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In Our Life - Podcast Rodeo Show - Reaction Video

My Notes to the Hosts:

This podcast is where hosts Charley and April share some of their life experiences with you, the listener. Join us as we discuss travel, family, loss, sports, and even some of the challenges we’ve faced as an interracial couple living in the South. We hope to enlighten and entertain you as you bear witness to the things we love (and even some we don’t) that happen to be In Our Life.

I liked that you started right out of the gate, and got right to the subject. You educated us a bit about what a LDR is and what the typical LDR looks like. You mention that communication is key to a relationship (any relationship). You make this point twice.

You have that cute couple thing going on. Be careful. While you didn't do it in this episode, you may suffer from the curse of knowledge. This is where you guys laugh, etc at something because of your history. Remember your audience doesn't share your experiences.

There were some things in the show like how far you were separated, and who had what list that could go a little smoother with some episode planning. This wasn't horrible, but if you know the points you're going to hit, then you can have that information ready.

I need to go listen to your episode on race. As someone who grew up in an all-white bubble, I'm sure there are things that happened in your life that just weren't part of my upbringing. After last year and George Floyd, I'm always open for new insights, but that's not what this show is about. However, if you wanted to stand out from every other podcast about "whatever we talk about" then you have a viewpoint not everyone shares.

This sounds like a hobby podcast as you are going to cover all sorts of topics. Just remember you need to make people do one or more of the following:

If you're not doing at least one of those, you're boring. Try to do more than one.

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