to the right side here. So all the topics we talked about, copied and pasted into his new thing. I was like, Oh, I love that feature. It's great for this show, where we have multiple topics. And I'm just like, you know, capture kind of does that I did make a video for Deirdre and said, Hey, like, this is what otter does. And apparently they used to do that. And there people were like, hey, like, can we get rid of all this noisy stuff? And I was like, it's not?

Jim Collison  22:50  
Isn't that interesting features, like really good features that come out. And that this is what happens when you listen to your audience. And you're like, oh, a few people don't like it, let's take it down. And you know, it's you never know, you never know what that I love that feature that has become a staple of my show notes. I just have a, you know, an area, you know, helpful, a helpful breakdown of it and a summary. And I offer transcripts by request now. So on home gadget geeks, one on the Gallup side of things, we put them in everything. But on home gadget geeks, I just don't have enough listeners to really warrant putting that out there every time. And I just say, available upon request. And I did get a request. The other day, somebody said to me, Hey, can you send me the transcripts? Absolutely. Grabbed the mp3, throw it into otter, let it transcribe it clean a few things up. Send it to him and and that works out of it. Maybe I'm missing SEO on those transcripts. I didn't see I did the whole transcripts things for two years. And I Dave, I I didn't see anything. Yeah, make

David Jackson  23:55  
a difference. Hi. I've had some people that have asked me about transcripts at Lipson and I'd say upload your PDF as a file for download only. So it doesn't go into your feed, and then link to that PDF. And then you can see how many people are downloading it? And the answer was nobody. Yeah, pretty much. I mean, a little but in I guess that's one of the things like a spare tire. Like if somebody really wants a transcript, there's probably a reason for that. But yeah, I know, Todd robbing the new media show we're saying I forget who did the study, but it was like 20% of podcasters have a transcript. Yeah. Which means there's a transcript tag, right? Yeah. There might be people that have transcripts, but it's not in the spec yet because the specs not available in most hosts.

Jim Collison  24:44  
So yeah, in the in the new in the new the net new spec that may. That may encourage me because there's a transcript tag that may encourage me to actually put transcripts in. Cuz there's people may be looking for podcasts. also have a transcript. Right? And then you would show up in a search somewhere. So yeah, that may be something I have to think about in that new spec.

David Jackson  25:09  
Yeah, I went back and looking at the chat rooms having their own show today, which is always fun.

Jim Collison  25:14  
Yeah, no, it's great. They're bored with us. They're like, ah, whatever these guys.

David Jackson  25:18  
But we're talking about doing a podcast with your phone. So Dave says, I've been using my phone for 305 episodes now. And I've recorded about 99% of my shows and my 2008 Kia Rio LX. So he's recording on the phone in his car. For the record, that is one of my, that makes me twitch. That is the depth that is the definition of distracted driving just for the record.

Jim Collison  25:40  
Just now. He's pulled over. I assume he's pulled out. Okay. The sound

David Jackson  25:44  
is, the sound isn't always great. But hey, it's part of my show. So again, that might be your flavor. Some people will like I like it. It's just a dude talking into his phone. The ambient sound as part of my commute, mic mute as part of the show. There you go. I talking to the bottom of the phone directly there you go into the mic to help myself out. Yes. No more putting it on speaker. That's no, occasionally. So yeah, you can get really good audio talking into the microphone of your phone. Usually I use my headphones with the built in mic. There you go. It all depends on which phone I might be using at the time. I also use the Spreaker recording app. Yep, that's a good app to use. So yeah, that's the thing that gets me is when people go, I'm going to use my phone. And then they click a button, put it on speaker and throw it 10 feet onto a table. And I'm like, No, you want that mic just like my mic is about, you know, three fingers away from my mouth, you want that? You know, don't don't put it on the table and put it on speaker that's just not a good way to go. So very cool.

Jim Collison  26:43  
I'm always surprised, you know, when I interview folks, and they get them on the call, and I'm like, Yeah, do you have a headset or anything? And they're like, well, this doesn't sound good. And I'm like, well, it's like five feet away from you. You're coming into your laptop mic that somebody broke before they even installed it into the laptop because it sounds terrible. And I just wished a there was a way we could get people to actually listen to themselves. Right to see how they sound. Because I think they think they sound better than they do. And I think if we just gave them a sample and said, like here, you realize this is you sound this bad. Although, last week, I did a podcast and my I was on the wrong mic. I was on the camera mic instead of what Yeah, but I do it because Windows has been moving things around on.

David Jackson  27:39  
So you're definitely on ahead. Okay, good. Okay, good. So I wasn't,

Jim Collison  27:42  
and we went to the audience had to tell me I wasn't on. I wasn't on the headset. And I was like, so later after the show, I said, could you tell me he's like, I didn't know. And I just don't think some people know, Dave, but that they the difference are they're listening for the quality of the sound. So I just wish everyone would listen to their own voice back through what they're talking in. So because it's just awful sometimes like, yeah, that sounds really bad.

David Jackson  28:10  
Yeah, don't you think the other thing I found when you get a lot of room noise, even if they if even if they're you know, so if I took this mic and pushed it away, and just just talk louder, you know, so now I got room noise, where that really comes into play, that I found is when I listen in the car, because when I'm walking around the neighborhood, or I'm grocery shopping or whatever, not a ton, even the grocery store that you know, I gotta listen over the music. But in the car, it must be around the same frequencies, like the tire noise, with whatever, but I find myself in the car going. I'm having a hard time either a understanding, like I hear them, but it's just lost in the reverb or whatever. So that's, that's my whole thing. It's like when it's when you're using the built in desktop mic, I'm like, Hmm, you know, that's it just makes it harder. And that's when your audio is a problem. When when how you sound is, you know, taking over what you're saying. That's when you got a problem.

