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15 Useful Insights For Podcasters From Watching the Beatles Get Back

00:00 Opening
00:44 Bonus Lessons
01:08 There is room for improvement.
01:47 Get An Objective Viewpoint ( John)
02:20 Your Environment Affects Your Creativity.
02:47 Don’t Put Unrealistic Expectations On Yourself.
03:14 Doing A Live Show Takes Tons Of Practice.
03:46 Everyone Needs To Be Listened To And Feel Like They’ve Been Heard.
04:19 Chemistry Is Important.
04:58 Being Late Is Disrespectful.
05:08 Be Inspired By Others.
05:34 Capture Your Ideas.
06:07 They Pushed Themselves Out Of Their Comfort Zone.
06:32 Just Because You Can’t Get It Anywhere Else Doesn’t Mean Its Good
07:08 The Power of a Dramatic Pause
07:55 Money Changes Everything
09:00 Never Let Yoko Sing - (back to objective opinions)


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