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Ask the Podcast Coach 2-27-21

02:32 Mugshot: Dog Podcast Network
03:16 Multitrack on Streamyard
08:06 Fast, Good, Cheap
13:25 Spotify Stream On Presentation
16:18 Spotify and WordPress
17:23 Different Modes in Clubhouse
18:16 Can You Connect a Zoom P4 to Clubhouse
20:57 What's Wrong with my Brick?
25:03 Podcasting is Global
26:32 Thanks To Our Awesome Supporters
30:17 How will Clubhouse and Podcasting Integrate?
34:41 Bad ad Insertion
35:25 Clubhouse Privacy Issues
36:50 Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces
40:02 Plugin to Import RSS Feed
43:13 Wix Podcasting Tool is Bad For Downloads
44:01 Squarespace Feeds
46:21 Jim's Son Almost Died
50:47 Podcorn Advertising?
53:44 Feedback on a Show Name