Jim Collison  29:14  
Yeah, yeah. Well, the, the guests they said, he said, Well, I've got this old headset that they gave me at the beginning of the pandemic, and it was a job or a headset that was really good. He put it on and plugged it in and thank you. Like because it's it's exhausting to interview somebody when their sound is terrible. I just I get to the end and I'm just like, I can't I can't listen to you anymore. You know, it's just hard. So I wish we'd gotten better. But the public we could still we could still go farther. I just wish we would get people to realize when they sound better. People listen.

David Jackson  29:50  
Well, yeah. I mean, it's, I forget what it was on. Scott Johnson does a show where he actually gets So the recordings of 911 shows our 911 calls. And, you know, some of those sounds great, but there was one. That was it was just shrill. It was harsh. And I started to listen to it. And I was like, Okay, we're gonna fast forward through this one. It was really cool. But that was when I'm like, Yeah, I can't, you know, again, if the audio gets too bad, I just can't listen. So going back to transcripts real quick, Craig says, depending on the genre, when it comes to transcripts, right, in language learning transcripts are huge. Here's the fun thing. I want to hear something fun. I've been spending literally five minutes a day, five minutes a day for 72 days now. Practicing Spanish, and I got a lot. Yeah, and, and succeed. And so I, when I was in BestBuy, on Black Friday, there's a sign there. And the last word was a key. And I was like, that's here. That sign says here and I know that word, it was so much. I was like, okay, so five minutes a day, eventually, I'll be able to read the whole sign. But right now, I just knew a key is here. So Dr. Says, trying to get clients to consider headphones for their guests. As a non negotiable is an uphill climb. Here's how you sell that to the guest. I want to make you sound great. I want to make you sound smart. And if you come across using your built in desktop microphone, it's just not going to be good. And then they they

Jim Collison  31:29  
spent hours. Like looking good. This is the thing. They spent hours getting ready for this thing. They come they're dressed up hairs looking great. I mean, ever. It's just they look great. And then you're like, why wouldn't you take an extra step? I mean, you bought expensive clothes? Why wouldn't why wouldn't you just buy $100 headset? You know, and I know at least I know it's not as pretty. But it's not as not as handsome just to be fair on that one. But, but like cash, then you're, then you do this thing. And it sounds like you're trying to talk through water. Right? And so I just it is it's a tough sell. And but you're right Dave, what you say like, Hey, I want to make this is probably the positive way to spin it right? I want to make you sound as good as I possibly can, the closer we can get that mic to you the better. And I make a big deal. When they switch over to a mic, I make a big deal about it. Like they'll they'll Vic, you know, whatever they do, and then they put their headset on. And I'm like, oh, like I make a big deal. Thank you. It sounds a melee, like people are going to really be able to hear you now. So I try to make encourage them

David Jackson  32:40  
well, and then for the podcaster realize that when you put bad audio on your podcast, that's your brand that's taking the hit not like oh, you know what I love Dave show but boy, that one gas was horrible. But in that, but I love Dave show, but is but I'm going to quit listen if you keep serving that crap to my ears. So, you know, that's where it's weird. And I was, here's the other one I don't get how many people are in the world, Jim, I have no idea like 7 billion or 7 billion. And oh my god, if I don't get that person on my show. That's it. I'll have to hang up the microphone and go home. I'm like, Is there nobody else? And this is where you know, Jim, I know you hate solo shows. But I'm like, they come in handy when that guest bails on you. As they do. You know, it's like, Ah, so

Jim Collison  33:34  
all that I don't hate. I don't hate it when other people do so. I'm just not a solo show.

David Jackson  33:42  
But I get that that's sometimes why people freak out like I've got to get that guest because they said they were gonna come on. And they sound like crap. And if I say no to them, then I lose that potential interview and I kind of go isn't there somebody else you could interview? I don't know. It's kind of the that's the one I kind of don't get uncle Marv. Somebody asked about what microphones. Are there any other a few recommended headsets? I personally say no. Like Jim sounds great. But I'm going to cut down his if he doesn't sound awful. He just there's no bass to Jim's voice today. And that's that's just a headset thing.

Jim Collison  34:20  
A little tiny microphone.

David Jackson  34:21  
Yeah, exactly. I don't expect it. I know there's the Audio Technica something 2040 4020 something. It's 300 bucks. It's the one they use on ESPN. Mike Dell has one and I heard it and it sounded okay. It sounded like a headset. There still was not again. You have this itty bitty microphone and you're trying to make it sound like a regular microphone. Well, that's like saying I'm trying to take a Volkswagen and make it run like a Porsche Oh my god. There's two different things. One is a headset and one's not but Jim what I know you have a couple of you said sounded better than others from

Jim Collison  34:59  
a headset. perspective. Yeah, yeah, like so large, he's got this new and this is called the zone, it's pretty good like 160 175 bucks, so not terrible, the job that we had used the job of 40s for I think they have a 40 and a 45. I recommend the wired on both of these and not the Bluetooth versions, but just a little more expensive. And then batteries are just for this kind of deal. The batteries are always going to go out on you in the middle of a podcast. So I just recommend the wired side. So both Jabra Sennheiser is has made some good during the pandemic, I think has made some pretty good headsets like this, that you can go, I've got that, I think I have that headset that's got the full microphone on the front at home that I use from time to time that and I forget SP b one or something like that I forget the model on it. But there's some good, there are some good headphones that you can do. And they don't have to be expensive. They don't have to be under $100 either. Like, I mean, I know budgets are tight. But this is something you're going to be using all the time I'm on this headset all the time. I kind of use it as my LinkedIn live headset. Now rather than doing it from the studios. We're trying to make our LinkedIn live sessions look a little more like hey, we're just coming in from the office, you know, kind of kind of deal. But yet I don't want to sacrifice too much quality on it. So those are a couple that I that I like,

David Jackson  36:24  
Yeah. Somebody here from dumbing it down with Dave says

Jim Collison  36:30  
he's responding. He is driving by the way. Okay. I'm sorry that you're driving.

