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Podcast Movement Evolutions 2022 Reflections

Dave is back from Podcast Movement Evolutions and is using the Mixcast 4 with the new firmware update.
Mentioned in this episode

Podcast Branding

Based on a True Story Podcast

Dog Podcast Network

Book Webinar Next Week

Awesome Supporters

School of Podcasting (use the coupon code coach)

Home Gadget Geeks

Apple Uping Their Podcast Game
Podcast Movement Takeaways

00:05:23 Apple Uping Their Podcast Game
00:06:31 Podcast Movement Takeaways
00:21:24 Will Ferril
00:24:17 Diversity
00:24:56 Find Your Peeps
00:42:37 Awesome Supporters
00:43:59 The Family Business
00:48:51 Tik Tok
00:53:17 Dual Listing
01:06:07 Facebook
01:09:50 Audio Formats
01:18:14 Negative Feedback
01:19:28 Calls to Action

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