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ADHD at Work and in Business - Podcast Rodeo Show Review

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The intro needs some work. Lose the music for the sake of nothing. Introduce the show, You, and the topic. As your audience has a hard time focusing, give us something to trigger the theater of the mind. You had a fair amount of theory and in some cases details that we didn't need.
Your star/energy was a bit vague, and I was ready to hear the strategy behind implementing it (and you took a while to get to it). Never tell a kid you have candy, cause they can't focus on anything else).

I liked that you admitted you also have ADHD, and I thought a story of how YOU implemented these strategies would've been great as it would've allowed us to get to know you, while learning the strategy.

You did repeat yourself at one point one what you'e going to cover. It's not radio. Nobody tuned into the middle.

I do like your conversational tone like you were talking to a friend.

In general, fix your intro, and add something to really hook people in. If you'd like a full review of the whole episode, and website please let me know (it's a gig extra). Speaking of the website, your URL made me scratch my head.