David Jackson  36:35  
Yes. My iPhone doesn't have a headphone jack. Yeah, that's where you kind of have to do the Bluetooth thing. That's a whole apple thing. I was I've been studying getting an iMac, you know, Mac Mini. And man, you don't have to buy a hub. So you can plug all your stuff in. It's like I everything I want is two grand in the Yeah. Like I was looking at getting a new camera. I don't really use the one I bought, because I wanted to the ability to swap out lenses. So Sony came out with a vZ 10. And if somebody said I want to upgrade my camera, and I want to go pro, that's the one I would recommend. But the cameras like 700 bucks and then the lenses another 300. And you're like, do we wait, what and then it's if you buy one with a lens, like the kit lens that comes with it. That's 1000 And then the lenses 400. I'm like, everything's just like, by the time you're done, you're like I'm real close to sneeze, no way to grand. He says I would like headphones. Dave says that like the ones you're wearing now, if it had great noise canceling. That brings up a question

Jim Collison  37:38  
for him though real quick. I would use this is where I would maybe take a look at that. The road wireless go to, you know, device in and see if that may mean, you could clip that on the on the the thing? What's that thing? I'm locks the sun out? Yeah,

David Jackson  37:57  
the rest? No,

Jim Collison  37:59  
I know. I am I blanking on that. Yeah, we

David Jackson  38:03  
all know what it is. It's the flip in front of you, when you drive blacks out the sun,

Jim Collison  38:07  
right? You could clip it to that, and it would be right above you then and you could still have both hands on the steering wheel then and be talking. Right? There's nothing wrong with that holding that phone is pretty distracting as you're driving. So I don't think we can we can say that's a great idea. But that the something like that would would give you I think a little bit better sound that you could process through to take the road noise out.

David Jackson  38:31  
Yeah, I saw a question in Reddit and says there's anyone out there podcasts from a pub or a cafe? If so, I'm curious, how do you deal with the noise of background chatter? Does it just act as atmosphere and you ignore it? Or do you try to edit it out? Or is this just a plain bad idea that will never work? And I was kind of leaning towards that one. If you're worried about the background noise? Maybe not podcasts from a pub? It's just a thought, yeah. How much do listeners care about that kind of thing? It depends, again, if it's distracting if I can't hear people in my car, over the clinking and stuff. I mean, it does add atmosphere I used to listen in the early days, there was a show called Marketing over coffee. And they did it from a Dunkin Donuts. And they would just stop. I mean, this is like early days like 2006 Because every now and then somebody have to make something where they ground the beans or whatever. And so they're talking about Google juice and all of a sudden they would just stop they wouldn't edit it out and I was like oh geez. Our voices they say are perfectly easy to follow. But the chatter is always there in the background. It's quite noticeable. Yeah, there's the phrase that we don't want to hear the background noise is quite noticeable. I'd love to hear some feedback. So for me I when I hear if you're asking the question, that means it's becoming distracting and either a you know, definitely have some dynamic mics and get right up on those boys and you know, have separate tracks so you Could noise gate out that but even I mean a noise gate in a noisy room, when somebody talks, you're going to hear that background noise. So my advice would be if you if you're trying to get a really nice professional sound, or, you know, either a don't don't record in a pub or be announced, you're recording in a pub, so that when the audience hears the chatter, they're not like, what is going on with this podcast when you like, hey, live from the Chuckle hut. It's, you know, the Dave and Jim Comedy Hour, where we talk to up and coming comedians or whatever. And then when people hear all the stuff in the background, they go, that's just what the Chuckle hut sounds like. So that's, that's an interesting one, though, but it is, you know, you always try, at least for me, I always recommend getting the, the quietest place you can, unless the ambiance helps if it's a nature podcast, and you're walking around the forest, well, that kind of probably adds to the show. As always, it depends. So

Jim Collison  40:59  
yeah, and I did, I was I used to do interviews, short interviews, 15 minutes from the conference floor, you know, we would set up a booth, and then I would set up another booth to do interviews, and, and there'd be a little bit of noise behind it. But we used, you know, ATR 2100, and I got them really close, turn the game down as much as I could, just to make sure that the sound field wasn't, you know, picking up somebody picking up the thing next door, but it worked for that environment, right. The expectation was, hey, we're coming to you live from the floor of whatever, doing this kind of thing. And so you kind of, I think you can kind of set some of those expectations up. If you're going to do a weekly podcast from a pub. Well, I know it maybe the audience, if the content is good enough, maybe the the audience, so will will listen to it. So there's possibility. Can't you know, we always say you can do whatever you want. So try it. Yeah. All right, well give it a try.

David Jackson  41:56  
And somebody at the School of podcasting brought this up. And it's like, he kind of got to just try it and see what happens. That is He does 45 minute interviews. And he says, you know, he kind of, you know, Edison down a bit, and he wasn't sure if he should split them into separate parts. And by the way, for anyone keeping track at home, the word we were looking for was sunvisor. This,

Jim Collison  42:24  
but I couldn't think of that.

David Jackson  42:25  
But he was like, you know, because somebody else. Everybody heard, I shouldn't say everybody, but anybody that heard Gary aren't on the school of podcasting. He does a daily show. And a lot of people are the takeaway from that is, oh, I need to do episodes a week. So his answer was maybe I should break my longer podcast episodes into multiple ones. And I was like, again, I always go back to the you know, there is no too long only too boring from Valerie Geller. But I said, if it could stand on its own, I guess you could try it. But I don't. It depends, I guess on your audience, you know, some people because to me, I'm listening to an audiobook right now on like marketing and sales. It's like five hours long. And I just keep going back and listening to 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there, because it's really good. There are other audiobooks. I listen to that I get about an hour and a half in and I'm like, You know what, I should be having a takeaway now. And I got nothing. And I don't go back. So any thoughts on you know, should I break up a long interview?

