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How Backblaze Saved My Podcast - Spend $60 to Save $1000

I had a Western Digital (WD) 4 TB drive go out on me (pretty much without wanting). I downloaded my backup from Backblaze ( and unzipped it only to find half my files were missing!

It turns out I had backed up the problem. I moved my backup date back a date and PRESTO all my files were there. However, I now had to download 4 TB of backup and that was going to take forever.

Again, backblaze to the rescue. I am backing up my files to a hard drive that they will ship. I will copy my files to a new hard drive and when I ship back their hard drive I get my $189 back (so its free, and I don't have to download files for WEEKS).

You work hard on your podcasts and backblaze is a great solution that backs up EVERYTHING, you C drive and in this case and external hard drive.

Check them out at