Jim Collison  43:32  
Good question. Like, yeah, I've said this before, but I've had folks get mad at me for making shorter shows at times, like, Hey, dude, you're consistently an hour and 20 minutes, and that's my commute. And so stop, you don't make it an hour. I need you for an hour and 20. That's why I put you in the slot. Now, that's just a handful. Right that. So I think kind of Dave, I think the thing I always say is, would you listen to it? You know, if you would listen, if you record a three hour interview, doing the interview is one thing listening to it is another? Yeah. Would you go back and listen to the whole three hour interview? If you say yes, throw it out there. If you say now, I probably would break it up. Like break it up. It is. It is awkward. To, you know, to like part one of the interview is this and next week, part two? I don't know. It's a good it's a really good question. I don't know if there's a formula.

David Jackson  44:37  
Yeah, it's that was me. I was like, Well, yeah. And he's fairly new. Because so the whole like, will ask your audience. And he's like, Yeah, you know, I'm still in that kind of new don't really have much of an audience kind of thing. So there's nobody to ask. And I was like, well then, and this is sometimes what I've done is try it and then listen to it and Much like before, we're talking about, Okay, which one makes you want to click? You know, does does this interruption? Like when you listen to part two of the interview? Does it kind of not work? Because we don't have Part One? Or you know, because you got to be careful with that you can't in like, you know, segment three like it's Friday show now. And you're like, Well, we were talking earlier about SEO. Well, if somebody hears that episode, they're like, wait, what? I just did I miss the first part of this? Yeah, this episode. Yeah. So you gotta be careful with with that kind of stuff.

Jim Collison  45:35  
Uncle Marv has a good comment. I think he says if there's a natural break during a long interview, then break it up. Right. Otherwise, I tried to mention at the beginning, hey, this is a long interview. And I tell them why well, that's a great, yeah, I think that's a great, that's good methodology. Yeah,

David Jackson  45:50  
Uncle Bob gets it. When I would, the things they beat into my head, when I was getting my teaching degree, is adults need to know why. You can look at a kid and go one plus one equals two and they go, okay. You say that to an adult? They're like, Wait, how is that again? You're like, okay, you've got one apple here, you know, you got to show and explain in that Venn diagram that like, okay, I get it. One plus one is to the, you know, and then throwing now the generals skeptical nature of, you know, adults, for sure. Like, wait a minute, who's paying for that study? It's just it's a fact one plus one is two. All right, but it's Did you hear that on Fox or or CNN? The same? One plus one is two.

Jim Collison  46:32  
Maybe not, maybe not. I love Craig's comment. He says, going back to recording and above recorded place at the pub noise and post so you can control it. It's actually brilliant, a brilliant way of thinking about it. If you're thinking about like, I'm adding pub noise for ambiance or for effect, that's a great way to control it. Go into the pub and just record, you know, an hour or two with a regular conversation. Or you can probably get away with 15 minutes and then just loop it. Although humans, humans have a way of hearing that when you do loop it. That way. They were weird that way.

David Jackson  47:08  
I noticed. clinking the glasses every 27 seconds.

Jim Collison  47:12  
I think I heard that exact clinking 27 minutes ago, that people will find those things in there. But that's a great, Craig. That's a great idea.

David Jackson  47:22  
Yeah, this is a great idea. Supporting the show. Yeah,

Jim Collison  47:27  
I think it's a good idea.

David Jackson  47:28  
You know, in fact, because he's an awesome supporter. Today's awesome supporter is Craig Whelan, who's been helping in the chat room anyway, Inglourious podcast, so it's, it's Craig is a Brit, I believe. I believe it's from I know he's got the accent. But I might in my head. I'm going now he's not from Australia, because that's a whole nother accent. He's a Brit in Spain teaching Spanish people English. So it's, it's interesting because you can actually, even if you are a native English speaker, you can learn things. You're like, oh, wait, it's apostrophe s, not s apostrophe and all sorts of other fun stuff. So I will put a link out in the show notes to English podcast. So Craig, thanks for being an awesome supporter. And ask the podcast coach runs on pod page. If you want to try pod page. Well, it's simple. Go to try pod And then if you just can't get enough Jim Collison go over to Home get and check out the show home gadget geeks, you can find that at the average And when you're thinking about starting a podcast, well think school of podcasting. And that now comes of course with Dave in your pocket, as much one on one consulting as you want. It's coaching without calendars. It is flexible face to face. And if you'd like to be an awesome supporter, go over to ask the podcast And thanks to everyone who is doing that already. In fact, it will just to show even more. Thanks. We will run. I always forget this ticker. I got so much stuff going on behind the sun. The scenes here I always forget. Oh, yeah, we have the awesome supporters that I can put across the bottom of the video screen. So that's it. And I've got the S Jim. Jim. Did you just notice the Christmas lights?

Jim Collison  49:12  
Yeah, we got we got a lot of stuff going on. Yeah.

David Jackson  49:16  
Yeah. Going back to Uncle marks Uncle Mark. Yeah. Okay. That's it's, that's when you take the sponsor right podcast. And Uncle Mark, you put them together? Yeah. Uncle Mark. The one of the worst things. The it's the blue ocean guy. He's an Australian super, like popular marketing guy. And I was listening to his show. And let's say it was like how to rank number one in Google. Right? That was like the title of the episode. And they're talking to the guy and they're going over his story and how he grew and, you know, blah, blah, blah. And it's, you know, all this stuff, the whole story, and they finally get to the part. They're like, Alright, we're going to talk about Google and SEO, but first, and then they play an advertisement. You know, like, all right, well, we're getting to the good stuff you said You're gonna, so they come in, got the whole thing SEO Google, it's really important you need to get on Google blah blah blah like okay, okay, let's go, how do I get to number one and they go and the number one thing you need to do to get to the top of Google? Well, you've got to sign up for my plan. And I was like, swipe left unsubscribe and fu buddy, I was so mad. So don't do that. Don't you know if you if you promise something, give it to them? Don't don't get them all hot and bothered in and then go yes, you need to sign up for my like, whatever plan he had, or etc, etc. So, here's a fun quiz. I noticed in Reddit, I swear 90% of the questions over there today were about gear. And again, it's the new wave of podcasters coming in there. So it's like you know, can I play music in my show? No, you can't. What's the best microphone under 100 bucks then a Samsung Q to you works great. And so this one was vo caster versus p four. And I went so vo caster from Focusrite p four from zoom. It's the one I promote all the time and I can't believe mine's not on my desk. It's almost always right here. But here's the thing. These are both great. The vo caster probably has better preamps and this is where I was kind of snicker but that doesn't mean that the the P for the Zoom unit has horrible preamps and it's one of those like if you sit in a room and smash your headphones into your head and then turn the volume all the way up. You might hear a little more in in the Zoom than the VO caster but they're both great. The vo caster is prettier I would say it's got this cool red kind of speckled thing going on. And again, it's super easy with all the VO caster lines, you basically hit a button it'll set your game for you, it plugs into your computer and that's the big thing. The vo caster is meant to plug your computer or plug your microphone into the computer. The p four can plug your microphone to the computer. It can also record multiple microphones at once. You can record to an SD card, you don't have to have a computer, you know they both if you have the VO caster two you can do the phone call thing. So as always, with every podcast question, Jim, what is the word we always say?

Jim Collison  52:20  
We say it depends.

David Jackson  52:21  
It depends. Yeah. So if you want to be tied to your computer, the VO caster is a great unit, you know, you're gonna have a little better audio. But if you want to do podcasting in the woods, there, you're gonna probably want to go zoom contract before I think the p four is a little cheaper, as well. So that's always

Jim Collison  52:39  
a choice. As soon as you buy it, you'll always need what the other one had

David Jackson  52:44  
the minute the minute I moved to podia, teachable, came out with some stuff. And then there Oh, then circled that. So came out with courses. And then it's like, okay, you know, and that's where you have to ask, does this work? You know, that's the other thing when I saw that I was going to spend about two grand. If I wanted to upgrade my camera, I was like, You know what I need to do. And this is what I wanted to do it this morning, and I didn't, I need to run the audio of me out of the road caster into the camera, and then the camera into the stream yard because I always had a weird, couldn't get myself in sync. And there's even a thing in OBS where you can change it. And I was just I just could not get myself to be in sync. And I was like, what I need to do is just get my audio going into the camera in the camera into stream yard, we're done. And I always think about that Saturday night or Friday night and go I need to get up early and do that. And then I don't so that's always kind of fun. But it anyway, so that was another one that I just went okay, we're all kind of answering the same questions. We're trying to use multiple USB microphones. That's a bad idea. Then some other things I was listening to James Quinlan, there we go take a drink of this morning. And he was interviewing Dan Meisner, who used to be from Pacific content and Pacific content. So he's interesting when a company gets purchased. And you kind of get to see how long their contract was where you have to stay with, because almost like I think was two years to the day that they came up and I'm going to share my screen. But these here's some fun tools to play with, especially if you're trying to to network with other shows. And they have we are is the new Pacific content. And what they've done is you have all these purple and aqua things and they've taken topics if you scroll down to the bottom, so I'm going to click on education. And at first it kind of looks like nothing happens. You get a little screen a little you know circling thing and then you get just dots. And you have these zoom in and zoom out buttons over on the left but what I'm looking at if I put my mouse over one of these This is Episode 296, how to beat the dopamine cycle with Dr. Andrew Habermann. And there is a search button in the upper right hand corner. Let me because I know everybody in their brother's like, wait, what what link is that man? It is, I mean, put this in the chat room. And of course I'll have it in the show notes at the end of the show, but that's what I'm playing with. And it's it's just one of the things you're like haha. And then you can zoom in and zoom out. And in theory, like here, I guess focus therapy and stoicism is the name of the podcast. Dr. Sue Johnson on Emotionally Focused Therapy is the episode but somehow this is if I can I zoom into that? Yeah, you can. If I click on it, there are all these different topics. So if you want to like go down a rabbit hole, they just named this podcast rabbit hole. Because when you click on Like here, let's go family therapy. So when I click on that topic, here's two episodes on I guess that's from this. You know, and this is from Wikipedia. There's that one and if that's not enough, but wait, there's more. If you go to reef phonic now reef phonic is a podcast, kind of grow your show kind of company, which it makes sense that they have this tool, but if you got to refine it and refine it, because our EP H O N, you get to this thing, and so I'm going to type in home gadget geeks. And in theory, there is and you have Juve three versions of your show with video.

Jim Collison  56:41  
I do. I do. Yeah, it's going audio and two video. Yeah. So I'm going to do video large and a video. So I'm

David Jackson  56:47  
going to do the audio one, and it comes up with this weird looking spider web thing. And you're in the middle here. Yes. And so right now, if I, if I click here I can I thought, oh, yeah, if I use my mouse, I can scroll in. And it's kind of 3d. So like, here's Jim. And I can just click and drag this thing and you get a little, like, if you might need a little Dramamine before you scroll in here. But you see all these shows that have somehow, you know, this link to, you know, this show link to Jim and then this other show link to that show. The Dark Net diaries are some how you use security now. So you talk to somebody from security now, who apparently is tied to the Darknet. What's the link between these? It is, so Jim talked to security now. Okay. And security.

Jim Collison  57:36  
I didn't, but what but maybe they're making a connection,

David Jackson  57:41  
somehow. And then the dark net diaries, you know, so it's the elbows connected to the, you know, interesting. Yeah, it's, it's pretty cool. And so I like this version, because it's, it's cooler looking, and I need Dramamine to look at it

Jim Collison  57:57  
and look good. In VR, this would be a really good VR. Yeah.

David Jackson  58:00  
So. So for those listening on audio, it has everybody's artwork, with just lines pointing to this show, talk to that show, talk to this show. So if I were to come over and click on darknet diaries, in theory, but double click on that, says Explore true story. So it's letting me know what the show is about. If I go to Graph, okay, now, in theory, do I have darknet diaries in the middle? Yeah, kinda looks like it. So like I said, this is a great way to spend lots of time going, Wait, what's that? We do?

Jim Collison  58:33  
Again, I would be interested in knowing how they're making this connection, like, is it a content connection? Are they looking for key words? Are they you know, because like, I've had uncle Marv on my show a bunch? And if it was show to show that he should show up in there, and they don't.

David Jackson  58:53  
And that's true. Yeah, that's a good question. The other thing that I heard on a show this morning was your Apple website, you know, so you have an actual web version. And so if you ever what's weird about this, just to we all love Apple, of course. But the thing that drives me somewhat crazy, is on their website, it will show episodic artwork. So if you had different artwork for your show, they would show up here, but it doesn't show up in their app. But in theory, you might Apple is now going through there, we've known that they're transcribing the shows. But now with some shows, and I'm not even sure where these would be they there's a list of topics. And how you know is if you go to your page on Apple, and then right click and view source and I'm not seeing any so far, it's a lot of code. We all kind of don't know why besides the fact that well better search, because what's happening is in some cases, you know, I kind of put in the time topics that we talk about. But there may be things that we talk about that never make the show notes. Right. And so Apple through transcribing your show is then coming up with topics that they're putting on your website. And it's not. My guess is it's all the the super popular shows that they're doing that for, but it was, it's interesting to hear what they're doing. And in just a sec, that Apple is, again, a little more. They're not quite so passive with podcasting anymore. They're still they still want to be in the game. I guess we'll put it that way.

Jim Collison  1:00:33  
Still put some resources towards it. I would I would bet that visualizations been Daniel Feb said this chat. It's probably based on listeners. So like, Hey, I'm subscribed to this and I'm subscribed to that, that that would seem to be more of a connection. Although uncle Mars I would think actually, our our audiences, we share a lot in that. So. But the topics is I was looking at the visualization I was there. We cover a lot of the same topics. So maybe it is topic driven, like maybe they're pulling some, some topic, things from it. And matching topics together. I don't know. It's interesting, when I've not interviewed anybody on my show from any of those. So what I just have, but maybe I should, you know, maybe I should see if I get what's his name from security now?

David Jackson  1:01:24  
Well, the the other thing that I I've got home gadget geeks on my phone. And so if you're looking for people that might be a good person network, if you go all the way to the bottom of the page, this is an iTunes, but it's like, you might also like so in this case, entertainment 2.0 hometech, the digital lifestyle HT guys, you know, technology blood, so you have a list of show. So you might and again, I don't know what that's based on my guess is probably like you said listeners. Yeah. So

Jim Collison  1:01:58  
entertainment. I know those guys. I mean, I know those guys. I've met those guys at entertainment to Dotto, so that's interesting. Josh and Richard. It's interesting. They would show up first.

David Jackson  1:02:09  
Well, there's I don't know. Yeah, it's there. 12345 technology. And then there's there's a home home kid insider math geek, gab,

Jim Collison  1:02:22  
Rich. I had Dave Hamilton from a Mackey gab on the show. Yeah,

David Jackson  1:02:26  
rich on tech, the tech guy. tech guy. Yeah. Which is interesting, because that is weird. If you want I'm doing this on the bottom of Apple iTunes, or Apple iTunes, Apple podcast, it's showing the artwork, it's showing the category is technology. And then this is updated weekly, updated semi weekly, but it's not showing the actual name of the show, the show that so if you're, if you're if the name of your show is not on your artwork, you've got a problem in this case, so be sure to have the the name of your show, you know, but here's, here's a bunch of them. So that's, that's something that I used to recommend all the time because it was in iTunes, and then when I didn't know if it ever went completely away. But it's something that I was like, Oh yeah, I remember when I used to do that. When you first start out and you search for your topic, I always tell people go, go search for your topic and Apple podcast, and then do a couple things. Number one, listen to the shows and write down. Oh, that's pretty cool. And then write down things that annoy you, because you don't want to do those. And then also write down the names of those shows, because those might be people you want to network with later, especially if you're on the same type of, you know, topics and such. So, um, let's see, what else do we have for that we already talked about podcasting from a pub, I find that quite funny.

Jim Collison  1:03:55  
I'll go uncle Marv helped me out Steve Gibson is here as I was looking for. He's the security now guy. And then he got me thinking on this, this, you know, relationship, the ability to make the recommendations off the current podcast in and say, Hey, here's some who's recommended. It's really good that the, the 12 or so that Apple podcasts lists are all very, very, very close in genre to what I do. And so you, you know, that's kind of a, you know, I wonder if there's a way to reverse that from a SEO perspective to say, okay, what are they doing? Should I be looking at their show? And a couple of these I haven't listened to, but, you know, should I be looking at their show and seeing what they're doing? And can I learn anything from those? Well, and

David Jackson  1:04:48  
in some cases, if we go to I always talk about how, you know, Daniel J. Lewis and I both talk about podcasting, but we do pretty different shows, and some times you can look at what, what their topics are. And go Oh, wow, I never thought about talking about that. And there's a weird thing, at least for me that I go, Oh, yeah, but you know, Ray talked about that, or, you know, maybe Matthew PASI did an episode on that? Well, you're assuming that your audience listens to whoever this other show is, and you and they're gonna go, hey, they just talked about this on this, like, yeah, that's, you know, a, you're probably going to have a different take, because you don't want to say, like, you don't want to transcribe their show and then read it. That would be bad. That's called plagiarism. But you probably have a different slightly different take on that topic. And so sometimes you can, you know, in the same way that musicians go watch other musicians for inspiration, right, you can go I've never thought of playing with both hands when you watch Eddie Van Halen. But if I play with my nose, that could be different. So you think about that? We're gonna try I'm gonna do this again. We have somebody here. Oh, good. I love her. She's great when Charles is coming up. And we had problems with this earlier when so she's coming up on stage. I've got every I'm gonna double check my channel here. Yep, it's connected to Bluetooth Bluetooth. Oh, and I hear there she is when how are you?

Unknown Speaker  1:06:15  
To turn on my microphone. Oh, great. I am like, and I have a question for you. Both of you. Actually. Um, as you guys probably know, I run I interview show. And of course, Zoom eight, my excuse going for not, and I don't have the upgraded zoom. And that's not a problem. But it's streaming on a good alternative to download audio.

David Jackson  1:06:48  
It's yeah, and stream yard just also added the ability to do webinars. So if anybody any of our regulars, I believe next week, when because we always to send people to ask the podcast And I think next week, that's going to actually be on my website, because you can now embed the stream yard. But to answer your question more directly, yeah, it can record an audio can also record and video. But I don't care if it's stream yard, or squad cast, or Zen caster, or Riverside, or zoom, or Skype. That's why I use the I always tell people to use the zoom pod track p four, because not only, not only is it an interface, so I can connect to the computer and do the interview. So I can record it in zoom. But you can also record on that little interface. Because I always try to have two things going or if if you're like Dave, I don't have 150 bucks or an interface. Then see if there's a way to also record it in Hindenburg or audacity, I always try to have two recordings going because especially for interviews because if it's just me, recording solo and something gets eaten, it's not that big a deal. I can just redo it. But if it's an interview, there's nothing worse than the call of shame to have somebody

Unknown Speaker  1:08:07  
do it. I had to do that. I had to do it by email. What's your publicist? And oh, dear Lord, yeah. Oh, the log, but I'll I'll think about that. Awesome about finally getting right into interface after all the years of doing this. Yeah, I think it's time for me to get a zoom. P Serwaa. Zoom before maybe? Yeah, maybe I'll put that on my Christmas

David Jackson  1:08:39  
Lego Santa might bring you one there are

Unknown Speaker  1:08:43  
people in my life. Know that I do have people in my life and not that technology. Shopping to find the one. Maybe of all send them a link. They can just do that now then. Send it to me.

David Jackson  1:08:59  
A subtle hint, just send them a link

Unknown Speaker  1:09:01  
here. Yes, yes. Yes. But um, my dad brings up another question and I'm gonna let you guys go. But does the Zoom P for basically hook up to a MacBook Air?

David Jackson  1:09:21  
Good question. I am not I would assume because a MacBook Air is just a computer right? It's nothing.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:26  
Yeah, a Mac. Yeah. Maxwell good. Light.

David Jackson  1:09:30  
Mac. Yeah, it connects to because it can. Yeah, it can connect via USB C I know it has that connection. I've connected using USB A. So So

Unknown Speaker  1:09:41  
anyway, thank you guys for your

David Jackson  1:09:45  
Oh, you're welcome. Have a have a good holiday. Take care. Thanks.

Jim Collison  1:09:49  
I will jump in. Dave one of the things she mentioned stream yard and of course stream yard has been rolling out a bunch of new features, including local record During, and this applies to any of the services that do local recording, is, that's not a guaranteed slam dunk, that that you're gonna get the best quality that way either it's, it's a way of doing it, but it's not bulletproof. And if the the end user doesn't have great, first of all garbage in, garbage out, right, so if they have terrible sound to begin with, they're gonna have terrible sound when they're recording locally. And then if their bandwidth, if they're struggling with the bandwidth, this can, it can help in some regards, because it's recording it locally first, before it's sending it. But it a stream yard has said it can degrade the quality of the live signal then. So like, you may get better quality for like you and I are doing a live show here. You may get better quality if you are not local recording than if you are so tested, tested, tested, tested, tested, right? This isn't something don't don't, oh, new feature, I'm gonna use it this week, you might just want to do some testing just to make sure it's doing what it's doing. It's also the first version of some things for them. So yeah, again, try him. But I would I'd roll a few things out first and understand what they're actually doing on there. And I'm sure there's a few bugs to be worked out in the system and may degrade the quality. Remember, when we did that live show though?

David Jackson  1:11:23  
It was Riverside. It's just awful. And right. It's like whatever you're doing, never do that again.

Jim Collison  1:11:29  
Job it. Yeah, one more thing I have done in the past to make sure I'm getting a good recording as I I'll open a stream yard instance on a second computer, mute the mic and the camera. And it's so the the sounds coming in. You can use Audio Hijack or a loop on your physical hardware loop, and then record on that computer. So that's your second, that could be your second. Not everybody has two computers laying around. But if you do, it's a good way to get a second recording. And not have to worry about you know, something failed. On the other end. It's it's it's an it's one chance? Yeah, it's not going to be it's not going to be multitrack. But a good way doing a backup. Yeah.

David Jackson  1:12:12  
And Miss Eileen says you're going to need to let your guests know not to shut down their computer while the fight you know, as soon as the interview is over. It's like, Hey, don't don't close it down just yet. Because it's got to upload. And we'll have to eventually try this. My whole thing is didn't think about separate tracks. separate tracks are handy for people. Let me say I want to say this without sounding super negative. But when I interviewed Gary art than I, we both kind of know each other. And consequently, we we talked over each other a lot. And it was cool to listen to Gary's answer and go, Oh, wait, hold on. I need to just cut me out of this. So we can hear the end of guy talked over his answer. So that's where separate tracks really come in. Nobody always talks about if the dogs barking I'm like, Yeah, but in some cases, you just can't get the rhythm going. And you're you're talking over each other. So that's handy, but it is kind of a pain in the butt. It's not like a huge pain in the butt. But I love to use the stereo mix where, hey, we all have kind of the same audio level, and we're good to go. And I don't have to, you know, it's one of the things where Yes, can I make my show sound better with separate tracks? Absolutely. Without a doubt, I can add EQ to each person and that whole nine yards. But there are times when I go Yeah, I'm just not in the mood for that today. So I like to work. Yeah. So but I'll be interested to see when I when I logged in the day and they said you can now do webinars and in bed. And then they said I need to go back and watch the video. Because my whole thing why I love doing it. I mean, we're on YouTube. We had somebody come in from Twitch today and spam us that was nice. And so I liked the comments on YouTube, because then you can actually watch the comments later on YouTube if you want to. And so that's going to be my big thing. Can I still take the comments like we just did the one with Miss Eileen. You know, we can throw comments up on the screen. And my my question I'm gonna have to reach out to stream yard go. How did comments work in the in the webinar thing? Because that's, I like that.

Jim Collison  1:14:14  
I bet it's just like this. Yeah, I bet it's just like this. Yeah, cuz that would be dying. That's what they've, yeah, what they've done. It's just now they're hosting, right? And so you they can give you an embed link. They're hosting the video, as well, that that's what wasn't available before you'd be streaming it to somebody else. Now you can now now they're hosting it. Yeah. And they're collecting email addresses, right. So yeah, you can now send somebody to a sign up page and capture their email address. Yeah,

David Jackson  1:14:44  
for the record. We're not going to be collecting your email address to attend as the podcast coach but Fiverr wanted to do

Jim Collison  1:14:51  
just to give him the full experience.

David Jackson  1:14:53  
Yes, next week, everyone. You'll be joining my email bam,

Jim Collison  1:14:56  
bam and say we'll get to the end. No, we should have a fancy name of the show of like, you know, the one way to be successful. And then when we get to the end, we can be like, Oh, well that one way, send us, you know, $700. And

David Jackson  1:15:13  
we'll get that going. And something I thought we could mention is, if you had a spike in your show, there is a user agent, which is a fancy name for it's the technology behind it. And I want to say was Dovid like DOL VI, K, which is a really popular out of the box user agent for Android stuff. And in this case, it was used by Samsung free, I think it's the name of their app that's on podcasts on on Samsung phones. And through the better part of a week, they kept randomly selecting shows featuring them. And when you got featured, the phone would automatically download something like your last 10 episodes, which might cause a bit of a bump. They have since turned that off. We're all like, Hey, quit doing that, because some companies would just block that user agent, which was also like Pocket Casts. And I forget what other it's a pretty popular piece of technology. So Samsung has stopped doing that. The interesting thing is, if that was you see how many people stuck around? Because we're not even sure, like, if anybody was listening, because again, it was automatically downloaded, that usually doesn't go over well. And if you don't believe me, go ask you to because remember, when they did that thing where they audit, like everybody got the new YouTube album on their iPod? And that's not overwhelmed. People are like, yeah, you just took up all my room. Thanks. And then the other thing I thought I would mention, as we were getting where we're winding up here, is it Lipson We upgraded our billing system. And the cool thing is, it used to be if you got a new card, and you got a new number, and you had four shows you had to go into each show, and update the credit card, go to the next show, upgrade the credit card. Now you're gonna have one payment information. And you can use that for multiple shows. So now when you get a new card, you update in one place, and you're done. And we tested it and tested it and retested it. And we actually kind of mini rolled it out, everything was smooth, great December 1 came along full rollout, and we hit some glitches. And so if you get a message from Lipson, which you probably did that says, hey, we're experiencing a far greater number of declines in in the with credit cards and Pay Pal and such, all I need to do is go into settings, go to billing, and update your payment information. First, do that first. Then click on the name of your show, and click the plan you're on and click on Save. And life will be great. As far as I know, that's been solved already. Sometime around late Thursday, but in the event you see that that's all you need to do your shows not close. We're not closing any shows all sorts of other fun things. But boy that made for a fun weekend when when Boeing goes kaboom on the first year, like so keep that in mind. So, Jim, what's coming up on the average this week?

Jim Collison  1:18:23  
Yeah, Mike, Uyghur is back. Just not I said that one time in there, like, Oh, I thought he was back. He was my regular co writer while he is back this week, we're gonna try and get him, you know, once a quarter or so we had a, I'm building this brand new kind of PC for VR for VR experience. And I'm going to kind of be looking at what is it? What's podcasting look like in the VR space here in the future? That's going to be a 2023 initiative. For me, so all the parts are in and we spend a bunch of time talking about it. Do you really want to nerd out if Jim gets his nerd on? Big time? So check it out. It's already posted. It's out there home gadget

David Jackson  1:19:00  
Was it like riding a bike? Having mike back on the show?

Jim Collison  1:19:04  
That's so good. It was so good. It was like with being with you. Yeah. Like it just works. And so I got done. And I just told him, I was like, God, thank you for coming back. It's so good. So good to have them. So nice, fun, fun show. Is that about you? How about you?

David Jackson  1:19:18  
I'm going to be talking because we're towards the end of the year. And it's a topic I've talked about before, but I'm bringing it back because I have new information is, you know, we talked this morning about hey, how do I know what my audience wants? Well, one way is to ask them, I realized if you're like, Yeah, I haven't launched yet. That makes it kind of tough, but I actually have courses on that on how to find out what your audience wants when you don't have one. But this is going to be about how to make a survey because I haven't done one in a while. And I'm going to be putting one out and say okay, here's, you know, what do you like about the show? What do you wish I wouldn't do and things like that and that whole nine yards. So how to do a proper listener survey and Just to give you a quick hint, I always use even numbers if it's like one to 10 because if you do odd one through five people can just pick three. And if it's even they have to go either a little less or a little more. So we're here next week, ask the podcast Stop back and see what we ended up doing with the webinar. Take care everybody

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